smspillazslangasek: hm ?00:49
slangaseksmspillaz: a late change in raring reverted a substantial patch to the constrain-to-workarea handling in the place plugin; I blame this change for my windows flying around between workspaces again today00:51
smspillazslangasek: which windows ?00:51
slangasekall of them ;P00:51
smspillazslangasek: steps to reproduce ?00:51
slangaseksmspillaz: that will take time to determine00:51
smspillazslangasek: the change that was reverted in raring at least was to do with windows which give themselves a StaticGravity position hint00:52
smspillazI didn't read the specification exactly right and thought StaticGravity was to do more with placement than it was movement and resizing00:53
slangaseksmspillaz: well, literally every window on my desktop wound up jammed onto a single workspace after some desktop resizing today; firefox, gnome-terminal, evince, etc00:53
smspillazslangasek: I can give it a brief look if need be00:54
slangaseksmspillaz: well, even explaining how I triggered it is cumbersome - feel free to ignore me until I have a chance to actually reproduce it00:54
smspillazslangasek: coolio00:55
smspillazslangasek: is that currently blocking the branch review at the moment? There is no rush, was just wondering00:55
slangaseksmspillaz: not at all00:55
smspillazokay cool00:56
slangasekjust an ironic coincidence that it happened to me just as I was starting to review00:56
smspillazslangasek: ah, just noticed that you finished the review :)00:58
smspillazslangasek: quick manual testing on trunk seeks to indicate that everything is working fine.01:05
* slangasek nods01:07
spindritfhi, after upgrading to raring the scroll (edge scroll on the touchpad) doesn't work on the unity task-bar(/launcher/whatever-it's-called, the one with the large icons of running apps)12:58
spindritfhow do I reenable scroll there?12:58
spindritfthat's the right channel to ask, though, right?13:05
bregmaspindritf, yes, it's the right channel to ask13:28
bregmaand it looks like there may be a bug there13:28
spindritfbregma, as in: it used to work for you, now it doesn't but it wasn't meant to be removed -- that kind of bug?13:34
bregmaI don;t know if it ever worked for me, but I think it may never have been meant to be removed13:35
spindritfok, against which package should I file it?13:35
bregmasoem changes went in to the Launcher scrolling in 13.04, that may have somehow gotten dropped13:36
spindritfoh, one more thing -- what is the proper name of that thing, Launcher?13:36
bregmaif it's no longer supposed to work that way, the UI designers will say so on your bug, and then we'll know for sure13:37
spindritfthe move-the-cursor method of scolling is very annoying because if you move it foo far up, you leave the Launcher and then it closes13:39
bregmacurrently, the touchpad edge-scroll acts like a mouse wheel and tries to switch between windows in an active application...  it's a little unexpected13:40
spindritfoh, yeah13:40
spindritfso it will probably stay that way...13:40
bregmaI think the UI designers need to comment on that13:40
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spindritfok: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1173623 ; thanks, bregma14:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1173623 in unity (Ubuntu) "Scolling doesn't work on the launcher" [Undecided,New]14:00
spindritfthere used to be a setting for launcher in 11.10 iirc, something between hidden and visible -- it was visible until a window tried to use that space, what was it called?14:04
spindritfanother victim of simplification14:05
gnuts_linuzUnity sucks15:38
gnuts_linuzBut not any more15:38
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