kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1173349] plasma-desktop crashes repeatedly since upgrading to 14.04 @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1173349 (by abmoraz)01:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1173349 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "plasma-desktop crashes repeatedly since upgrading to 14.04" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:26
ahoneybunsmartboyhw: do you have any tasks I can help with?04:21
smartboyhwahoneybun: What what?04:22
ahoneybunI want to help around Kubuntu04:39
ScottKahoneybun: What are you interested in doing?05:05
smartboyhwSaucy archive open guys, start uploading! \o/08:40
Quintasanahoneybun: still there?10:44
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Riddellahoneybun: lots :)12:21
smartboyhwGood evening Riddell:)12:28
BluesKaj_Hey all12:44
volkanRiddell: hey Jonathan. sorry for being like pushing you a little bit on this, but yesterday we could not finalize our talk. do you have PO files from raring. the quantal ones are not mine and full of errors. if you have them in your archive i will be happy to get them12:49
volkanand for all: the Synaptiks is not maintained anymore, but why do we keep it in new Kubuntu releases? I cannot even open config dialog since everytime i open it gives an crash message.12:51
PrincessLunavolkan: Synaptiks works here12:54
Quintasanvolkan: Why do you even try to use it? :P12:58
QuintasanThat said we could try removing it12:58
volkanQuintasan: i wanted to change my multitouch properties. eg. two-finger tap for middle click and 3-finger for right click13:11
volkanalso disabling while typing e.g13:12
doctorpepperhi guys !13:12
QuintasanIt works here13:12
QuintasanMy favourite drink has arrived13:12
* Quintasan highfives doctorpepper13:12
volkani always needed to write a script and make it run at each reboot13:12
volkani am using Elan touchpad13:13
doctorpeppercan anyone please help me , i trying to build the new version of the plasma network manager  but  i get  the following error : package 'ModemManagerQt' not found13:15
doctorpepper 13:15
QuintasanI'm pretty sure we don't have ModemManagerQt doctorpepper13:16
Quintasanat least not in raring13:16
Quintasan!info modemmanager raring13:16
ubottumodemmanager (source: modemmanager): D-Bus service for managing modems. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 370 kB, installed size 1255 kB13:16
doctorpepperQuintasan: what should i do then ?  13:17
QuintasanThe question is why do you want newer version of network manager13:17
doctorpepperi just want  to have the new  nice gui based on qml cause it uses less space screen space 13:19
Quintasanwhere did you get the code from?13:19
Quintasanyou probably have to compile modemmanagerqt yourself13:20
BluesKaj_there is a modem manager in the repos ,installed by default13:23
QuintasanIf you actually read the error message you'd realise he needs something else13:24
QuintasanAs far as I'm concerned there is no binary package containing modemmanagerqt13:24
BluesKaj_oops misread,  QT eh ? well then nevermind :)13:27
BluesKaj_persoanlly i always dump network manager and modem manager and the interfaces and resolv.conf files for ethernet , for wifi then NM is useful13:29
BluesKaj_and use the interfaces filesetc13:30
* BluesKaj_ has another coffee13:30
doctorpepperQuintasan: i got this from the kde git repos13:36
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shadeslayerQuintasan: I highly recommend the ongoing "The HW - SW interface" course at Coursera13:44
shadeslayerit's super fun13:44
shadeslayerQuintasan: https://class.coursera.org/hwswinterface-00113:44
ScottKvolkan: Synaptiks is still around due to the lack of a better alternative.14:04
ScottKyofel: Did you get a chance to look at the crash I pointed you to?14:04
yofelScottK: looks like some kind of deserialization issue to me as a config key was removed. If it's just that working around it would be easy. I didn't yet get to reproducing/verifying this though.14:08
ScottKyofel: I have a different theory ...  I did have this happen once, during upgrade, so I'm wondering if it's the old xinput (or whatever it's called) with the upgraded synaptiks because of upgrade ordering?14:09
Peace-aaa system settingsy => instat voip=> general => crash14:10
yofelScottK: are we still talking about bug 1102032? That can really only happen if you have a config file from -1ubuntu2 and try to open the config dialog using -1ubuntu314:11
ubottubug 1102032 in synaptiks (Ubuntu) "synaptikscfg crashed with KeyError in __setitem__(): u'circular_touchpad'" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110203214:11
yofela config file with the relevant setting actually set I believe14:11
ScottKyofel: yes.  see http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/269/builds/42840/testcases/1310/results14:18
ScottKIt's weird as there's no circular touchpad on this system anyway.14:18
yofelnah, the patch from -1ubuntu3 breaks the config API actually. The part that changes the existing keys needs to be reverted14:19
yofeljust managed to reproduce it14:20
sadandbluearf ><14:29
shadeslayeryofel: yeah, I experienced that recently as well14:30
Riddellvolkan: it'll be in here http://people.ubuntu.com/~jr/tmp/kubuntu-docs.tar.gz14:30
shadeslayerbut that was when I got up from sleep and noticed that apport wanted to report it, so I sent the relevant logs via apport14:30
yofelshadeslayer: ditch the config file and you'll be fine, I'll just add some empty keys back 14:30
shadeslayermy synaptiksrc is empty14:31
yofelnot that one...14:32
yofel(don't ask me why they serialize the configuration as json...)14:32
shadeslayeranyway, time to go and open up Mass Effect 1 \o/14:34
ScottKshadeslayer: Did you hear back from upstream on the imap resource crash we were discussing?14:35
shadeslayerScottK: nope, All I got was the patch14:35
shadeslayerI'll ask again on Monday14:35
shadeslayerI also get my degree on Monday \o/14:36
yofelScottK: uploaded to saucy, I'll do the SRU work once I'm sure that this actually works14:36
shadeslayersomeone also started work on the poppler transition14:37
shadeslayerwould be nice to actually narrow down the patch that fixes the Nepomuk issue14:37
volkanRiddell: thanks :). i got it14:37
* shadeslayer puts it on todo for next weel14:37
volkanScottK: yes i know, but I saw so many bug reports on bugs.kde regarding to synaptics14:37
volkanand i dont know how to cure it14:38
volkanRiddell: and as a last issue, the translaion files still dont appear here: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/userconfig14:39
ScottKshadeslayer: Congratulations.14:42
ScottKvolkan: Apparently there's a GSoC application to write a replacement.  Hopefully it gets accepted.14:43
volkanScottK: thanks very nice to know! hopefully!14:43
* yofel isn't convinced that we need a *replacement*, a maintainer would be enough...14:43
yofelthen again14:43
yofelporting it to py3 might require a partial rewrite anyway14:44
ScottKI took at look at it at the start of the last cycle.  Porting didn't look too hard.14:45
ScottKBut I didn't actually do it.14:45
yofelI looked at userconfig last cycle a bit, syntax was taken care of by 2to3, but pyQt/pyKDE don't behave the same way in py3 as they do in py214:47
yofelso the UI needed fixing to do anything useful 14:47
ScottKAh.  I didn't look at that part.14:47
ScottKI'd say wait to see about the GSoC project before investing time on it.14:47
ScottKMoving from jockey to ubuntu-drivers is something we defintely need to do.14:48
macohave there been any kwallet bug reports lately?14:48
macosince i rebooted 2 days ago, my wallet immediately relocks as soon as i unlock it, so kmail & the network manager are having freakouts14:49
ScottKmaco: First I've heard of it and I have kwallet ask me everytime for stuff, so I'd definitely notice.14:51
ScottKRe jockey, we're the last user of it.14:51
maco...291 updates. nevermind. i'll ask again later. if it's still around after those.14:51
macoScottK: i have it set to "allow always" so having it suddenly just keep asking over and over is weird14:53
Quintasanshadeslayer: Now that I think about, we don't have x86 assembly, it's just MIPS assembly16:20
BluesKajI see adam conrad has left a link for open development of "13.10 saucy salamander " , another silly name for ubuntu ...gawd when are they gonna learn :P18:11
ScottKBluesKaj: It's Mark Shuttleworth that picks.18:34
BluesKajScottK, yeah , I'm aware, but being a smart linux OS developer doesn't mean he has the creativity choose names that names that will give the OS the respect it deserves , it's a misplaced dumbing down choice IMO. 18:39
ScottKYes, but it is what it is, not much point in kvetching about it.18:39
* BluesKaj I"m olsd so I'm allowed to repeat myself :)18:39
BluesKajIt's unlikely that I'm old ? ok thanks for the compliment :)18:41
ScottKWell, it's unlikely you're old from my perspective.18:42
BluesKajsome days I don't feel it , those good ones18:43
BluesKajlooking forward to testing 13.10 though 18:44
debfxat least the codename is not beefy-miracle bad18:45
BluesKajok , going to install 13.04  to / on the other partition and go from there 18:48
ScottKOK, now I looked at your LP profile pic.  You have a shot as being as old as I am ....19:00
BluesKajthat photo is taken around 2004 , ScottK 19:08
BluesKajok , bbiab 19:12
shadeslayerQuintasan: oh I see20:24
BluesKajok ready for the 13.10 repos  when they're aavilable ..test platform ready to rumble 21:07
yofelthe archive is already open21:29
Riddellhow much merging is needed from debian this time?22:29
yofelRiddell: preferably all of KDE, we last merged at 4.823:32
yofelactually merging 4.10.2 right now would be easiest as debian has that already done23:33
Riddellyep, merge everything to experimental23:43
Riddelleasy... shouldn't take long at all23:44

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