rmg51morning JonathanD10:31
rmg51heading out to shop10:31
JonathanDHowdy rmg5110:33
JonathanDHey waltman11:46
JonathanDHow are ya?12:08
waltmanUp earlier than I'd like because I have a bunch of errands to run today :(12:09
JonathanDWe got home awful late.12:09
JonathanDfeeling remarkably well rested, considering.12:09
waltmanI was out at a stargazing party in Woodland Cemetary last night12:10
JonathanDThat sounds fun :)12:10
JonathanDGood weather, too.12:10
waltmanIt was a little disorganized12:10
waltmanOnly one telescope and about 50 screaming kids12:10
JonathanDoh dear.12:10
waltmanit turns out it takes quite a bit of time to find jupiter in a telescope12:11
JonathanDIt's thataway12:11
* JonathanD points12:11
waltmananyhow, gotta run. bbiab.12:11
JonathanDLater walt, take care.12:11
teddy-dbearMorning peoples14:42
=== teddy-dbear1 is now known as teddy-dbear

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