Guest6760Can someone help me with Pure Data? Everytime I open a patch, I get logged out (to the login screen). I'm running 13.04, 32-bit.00:30
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bimHi, will regular updates get me up to speed with 12.04.2 if my installation was 12.04 ?03:22
cfhowlettbim, apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade03:24
bimcfhowlett: that will get me to 12.04.2 ?03:53
bimI'm not very experienced, so I was also wondering would it be best to stick with the lts or upgrade to 13.04 ?...thanks03:55
holsteinbim: automatically03:56
holsteinbim: you will be upgraded automatically by those commands to the latest 12.0403:56
holsteinbim: "best" is a matter of opinion03:56
bimwhat about 13.04 , should I pass on it ?03:57
cfhowlettbim, yes that would upgrade you to the latest 12.0403:57
cfhowlettbim, also, my recommendation is to go with LTS only unless you truly need the the latest/greatest/shiniest stuff.  YMMV03:57
holsteinmy production rig is on 12.04, but more because i just dont want to mess with it03:57
cfhowlettbim, 13.04 is not LTS and will be supported for only 9 months ...03:57
holsteinbim: is 13.04 stable? sure.. do you want it? dont know03:57
cfhowlettholstein, 100% agree03:58
cfhowlettbim, do you want to make art or muck around with install/config every 9 months.  Choose03:58
bimI like the idea of lts ...and I am not a cutting edge kinda guy ...03:58
holsteini dont even upgrade my production machine that often03:58
holsteini need it to work...03:58
holsteinbim: you can always load up ubuntustudio 13.04 live and see03:58
bimI just wish I could get ubuntustudio to work on my not really that old laptop04:00
cfhowlettbim, 12.04 then.04:00
holsteintry it..04:00
holsteinbim: whats the issue?04:00
bimI did....no luck...the new ubuntu desktop wont either04:00
bimIt wont boot up04:01
holsteinbim: what luck?04:01
holsteinbim: tell be *exactly* what is going on?04:01
bimI installed wheezy netinstall and tango studio repos on my laptop....works fats04:01
holsteinwhat fails? how? when?04:01
holsteinbim: so, wheezy works? and tango? but not ubuntu?04:02
bimwheezy with mate even04:02
holsteinbim: mate has *nothing* to do with it04:02
holsteinbim: what do i think it is? kernel related..04:02
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:03
holstein^^ i bet you are getting that.. and could get arond it and install a graphics driver you need04:03
bimintel gdm85004:03
holsteinwould i ? not if tango is working... but you can pop a live CD in and do a nomodeset and see04:03
bimOk..I'll dwnload the new studio and try04:04
bimhow do yoy do a nomodeset..at waht point in the boot process ?04:05
bimholstein ?04:05
holsteinbim: i tap shift, after the bios.. then, from that screen, down at the bottom.. F604:06
bimhmm sounds like it will be different on every brand of laptop...I have a dell inspiron 1150....9 years old04:06
holstein*after* the bios04:07
bimshift and F6 ok...04:07
holsteinthe screen you are looking for hides04:07
holsteinshift makes it show04:07
bimahhh...the old hidden screen trick....04:07
bimyou think it may work with the ubuntustudio 12.04 ?04:08
holsteinbim: i would have to be in front of it, but yes04:09
bimbtw xubuntu 13.04 boots bout ubuntu 13.04 doesnt04:09
bimso the kernels are different ?04:10
holsteinbim: look and see, but yes04:10
holsteinbim: xubuntu 13.04 has the same kernel as ubuntu 13.04 though04:10
holsteinbim: the difference there? i think its 3d graphics related or a bad iso/disc/optical drive04:11
bimok......so why would the one boot and not the other ?....gnome 3 needs the 3d out of the box then ?04:11
holsteinbim: ubuntu doesnt have gnome304:12
bimthere is a new one with gnome04:12
holsteinbim: you said ubuntu doesnt work.. thats unity.. unity has either 3d or some newish pass through04:12
holsteinbim: ubuntu nor xubuntu have gnome04:12
holsteinbim: is it 3d? i dont know, but nomodeset is another test you can try04:12
bimThats great ...I'll try that04:13
holsteini'll tell you what its not.. its not "ubuntu wont work on my machine".. it'll just be a matter of sorting out what you need04:14
holsteinyou can always use a custom xorg.conf with a vesa driver or some other hacks04:15
holsteinunity or gnome3 requiring 3d can be a deal-breaker though04:15
bimI just recall fall back being the only option04:16
bimon an earlier ubuntu, maybe 1204:17
holsteinthere is no "fallback".. not for unity.. not anymore04:17
holsteinno unity 2d04:17
holsteinjust the tricky passthrough thing that i dont quite understand, or care about using, since im not interested in unity or gnome304:18
bimI just assumed that since studio was built on xfce that I would have no problem as all xfce distros boot on my laptop04:18
bimall that I have tried....04:19
bimi have 12.10 installed...looks like I need to upgrade to 12.04 after all04:23
bimi thought I had the .04...04:24
BakerHey I've got a question, if anyone could answer04:43
holsteinask, and we'll see04:44
BakerI accidentally deleted the volume icon in the top toolbar. When I tried to add another, it doesn't function the same. The old volume icon would show me my volume and a shortcut to the default music player. Now when I click it, it displays the mixer.04:45
holsteinBaker: you can always look in a new user account or in the live CD for what use to be there04:46
BakerI tried to do that with a guest account, to view the properties, but it wouldn't let me view the properties.04:46
holsteinBaker: what would you like to do?04:46
BakerI'd like to restore the volume icon to its previous function04:47
BakerOf showing my volume and the widget for my music player.04:47
BakerIs anyone able to help me?04:49
holsteinBaker: you can start removing things from your home...04:49
holsteinBaker: yes.. i can04:49
holsteinBaker: http://askubuntu.com/questions/224006/resetting-xfce-panels-to-default-settings04:51
BakerI'm currently trying this04:55
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Bakerholstein: That fixed it. You've been a great help.04:56
holsteinBaker: cheers04:56
BakerThank you very much04:56
Guest64193does anyone here use Ubuntu Studio to do simple multi-track recordings?04:57
Guest64193i have a couple of questions04:57
BakerI've started doing that04:58
BakerVery recently though.04:58
Guest64193It's ok....I have questions about setups04:58
holsteini do analog tracking.. usually no more than 8 at time04:58
BakerI've really only used Ardour and Audacity here.04:59
Guest64193for the audio interface....like a Tascam 144 or something.....they don't have Linux drivers....so would Ubuntu Studio recognize the USB interface?04:59
holsteini have a 14404:59
holsteinit was a pain to get it working...04:59
holsteinneeded a custom jackd line.. and so far, i havent had it working since 12.0405:00
holsteinbut, its not worth the hassle really05:00
holsteini would just fire up an ubuntustudio live CD on whatever internal card you have and get used to using JACK05:00
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro05:00
Guest64193oh....so is there a list of compatible USB interfaces somewhere that tells me would work well with Linux?05:00
holsteinthen, you can decide what you want to buy05:00
holsteinGuest64193: sure. the alsa matrix, but i personaly dont like USB hardware05:01
holsteinand, i dont trust "lists".. i go get the thing, and plug it in and test it.. and save my reciepts05:01
holsteina kernel upgrade and literally make or break support05:01
Guest64193so how do you get the audio into the computer if you don't use an USB interface?05:01
holsteinGuest64193: you can generate audio in the box to "test" and "learn" with05:01
holsteini use firewire.. but i have a few USB interfaces i use as well05:02
holsteina lexixon omega that is "plug and play"05:02
Guest64193so for now....it seems audio recording is still easier to setup on a Windows machine?  (Don't flame me!  :) )05:03
holsteinnah.. i dont care05:03
holsteinuse what you want05:03
holsteini was using cubase on XP for years.. and i switched to linux. it wasnt easy, but it was worth it for me05:03
holsteinshould you switch? i literally dont know05:03
Guest64193I am still using my BOSS BR-600! haha05:04
holsteinbut, dont expect anyne to be able to hand it to you..05:04
BakerI use cubase on windows 7 alongside Ardour on ubuntu studio05:04
holsteinthere is no "linux" making sure you get drivers for you devices05:04
holsteini felt like someone dropped a brand new studio in my lap, but it took time05:04
BakerThe transition is still pretty rough on me05:05
holsteini didnt go all linux all at once either.. i used linux on a laptop for daily things... email etc05:05
holsteinthen, i slowly migrated the studio05:05
Guest64193yeah that's what i am using Linux for now.....just learning it05:05
holsteinbut, i do actually make $$ with it, so i had to stay production ready through the process05:05
BakerYeah, my laptop is mainly my linux machine. My PC is windows 7, but it's really only for gaming05:06
Guest64193yeah, if it's a business then stick with what works and stable....05:06
holsteinyup... and im over trying to keep up with windows05:06
holsteinardour is the tool i choose to use, and it works great for me05:06
holsteinits really whatever you get used to05:07
BakerArdour is very similar to Cubase in many respects05:07
holsteinnot similar enough05:08
holsteinalso, my plugins wouldnt work05:08
holsteinbut, i found ones i like better05:08
BakerI'd really like to fully transition to Ardour for my recording.05:08
holsteingo for it.. i did.. its great :)05:09
BakerI dig the open source attitude, and I don't want to have to shell out another $500 for the best features, every couple of years.05:09
holsteineh.. i wouldnt mind.. i pay for ardour05:09
holsteinthe $ is not the reason im here05:09
Guest64193well, this is not just for audio recording i guess....the same for Photoshop05:10
holsteini spend a lot of time here which is the same as $05:10
BakerYou pay for ardour?05:10
holsteinyup.. you can if you want05:10
BakerHmm. I might look into that05:10
holsteinGuest64193: im not missing anything.. but you might be05:10
Guest64193i honestly just wanted to learn Linux.....then i started thinking about what else can i do on my linux laptopo besides web and email05:10
holsteinlibreoffice and google docs does all i need05:11
Bakerubuntu studio is so far my favourite distro05:11
holsteinbut, i dont need word05:11
BakerYeah, I actually like Libre better than Microsoft Office05:11
holsteini dont need cmyk output, though i hear we have that now05:11
holsteini dont do much graphics.. we dont really have a lot of users here that do it05:11
BakerI do occasionally05:12
Guest64193i use Libreoffice on thw Windows machine05:12
holsteinbut, we have openshot going pretty big now, and lightroom coming05:12
holsteindarktable is nice05:12
BakerIt's mainly a tiny hobby that I do when bored05:12
cfhowlettopenshot is sweet and fun05:12
holsteinGuest64193: sudo apt-get libreoffice and you'll have that in ubuntu05:12
Guest64193i can get MS Office Suite for $10 from work05:12
Guest64193but i still didn't buy it05:12
holsteinGuest64193: i dont want the MS site05:12
holsteini would pay $10 to keep it off my machine05:12
holsteinnot that there is anything wrong with it.. i just dont want it05:13
BakerDoes Libre come with Studio? I haven't checked yet.05:13
BakerI literally just got this OS a day or so ago.05:13
holsteinBaker: its in the repos.. we have the same repos as ubuntu05:13
Guest64193the only time i used my Windows machine since I installed Linux on this laptop 3 weeks ago....was Lightroom 405:13
BakerShould I just do the terminal command?05:13
holsteinBaker: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get libreoffice05:14
BakerI only use Windows for Steam. Because most of my steam games aren't on Linux.05:14
Guest64193I wonder what they have on Steam Linux05:14
Guest64193probably nothing good05:14
BakerThey have all of the half life games05:14
holsteinGuest64193: check out darktable05:14
BakerAnd TF205:14
BakerAnd a few indie games05:14
Guest64193would they have Counter Strike?05:14
holsteinGuest64193: i bought a few steam games to be "supportive"05:15
BakerOf course05:15
Guest64193if i paid for CS: GO for Windows...do i still have to pay for the Linux version?05:15
BakerI play it on both my windows desktop, and my ubuntu laptop. It's awesome.05:15
holsteinif its available, it'll run win lin or OSX.. or the set top box they might release05:16
holsteinyou dont have to re-purchase anything05:16
BakerThey actually just did a promotion thing a few weeks ago where if you played TF2 on a linux distro, you got an in game penguin thing.05:16
BakerI don't remember the details though, haha.05:16
BakerFor the curious05:17
holsteinwelcome to the channel folks.. i gotta get horizontal.. check #opensourcemusicians as well.. good night!05:17
BakerThanks for the help! See you later05:17
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manooshmy ubuntu studio crahed06:14
cfhowlettmanoosh, details?06:15
manooshi can't see minimise,close options on opening windows06:15
manooshi am using studio 12.1006:17
manooshi cannot maximise any opened window06:18
manooshanybody knows hoe to fix it?06:18
manooshcfhowlett, have you got  any idea?06:23
cfhowlettmanoosh, I know WHERE it is but not how to fix ... xfce4-panel06:24
smartboyhwcfhowlett: Thank you for extending your membership in ~ubuntustudio-testing06:29
cfhowlettsmartboyhw, *blush*  why thank you!06:30
cfhowlettsmartboyhw, since you're here: did I miss it?  I didn't do any testing cuz direct downloads were not working for me, but I didn't see daily build torrents ...06:31
smartboyhwcfhowlett: Daily builds are not torrented, and the latest "daily" build is the 13.04 release. Why doesn't the downloads work for you, BTW?06:37
cfhowlettsmartboyhw, cuz I'm in Beijing and slow internet but dirty signal means cfhowlett is a sad ubuntu06:38
* cfhowlett looks forward to testing Saucy Salamander06:41
ZacJHey all.12:57
smartboyhwHello ZacJ12:57
ZacJI'm new to Ubuntu and I'm trying to play my guitar through it.12:57
ZacJI don't have an amp right now, due to financial issues.12:58
ZacJHow might I go about this with Audacity?12:58
ZacJ>rakarrack hasn't worked for me12:58
zequenceZacJ: Audacity is a audio wave editor12:59
zequenceZacJ: Are you also wanting to record, or just play guitar?12:59
ZacJJust play :D.12:59
zequenceZacJ: There are two applications you can use. rakarrack and guitarix. Both require jack12:59
ZacJI keep having issues with jackd so rakarrack didn't go so well.12:59
zequenceZacJ: Which release are you on?13:00
ZacJ12.04 I THINK :\13:00
* ZacJ is really new to Ubuntu, lol...13:00
zequenceZacJ: Probably you had another application using your audio device, which stopped jack from being able to grab it13:00
ZacJHm...  well, I've tried restarting and that didn't fix it.13:01
zequenceZacJ: Do this in a terminal, and paste the results to http://paste.ubuntu.com : cat /proc/asound/cards13:01
zequenceThen give me the link13:01
ZacJ(thx btw)13:02
zequenceThat's weird. Do you have two builtin audio devices? Is the other HDMI?13:02
ZacJOne built in, one is my guitar.13:03
ZacJHonestly not sure which is which.13:03
ZacJJust miniphono.13:03
zequenceZacJ: Do this in the terminal, and paste it to me: aplay -l13:03
zequenceZacJ: This too: arecord -l13:04
zequenceOk, so what we can see from there is that one of the cards only has output13:05
zequenceAnd it's HDMO13:05
zequencecard 013:05
zequenceThe thing is, each time you boot, the order of those cards may change13:06
zequenceZacJ: So, try this in the commandline: jackd -d alsa -d hw:113:06
zequenceZacJ: that means pulseaudio is using the card13:07
zequenceZacJ: Close down anything that is using audio, including web pages with flahs content13:08
zequenceAlso, you con't have realtime privilege, but we'll get to that13:08
ZacJRhythmbox is still kinda running in the background, it's not playing anything13:08
zequenceZacJ: You'll need to close it down13:09
zequenceEverything that has anything to do with audio13:09
ZacJHow from terminal?  Thanks again.13:09
zequenceZacJ: Just use the menu - quit13:09
zequenceZacJ: also, could you do this and paste the results (if any): cat /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf13:10
ZacJIt still lives when I go to my sound options.13:10
ZacJkk sec13:10
zequenceDon't use the X button. Use the menu to quit it13:11
ZacJI did :O13:11
ZacJAlso, it said the directory didn't exist.13:11
zequenceZacJ: Try this: cat /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf.disabled13:11
zequenceZacJ: Ok, so here's what you need to do13:13
zequenceFirst, enable that file: sudo mv /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf.disabled /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf13:13
zequenceNext time, answer yes to realtime when installing jackd, and that will happen13:14
zequenceBut, that is only half of the realtime puzzle13:14
ZacJErr how do I enable it?13:14
ZacJLol such a noob.13:14
zequenceZacJ: Just use the command I wrote13:14
zequenceYou rename the file to exclude .disabled13:15
ZacJOkay, done :D.13:15
zequenceZacJ: The other half is to add yourself to audio group (in that file, you might have noticed @audio - that's the audio group)13:15
zequenceZacJ: So: sudo usermod -a -G audio $USER13:15
zequenceZacJ: Finally, install linux-lowlatency: sudo apt-get install linux-lowlatency13:16
zequenceReboot. Make sure you boot to linux-lowlatency13:16
ZacJOkay :D.13:16
ZacJGetting it.13:16
zequenceZacJ: When you've rebooted, make sure you know which device is which13:16
ZacJHow might I make sure I boot to LLL?13:16
zequenceZacJ: If you don't see the Grub menu, push Shift during boot13:17
zequenceThen you just select the latest linux-lowlatency kernel from the list13:17
zequenceZacJ: Once you've rebooted, make sure you know which card is which13:18
zequenceZacJ: Easiest is just to do: arecord -l13:18
zequence"a" stands for alsa13:18
zequenceThe card that is recordable is your builtin card13:18
zequenceOr, has inputs13:18
zequenceZacJ: Then, when you use whatever tool you use to start jack, like qjackctl, make sure you choose the correct device, before starting jack13:19
zequenceZacJ: It was hw:1 this time, but it could be hw:0 next time you reboot13:19
ZacJ_My comp's been really screwy with the new OS, IRC froze.13:22
zequence15:17 < zequence> ZacJ: Once you've rebooted, make sure you know which card is which13:23
zequence15:18 < zequence> ZacJ: Easiest is just to do: arecord -l13:23
zequence15:18 < zequence> "a" stands for alsa13:23
zequence15:18 < zequence> The card that is recordable is your builtin card13:23
zequence15:18 < zequence> Or, has inputs13:23
zequence15:18 < zequence> ZacJ: Then, when you use whatever tool you use to start jack, like qjackctl, make sure you choose the correct device, before starting jack13:23
zequence15:19 < zequence> ZacJ: It was hw:1 this time, but it could be hw:0 next time you reboot13:23
zequenceZacJ_: To reduce latency, you'll need to lower frames/period13:24
zequence..in qjackctl13:24
zequenceZacJ_: Read more here..13:24
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro13:24
zequenceZacJ_: Come back if you have problems13:24
ZacJ_Thanks man ^_^_^_^_^13:24
raveni am looking for a software mixer using jack to build a full virtual radio-setup. i need dynamics, eqing and aux capability für mix-minus and off air recording - any idea? thanks in advance13:47
DarkEraraven, is Mixxx what you're looking for?13:55
raveni need a mixing console13:56
ravenfor example 4 skype inputs with 4 mix minus outputs13:56
holsteinraven: theres jack mixer14:16
ravenwithout aux buses14:16
holsteinraven: what are you asking?14:16
holsteinyou dont want busses?14:17
raveni am looking for a software mixer using jack to build a full virtual radio-setup. i need dynamics, eqing and aux capability für mix-minus and off air recording - any idea? thanks in advance14:17
holsteinjust dont add them.. you can add whatever you like in jack mixer and use it as an aux or not14:17
holsteinraven: i read your post14:17
holsteinraven: you can use jack mixer14:17
holsteinyou can rout EQ's, volume controls.. whatever you want.. pre or post14:17
raveni do not want to plug in the patchbay every time i want to record something  offair for example i want buttons 1-4 for example to assign every channel directly to one aux14:18
holsteinraven: you can route whatever you like however you want14:18
ravenyes per patch and not per button14:19
holsteinraven: ?14:19
holsteinraven: per jack real or virtual channel/track14:19
ravenall virtual14:19
holsteinraven: i dont know what you are refering to as buttons14:19
holsteini could take any signal in from my sound card, OR an audio track or effects send, and use jack mixer to control the volume.. i could patch an EQ into that anywhere i want in the signal chain14:20
ravensry you ignore my requirements written14:21
holsteinraven: in what way? specically?14:21
holsteini assure you i am no ignoring anything14:21
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:21
holsteinraven: i read your post you double posted, and i *have* used jack mixer for that14:22
holsteindoing a podcast, it was quite handy.. for the #opensourcemusicians community14:22
holsteinraven: i *have* done what you are trying to do with the software i suggest14:23
holsteinraven: there is not "virtual radio mixer".. but you can make one14:23
holsteinthere are session managers to make recalling all of these easier14:23
CenbeHow do you install the Nvidia drivers in Studio 13.04?14:50
smartboyhwCenbe, which driver do you want?14:53
zequenceCenbe: Check out Software source, there's a tab for drivers there14:54
zequenceSoftare Sources*14:54
zequenceYou can also install from the command line, for instance: sudo apt-get install nvidia-30414:55
zequenceThere are a few different versions14:55
zequenceOn Ubuntu Studio, the app is called "Software and Updates"14:56
zequenceIn the Settings menu14:56
CenbeOK, do I want 304, 310, or 313? I've got GeForce GT 430.15:01
CenbeMost recent but one, I'd guess.15:01
zequenceI can't really advice on that15:03
CenbeInstalling 310 as we speak.15:03
CenbeAnd, reboot...15:07
Cenbetee minus three, two, one...15:09
BakerGodspeed, Cenbe.15:09
CenbeAnd, REBOOT! We have reboot of the latest Ubuntu Studio running the Nvidia drivers!15:10
Cenbe[the control room erupts in cheers]15:10
CenbeThank you, gentlemen.15:10
BakerWe couldn't have done it without you.15:10
CenbeNouveau misbehaves on that machine.15:11
BakerSo I've got a tiny noobish question that relates to Mozilla. I'm new to firefox, so I have absolutely no idea how it works. How do I view the bookmark toolbar?15:12
CenbeView/Toolbars/Bookmarks toolbar (or View/Sidebar/Bookmarks)15:14
BakerWow, that was really simple, haha. Thank you.15:14
zequenceBaker: You can also just right click on some of the areas in the control area to select/deselect what you want to view15:21
zequenceSuch as the main manu15:21
zequenceSorry, the menu bar15:22
BakerYeah, I just found that15:22
BakerI've used Chrome for the past year or so, so it's a bit jarring switching to Mozilla15:22
BakerBut it's been pretty smooth other than that bookmark thing. I dig it.15:23
zequenceBaker: You can get chromium-browser, if you prefer it15:23
BakerWell I made the switch because Chrome and Chromium were prone to crashing a lot on my computer.15:24
zequenceI'm a hardcore FF guy myself15:24
BakerI like FF so far15:25
* smartboyhw uses FF all day15:25
smartboyhwAs our class motto says: "IE is the downloader of Firefox or Chrome."15:25
smartboyhwzequence, ^ P15:25
zequencesmartboyhw: Ah, you mean that funny looking browser you get with WINE?15:27
BakerHahaha, I haven't used IE in years.15:27
smartboyhwzequence, what you can run IE in Wine? IE = Internet Explorer15:27
zequenceI might happen to run IE if I had too much of WINE15:28
zequencetedx talk about what tech industry has learned from Torvalds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XTHdcmjenI15:30
Cenbezequence: thanks, inspiring video15:52
BakerHey, can anyone help me with this? My laptop only has one speaker, but Ubuntu wants to output sound in stereo. So when I listen to music, I only hear half of it. How can I disable stereo sound?15:58
zequenceBaker: I don't think pulseaudio has a mono config16:00
zequenceBaker: But, if you use the pulse to jack bridge, you can route both left and right PA outputs to only one of the channels on your card16:00
BakerReally? Damn, I was hoping there was a way to change it. I've been screwing around with the sound settings, and I haven't found anything.16:00
zequenceBaker: Some audio players have mono16:01
zequenceI think vlc can be run in mono16:01
BakerDoes Audacious?16:01
zequenceI don't Audacious very well, but have a look in its settings16:01
BakerI does not. Oh well, I'll solve this later. Thanks for the help!16:02
rgomesI'm begginner in ubantu studio. I use a M-audio fast track pro but I can't configure it to Jack. How can I do it?16:17
zequencergomes: Have a check here..16:19
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro16:20
zequencergomes: This, specifically https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro#UbuntuStudio.2BAC8-ProAudioIntro.2BAC8-1204.Starting_Jack16:20
zequencergomes: If you have an error, post the error message here, and give us the link http://paste.ubuntu.com16:20
rgomesI still having problems with m-audio fast track pro. I can hear sounds on but I can't record. I also can't hear sound on youtube. I really liked Ubunto Studio, but maybe I'll return to previous platform if I could work on it.17:16
holsteinrgomes: i wouldnt pose it as a threat.. i mean,if you want to bail, bail.. but if you are hearing sounds, then id say its a simple routing issue in JACK17:19
holsteinrgomes: i usually just route all the inputs to a track in ardour and test that way.. then start manually disconnecting til i see what is what17:20
holsteinyou cant trust any of the labels in alsa or JACK17:20
rgomesI really don't want return to my previous platform for any reasons. My time is runnig and I need still working. I hope I can solve these problems.17:22
rgomesI opened jack configurantions and clicked fast track there. no results.17:23
holsteinrgomes: are you using JACK?17:23
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro17:23
holsteinrgomes: you are hearing audio through the fast track?17:24
rgomesyes. but just in ardour.17:24
holsteinrgomes: you mean, just ardour playback works?17:25
rgomesyes. just ardour playback works.17:25
holsteinrgomes: playback of what?17:25
holsteinrgomes: open ardour, and create a track.. click on "connect" in qjackctl and route all the inputs of the sound device on the left to the new track on the right17:26
rgomesplayback of some audio files I imported.17:26
holsteinrgomes: tak a screenshot if you need help17:26
holsteinsend something you *know* works though an input on the fast track..17:28
holsteina guitar into a guitar input17:28
holsteina mic in a mic input.. something that you know will send a signal properly17:28
rgomesI just did it. no results17:28
holsteinrgomes: in what way?17:28
holsteinrgomes: do you hear it in the unit? in the monitoring?17:28
rgomesthere is signal on fast track. but no signal on ardour.17:29
holsteinrgomes: take a screenshot of the connect window of jack17:29
holsteinimagebin it17:29
holsteinrgomes: you have the track armed in ardour?17:30
rgomesok. just a minute.17:30
rgomessorry. how can I take screenshot?17:33
holsteinrgomes: do you have the track armed?17:33
holsteinrgomes: you need to hit the "record" button on the track for it to show activity.. do you have it armed?17:33
holsteini take a screenshot with "printscreen"17:34
rgomesI push the record button and nothing happen17:34
holsteinrgomes: there are *2* record buttons.. you hit the one on the channel to arm the track17:35
holsteinrgomes: then, you should see the activity monitor moving17:35
rgomesI see it moving. but nothing is recorded.17:36
holsteinrgomes: if its moving, then the signal is getting routed to ardour17:36
rgomessorry I still trying take a screenshot.17:36
holsteinrgomes: the fast track is working properly at that point, and being routed correctly17:36
holsteinrgomes: stop with the screenshot please17:36
holsteinrgomes: hit the record button at the very top of ardour17:36
nellohi, where is hardware drivers?17:36
holstein*then* hit the play button to actually begin recording17:37
holsteinnello: they are mostly in the kernel.. the linux kernel is "modular"17:37
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:37
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:37
holstein^^ those are common modules that folks need that cannot be included in the ubuntu kernels17:37
nelloyes broadcom not installed correctly17:37
nellothanks a lot17:38
rgomesi did it. It starts singn17:38
holsteinnello: i just do it manually.. check that wiki page and let us know..17:38
nellomy notebook is an old d531 latitude from dell17:38
nelloi don't have "System > Administration > Hardware/Additional Drivers"17:41
nelloin the menu...17:41
rgomesone more thing. The Jack on very top of my desktop, near the sounds configurations shows a message: "Jack is stopped".17:42
holsteinnello: i just do it manually17:42
holsteinrgomes: then, jack is stopped...17:42
holsteinrgomes: there is an order.. i open qjackctl, and start JACK.. *then* i open other jack dependant applications17:42
rgomesyes and I trayed to unlock it.17:43
holsteinrgomes: its not "locked".. its stopped17:43
holsteinrgomes: it can be running in the background, and you can be stuck trying to start it17:43
holsteinyou can use ps aux to find the process and kill it, or kill it manually (or just restart)17:43
rgomesthis is the message in jackctl17:46
rgomes4:44:58.327 Logging started --- sáb abr 27 14:44:58 2013 ---17:46
rgomes14:44:58.336 Patchbay deactivated.17:46
rgomes14:44:58.337 Statistics reset.17:46
rgomes14:44:58.351 ALSA connection change.17:46
rgomes14:44:58.362 D-BUS: Service is available (org.jackaudio.service aka jackdbus).17:46
rgomes14:44:58.412 JACK connection change.17:46
rgomes14:44:58.427 Client activated.17:46
rgomes(qjackctl.real:5194): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_get_direction: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed17:46
rgomes(qjackctl.real:5194): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_get_direction: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed17:46
holstein!paste | rgomes17:47
ubotturgomes: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:47
holsteinrgomes: if JACK is working, then its working17:47
rgomesyes. I am sorry. I have to know so much.17:48
holsteinrgomes: i have to run... try #opensourcemusicians ...i know folks there have that device and ubuntu as well :)17:49
holsteinrgomes: no worries.. you'll get it sorted17:49
holsteini dont think you have any support issues.. just a matter of learning the ropes, so to speak, and getting things configured17:49
rgomesthank you so much.17:49
holsteinanyways, good luck.. i'll check back in later... cheers17:49
holstein*any hardware support issues is what i mean.. nothing that cant be "fixed" :)17:50
sirriffsalotIs there a way to have several versions of an application installed at the same time? In this case phasex?18:40
sirriffsalotMy old presets don't work in the new release!18:40
trgh65765432fdr /join ♯ardour18:49
trgh65765432fdr /join #ardour18:51
SonikkuAmericaYou have a sharp key? Jealous!18:52
zequencesirriffsalot: You can build one and put it in /usr/local18:57
zequencesirriffsalot: /usr/local/bin is looked before /usr/bin, so when you want to run the /usr/bin version, you need to do specify the path18:58
zequence/usr/local is quite nice to use for custom builds18:59
sirriffsalotzequence: thanks! Would the easiest way be to just tick the "download packages only" and take off from there?19:04
zequencesirriffsalot: .deb packages are installers, and include binaries. You can't really use them. You'd have to build from source19:15
zequencesirriffsalot: But, you may be able to unpack the debian package, depending on how comlicated the application is, you might be able to run it from wherever19:16
sirriffsalotzequence: damn, ok19:16
zequenceunpack it just like a tar or zip file19:16
sirriffsalotzequence: it really is a shame that the phasex presets don't work on later versions, why is this?19:16
zequencesirriffsalot: I don't know phasex, but I guess the newer version is not backwards compatible19:17
anb25Thinking of putting Ubuntu Studio 13.04 on my machine, but trying live CD, I see that it still has Ardour 2.8 - is Ardour 3 in the repositories?19:41
sirriffsalotanb25: yep19:54
sirriffsalotanb25: the kxstudio one19:54
zequenceArdour 3 was just released before the release of 13.04, so it wasn't included19:55
sirriffsalotanb25: in case you haven't tried the latest ardour stuff yet, I have still to find myself struggling to open a session.. the worst you can get are crashes, very minor19:55
zequenceThe kxstudio build is based on the package being prepared in Debian experimental19:55
sirriffsalotzequence: yeah+19:57
anb25Thanks for the info - I tried a beta of Ardour 3 on AVLinux, but just for a look see.19:58
sirriffsalotzequence: debian are working on an ardour 3 build??19:59
sirriffsalotzequence: what's taking them so long; kxstudio fellas did it almost immediately19:59
len-1304The best way is to download from the ardour site. That way you will have the best support.20:10
len-1304We include the latest we have in the repos and try to keep it up to date. But that is foremost for completeness.20:10
len-1304anb25, sirriffsalot ^^^20:11
len-1304The people at the ardour site and at #ardour tend to only support a version downloaded from their site20:12
sirriffsalotI know.. sad20:13
len-1304They only have so much time... and really, while I don't like the way they dis anything not their own build, I would prefer they send as much of their available time coding new stuff anyway.20:14
zequencesirriffsalot: The package is ready in Debian, but if you haven't heard of release schedules, you probably don't realize why packages aren't released instantly from them being packaged20:21
zequencesirriffsalot: Also, there's some effort that goes into packaging, and the reason why kx had it so quickly was because the work was already done in Debian20:21
zequenceThis is true to most kx packages20:22
sirriffsalotzequence: Aha20:22
zequenceThey are not original packages done in KX20:22
zequencefalktx may have tweaked some of them, adding VST support or whatever20:23
zequenceHe stands on someone elses shoulders though20:23
zequenceDebian first, and then Ubuntu20:23
sirriffsalotzequence: But.. if Debian did it first.. where is the debian package? o.O I looked for it a lot20:24
zequencesirriffsalot: It's in a git repo20:25
sirriffsalotI'll be damned20:26
zequenceDebian is just moments away from releasing Wheezy, which is Debian 7. Their testing repo is frozen many months back20:26
zequenceOnce Wheezy is released (5th of may, probably), Ardour will soon end up, first in experimental, then sometime in testing20:27
zequenceThe guys who do pretty much all the pro audio packaging in the Debian based world of distributions, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, KX, etc, are the Debian Multimedia Team20:29
zequenceSo, if you want to thank someone for having lots of audio software on these distros, you should thank them first20:29
sirriffsalotI don't want to thank anyone for just that hehe, I thank the whole community20:29
sirriffsalotBy the way, I tried installing fluxbox as enlightenment was giving me some trouble with a realtime kernel, but when logging in it just stays on a white-ish screen with the mouse moving around.. any ideas?20:30
sirriffsalotwith the mouse visible and* capable of being moved around20:30
zequenceI've never really used fluxbox myself20:31
sirriffsalotHow come?20:31
zequenceHow come you've never been to the moon? I don't know20:31
sirriffsalotCause I can't, hahaha20:31
sirriffsalotAnd furthermore, heights make me uncomfortable20:31
zequenceWell, I feel quite comfortable with Gnome3, and awesome20:32
sirriffsalotAnd g-forces at that level make me nauseous20:32
sirriffsalotAh yea, I remember you mentioning that.. but really20:32
sirriffsalotGnome has a lot of silly stuff running in the background o.O20:32
zequenceOne of the things that UBuntu Studio will be doing for 13.10 is looking at using multiple DEs. We might be adding support for KDE, Unity and Gnome320:33
zequenceMaybe even LXDE20:33
sirriffsalotzequence: FANTASTIC :)20:33
len-1304sirriffsalot, so does xfce20:33
sirriffsalotlen-1304: yeah, hence I use neither, hehe20:33
sirriffsalotWould trying the 13 beta on a production computer be with it?20:34
len-1304sirriffsalot, we are trying to balance desktop usability from what people are used to with trimness.20:35
len-1304I might like a really trim DE, but then the terminal gets used more. Some people never use a terminal.20:36
sirriffsalotEnlightenment really is great..20:36
sirriffsalotI've had little to no problems with it20:36
sirriffsalotHighly configurable, for keybinds of all kinds for fast application startups etc20:37
sirriffsalot12 years of work must mean something20:37
len-1304We also benefit from having people on both studio and xubuntu teams.20:37
len-1304I am sure it does.20:37
len-1304Having xubuntu taking care of things that break in the DE frees us from doing that though.20:38
aenertiaHi all, I think I have found a major bug with 13.04, have confirmed it on two seperate platforms. Basically hdmi audio out does not work. I have tried the usual aliasing of the device etc, but no sound. And Pulse refuses to see the card, or even load when manually having the alsa-sink device= option added21:57
aenertiaaplay shows the devices (nvidia and ati cards repspectively on the two systems I tried) but any output to them results in no sound ( yes I have checked they are unmuted)21:58
aenertiacan others confirm they have working hdmi out sound?21:58
aenertiaThe receiver is a Yamaha, and works fine when booting from 12.10 or other OS's.22:00
aenertiaI thought it may have been an issue with the way jack/pa are setup in ubuntu studio but as I said no sound even on the raw alsa device with everything else killed22:01
zequenceaenertia: Seems like I can confirm that22:07
aenertiazequence: damn22:08
aenertiazequence: I wonder if it is related to the rt kernel?22:09
zequenceaenertia: no22:09
aenertiaare the alsa version the same used in the 13.04 generic kernel or patched?22:09
zequenceaenertia: And it's not a -rt kernel, it's -lowlatency22:09
zequenceThe -lowlatency kernel is a copy of generic, with almost no difference to the code22:09
aenertiaI haven't check to see if bog standard ubuntu13.04 works. I assume it will given that it would be a huge bug if it doesn't22:10
aenertiawhat about alsa?22:11
zequenceaenertia: It's either alsa or pulseaudio22:11
zequenceI'm looking at it right now22:11
aenertiaYeah I might pull the alsa sources from git and compile see what happens.22:12
aenertiaI generally don't use pulse myself.22:12
zequencepulse sees my card though22:12
aenertiaWhilst on the topic, have you ever been able to get jack to use an hdmi source?22:12
zequencehdmi only has playback, so you need to specify that22:13
aenertiaI tried adding a bunch of software mixers and pcm device aliases to mine in the hope of using it as a monitor with no luck22:13
zequenceI don't remember, if I've got it to work before. Not right now anyway22:13
aenertiaok will have a look22:14
aenertiajack is still very much something i've used only for midi input routing22:14
rgomeshi, zequence! its me again. we chat today earlier. I still tryaing to make my m-audio works in ardour.22:16
zequencergomes: If you're able to start jack with it, then it's just a matter of connections and levels22:17
zequenceMaking sure, for instance, that if you have a knob for "monitor/output", that it's not turned the wrong way, etc22:18
rgomesI am not sure. fast track is working for playback, but not for record.22:19
zequencergomes: If playback works with jack, then it works22:19
zequencergomes: Could you paste the log from jack, after you started it. Paste it here http://paste.ubuntu.com, and give me the link22:19
rgomesone more thing. on sound conficurations, m-audio shows a padlock22:20
zequencergomes: sound configurations? Please make a difference between jack and pulseaudio.22:21
zequencergomes: Did you read through it all?22:21
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro22:21
zequencergomes: Are you using jack with ardour?22:23
rgomesyes. with ardour22:24
zequencergomes: Yes, but you are using jack, correct?22:27
rgomeswell. I don't know about it. probably not. I opened jack audio connection kit and it seems works.22:28
zequenceaenertia: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/117082022:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1169984 in linux (Ubuntu Raring) "duplicate for #1170820 3.8.0-18 HDMI audio regression: Either oops or opening device fails with -ENODEV" [High,Fix committed]22:28
zequencergomes: That's qjackctl22:29
zequencergomes: I asked you for the log after you start jack, but let me give you another one first22:29
zequencergomes: Do this in the commandline: cat ~/.jackdrc22:29
zequencepaste the results here http://paste.ubuntu.com22:30
zequenceaenertia: Seems like devs are on it22:31
rgomessorry. I am completely blind on it. where is comand line?22:31
aenertiaso not just a studio bug22:33
zequenceaenertia: Ubuntu Studio has nothing custom about either the kernel or the audio system22:33
zequenceaenertia: There is a very slight chance that you may get problems on -lowlatency that you wouldn't on -generic, but nothing related to audio22:34
aenertiaok thanks zequence22:34
zequence-lowlatency is just a reconfigured -generic, improved for lower latency22:34
zequencergomes: Oh, sorry. I missed your last comment22:41
zequencergomes: A terminal. Program where you can make console commands22:41
zequencergomes: In Ubuntu Studio, in the menu "Terminal Emulator"22:42
zequenceI could ask you to do the same thing using file managers, and text editors, etc, but it would just take me much longer to explain22:42
zequenceBelieve it or not, using the terminal is much faster, if you just know the right commands22:42
zequenceFor troubleshooting Linux stuff on IRC, you will use it a lot22:43
zequenceSo, the command you put in is: cat ~/.jackdrc22:43
zequence"cat" is a program that can read a file, and output its contents22:43
zequence"~/" is the adress for home of the logged in user22:44
zequence".jackdrc" is the configuration file for jackd22:44
zequenceYou can find it in your home folder, if you enable the file manager to show hidden files, i.e. files beginning with a dot22:44
zequenceAll though, qjackctl is set to start jackdbus by default, when you make settings, and save them, it will save them also in the jackd config file22:45
zequenceSo, I want to see what kind of settings you have done22:45
zequencergomes: Actually, it's just one line, so you can just paste it right here if you want22:46
rgomeswell, my ubuntu is in portuguese. the message translated is  "bash: jack~/.rdc: fale or directory not found22:46
zequencergomes: You didn't write it correctly22:46
zequencergomes: cat ~/.jackdrc22:46
rgomessorry. i wrote correctly there and rewrote. same message.22:48
zequencejack~/.rdc is not a file22:48
zequencergomes: Ok, you know what. I don't think you have started jack with the right device even22:49
zequencergomes: do this in the terminal: cat /proc/asound/cards22:49
zequencepaste it to http://paste.ubuntu.com22:49
zequencergomes: Don't write the command. Copy it, and paste it into the terminal22:49
zequenceYou can paste with Shift+Ctrl+V22:50
zequencergomes: I'm not trying to be rude now, but just asking, do you have dyslexi or something?22:51
rgomesok. done.22:52
zequencergomes: You'll need to give me the link22:52
rgomesno. I am just confuse and very very busy22:52
zequencergomes: So, did you paste to http://paste.ubuntu.com? I can't see it if you don't give me the link22:54
zequenceIt's been 40 minutes, and I've still seen zero information about your system22:55
rgomesI paste that on ubuntu. but I cant give you the link, couse I trying to creat a count.22:55
zequenceOk, I need to go to sleep now. But, maybe someone else can help you22:55
zequencergomes: I do suggest you read about jack though22:55
zequencergomes: Read carefully on how to start jack https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro#UbuntuStudio.2BAC8-ProAudioIntro.2BAC8-1204.Jack_-_The_Pro_Audio_Sound_System22:56
rgomesok. I'm stopping for today. I am tired and I will drive you crazy in few minutes. Sorry.22:57
rgomesactually, I read it. I followed all instructions but....22:58
holsteinrgomes: you dont need an account to paste to ubuntu paste22:59
zequencergomes: It's too bad that using audio on Linux is so technical. It takes a bit of time. I recommend to learn about the details22:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:59
holsteinusing jack can be.. but you might not need jack22:59
zequenceThe problem is, as soon as you want to produce music, you do need jack23:00
holsteini remember just playing around with auacity for a long time in windows before moving on to cubase.. then to linux/JACK23:00
zequenceYou don't buy a fast track pro, and not use jack23:00
zequenceThere's no getting around it. jack is what you use for pro audio23:00
holsteini would also just play around with the internal card for a bit with JACK23:00
zequenceso, you have to learn how to use it23:00
rgomesI paste on ubuntu. how can I send you?23:01
holsteinrgomes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5610367/23:02
rgomesthanks, holstein.23:05
holsteinif it were me, i would unplug the keyrig, and disable the internal sound card.. that should leave you with just the one device23:08
holsteinrgomes: ^23:08
rgomesok. I will try it.23:09
holsteini would try an reduce the variables.. you have lots of unknowns right now.. get rid of as many as possible and take one battle at a time23:09
rgomesyour are right. my problem is I have many works to do and really dont want to return to previous platform no more. Well, I have to take a time to learn how to work on this platform I choose and want to use forever.23:13
rgomesthank you very much holstein. thank you zequence.23:14
holsteinrgomes: sure... you'll get it :)23:14

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