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Kilosmorning all05:49
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Kiloshi Trixar_za 06:31
Trixar_zaHey Kilos06:32
KilosTrixar_za: you busy06:59
Trixar_zaWhy do you ask?06:59
Kilosneed a brain to try get something or explain how to get it07:00
Kilosfrom a closed down business07:00
Kilosneed that image07:01
trenderimage comes from waybackmachine when this company was still in business07:02
Trixar_zaHmmm, I checked around and unless you own a new SquareOne product or can find somebody that backed up that image file, it's unlikely that you'd be able to get a copy of it.07:17
trendercommon deduction07:18
trenderi have some korean contacts who claim to have this image07:18
trenderthe product develloper claims to have the image07:19
trenderbut these okes are in no hurry to supply it07:19
trenderand without this image the 100 boxes i have are just 100 bricks :)07:20
trenderor 100 lunchboxes07:20
Kilosty Trixar_za 07:21
Trixar_zaYeah, I saw the one korean site that supplies the newer images07:22
Trixar_zaBut only for two versions of SquareOne devices07:22
trenderyes this box is sq101 those are all sq20107:23
trenderdifferent images for different box07:23
Kiloswhat do they say about upgrading the boxes you have?07:23
trenderthe box is 7 years old mate just making it work again is a challenge :)07:24
trendernobody will spend time upgrading it07:24
Kilosi mean if asking them if its possible to upgrade those you have07:25
Kilosas in will they supply whats needed07:25
trenderoff course its possible07:25
trenderbut first you need to understand how the box deals with an image file07:25
trenderits possible to compile a new image from many linux apps to armv407:26
trenderid just be happy to get it working as it was before07:27
trenderim not interested in building an online coke vending machine07:27
trenderi know the box has potential07:28
Trixar_zaWell, you could try something crazy and see if something like Testdisk can recover the image07:28
trenderi dont have the original disk mate07:29
trenderi fitted my own disk07:29
Kilostestdisk is a forensic data recovery tool07:29
Kiloslinux tool07:29
trendercan it recover an image that was never on the box ?07:30
Kiloscan you connect an external dvdrom to them07:30
trenderit only has telnet ftp and admin web support07:31
Kilosso they first sell the boxes and then you only got the image?07:31
trenderit has no screen or external interfaces07:31
Kilosthats doff07:31
trenderthe image was supposed to be downloaded from website or shipped with a disk07:32
trenderyou would think at least they have the blerry courtesy to send the image on cd07:33
trenderarg but like i said this is a project hobby07:34
trenderi take on high risk projects to make big coins07:34
trenderthis project will yield 1/2 bar when im done with it07:34
trenderor mabee 1bar if i take it to the limit07:35
Kiloshi blak_rob 07:37
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za07:38
blak_robsup kilos 07:38
blak_robthank you07:38
Kilostell us about yourself07:38
Kilosgonna watch the sharks 07:39
Kilosyou are an old irc guy i see07:39
blak_robnahh fuck that. I aint tellin u shit07:39
Kilostook me three years before i got masked07:40
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Kiloswe dont swear on this channel. we have ladies present07:41
blak_robno shit! 07:42
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Kiloshope he stays away07:50
Kiloschatmosphere rubbis07:50
trenderthat was nice07:55
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trenderTrix[a]r_za whats that irc server you running there mate ??08:36
trendercool beans08:36
trenderlike a private fan club :)08:36
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Kiloshi Squirm 09:26
Kilossharks lost09:26
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Cantidehas anyone succeeded in running 13.04 in virtualbox?10:34
Cantidei think it just doesn't like my hardware :'(10:34
SquirmI never knew it had been released tbh10:41
Squirmlast night?10:41
CantideI think Thursday10:48
Cantidenot working in VirtualBox for me though10:55
Cantideso i won't try to install it10:55
trenderhello people13:44
trenderanybody know how to get around the windows login ?13:44
trenderi bought a laptop covered in blood and i cant log into windows with the okes fingerprint13:45
trenderwithout fingerprint13:45
Cantidewhich version of windows?13:48
Cantidecheck out Hiren's Boot CD13:48
Kilosafternoon all14:52
Kilosohi superfly 15:21
superflyhi Kilos15:31
magespawnsuperfly ping15:50
superflymagespawn: pong15:56
magespawnsuperfly did you see trender's question?15:58
Kiloshi magespawn 16:00
magespawnhey Kilos16:01
Kilostried 13.04 here today, much too slow, will move to later ubuntu when got a faster pc16:02
magespawnmaybe it will speed up later16:03
magespawnmight also not be working the best with the older hardware16:06
Kilosya i think its the hardware16:12
Kiloseverything worked but oh so slow and the fading in and out of windows slows it even more16:13
magespawn i had to turn off all the effects in kde on my lappy, otherwise it slows to a crawl16:18
superflymagespawn: my solution to any windows problem is a linux live cd16:24
magespawnwas wondering about the blood part of it actually16:25
superflymagespawn: saliva16:26
magespawnnow i am lost16:27
superflymagespawn: saliva is the best thing to use to clean blood16:37
* superfly resists making a really sick joke16:38
magespawnokay then16:41
magespawni will let that one go then16:53
inetproKilos: check the privacy option in the settings16:57
inetproHow to change your privacy settings in Ubuntu's Unity Dash http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/opensource/how-to-change-your-privacy-settings-in-ubuntus-unity-dash/425416:59
Kilosaw does that speed it up inetpro ? ive already put 12.04 back17:00
inetproDash searching reaches out to online providers every time you type anything in the dash17:00
inetproif you have a slow connection it has a significant impact on performance17:01
inetproit's actually so bad that I fail to understand why they have it on by default17:02
* inetpro wonders what happens when you type /topic in a channel17:11
inetprodoes everyone else see the topic when I do that?17:11
Symmetriaheh if you're not opped17:11
Symmetriait wouldnt change it17:11
Symmetriaheh so this chick I've been having an on off fling with for about 2 years (when she's actually in the same location as I am)17:12
inetproSymmetria: so I have to copy and paste in order to show the topic to users?17:12
Symmetriaagreed to come to kenya with me for a week! :)17:12
Symmetriainet yeah or tell them to just type /topic #ubuntu-za17:12
Symmetriahttp://valhalla.clue.be/~vort/girlie4.jpg <=== look at that gorgeous women ;p haha  that was the photo she gave me permission to share ;p17:13
Symmetria(yes its huge, but that photo, its worth the resolution) ;p17:13
* inetpro wbb17:13
* Squirm looks at Symmetria 17:32
Squirmhow much did you pay her?17:32
Squirmjust to be there in the first place, let alone like taht17:33
Symmetriahaha 17:34
Symmetriasquirm she's a very good friend of mine17:34
Symmetria:) we get together whenever we're in the same country, she travels as much as I do17:34
Symmetriaso we kinda hang out in various countries around the world when we are able17:34
Symmetria;p still swear though that she will one day be my future wifey haha17:34
Symmetria;p you gotta admit, she's hot as hell17:35
SquirmI didn't want to give you that, but yes she is17:36
SquirmI see how this works17:37
Squirmyou bought her plane ticket to force the being in the same country part17:37
Symmetriano, she was in .za for work17:45
SymmetriaI just flew to capetown cause she was in .za17:45
superflymeh. I've dated prettier women in my life.18:10
inetproKilos: did you disable the privacy stuff?18:57
inetproMaaz: coffee on18:57
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:57
Kilosinetpro, ty for trying but i had already reinstalled 12.04 unity and was lucky to get 3g working so ill stick here a bit18:58
KilosMaaz, coffee please18:58
MaazKilos: Done18:58
Kilos12.04 unity is definitely faster than 12.04 kde18:58
Kilosnow i wanna try keep this untiy working18:59
Kilosand the support goes way past 13.04"s18:59
inetprowhy would it stop working?19:00
Kiloswell you know what QA says it isnt her that breaks things19:00
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro and Kilos!19:01
KilosMaaz, danke19:02
inetproMaaz: dankie19:02
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend19:02
inetproKilos: so you gonna stay awake till 23:00 again?19:04
Kiloswhat for this time inetpro ?19:07
Kilosi love wget19:07
Kilosconnection dropped half way19:08
inetproKilos: surely you still have some data left?19:08
Kilosthe -c finishes the download19:08
Kilosya but what to get?19:08
Kilos13.04 will be better if one can stop windows fading like that19:09
Kilosthats all resources working hard19:09
Kilosbut head too sore to stay up tonight again19:10
Kilosbut only hurts when i breathe19:11
inetproKilos: stop breathing man19:12
Kilosoh and the average download speed was 67 kB/s19:12
Kilostried that too19:12
Kiloshurts more19:12
Kilosremind me monday morning to fight 8ta19:13
inetproan average download speed os 536kbps is not so bad19:13
Kilosno man it used to be over 200 kB/s19:13
Kilos4 or 5 secs per meg19:14
inetproper megabit you mean19:14
Kilosremember when we upgraded same time19:14
inetpronee man19:14
Kilos4 secs per meg is how much19:14
Kilosim telling you my downloads show in kB/s19:15
Kilosnot kb/s19:15
inetprowel 200kB/s = 1.6mbps19:16
inetpro1024bytes / 5 seconds = 204.8kBps19:17
Kilosused to vary up and down around 290 kB/s before telkom 8ta did whatever they did19:17
Kilosya you see19:18
Kilosjammer engelsman19:18
inetproactually 1024MB19:18
Kilosno man that gigs already19:18
Kilos1025kB =1meg19:18
inetpronou maak jy my deurmekruis19:18
inetprojy's reg19:19
inetpro1024kB = 1MB 19:19
Kilosill ride them till its fixed19:19
inetproin other words: 1024kB / 5 seconds = 204.8kBps19:20
Kilosthats it19:20
Kilosand some times was 4 secs per meg19:21
Kilosnever used to come under 20019:21
Kilosnow never gets near there anymore19:21
inetprowell it also depends where you download from19:21
Kilosac.za place19:21
Kilosour main repo19:22
inetprocould be that something is not lekker between you and ac.za19:22
inetproin other words beyond 8ta's control19:22
Kilosoh you mean maybe not 8ta19:22
Kiloswell they gonna have to check first19:23
Kilosi got no say over repos19:23
Kilosoh but also takes forever to open websites so its 8ta19:24
inetproI think those repos were very busy in the last few days19:24
Kilosthis has been for weeks now19:24
Kilosmaybe a month or more19:24
inetprotell them19:25
Kilosis there a better speed test than speedtest.com19:25
Kilosthat shows 128 kB/s19:25
Kiloslast i checked19:26
Kilosi will tell them and let you know what they do about it19:26
Kilosanyway i gotta sleep now19:26
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight19:27
inetproKilos: that would be 1mbps19:27
inetpronag oom19:27
Kiloslekker slaap19:27
* inetpro goes to get the real coffee19:27

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