rick_h_so staging.jujucharms.com blew up again. We seem to lose zookeeper on canonistack so bringing up a ec2 environment for dev atm. Will see if this works better and will share the url if it works out12:04
rick_h_and striking out :/12:32
rick_h_branch of doom!14:39
rick_h_ok, filters up...barely. 19:14
* rick_h_ ducks19:14
rick_h_so now the question is...how many conflicts will these three diff branches force me to suffer through :/19:25
rick_h_ok http://ec2-75-101-184-138.compute-1.amazonaws.com:6543/api/0/charms/interesting is up and running for now. sucks it takes 5 machines to run things20:04
bcsallergary_poster: I'll look over what you've done but I'm fine with anything that works. 20:18
bcsallergary_poster: that looks fine to me20:21
bcsallerI was trying to facilitate supporting different help depending on env/staging/etc but that gets the job done for now20:21
rick_h_huwshimi: morning. Some emails yours way. Let me know when you get your coffee/etc23:18
rick_h_huwshimi: basically have 3 branches to get to feature complete atm. Two I'd love if you could look at today. 23:20
huwshimirick_h_: sure thing23:28
rick_h_huwshimi: cool, no rush. Monday monday... :)23:29
rick_h_huwshimi: do you know what spec is on the icons here? https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/117325523:44
_mup_Bug #1173255: Charm icon is the wrong size on the charm details page. <charmbrowser> <juju-gui:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1173255>23:44
huwshimirick_h_: Checking...23:46
rick_h_huwshimi: thanks, I just left it the default svg size of 96x96 but wonder if they're wanting us to increse it a bit over the orig size23:46
huwshimirick_h_: Yeah, the larges size they've been giving us is 96, but the size in that spot is larger23:48
huwshimirick_h_: The size there is 160x16023:50
rick_h_huwshimi: wow, ok cool. I'll drive by that in one of my branches23:51
huwshimirick_h_: OK, what would you like me to take a look at today?23:58
rick_h_huwshimi: want to hangout?23:59

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