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knomeInoki, did you read the mailing list lately?09:09
Inokiknome: Nope, was busy with other things, why?09:09
knomewe got the articles back from the editor, and we need 800 chars more for your article09:09
knomeif you have time and ideas to extend it before monday, that would be cool09:10
knomeif not, i will extend it09:10
Inoki800 more. Wasn't aware it should be that long.09:11
InokiThing is, what's written there is basically my story, how it was.09:11
InokiHow I came to use Xubuntu (Xfce in general).09:11
knomeyeah, i was wondering to write about desktop enviroments generally or so09:11
knomeit doesn't need to be a part of the story09:12
knomeotoh, 800 chars isn't too much, so if you don't know what to wirte, i can take care of that09:12
InokiI suppose the only thing to add would be details of "why Xubuntu", like navigating through the desktop, its functions.09:13
knomewe have an article about that though09:13
InokiYea, thought about that.09:13
InokiFeel free to modify it then. Add a few extra lines.09:13
knomesure, thanks :)09:13
knomeand thanks for writing the article09:13
Inokinp np :)09:13
knomewe will be in touch with all of you later as well about the small compensation...09:14
knomewe will need to sort how to organize that out with the editor first09:14
InokiAs for me, using Xubuntu is enough of a compensation. I didn't do it to get something in return. :)09:14
knomewell, if you don't want it in money, you can always order a xubuntu t-shirt from a new vendor to test it09:15
knome(we've been doing that for a few cycles to find a vendor with doable shipping prices around the world as well as good quality)09:16
InokiThat sounds nice, a shirt with the Xfce mouse on it :D09:17
InokiEither way, was glad to help if that little contribution helped.09:19
Noskcajcompensation? dibs!09:20
InokiOk so if nobody else wanted something, I'm gonna go now. knome you'll find me here if needed: http://tinyw.in/7y9909:27
knomeInoki, ok, cheers09:27
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knomedaim2k5, umm, please don't use awaynicks09:37
daim2k5knome: sorry09:37
elfytrying to run ubuntu-bug against xfce4-settings-manager in ss and it tells me there's no such package - is that just because ss is not really up yet ?13:32
smartboyhwelfy, that's xfce4-settings I think https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-settings13:36
elfypossibly - except the bug is in xfce4-settings-manager 13:38
smartboyhwelfy, according to the descriptions: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5608412/13:39
GridCubethere should be a way to graphically edit fstab 16:01
GridCubeand by default in the system16:02
elfythough I'd be worried about using it ... elfy remembers other gui things attempting to help with fstab 16:04
drcAre you sure you want a easy-to-use-by-everyone tool to mess with fstab?16:04
GridCubeits really anoying that partition end up in the desktop16:04
GridCubeif you dont edit fstab to automount partition to a mount point, they end up in the desktop, i like that for removable devices, but for internal drives?16:06
Unit193Was more annoying when they put floppy drive there, blacklisted the module so it'd go away.16:07
GridCubea tool that goes like "oh! it seems like you have this /dev/drive, and its internal (no usb), do you want to permanently mount it? (ask where to mount and edits fstab)"16:08
elfythere used to be one 16:08
elfyit often got it wrong from memory16:08
elfywhat's with the sudden interest in hud 16:41
GridCubei want it XD16:42
elfyinstall ubuntu ... 16:42
GridCubethats not good16:42
GridCubei dont see why the reluctance tho16:42
elfyfrom me? 16:42
GridCubeeven from me, that i dont like changes, i find HUD to be awesome16:42
GridCubeno, generally speaking16:42
GridCubemany people told me that. "install ubuntu"16:43
GridCubeand my answer its... why? why should i want unity if what its good its HUD?16:43
elfyand is hud anygood without ?16:43
GridCubeit can be16:43
elfywhat use is it - replaces one way of accessing options with another 16:44
elfyand then forces people to change the way they do things with a key already ;)16:44
elfyso - everyone else has to learn a new thing to accomodate something they didn't really want :)16:45
GridCubeit gives you more ways to control your computer, it saves time, it helps users with accesibility issues, its fancier, its would help to create a more consistent image between the ubuntu family16:45
* elfy has beer in one hand - devil's advocate hat in other and types with his nose ... 16:45
GridCubewhat i think would be important its that if hud its choosen for xubuntu there should be an option in setting to disable it for those reluctants to use it16:46
GridCubebut i think that it wont be the mayor case16:46
GridCubealso xubuntu hasnt introduced nothing new in ages16:47
GridCubeits stable, yes, but thats it16:47
elfycan't see any need for it tbh - but then I installed xubuntu (which turned out to be a good thing) to get away from things designed for everyone to use by people that sit in an office with nothing better to do than design things and hope it works out 16:48
elfyI don't see what it gains us 16:49
Unit193Indeed, as long as it doesn't bring in heavy depends I'm not to worried, shouldn't be hard to purge from my system(s).  It gains something "New" and "Oh look!  Shiny!" :----D16:49
Unit193I'd think that people using Xfce would be more for the classic desktop, but maybe not.16:50
* elfy hopes GridCube noticed that I had on my devil's advocate hat 16:50
* GridCube notes 16:50
GridCubeP: im libraring16:50
elfyI'm chilling out 16:50
GridCubeelfy, what i think it gains us its innovation, using the resources that canonical/mainbuntu are already expending, provide us with a modern way to access a system, provides easier ways to access options, find obfuscated options faster16:52
GridCubeit would make us different from any other xfce based distribution16:52
elfywhich gains us what? 16:53
elfya bunch of trolling16:53
GridCubetheres no such thing as bad publicity16:53
elfya bunch of 'oh .... now where do we go' 16:53
elfyI agree :)16:53
GridCubenot if there is a "enable []" box16:53
GridCubesomething that unity doesnt provide16:53
GridCubewe should ofcourse16:54
elfythat would be an absolute positive over the 'ubuntu' way 16:54
Unit193That could always leave us with a bait and switch type of thing like the indicators had, though.16:54
elfythe biggest issue is whether there are the people willing and able to do it 16:55
GridCubeoh sure, thats its the biggest problem :(16:57
GridCubeim sad i cant do it myself16:57
GridCubeif noone can take it then it will just die16:57
GridCubebut i really think its a silly thing that would make us more brilliant in the xfce based distros16:58
GridCubesomething that no other can provide16:58
elfywell ... time tells I guess 16:59
GridCube:/ yep16:59
GridCubei will still bother till someone tells me "dude, no"16:59
GridCubeand that would be it16:59
elfyI wish I could do stuff - there's a really simple bug with settings manager and I'm sure it's really simple to fix but I have no idea or I'd crack on with it :(17:00
lderanwhich bug is that?17:10
elfydescription :)17:11
elfyopen settings manager - check the description - customise your desktop - not anymore, it's a whole lot more than that 17:11
elfysimple thing 17:11
lderanah yeah17:13
lderani need to find an easy bug to fix so i can get used to things17:14
elfylderan: let me report it against smug smaug then and go for it :)17:15
elfyI'm sure I could find some other little issues 17:15
elfywill be tomorrow at the earliest though - not sure what the description should be now 17:22
elfysomething to decide in here I suspect :)17:23
lderanaye :)17:24
lderanknome, is there anything i can do to help at the moment or shall i see if i can fix any bugs?22:27
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