ruienHi. I installed UbuntuKylin for my wife. Now she is asking, "where is QQ?". What is the best package for QQ? Should I use WINE for this?04:01
cfhowlettruien, qq has a linux client04:03
ruienOh, how convenient! Thanks.04:04
ypwongheard that QQ no longer works recently05:18
cfhowlettypwong, I can't even download the deb from tencent05:19
cfhowlettypwong, and it's dated 2009, so ...05:19
ypwongcfhowlett, oh, too bad, the tar.gz one can still be05:19
ypwongthe best things right now is webqq, that most people use05:19
ypwongon  linux05:20
cfhowlettypwong, in english (hopefully he says ...)?05:20
ypwongseems not05:20
ypwongonly available in chinese05:21
cfhowlettypwong, disappointing05:21
ypwongit could be a fun project to develop a qq client, needs hard work to reverse engineer their protocol05:23
ruienyes, i haven't been successful in making QQ work. Unfortunately, no one will really accept UbuntuKylin without QQ05:27
ruienand WebQQ is okay, but it has some limitations, such as you cannot transfer files I think05:28
cfhowlettruien, exactly.  I'm a laowai and even I know that!05:28
ruienyeah, me too05:28
ruienbut my wife is Chinese and I want her to switch from windows to ubuntu kylin05:28
ruienthis distribution has a lot of potential, the chinese market needs a better alternative05:29
cfhowlettI am SO sick of seeing all these pc/laptops in Beijing running XP!05:29
ypwongruien, the wine solution gives the closet user experience as on Windows05:29
ypwongweb.qq.com is easiest to set up05:30
ypwong(nothing to set up actually)05:30
ruienyes, I think i'll try wine for her next. But the new chinese Ubuntu user won't be able to run wine without some help. And web.qq.com, again, cannot transfer files. Since people need to use it for Taobao, and often need to transfer pictures and files, it's a problem.05:31
ruienso, i'll set it up for her with wine, i just worry it's a problem for the adoption of the distribution to new users without someone to help them.05:31
cfhowlettexcept for weixin/wechat, seems like none of the social networking tools have english portals/transation built in.  makes it pretty inaccessible05:32
ruiencfhowlett: well, what is english needed for?05:33
cfhowlettruien, um, monolingual users like me?  No Mandarin skills ...05:34
cfhowlettjust downloaded release 13.04 and will try virtualbox again.  for some reason, it runs WAY too slow to use, unlike my other VM's05:35
ruiencfhowlett: there's something about the way unity optimizations that they don't really work the same way in a virtualbox VM; i haven't figured out why, but if you run it natively it really is different05:35
ruienAlso, i personally run Xubuntu in English, but i understand the need for UbuntuKylin. Already my wife thinks it's great, Youku "just works", it looks good, it has good chinese support. So far, the only big problem to new users is QQ05:36
cfhowlettruien, guess I'll have to re-purpose my employer provided lenovo.05:36
ruiencfhowlett: well, for testing, just run it from a live USB instead of installing. That will give you native speed to compare with05:37
ruienreally, there have been some *major* improvements in Unity's speed with 13.04. I think it's the best version of Unity so far, i would not use it before now.05:38
* ypwong just wrote tencent an email about their non-functional QQ client05:40
cfhowlettI would have thought tencent/qq was partnering on kylin ...05:42
ruiencfhowlett: Yes, but i am not sure their motive so far (not enough user base for them to care about it). And if they provide the protocol spec, people implement non-official clients in order to bypass their ads, so as a company they can't do that I think.05:44
ruiencatch-22 :(05:44
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shine_small tiger05:47
ruienwell, i installed wine-1.5.28 via PPA and then the "longene-wine-qq" .deb package, and QQ looks good so far.06:42
cfhowlettreminds me: the !cn factoid should direct to #kylin, should it not?  and vice versa?07:07
smartboyhwcfhowlett: No I think07:08
smartboyhwning: 你好07:09
ruienpeople will come here because on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuKylin/1304-ReleaseNotes under "Support", the IRC channel is "#ubuntukylin-devel"07:09
cfhowlett... wonder if maybe the two channels ought be consolidated for Chinese users ?07:11
ruienning: 没事,有我们能帮你解决的问题么?07:12
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shine_哇  我终于在IRC上看懂人说话了= =07:12
ruiencfhowlett: there's no one in "#ubuntukylin" or "#kylin", as far as I know this is the only channel.07:12
cfhowlettruien, no I mean the #ubuntu-cn channel and #ubuntukylin  ...07:14
ruien恩,出现问题随便问一问 :) 欢迎07:14
ruienhrm, maybe? but xubuntu has its own channel, so i think this should be separate too. There are (and will be) differences between standard Ubuntu in Chinese mode and Kylin, the official chinese distro07:15
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ypwongtopic 改成中文了07:47

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