smartboyhwI missed the whole conversation from yesterday:(02:33
smartboyhwholstein: Thank you for changing the channel topics in #ubuntustudio :)04:51
holsteinyup.. i did it late, but it got done that day :)04:52
smartboyhwholstein: :)04:53
smartboyhwzequence: ping ping06:50
zequencesmartboyhw_: ping pong08:16
smartboyhw_zequence: The Xubuntu team is having a brainstorming of making HUDs:O08:22
smartboyhw_zequence: Yeah08:32
zequenceLike a Dash?08:32
smartboyhw_zequence: Sort of, visit yesterday's #xubuntu-devel log in irclogs.u.c to find out08:33
zequenceI've created blueprints for Gnome and Unity as well now. If we find someone interested in working with LXDE, that could be added too. I'm not counting on that all of them will be done, but they are up anyway09:24
zequenceThe LTS release also has a bunch of blueprints up now09:24
smartboyhwzequence: :)09:36
smartboyhw_zequence: Do we have any blueprints that are assigned to Scott in the permanent blueprint?09:49
zequencesmartboyhw_: Don't think so, but it doesn't really matter09:50
zequenceI someone spots and orphande workitem, and would like to do it, one can just ask first, and then grab it09:51
smartboyhw_zequence: I do think we should put Unity as the priority for DE support, as we are pretty getting more suggestions that we should use Unity. At least more than KDE and GNOME.09:53
zequenceYes, it makes sense to ensure support for Unity09:53
zequenceI've assigen the Unity blueprint to myself09:54
smartboyhw_zequence: \o/09:56
smartboyhw_zequence: I like the dependency tree in https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio/+spec/topic-flavor-ubuntustudio :P10:08
smartboyhw_zequence: Read10:43
smartboyhw_(in past tense format it is)10:43
zequenceI don't have those files, so I don't really know what they are about10:43
smartboyhwWhat the... My Xfce went haywire?10:56
* smartboyhw kicks his mobile phone _ nick11:15
smartboyhwzequence, I'm wondering: Am I supposed to create a metapackage only or create a seed?11:26
zequencesmartboyhw: ubuntustudio-meta holds all of our metas11:28
zequencesmartboyhw: Dependencies for the metas are handled from seeds11:29
zequencesmartboyhw: So, you will need to create a new file in seeds with the dependencies for the meta11:29
smartboyhwzequence, OK11:29
zequencesmartboyhw: Get the meta, look at debian/control11:29
zequencesmartboyhw: Then, get the seeds, and see how other metas are managed11:29
zequencesmartboyhw: First, create a branch of the meta source. You could use your own PPA if you want11:30
smartboyhwzequence, OK11:30
zequencesmartboyhw: But, you'll need to edit the ubuntu studio seed files. Not sure if there is a saucy yet11:30
zequenceI guess so.. it's the trunk :O11:31
smartboyhwzequence, there IS a saucy:P11:31
zequenceRight, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntustudio.saucy11:31
smartboyhwzequence, hurrray, I upgraded to the saucy repos and there is no branch for saucy in ubuntustudio-meta:P11:32
zequencesmartboyhw: There's no branch for saucy until saucy is released11:32
smartboyhwzequence, which we hadn't:P11:32
zequenceI mean, until Ubuntu Saucy is released11:32
smartboyhwzequence, some of them are already there, like kubuntu-meta11:33
zequenceThere will be no bzr branch for saucy, until saucy is released11:33
zequenceuntil then, we use the development branch11:34
zequenceWhat you need to do is create your own branch of the development source11:34
zequenceOnce you've done some testing, and it seems to work, we merge it with the development branch11:34
smartboyhwzequence, OK;011:35
zequencesmartboyhw: When you build the meta, it will look for the seed files from a specific location11:36
smartboyhwzequence, I know11:37
* smartboyhw did play with the Kubuntu Meta once for adding a software into it11:37
zequencelet me just update a file in the meta source11:42
smartboyhwzequence, oh?11:43
* smartboyhw is doing some purging and adding in the new seed11:43
smartboyhwzequence, we will still be using Firefox whatever DE it is right?11:46
zequencesmartboyhw: I think the smartest thing is to follow Kubuntu for now, and just remove things that we don't want11:48
smartboyhwzequence, Kubuntu uses Rekonq11:48
smartboyhwSo I'm not sure11:49
zequenceWe can discuss package selection further on11:52
zequenceRight now, just base it on the Kubuntu desktop stuff, and remove things we don't want11:52
zequencesmartboyhw: Ok, the meta source is updated. https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-meta/ubuntustudio-meta11:57
zequencesmartboyhw: So, do you know what to do now?11:58
zequenceI would name the seed file desktop-kde11:59
zequencemicahg: The way I'm maintaining linux-lowlatency nowadays is I build the source in a PPA, and then it's just copied from there to proposed. What would you think about doing the same for Ubuntu Studio packackages?12:08
zequencemicahg: apw has signed my gpg signature, so if you want to get it confirmed, it should be workable12:09
smartboyhwzequence, yep12:17
smartboyhwHello DarkEra 13:01
DarkErahi smartboyhw 13:01
smartboyhwDarkEra, you got assigned to the GNOME blueprint:)13:02
zequenceDarkEra: I also added you to the Contributor team13:04
DarkErasmartboyhw, zequence woohooo! thanks guys13:05
* smartboyhw is hard-working on writing a science project report, Chinese online exercises and the KDE seed:O13:05
smartboyhwDarkEra, :)13:05
DarkEralet's see what this 'noob in development' can learn 13:15
smartboyhwDarkEra, no worries:)13:15
smartboyhwzequence, isn't http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2138806 supposed to be stickied?13:18
zequencesmartboyhw: No13:19
smartboyhwzequence, why?:p13:19
zequencesmartboyhw: Is it important?13:19
smartboyhwzequence, why isn't it important?13:20
zequencesmartboyhw: Why do you ask why?13:20
smartboyhwzequence, ......................13:20
* smartboyhw thinks every human is allowed to ask questions13:21
zequenceThe forum needs some work. It's not a priority right now for me13:21
zequenceIf you ask me why the thread is not sticky, that must mean you think it is important it should be13:21
smartboyhwzequence, because if calls for contributions are important, release infos are MORE important13:22
DarkEraforum work, love it. Been a moderator and admin myself, still am by the way to help two friends out13:22
smartboyhwDarkEra, Fuduntu?13:22
DarkEralol, yeah i was mod there too13:23
DarkEraand irc op13:23
smartboyhwDarkEra, it's now called FuSE :O13:24
smartboyhwFUduntu + opensuSE 13:24
DarkEradon't think so they have a new name yet13:25
smartboyhwDarkEra, they did hold a meeting on the 21st as I see on their blog and they said they're switching to a new openSUSE base, a new DE that I never heard of, a new community structure consisting of 4 team members + 1 community-elected person, and also a new name FuSE13:27
smartboyhwfor the DE part, LOL13:27
DarkErasmartboyhw, oh you're right, sorry. i already forgot they had that meeting13:28
smartboyhwDarkEra, LOL13:28
* DarkEra shruggs and was too busy testing Ubuntu Studio13:29
smartboyhwDarkEra, :)13:30
DarkEraso they voted for Consort DE which is brand new and not ready yet (yes i was with solusos too last year). Plus the fact it is just another Gnome 3 fork like Cinnamon13:32
DarkEraoh well, their loss :P13:33
DarkErai warned them before13:34
DarkEraanyhoo.... enough of the ranting13:34
smartboyhwDarkEra, :)13:34
smartboyhwDarkEra, why do they SO like GNOME forks?13:35
DarkErasmartboyhw, i really don't know13:35
DarkEraother news: i've installed ubuntu gnome 13.04 last evening. I like it so far and noticed some changes compared to gnome 3.413:37
smartboyhwDarkEra, but that's not 3.8 you know?13:37
DarkEra3.6 is that what is in 13.0413:38
smartboyhwDarkEra, yep13:38
smartboyhwYou can have a PPA for t3.813:38
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "You can have a PPA for 3.8"13:38
DarkErai know :)13:38
DarkErai might have a look at that13:38
DarkErasmartboyhw, i could be wrong but i don't expect huge changes between 3.6 and 3.813:40
smartboyhwDarkEra, dunno. I don't use GNOME 3 or GNOME 2 or Unity or Consort 13:41
smartboyhwI only use Xfce when I am at Ubuntu Studio, and KDE when I am at Kubuntu:p13:41
smartboyhwzequence, we should put DarkEra in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/TeamStructure15:28
smartboyhwzequence, eh damn it. I edited https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio to change the right banner link to 13.04, and this15:30
smartboyhwNotifications sent to: yurelov, astraljava, apw, rdoursenaud, ttoine, selinuxium, garlik42, sconklin, glavkos, grenegar, wmerriam, shirishag75, voodoo-eu, rexbron, davidc3, kangarooo, lavaman, cnewkirk, ing-cristian-dc, ubuntufromscratch, matehortua, schaefer-jason, coryisatm, timg-tpi, eliasmansilla, roydamen, kurt-kapotski, stochastic, timmie, ailo.at15:30
smartboyhwWhat the hell!?15:30
* smartboyhw misses ailo:P15:30
smartboyhwOh he was added15:31
zequenceOh, good. I forgot about the wiki15:31
smartboyhwzequence, DarkEra was added sorry I missed:P15:31
Len-nbzequence, just a reminder, I think we need a bluprint item to add gparted to the desktop15:38
Len-nbalso, I will be moving virtkb to midi utils... which reminds me, should we be changing focus of midi from alsa midi to jack midi?15:41
Len-nbJack midi seems to be the more stable resource15:41
Len-nbA3 uses jack midi, firewire does, etc. Perhaps add the jack virtual kb instead of the one we have now.15:42
smartboyhwzequence, what did I miss?15:43
smartboyhwHello Len-nb 15:43
smartboyhwAny Ardour package will be auto-synced into Ubuntu Saucy:)15:43
smartboyhwArdour 3 that is15:43
zequenceLen-nb: Just add whatever workitems you like to the existing blueprints15:43
zequenceLen-nb: gparted goes into desktop, audio stuff into the audio blueprint15:43
smartboyhwzequence, eh we don't 've gparted?15:43
zequencesmartboyhw: Apparently not15:43
Len-nbIt is in live but not installed15:44
smartboyhwzequence, :O15:44
smartboyhwThat would be a simple seed change I think15:44
Len-nbI will add it as a bluprint item first though to keep track15:44
smartboyhwLen-nb, ok15:45
smartboyhwIt's extremely good to have gparted in15:45
zequenceAny changes to seeds need to be added to blueprints first15:46
zequenceAt least the way we are working right now15:46
smartboyhwzequence, OK15:46
Len-nbYes, the B.P. are a place anyone can look and know what is happening.15:46
Len-nbIt also shows people from outside studio we are doing something :)15:47
smartboyhwLen-nb, :P:)15:47
smartboyhwWe ARE ALWAYS doing something15:48
smartboyhwLen-nb, holstein zequence to cheer you guys up see http://people.ubuntu.com/~unit193/pisg/ubuntustudio.html15:48
Len-nbWe know that.... ubuntu needs to know too15:48
smartboyhwThat link is great:p15:49
smartboyhwAnother lonely one was zequence, who managed to hit 57 times.15:49
smartboyhwPoor zequence LOL15:49
smartboyhwzequence, changing your nick seriously affects your rankings...15:50
Len-nbYa I am in there three or four times too.15:52
smartboyhwLen-nb, two times at least for me15:52
smartboyhwOne for telling people actions:O15:52
smartboyhwnow wait a minute15:53
smartboyhwNice opers here, no one got kicked!15:53
smartboyhwWE HAVE A CLEAN RECORD!15:53
smartboyhwDamn it I'm almost making it to top 25 of http://people.ubuntu.com/~unit193/pisg/ubuntu-irc.html (What the?)15:54
zequencesmartboyhw: Maybe that is a sign of that you should be doing more homework, and not spending so much time on IRC ;)15:54
smartboyhwzequence, I do spend time on homework and revision...15:55
smartboyhwzequence, I'm top 6 out of 186 people in my Form....15:55
smartboyhwThis sentence is rather EXTREMELY GOOD15:56
smartboyhwjono has quite a potty mouth. 0.3% words were foul language. 15:56
smartboyhwFrom #ubuntu-news15:56
smartboyhwzequence, what's your gmail address again?:P16:02
zequencesmartboyhw: my email address is zequence@mousike.me16:02
zequenceI have a couple of gmail addresses, but I don't use them for personal mail16:02
smartboyhwzequence, you have one for GTalk in your wiki...16:02
* smartboyhw searches16:03
Len-nbzequence, just added everything I could think of just now to the BPs16:51
=== JTa is now known as JTa_aFK
madeinkobaiaFor those who're still on board...hello : )21:35
len-1304I'm off and on21:57
madeinkobaiaHi Len, so you're switchin' ; )21:59
Len-nbYa going bowling with the family for a bit.22:13
madeinkobaiaWow great. See you Len. : )22:21

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