jelmerpfsmorigo: it's different, not necessarily better :-)01:47
ali1234how do i wipe all uncommited changes from the working directory?02:16
bob2bzr help revert02:49
pfsmorigojelmer: so, no downsides?02:52
pfsmorigojelmer: is there a help to use branches in the same dir? it seems to be a hidden feature... :P02:53
bob2bzr colo has some docs online02:53
bob2but I don't think it was finished02:53
AmisIs it possible to somehow edit tags of previous commits or add entries to "fixed bugs" without reverting all the way back?09:23
LeoNerdTags are editable, yes.. add/delete however you like11:52
AmisAnd how?11:57
AmisFor adding a bugfix tag I just have to add a new tag using the bugtracker's abbreviation?11:58
bob2bzr help tag11:58
AmisI can't really see anything there related to bugtracker tags12:00
AmisWhich must be something special12:00
AmisOr they are not tags at all12:00
bob2did you mean "bzr commit --fixes?"12:01
bob2those are not tags12:01
AmisYea, I mean those12:01
bob2also they're properties of the revision, so I'm pretty sure are uneditable12:01
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