Blazeixwhoa, when did firefox's built-in dev tools grow up?02:23
Blazeixnowhere near webkit's, but a contender for firebug02:24
Wolfgersnap-l: I forgot to mention... I picked up an Apple keyboard off the freebie table. I recall you are a fan? Yours if you want it. Sticky note says F key sticks, but really, F key doesn't like to work.02:46
snap-lWolfger: actually sold my apple keyboards, savefor a blue tooth model. but thank you.03:53
ColonelPanic001highlights to the schedule? looks a little light this morning. Unless I go to belly dancing12:47
ColonelPanic001I was told recently I needed a more physcally demanding hobby or exercise.12:48
snap-lI think the tech track was more heavy on Fri13:11
ColonelPanic001yeah, seemed it a little13:14
WolfgerPCIe and you at noon13:41
rick_h_PCIe and me? didn't know we were that close13:42
Wolfgerwell then maybe you need to attend and bridge that gap!13:43
WolfgerHesitant about attending "Ninjas, Brogrammers and Sparkly Code Princesses" later13:44
rick_h_yea, that one souds scary13:45
jrwrenis that about making your own pcie devices?14:23
Wolfgerjrwren: "find out how easy it is to write drivers and otherwise interface"... "if there's time we'll do a demo"14:25
jrwrenwow, i should go.14:28
Wolfgerjust got a bug mail for a bug report last touched (by me, no less) in 2008. It was marked incomplete with the comment "is this still a bug for you?"15:07
rick_h_someone cares15:14

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