jdf80anyone having issues with archive manager crashing in 13.04?00:22
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Guest37968hi guys i'm trying the live session xubuntu.. did you had any problems installing xubuntu alongside win8?00:25
w30I'm trying to configure compiz with ccsm but the settings won't survive a re-login. What needs to be done to keep xubuntu from re-dooing my settingsz/00:27
w30I want cube and rotate cube for one thing but wall and expo keep coming back.00:29
w30I'm trying to configure compiz with ccsm but the settings won't survive a re-login. What needs to be done to keep xubuntu from ripping out my settings ?00:41
ballI didn't know compiz could be used with Xubuntu00:48
ball...not that it was ever really on my wish list.00:48
ballIs it just for whirling the desktop around?00:50
w30I guess Linus liked his wobbly windows and I like the whirling cube.....00:50
w30ball,  the 4 cube sides each represent a desktop00:51
w30ball, if you don't like one side you can pick another.00:51
ballSo it's just a resource-intensive way to do virtual desktops?00:52
w30ball, it's mostly a way to impress Vista users and their fanning windows or whatever they had00:53
kRusha cube with 4 sides? does not compute00:53
ballMy life would be insanely sad if I were worried about impressing Windows Vista users.00:54
w30kRush,  the top and bottom have a picture or a transparency00:54
kRushwhy not another virtual desktop?00:55
ballflower pots, that's what it needs.00:56
w30kRush, why not!  hy not use Unity, Fedora, or Windows 8?00:56
* ball tinkers with LibreOffice00:57
kRushbecause two of the three are pretty retarded =o01:02
ballDoes Xubuntu come with something that can decode base64 attachments from the command line?01:14
ball(a modern equivalent of uudecode)?01:14
ballAh man base64 contained a clue ;-)01:15
ballIt works!01:16
David-Aball: maybe you already know about   man -k <word>   and    apropos <word>01:24
zodiakman -k woman .. for example01:24
ballNo idea what -k does, but I use "man foo" etc.01:25
David-Aball: man <word> looks for help for a command named exactly <word>, with -k it search for keywords01:26
David-Aball: including parts of words (fortunately and sometimes unfortunately)01:26
MrHotsauceis there anyway to reset the sound indicator in the panel? mines locked up and i can control volume from it01:27
UserAttackHello all. How do I update? I am not seeing anything in Software Updater01:32
MrHotsauceUserAttack: do "sudo do-release-upgrade" in terminal01:34
UserAttackThanks :)01:34
xubuntu874has anyone setup xubuntu 13.04 with touch screen.. such as how ubuntu works?01:35
xubuntu874multitouch, gestures.. etc01:36
xubuntu874I don't need to know how to do it.. just if it's doable..01:40
ballOh, is that why Unity is a bit odd?  Is it meant for touch screens?01:42
w30MrHotsauce, check your sound devices, maybe one output or input device got switched to the wrong one.01:42
w30MrHotsauce, click on the sound icon and then settings01:43
xubuntu874I guess.. but I'm not a unity fan.. I'd rather give xubuntu a spin. but would like to know if it's a pain to setup gestures.. etc01:43
MrHotsauceits not that its literally frozen spotify still says its playing a song when ive closed it a while ago01:43
w30MrHotsauce, kill the process?01:44
MrHotsaucei killed spotify unless you mean kill the panel01:45
ballI've never tries Xubuntu on a touch screen.  I think one of the reasons I like Xfce is that it's a more conventional desktop, suitable for office use.01:45
xubuntu874I'd agree with that.. I've always used opensuse and kde.. but thought I'd give xubuntu a try on the yoga 1301:46
w30MrHotsauce, reboot?01:46
MrHotsaucethat works but id like to know if i can fix it without doing that01:47
MrHotsauceits happened once before01:47
w30MrHotsauce, donno... sorry01:47
w30MrHotsauce, sound dosen't get any better in Linux, just more complicated.01:50
MrHotsaucewell ive been on 13.04 for a month using daily builds but as soon as it released the other day i got the sound panel error01:51
w30MrHotsauce, when you have a 15 or 20 digit name for a sound device, What can you expect?01:51
w30MrHotsauce, like pci-0000:1:00.1  what the hell do we need that for?01:54
MrHotsaucealso anyone have any idea why this is happening? http://pastebin.com/XJCFhnMM02:03
holsteinMrHotsauce: what is happening?02:03
MrHotsaucesaying update is available yet im already updated02:04
w30MrHotsauce, I have a bad habit of hitting the scroll wheel when I have the mouse in focus in a config window and sometimes I select the next device or config option of some kind without knowing it. I keep learning not to nervously scroll the wheel but alas I still do it sometimes.02:04
holsteinMrHotsauce: are you fully upgraed?02:04
MrHotsaucepretty sure i am02:04
MrHotsaucei cant do another update02:04
holsteinMrHotsauce: sudo apt-get update .. see if you have any errors.. then, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ..if you want02:04
MrHotsaucew30 its not a device issue ive only one sound device02:05
MrHotsauceholstein: nothing 0 updates02:05
MrHotsauce****@*******~$ sudo do-release-upgrade  Checking for a new Ubuntu release No new release found   <--and thats when i try to do the release upgrade02:06
w30holstein, how do I get ccsm to write  a config  and make it stick. I loose  it because xubuntu throws it away and puts its own back in or a relogin.02:11
holsteinMrHotsauce: i wouldnt worry about it unless there is an isssue02:12
w30holstein, I want cube and rotate cube not expo and wall02:13
MrHotsauceno issue just irks me why it says i need to update is all02:13
holsteinw30: not sure.. i didnt have the trouble back in 12.04, and i personally gave up on compiz02:13
w30holstein, I am going to follow suit I suppose, I fight it every upgrade and it gets worse.  My Grandpa wouldn't give up his horses for a Ford Tractor either so it's in my genes.02:17
holsteinw30: its over.. cubes and fire.. however, 12.04 is supported for quite some time..02:20
w30holstein, I suppose its hard to get someone to maintain a project when you have a possible user base of two or $1.98 worth of sales.02:24
holsteinw30: compiz is just going a different direction..02:29
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mrdolthey, i have updated from 12.10 to 13.04. Now my system hangs before the login screen. I can't break out to a command prompt and pressing escape at sstartup i don't get a bootmenu03:27
unowindows8hello.  I broke my grub03:27
ruienmrdolt: am I correct in thinking this means the issue is after grub? Meaning, your grub is working OK and tries to load xubuntu, at which point it freezes?03:29
unowindows8i cant start up at all03:30
unowindows8cannot even live boot to fix with boot fixer03:30
unowindows8also tried commands in grub rescue>03:30
mrdolti get the xubuntu splash screen and a spining thing but then it stops03:30
mrdoltif i press escape i can watch things load but then it conks out03:30
unowindows8sorry didnt realize you were talking to mrdolt03:31
ruienunowindows8: if you boot from the 13.04 live USB, it doesn't even load?03:31
cfhowlettunowindows8, reinstall grub03:31
Dayofswordsanyone know what update-notifier-common does? I noticed it seems to hang the system during install of xubuntu for a while and but it's not touching disk, CPU or network.03:31
unowindows8ruien, thanks.  live usb menu comes up completely distorted is unusable.  i try running xubuntu by pressing enter, video is completely distorted03:31
ruienmrdolt: try loading with ACPI=off, i once had a similar problem, just to see if that works03:31
unowindows8ruien: can install grub without live booting?03:32
ruienunowindows8: wow. how did you create the live USB? Have you tried using unetbootin?03:32
unowindows8ruien: I did use it.  I tested it on another machine, my Toshiba laptop, it opened fine03:32
ruienno, i would recommend making sure you can boot from the live USB, and then once that is working, use that to reinstall grub. That's how I would do it03:32
mrdoltok, but the worse problem is grub doesn't respond to my attempt to bring up the menu. it just goes to the boot03:33
holsteinmrdolt: you hould be able to get to it from a live CD and edit03:34
ruienmrdolt: yeah, you can make that change within your grub conf, so i would say boot to a live USB first, then re-install grub with the acpi off set03:34
mrdoltawesome, thx!03:34
ruienmrdolt: hold on a sec, i have more info03:34
cfhowlettunowindows8, 2 suggestions: md5sum your ISO and check disk disk integrity of your USB.03:36
unowindows8got it03:36
unowindows8I've seen that around03:36
ruienmrdolt: okay, i believe the right way to do this is in /etc/default/grub set GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="acpi=off quiet splash"03:37
unowindows8but could my usb still not have full integrity even if it loads well on a different laptop?03:37
ruienunowindows8: yes, it could happen, since different machines load different drivers, so one machine might be not hitting the corrupted file at all03:37
cfhowlettunowindows8, this is why you CHECK integrity of both the ISO and the usb ...03:38
cfhowlettunowindows8, 60 seconds of work to eliminate any doubt03:38
unowindows8the iso that went into the USB cant be accessed because I had downloaded to same Windows 8 machine with grub problem03:39
unowindows8but I will check the USB stick on my 2nd machine03:39
ruienthat should work03:39
unowindows8ruien: thanks03:40
unowindows8I'll be back later03:40
lightahi guys, I just installed lubuntu 13.04 but my old firefox profil keep make me crash, any idea ?03:44
holsteinlighta: your old FF .mozilla config?03:56
pleksHi,I'm trying to dist upgrade from xubuntu 12.10 to 13.04, the problem is I clicked on the upgrade button in the Software Updater and clicked through to the screen where it says it will download x packages, it's 900mb it will take 20min and so on. At this stage I had to move my laptop so I clicked the cancel button instead of starting the download. But the problem now is that the Software Updates says I'm up to date so I can not cont04:00
plekstried google but did not find anything04:00
holsteinpleks: i would just try to do it from the command line04:00
pleksI have04:01
holsteinpleks: and?04:01
MrHotsaucepleks: have you tried "sudo do-release-upgrade" in command line?04:01
pleksusing do-release-upgrade -d04:01
pleksit says im up to date04:01
MrHotsaucei think you can use a bootable usb of the 13.04 image and upgrade that way04:02
pleksso it must be marked somewhere I guess that I have already upgraded even though I have not04:02
Wallythere's a 13.04?04:02
holsteinpleks: sounds like you are upgraded04:02
pleksok, I can try that04:02
pleksI am not upgraded, I aborted before downloading04:02
MrHotsaucewhat does lsb_release -a in command line turn up?04:03
pleksis says 12.1004:03
pleksand "No LSB modules are available."04:03
pleksvery strange04:04
MrHotsauceive a computer that says im running 13.04 and that i need to update to 13.0404:04
holsteinsudo do-release-upgrade -d says what pleks ?04:04
pleksit says "No new release found"04:05
holsteinpleks: sudo apt-get upda returns no errors?04:06
pleksno errors04:07
holsteinpleks: i would try other package managers04:08
holsteini would also fresh install pretty quick, since that takes the least amount of time04:09
holsteinpleks: http://administratosphere.wordpress.com/2011/11/02/rescuing-an-interrupted-ubuntu-upgrade/ might help04:09
plekshold on, after doing "sudo apt-get update" it now detects the new dist version :D04:11
pleksthanks guys!04:12
frankbroxfce4-xfapplet-plugin, where is that now?04:18
xubuntu237Goodbye. I was going to chat, but my installation is finished.05:15
cfhowlettas Jar Jar Binks would say, "How wude!"05:16
Dayofswordsanyone know what update-notifier-common does? I noticed it seems to hang the system during install of xubuntu for a while and but it's not touching disk, CPU or network.05:29
ruienDayofswords: i can't tell you much, but here's `apt-cache search`'s description: """update-notifier-common - Files shared between update-notifier and other packages""", maybe install without updates and update after install?05:48
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unowin8hi i totally broke my system06:22
MrHotsaucehow so?06:23
unowin8after much trying to fix06:24
unowin8i think its not only my grubs but also the video drivers for ubuntu on my win 8 machine06:24
unowin8so I cant live boot at all06:24
unowin8i did try checking the iso i even downloaded lubuntu after xubuntu06:25
unowin8and it runs fine on this vista machine06:25
unowin8both xubuntu when i had it and lubuntu now06:25
MrHotsaucewindows 8 machine i think it might have something to do with UEFI bios06:25
unowin8well I'll try anything06:26
unowin8you mean i should access the bios menu?06:26
MrHotsauceum i honestly dont know much about the whole uefi bios myself but if you wait in here someone might know more about it06:27
ruienunowin8: yeah, it could be related to UEFI, that's a big problem and i've heard there are solutions, but i have avoided newer systems myself in order to avoid that problem, sorry i don't know anything about it06:27
unowin8ubuntu was running fine06:27
unowin8but then i installed xubuntu on top of it from within ubuntu06:28
alex_alexafter upgrading to 13.04 video thumbs disappeared06:28
ruienand then it died?06:28
unowin8then tried replacing with just xubuntu and ended up messing up the settings06:28
alex_alexwhat is the matter06:28
unowin8ruien: I spoke to you earlier today06:28
ruienunowin8: yeah, i wonder if the real ubuntu has some way to handle UEFI, which the other ubuntu derivatives don't have.06:29
unowin8ruien: that's one issue, the graphics issue.  I still have the grub issue first.06:29
cfhowlettruien, pretty sure all such installation measures are universal to all *buntus06:29
unowin8ruien: startup throws me to grub rescue>06:30
MrHotsauceand you cant boot from a live usb?06:30
ruienunowin8: that doesn't sound that bad, maybe grub is just misconfigured?06:30
MrHotsauceif you can boot into a live usb maybe reinstall grum from there?06:31
unowin8ruien: I think it is.  I saw online a way to configure it through its own command line but I couldn't get that to work06:31
MrHotsauceive never really had grub issues because i try not to dual boot06:31
unowin8it involves setting up the right partition to start up06:31
MrHotsaucealex_alex: video thumbs? you mean just thumbnails in your file manager?06:32
alex_alexpictures thums are ok06:32
unowin8I get: error: no such partition, when I power the laptop06:32
alex_alexbyt video gone06:32
alex_alexi tried to install tumber-plugins-extra and ffmpeghumbler but with no result06:33
MrHotsaucehm have you tried rebooting by chance?06:34
* unowin8 slaps himself with a large trout06:34
alex_alexyes, sure06:35
MrHotsaucemy video thumbs still work so maybe thumber just died on you?06:36
MrHotsauceunowin8: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI maybe?06:37
alex_alexso, how i can check it? just try to reinstall?06:37
MrHotsaucemaybe ive never really had an issue with it myself06:38
unowin8mrhotsauce: thanks06:38
MrHotsaucenot sure if that helps at all06:39
alex_alexis any automatic way to reinable all ppas blocked while upgrading?06:40
alex_alexor only be hand?06:40
alex_alexby hand i mean06:40
MrHotsaucejust go to software sorces06:40
MrHotsauceyou should be able to re-enable them there06:41
cfhowletttorrets of the keyboard?06:41
alex_alexno, when i try to re-enable them there - nothing happens, i cant make a checkbox active06:43
bazhangso do it via the command line06:44
alex_alexso, i've opened list in leafpad and just deleted #, but that is not tje best solution i think06:44
alex_alexas ia have a lot of sources06:44
bazhangthats risky06:44
bazhanglots of PPA, have good backups06:45
bazhangonce they are re-enabled, don't forget to update your sources.list06:46
alex_alexok. so, that is a bug in the sources manager or only i experienced such difficulties?06:47
bazhangdid software sources ask for a password06:49
bazhangand once that was done, you hit refresh, or from the terminal: sudo apt-get update06:50
alex_alexbut after that still unable to select a check box06:50
alex_alexon disabled ppa06:51
bazhangdo all the PPA have raring sources06:51
bazhangand you found them via the command line where, exactly06:51
alex_alexon the launchpad06:52
bazhangyou are using the gui and the cli to edit software sources06:52
bazhangwhen you should only use one or the other06:52
bazhang"I opened them using leafpad...blah blah"06:53
bazhangbut you also talk about "check boxes"06:53
bazhangergo: gui AND cli06:54
alex_alexyes, to re-enable them (to delete #), as it was impossible through gui06:54
bazhangso pastebin and let us take a look, if you care to06:54
alex_alexmy sources list, yes?06:55
bazhangsources.list.d   ?06:55
alex_alexok, just a second06:55
alex_alexi have many files there, how i can pastebin them all?06:58
bazhanghow many is many06:59
ruienhow about: for file in *; do echo -e "-------\n$file\n\n" && cat $file; done07:04
alex_alexthats really works!07:06
ruienyeah then scroll up, select all of it, copy and paste the whole thing to pastebin :)07:07
ruienalex: on some of these you still have quantal07:10
alex_alexyes, but it seems to be just in sources list names07:14
alex_alexdeb strings are raring07:14
alex_alexso, as i got confused with it, i ask about the right way to re-enable  ppas after upgrading07:15
alex_alexas i was unable to re-enable them using gui (cant set a checkbox on ppa)07:15
bazhangrunning the addppa would be the correct way07:17
ubottuSince Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details07:17
alex_alexso after upgrading  i have to add all ppas manually?07:19
bazhangyou have 53 PPA??07:20
ruienalex: after upgrading, why not just back up your "sources.list.d" directory and then sed -i 's/quantal/raring/g' your stuff?07:20
ruien(assuming they have raring sources, of course)07:20
bazhangruien, what about the gpg07:21
ruienhmm, i didn't realize the same PPA for a different release would have a new GPG key. Is that so?07:21
ruieni thought it's per-PPA07:21
alex_alexstrange, as upgrade  program have changed quantal string in them on raring but denyed from enabling them07:23
bazhanguntrusted sources warnings?07:24
alex_alex no, just cant enable them in the gui with a checkbox07:25
bazhangalex_alex, you manually checked each of the 53 PPA to be certain that there was a raring version, or just hoping thats so'07:29
alex_alexafter i deleted the # and update/upgrade i saw only 4 warnings  no raring07:31
alex_alexall others seems to be already updated07:32
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kblinhi folks09:03
kblinI've got trouble printing to an IPP printer from my newly installed 13.04 system09:06
kblinit's an IPP  network printer, and my other systems can print just fine using the same settings09:07
knomeInoki, hey :) am i connecting the dots right - did you write that one magazine article? :)09:08
InokiHeya, yep, I did.09:08
knomeInoki, good good! mind joining #xubuntu-devel for a while?09:08
kblinthe status looks a bit fishy, too it reads "Processing - Unable to get printer status."09:17
kblinI can correctly resolve the print server, and I can even view the print server's status page just fine09:19
kblinand as I said, from an ubuntu 10.04 machine I can print just fine09:19
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xubuntu705Froze on me at configuring python. Now re-doing from downloaded CD.10:24
nikolamanyone have an idea, how to report a bug when automatic bug reporting crashes itself? (lsb_release problem in 12.04 LTS)10:44
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.10:45
nikolamwell, my experience with several years with LTS releases is that most userspace non-security bugs never get fixed utill next LTS release.10:54
nikolami will definately report. thanks.10:54
nikolamwll I just had some updates on 12.4 and I am sort of reportin 13-th bug report that pops-up automatically. And I think I actually have that error reporting every single day since 12.04 install. Such fun.10:59
xubI'm getting crashes on 12.04 from AbiWord, Chromium and possibly others: "org.freedesktop.dbus.error.serviceunknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files"11:02
xubAny clues?11:03
TheSheepxub: how did you start X?11:05
xubAutomatically, as setup by the installer11:06
TheSheepbug 104433311:09
ubottubug 1044333 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files " [Undecided,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104433311:09
TheSheepxub: looks like that message is just a warning and not the reason for the crash11:11
xubTheSheep: why do you think so?11:14
TheSheepxub: becuase a lot of people have reported this message in a lot of completely unrelated reports11:17
TheSheepxub: and the solution to their problems was always something else11:17
TheSheepof course that's not a proof, just a clue11:17
TheSheepxub: I just checked and I have this warning in my logs too11:18
xubhm, it makes sense.11:18
xubTheSheep: in fact, the /var/crash logs report different messages. thakns for your time11:25
kRushwhy does 'sudo echo low > /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_profile' fail with a permission denied, but editing the file with a sudo'ed emacs works?13:47
kRushis the redirection not elevated somehow?13:48
doflowsudo sh -c 'echo low > /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_profile'13:51
aienaIs it possible to prevet the desktop screen from fading into blackness (temporarily untill say you move the mouse) while watching a movie in xubuntu ?14:35
doflowuse vlc. It takes care off that14:36
aienahmm flash in a browser14:38
aienaI have vlc14:38
aienaI use it on windows too.14:39
GridCubedisable the fading in the power settings14:39
kRushflash doesn't send the signal to inhibit power savings like it does on win, there are some hackish workarounds on google. adobe should just fix their shit imho14:43
aienathanks GridCube14:43
aienakRush: that explains it14:43
aienathanks for the info14:43
andriiHi all , guys need help - I can install skype but can't run it, all times get crush reports15:20
siriuslyandrii: are you using 64bit?15:22
siriuslyor are you using nvidia or AMD graphics drivers?15:23
andriione sec please15:23
andriiNVIDIA as I can see15:24
andriidoes it might be a reason ?15:24
siriuslyIf so, follow the instructions in this link:15:25
andriithanks ! will let you know soon15:26
siriuslyyw :)15:26
andriiMAGIC :)15:29
andriithanks a lot !!15:29
siriuslyandrii: cool :)15:30
andriiI have no idea what does this variable mean "LD_PRELOAD" - but it's working15:31
andriithanks  again and have a good day !15:32
aienaGridCube: Is it possible to make xubuntu mount my 2 other NTFS hard drive partitions on startup which are not mounted by default ?15:56
aienaandril LD_PRELOAD loads the item specified before anything else. Its like just saying load this first then  open xxx15:57
GridCube!fstab | aiena15:58
ubottuaiena: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions15:58
aienaGridCube mount point is fstab is optional right if you want it to remain default ?16:05
GridCubeaiena, you choose your mount points to what ever you want, you just need that the mount directory exists16:06
aienaok so I have to specify /media/xxx if I want it to remain there16:07
aienaor do i have to use full paths16:07
aienahmm thats a full path sorry16:08
elfyto the mount point?16:08
elfyif so - yes16:08
aienaelfy: is there a difference between gksu and gksudo ?16:08
GridCubeaiena, full paths, make sure to mkdir the xxx dir16:09
GridCubetheres no difference16:09
aienaGridCube: media already exist16:09
elfyaiena: I prefer to use UUID as well16:09
GridCubeaiena, yes, it exists16:09
aienawhen I mount a parition via thunar16:09
aienathe folders gets poluated in it16:09
GridCubebut the xxx dir gets created by the gvfs thingy16:09
elfyaiena: I mount in /mnt - example UUID=14ee47cc-54cb-4887-8773-fd53121efe10 /mnt/music ext4 defaults 0 216:10
aienaok so /mnt is a better place16:10
GridCubeits the same16:10
aienaso i can specifiy .mnt/drive_name after making the directories there16:10
elfyit used to be that /media always showed on desktops and /mnt didn't16:10
GridCubei like to mount to ~/Documents16:11
GridCubegiven that im the only user i dont care if others dont see the partition16:11
aienaone sec now this is crazy. .media gets populated only when the dirves are mounted i.e. the directories in it are created dynamically16:11
GridCubethats why i told you to create the folder16:12
aienaso doe this mean in fstab i use only /media16:12
aienafor mount point16:12
GridCubeno that would mount to media16:12
aienaso then i create the directories in /mnt16:12
GridCubeand the mountpoint will be /media not /media/blahblahblah16:12
GridCubeaiena, its the same wherever you create16:12
GridCubeyou just need to point to an existant directory16:13
aienaso I create permanent directories in /media first16:13
aienaand then point to those16:13
aienaand what you are saying is /mnt and /media mirror each other at all times16:13
GridCubeby no reason whatsoever16:14
aienaI cant create permanent folders in /media16:14
GridCubei say that its the same wherever you choose to mount the partition, be it /media or /mnt or /newdisk or /mymounts16:14
aienado I need to do it with sudo in terminal16:14
GridCubesome dirs are special tho, dont put a mount in /tmp XD16:15
aienaI know16:19
aienathat would dissapear16:19
aienathe next time I boot16:19
GridCubebad idea16:21
aienaGridCube: for device you can specify either one right so specifying the UUID is enough right ?16:23
elfyI've never had a problem using uuid16:24
GridCubeusing the uuid its "safer" because it doesnt matter the order the devised are detected16:24
aienaI am using UUID alone for device thats ok right ?16:24
GridCubeif you unplug a device and plugit back again in any other sata port it will mount correctly if you use their uuid, not so good if you use paths16:24
* aiena nods16:25
aienaGridCube: for options in fstab specifying "auto" will ensure it loads at boot right ?16:25
aienadoes fstab remove the drives from /media after that ?16:26
GridCubeif you reboot, yes16:26
GridCubei use auto, i dont really know what goes inside fstab so i let the system decide16:27
aienathe root and swap seem to be added already by UUID by default16:31
aienaso its a good reference16:31
aienaok rebooting with good luck it should work :)16:35
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ddsssso - when I press Ctrl+Fn buttons - I jump to that virtual desktop. Can I disable that  key combination?18:38
TheSheepddsss: yes, which version of xubuntu?18:43
TheSheepddsss: no, wait, it's not ctrl+fx, it's shift+ctrl+fx18:43
TheSheepddsss: ctrl+fx only works in text console18:44
ddsssTheSheep, I know about Ctrl+Alt+Fn - that's not the one I'm asking about18:44
ddsssmy problem is with Ctrl+Fn18:44
lderanmy wifi cut out there ddsss did you get my response?18:44
TheSheepddsss: in the terminal emulator?18:44
ddsssCtrl+Fn makes me jump to that virtual desktop....18:45
ddsssTheSheep, in xubuntu desktop18:45
TheSheepok, settings manager -> window manager -> keyboard18:45
TheSheepthen unbind the bindings for Workspace 1, etc.18:46
ddsssTheSheep, ha. didn't see that one. thanks18:46
nantoui upgraded to 13.04 and now my graphics are all f**ked up18:55
nantouits like resolution has been divided by 418:55
nantoueverythings is much bigger now (icons, text)18:55
recon_lapdont know, sounds like a messed up xorg.conf or somthing19:00
recon_lapnantou: where you using a property driver ?19:01
recon_lapnantou: don't think upgrades like property video drivers. maybe try reinstalling it19:03
recon_lapnantou: the driver i mean19:03
ravsterhey all19:29
ravsteronce the torrent for the installation is done, I can just "dd" it onto my USB-stick, right?19:29
lderanravster, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick19:30
lderana handy guide :)19:30
ravsterlderan: very cool, thank you.19:32
lderanravster, no problem19:33
llldinoHey guys, anyone else having issues with suspending to ram in 13.04?20:00
lderanllldino, what issues are you getting?20:09
llldinoI suspend, and when I try to reenable I get a blank screen20:11
llldinoProcessors are still running, I have to manually kill20:12
llldinoCould be related to the weird boots i'm getting too20:12
llldinoHey guys, anyone else having issues with suspending to ram in 13.04?20:40
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Guest7864I am running a shitty little Acer netbook. I'm looking for a very light OS that can just take care of the basics. I want to be able to fill out job applications and print stuff out.20:52
Guest7864I heard Xubuntu was very light and easy to use. Is this true? Or should I go for a different linux OS?20:52
knomeGuest7864, please consider your language as this is a family-friendly channel20:54
knomeGuest7864, what's your system specifications?20:54
Guest7864Running an Intel Celeron, don't know the exact processor speed.20:56
knomehow much ram?20:56
Guest78644 GB of RAM, Intel integrated graphics, 320 HDD20:56
knomexubuntu should be fine on that machine20:57
elfyI'm sure it will be fine - I run xubuntu on an old laptop with little ram at all20:57
Guest7864Awesome, thanks guys.20:57
David-AGuest7864: that seems to be plenty. xubuntu runs reasonable well on an eeepc with atom cpu and 1gb ram20:57
Guest7864One more question. Is it an "RPM" based os? My printer driver says that...20:57
MrHotsauceits .deb bases20:58
Guest7864I see20:58
Guest7864Alright, thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated.20:58
idodeisukeI updated to 13.04 recently, all went smoothly, except that the desktop went gray ;( What to do?21:11
David-Aidodeisuke: grayish like a gray xfce theme, that you lost a favourit background image, or unexpectedly bug-strucken grey? are panels, menus, etc okay?21:17
idodeisukeDavid-A, bugstrucken. After the start-up, all opened windows leave a gray track on the desktop. But except that, all works fine (panel, menu, etc), except, on an unrelated note, scite lost it's settings.21:21
David-Aidodeisuke: I don't recall what it could be. Do you mind if I lead you thru procedures that might or might not help?21:25
David-Aidodeisuke: e.g. does it behaves the same if you login as another user? (create a new user first, if you have only one)21:26
idodeisukeDavid-A, Nope, loggin in as another user doesn't help, either ;( Desktop won't work there, too ;(21:31
Unit193Are you using open source graphics, or closed?21:32
idodeisukeClosed, I think. I did have some problems with my stupid hybrid graphic card, but I forgot, how I solved it.21:50
andreligneYo guys! I would like to swap my Alt keys! Any ideas?22:02
xubuntu757I need paint by numbers instructions to make a cd boot for Xubuntu, anyone point me in the right directions?22:05
xubuntu757I have w8 os and I don't like it so much.  I want to try Xubuntu from the cd before I wipe out the w8 os...22:07
TDO|AquinaI have a question about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Quantal/MultipleMonitors22:10
TDO|AquinaSpecification for Multi-Monitor Use-cases in Xubuntu: Boot Process22:10
TDO|AquinaQuote: "Since this scenario is impossible to detect but a user-choice it could be made an option."22:11
TDO|AquinaExacltly both screen show displaced boot screen when the notebook is in the docking station.22:11
TDO|AquinaIs there a way to force to show the bootscreen on the primaty display only?22:11
TDO|AquinaIs there a way to disable the second screen until i activate it within the Xfce display settings explicitly?22:17
scraksalve a tutti23:03
Unit193!it | scrak23:03
ubottuscrak: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)23:03
xubuntu243Est-ce le bon edroit pour trouver l'âme soeur ?23:55
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xubuntu243gry me plz23:57
xubuntu243wanna feel your heavy tool23:58
xubuntu243make me feel like tool23:58
xubuntu243in da swimming pool23:58

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