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DrHydraliskHow can I install a Plasma Theme from a .zip?00:15
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mechabitHi all. I installed Takeoff (menu) and now I can't upgrade through apt, it says I have unmet dependencies. Can someone help? apt-get {clean,autoclean,} didn't help and neither did apt-get -f install02:10
mechabitI installed Takeoff from here: http://bit.ly/Y5lOdE not through a ppa02:11
mechabiterror: http://paste.kde.org/733580/02:14
DarthFrogmechabit:  Try "sudo apt-get -f install".02:18
DarthFrogOh, you said already it didn't work.02:19
DarthFrogDo you have the 32 bit version of Kubuntu installed?02:19
mechabitJust to note, the .deb file doesn't give me the option to uninstall either for some reason. I guess it's just to add to the annoyance. ;)02:19
mechabitI'm not sure why the package says 32 bit. I used the 64 bit deb.02:20
DarthFrogNo you didn't02:21
DarthFrogAnyway, "sudo apt-get install ia32-libs" then try re-installing it.02:21
mechabitWhen I load the 32 bit file, it doesn't even let me install it. Error: Wrong architecture 'i386'.02:21
DarthFrogthe error report you posted in the pastbin showed it trying to install takeoff.386.02:22
mechabitNo, that's the error when trying to use apt period.02:22
mechabitSame error was thrown when installing ia32-libs02:22
DarthFrogReally?  That's odd.02:23
mechabitYeah. Usually these things are easy.02:23
DarthFrogTry uninstalling and purging the previous installation, then re-install.02:23
* mechabit facepalm02:24
mechabitFigured out what I did wrong.02:24
DarthFrogOn the other hand, don't.  You're not trying to install takeoff, you're trying to upgrade it.  If what you have installed works, don't try to fix it.02:24
DarthFrogOh this should be good. :-)02:24
mechabitNo. I'm not even gonna say it.02:25
mechabitAhh, no karma.02:25
DarthFrogNo, no, you're not getting off that easily!  Give!02:25
mechabitI just installed Kubuntu today. I guess I installed it earlier through PPA.02:25
mechabitYeah, I feel stupid.02:25
mechabitFirst time on KDE. ;)02:26
DarthFrogOh, is that all.  Pfff.  happens to all of us.  :-)02:26
mechabitThanks for the help02:26
DarthFrogYou're welcome.  Pay it forward.02:26
mechabitThere was one other thing I needed help with, in Dolphin. Is there a way to default it to a detailed list view instead of icon view. From what I read, it looks like it needs to be set per folder.02:35
DarthFrogNo idea.02:35
mechabitAlright. I'll keep Googling.02:35
DarthFrogMind you, I'd be surprised if there weren't a way to set the default file view.02:36
mechabitYeah, that's one of the main reason I installed Kubuntu. The customizations are pretty crazy.02:36
DarthFrogYou can have it your way.02:36
mechabitLike Burger King02:36
DarthFrogAs Obelix would say.02:37
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arulmagihow's the new kubuntu 13.0403:36
ahoneybunhey mechabit03:38
mechabitHello ahoneybun03:38
ahoneybunI'm looking for work to do for Kubuntu 13.0403:47
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sfarHi, I've just been trying 13.04 and I've encountered a rather nasty bug that's fixed upstream but didn't make it into the kubuntu release. Is there any way I can find out whether a patch is on the way or suggest that one is made?10:50
bazhangwhich bug sfar10:51
sfargoogle "kwin crash r600_texture_create_object"10:51
bazhangsfar, got a bug # ?10:52
sfarEssentially it seems kwin in unstable on radeon systems with large monitors10:52
sfarOne sec ..10:52
ubottuKDE bug 315089 in general "KWin crash w/radeon (mesa git, kernel 3.8rc7)" [Crash,Resolved: upstream]10:52
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BluesKaj_Hey all12:44
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Kalidarnhas anyone else experienced a problem with rekonq where it suddenly stop working13:02
Kalidarnnothing i enter into the address bar actually goes anywhere13:02
Kalidarnand i have cleared the settings in .kde for it, but nothing seems to help13:02
Kalidarni get a Oops! Cannot load page for anything i enter13:03
BluesKaj_Kalidarn, yes , rekonq is still buggy , try a different browser just make sure .13:03
BluesKaj_to make sure , rather13:04
Kalidarnyeah it's weird though why did it stop working13:04
Kalidarnclearing the settings in .kde didn't make it work again13:04
Kalidarnand yes chrome and firefox work fine13:04
Kalidarnso its not a network issue13:04
Kalidarni would have thought clearing ~/.kde/share/config/rekonqrc and ~/.kde/share/apps/rekonq would have fixed an issue like this13:05
Kalidarnseems to work fine on another computer i have here13:05
Kalidarnusing the stock 2.2.1 on KDE 4.10.2 raring ringtail13:05
Kalidarni seem to recall this happening in an earlier version of KDE too, and then it went away13:06
BluesKaj_Kalidarn, sorry I can't help with rekonq since I gave up on it a long time ago.13:10
Kalidarnmaybe it's something to do with this:13:16
KalidarnQDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.13:16
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happyhessianwhat is the correct location for bootloader installation if i have lvm2 already set up from a previous install? i thought /dev/sda but i'm getting a fatal error there.  should i go for the / lv? it feels wrong...14:26
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BluesKajhappyhessian,usually the mbr on /dev/sda14:42
happyhessianthat's what i tried and it died14:44
happyhessian@BluesKaj, "executing grub-install /dev/sda failed this is a fatal error"14:45
happyhessianwould it make any sense to choose /dev/mapper/vg/root-lv ?14:45
happyhessianBluesKaj, i'm trying it now even though it doesn't make sense to me,14:46
happyhessianBluesKaj, well, it didn't fail, i'll have to reboot and see if it actually works14:47
dundeeHello, I did a clean installation kubuntu 13.04 and dolphin has become very slow to start.14:47
dundeeError message when start from terminal:  QPixmap::scaled: Pixmap is a null pixmap14:47
dundeeAny help with dolphin slow start up time in Kubuntu 13.04?14:50
BluesKajdundee, have updated upgraded since your install ?14:54
dundeeBluesKaj: Yes I have upgraded. Got this error starting from konsole: QPixmap::scaled: Pixmap is a null pixmap14:58
BluesKajdundee, in dmesg ?14:59
BluesKajdundee, what command outputs that error ?15:01
dundeeBluesKaj: No related errors in dmesg.15:01
smartboyhw_Hello andres___15:14
smartboyhw_andres__: ^15:14
andres__who can tell me that I can edit the program kubuntu graphical environment15:16
AlehksDDoes Kubuntu include Java pre-installed ?15:42
rohdefI'm trying to share a folder to a windows network using KDE15:43
rohdefseems that when I've installed the services enable a share a Windows can see it15:43
rohdefbut no matter how I try the windows can't log in, and when I recheck the settings it seems it just forgets who have access15:44
rohdefI've tried the same in almost all Kubuntu releases since we got KDE 4 and now I want to know how to make this work15:44
AlehksDDoes Kubuntu include Java pre-installed ?15:47
rohdefAlehksD, I recall it to do so, yes15:47
rohdefAlehksD, but if it don't it's very easy to install openjdk jre 715:48
AlehksDLinux is complicated for me15:49
LinkmasterI'm trying to dual-boot kubuntu 12.10(my original system) and windows7. I freed some space on my HD, and installed win7, lost access to kubuntu(normal). I then loaded up my liveCD version of 12.10, re-installed grub, it said something about "sector 61 in use by ZCID, skipping" or something along that, but it still boots into Linux fine. but "update-grub" doesn't show the windows partition, even though it's clearly there through fdi16:06
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BluesKajLinkmaster, try running sudo os-prober then run, sudo update-grub16:14
Graf_WesterholtMy Kubuntu froze.16:15
BluesKajGraf_Westerholt, where did it freeze ?16:16
LinkmasterGraf_Westerholt: if it's a new installation, try going to "system settings -> desktop effects -> all effects" and turn OFF blur. that might help16:17
Graf_WesterholtRandomly. Sometimes I am afk, came back and it is frozen.16:17
LinkmasterBluesKaj: http://paste.kde.org/733832/16:17
Graf_WesterholtLinkmaster, I tried all effects off. I have this problem more than a year.16:17
LinkmasterHm, I'm not sure then..I know my old system had a weird memory overflow with akonadi, you could look at the "system manager" and see if anything is hogging your resources16:18
Graf_WesterholtLinkmaster, sorry how do I open "system manager"?16:19
Linkmaster*system monitor, word mistake16:19
LinkmasterBluesKaj: here's fdisk http://paste.kde.org/733838/16:20
BluesKajLinkmaster, update to grub 2 , osprober doesn't work on legacy grub16:20
LinkmasterBluesKaj: I should be using grub2, right? I thought grub2 was the default on everything past 9.04..16:20
Graf_WesterholtLinkmaster, you mean monitors to show memory, cpu … ?16:20
LinkmasterGraf_Westerholt: yes16:21
Graf_Westerholtok. I do this all the time, I have it on my desktop, but there is no problem. No CPU use, no much memory use or anything.16:21
BluesKajLinkmaster, only if you made a clean install since16:21
LinkmasterYeah, I haven't used anything older then 10.10, but this system started clean on 12.1016:22
Graf_WesterholtLinkmaster, I even cannot use the Magic SysRQ.16:22
LinkmasterGraf_Westerholt: I'm not to sure..the only thing I can think of is something like "blur" or "transperency" is causing the desktop to lag. When it "freezes" whatever window you're still on works fine, right? Just unable to switch or something?16:23
LinkmasterBluesKaj: apparently, I'm using grub though..how can I update to grub2?16:24
Graf_WesterholtLinkmaster, nothing is working. No window, no switching to konsole, no magic SysRQ.16:24
BluesKajsudo apt-cache policy grub2 ,  Linkmaster just to make sure16:24
Graf_WesterholtThe mouspointer is not working, too.16:25
LinkmasterBluesKaj: it is indeed not installed. Interesting, I don't know how I went back to grub 0.97....16:25
LinkmasterBluesKaj: http://paste.kde.org/733850/16:26
Graf_WesterholtLinkmaster, and blur effect is turned off.16:26
Graf_WesterholtTranslucency is off, too.16:27
* BluesKaj facepalms , of course it's not installed on the OS it's in the mbr16:27
LinkmasterGraf_Westerholt: I don't really know then..what are your system specs? you need an absolute minimum 2gigs of RAM, in my opinion, for kubu to work well..16:28
LinkmasterBluesKaj: well...how do I "make it work" then? xP16:28
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:28
Graf_WesterholtLinkmaster, my system: http://www.sysprofile.de/id1040416:28
LinkmasterBluesKaj: Still nothing about being able to boot into windows, it said grub was version 2 as well16:38
LinkmasterGraf_Westerholt: it doesn't look like you have enough RAM16:38
Graf_WesterholtLinkmaster, I see the ram monitor all the time, that is not the problem.16:39
LinkmasterGraf_Westerholt: that's just my thoughts, my system just booted up, and with the web-browser included, I'm running at 1.3 gigs of used RAM.16:39
Graf_WesterholtBut it freeze with some memory free.16:40
BluesKajLinkmaster,  do you have the live cd or usb for your kubuntu version16:40
LinkmasterBluesKaj: yes I do16:40
LinkmasterBluesKaj: do you want me to boot into that?16:43
BluesKajLinkmaster, yes ,and then we can reinstall grubn to include your windows partition16:47
Linkmasterokay, be right back16:47
asunnOhay girl16:50
Linkmaster_BluesKaj: back16:50
Linkmaster_BluesKaj: ?16:54
BluesKajok Linkmaster_ open a terminal and do sudo fdisk -l , the windows partition should show there , and if it is first oin the hard drive then that's where grub should be installed . The mbr is the first 512 bytes of most hdds , and if your disk shows as /dev/sda bein the first partition then it should be fairly simple .16:54
Linkmaster_BluesKaj: http://paste.kde.org/733874/16:55
BluesKajrun blkid to make sure16:55
Linkmaster_BluesKaj: http://paste.kde.org/733886/16:56
BluesKajok Linkmaster_ , try sudo grub-install /dev/sda , then run sudo update-grub17:00
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james0077I just installed 13.04 , and I tried changing my window appearance in my settings and I think plasma crashed... or something19:10
james0077all of my open windows lost their title bars (with the close/minimize buttons) and the main panel is gone too19:11
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kubuntunewbieFirst off, I'm amazed by KDE 4.10.  I'm a Gnome guy and I'm completely won over for the first time.19:35
kubuntu_livekde looks sexy... i just wonder why19:39
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Klaus_Dieterhello world20:17
Klaus_Dieteryesterday I upgraded to 13.04 since then I cannot use my mobile phone as a modem any more20:17
Klaus_Dieterthis did work in 12.10 via bluetooth20:17
Klaus_Dieternow blueman tells me "modem manager: does not support this connection"20:19
Klaus_Dieteralso it is impossible in knetworkmanager to check the box for "activate mobile broadband connections"20:19
Klaus_DieterI am not seeing an error in .xsession-errors20:19
Klaus_Dieterhow can I get this to work again?20:20
southernanyone there20:23
dundeeHello, I did a clean installation kubuntu 13.04 and dolphin has become very slow to start20:25
dundee Got this error starting from konsole: QPixmap::scaled: Pixmap is a null pixmap20:27
dundeeAny help please?20:27
LinkmasterBluesKaj: ping21:08
BluesKajhey Linkmaster21:10
BluesKajany luck ?21:10
Linkmastermy internet shut off, it came online about 3 minutes ago, and the last message I had was of me sending you the kdepaste of blkid21:11
BluesKajok , from your paste I see you have linux in front of windows on the that hdd , it would be better to have windows in the fist part of the hdd and linux in the other .21:13
BluesKajhowever try this , sudo grub-install /dev/sda , you may have lost the windows bootloader since it normally resides in the mbr right at the beginning of the hdd21:16
BluesKajLinkmaster, ^21:16
BluesKajthen sudo update grub /dev/sda21:17
LinkmasterI'm in the liveCD, you want me to mount anything..? I got an error21:17
LinkmasterBluesKaj: http://paste.kde.org/734006/21:18
BluesKajsudo mount /dev/sda /mnt21:20
LinkmasterIt says I have to specify the filesystem type21:21
BluesKajok ntfs21:22
LinkmasterHere is my system21:22
Linkmasterwait, you want me to mount the windows filesystem??21:22
BluesKajyes because the bootloader from windows is missing , so when you install grub it will find it and put it in you grub boot menu21:24
Linkmasterokay, so, I should go "mount ntfs /dev/sda3 /mnt" ?21:24
BluesKaji have grub installed on a separate hdd , that contains W721:25
BluesKajand it works fine21:25
Linkmasterthat doesn't work..21:25
LinkmasterI only have one hdd..21:25
Linkmastertaking out "ntfs" did though21:26
Linkmasterand now grub-install /dev/sda?21:26
BluesKajyes but the partition is not being used atm so it will mount and grub should install21:26
Linkmastersame error21:27
Linkmasteror should I change it to ../sda1 or /sda3?21:27
BluesKajyou can try but grub doesn't like sda with numbers21:27
LinkmasterIt's not working at all without numbers though..21:28
BluesKajwell, it will probly error  out , but give it a shot21:28
LinkmasterShould I also have the linux filesystem mounted? I'm currently still in the LiveCD envirnonment21:28
Linkmasteryeah, exact same error message21:29
Linkmaster"Path `/boot/grub' is not readable by GRUB on boot. Installation is impossible. Aborting. "21:29
F41LHeyo, are there any working drivers, source or otherwise, for Killer E2100?21:30
F41Looh, Konversation developer. I love Konversation :D21:31
F41LI even use it on non-KDE boxes :321:32
LinkmasterBluesKaj: any ideas..?21:32
BluesKajlinkmaster, i suggest you move your partitions around to make the windows OS first on the hdd , and you may have to repair windows to rescue the bootloader21:34
LinkmasterBluesKaj: that's no good..I have quite a bit of information on the linux partition, and no way to back it up21:35
BluesKajwell, sorry but that's the only alternative , you won't lose any info if you move the linux that's at the beginning of your drive , which i suspect is your linux root / partition21:39
LinkmasterYeah, the first partiton is /, and the next one is /home21:39
LinkmasterBut I need more then 20 gigs for the windows..21:39
LinkmasterIt's just really weird, because when I first install windows, it boots right up. It's only after I try to reinstall grub that it no longer works21:41
BluesKajthen use your windows rescue disk if avallable to repair the windows bootloader21:42
LinkmasterYeah, let me try that..then reinstall if it makes linux unbootable..I'll tell you my results in a bit21:42
BluesKajthat's because  the windows bootloader is still in the mbr before installing grub21:43
F41LSpeaking of. Kubuntu installation put grub on the wrong drive. Now can I safely remove grub from the MBR of the drive in question, and put it on the correct one?21:44
BluesKajF41L, depends which drive is first in the boot sequence in the bios21:46
F41LThe drive that's first in the boot sequence is a 256gig SSD running windows. The Kubuntu install is on a 40gig SSD, and by some miracle, Kubuntu put grub on a 500gig platter drive I'm using for storage on windows (formatted NTFS)21:47
BluesKajI have grub installed on the fisrst drive which is windows ..windows always assumes to be the /dev/sda , even tho  fdisk might not list the drive with the same assigned letters as linux does21:49
BluesKajerr windows does , correction21:50
BluesKajF41L, seems that's a good setup to me , if grub is listing windows along with linux in the menu then why change it?21:52
F41LWhy do I want grub on my storage drive?21:53
F41LWhat if I wanted to take this drive to another machine, I no longer can boot from it.21:53
F41LI'd rather the linux drive be contained to itself.21:53
BluesKajstorage drive ?21:53
F41Lso when I press F8 at boot to pick my boot drive, I can specify the one running linux.21:53
F41LI don't want my linux and windows touching eachother, and I should NOT rely on another drive to be present to boot.21:54
F41LI have 3 drives, 1 for windows, 1 for linux, and 1 for pure storage.21:54
BluesKajyou said you were running windows on your first drive21:54
BluesKajI never said to install grub on a storage drive21:55
F41LThat's what Kubuntu did..21:55
F41LI aimed it at my 40gig SSD21:55
F41Land it put it there, but then put my boot loader on a completely separate drive with no option to change it21:55
BluesKajhow did you install kubuntu during the partitioning phase ?21:56
F41Lboot to CD, use full drive, selected the 40gig SSD that I wanted to use21:56
F41LThere was no option as to where to place the bootloader, and no indication that it had been placed on some unrelated random drive formatted for NTFS21:57
F41LAll sensibility would make one assume that the boot loader would be put on the same drive as the OS.21:57
Unit193It'd make more sense to put it on the drive that is the master drive.21:59
BluesKajF41L, yeah unfortunately that's been passed over for some reason , but you should be able to install grub on the windows drive mbr , just make sure the outboard drive isn't in the mix22:00
F41LI don't WANT to install grub on a windows drive.22:00
F41LI'd like to have the windows bootloader for windows, the linux bootloader for linux, and the storage drive.. why does it need a bootloader? :(22:01
kdeboothCan I share the full screen over the network with X or would i have to use something like nx?22:01
BluesKajif these drives you are referring toare all portable then make sure you don't connect them when reinstalling grub from the live cd or usb22:02
F41LThey're all internal, I have a 13-drive monster-tower22:02
kdeboothF41L: Far as I understand it you can have all of them you just have to chain them22:02
F41LI want them all separate.22:03
F41LThe storage drive doesn't need a bootloader, it does not contain an operating system. The windows drive doesn't need a linux bootloader. The linux drive probably does need a bootloader.22:03
F41LI can select what drive I want to boot to from my bios menu pre-boot22:03
BluesKajf4well what you wnat and what windows and linux/grub want are 2 differnt things . guess what's going to have the say here22:04
F41LWell, the question is, how do I remove grub from the drive without destroying the partition table from the storage drive.22:05
F41Land put it on the linux drive as it should be sensibly.22:05
BluesKajF41L, the windows OS needs a bootloader , beleive me22:05
F41LRight, and it has one....22:05
F41Lfor itself....22:06
nova_Since I upgraded my vmware guest from Kubuntu 12.10 to 13.04, I'm unable to sucessfully compile the filesharing driver portion of vmware tools (vmhgfs module).  Without this I cannot share folders on the host with the guest directly.  Full text of the installer is here (http://pastebin.com/wE3L4Vxe), lines in question are 285-358.22:06
BluesKajF41L, move it over 512 bytes22:06
nova_F41L: I don't know how to move or remove or change a bootloader..but I've always avoided those questions by disconnecting drives that i do not want affected by changes.  I agree it's fairly easy to switch the boot order in bios, making a bootloader unnecessary.22:07
nova_F41L:  Disconnect them while installing, reconnect them afterwards and use BIOS to change boot preferences22:08
F41LOk.. but it's already isntalled22:08
F41Lhow do I revert this screwup?22:09
BluesKajanyway , it's been a long day and dinner is ready22:09
nova_I've always found grub to be mysterious and scary...and the concept of multibooting seems pointless when you can virtualize and run all these OSes side by side at the same time22:11
F41LDrive 0: SSD-Windows-NTFS-NTLDR, Drive 1: Platter-None-NTFS-GRUB, Drive 2: SSD-Kubuntu-EXT4-None22:11
F41LI want to remove the bootloader on drive 1 without destroying my data, and put it on drive 2, where it belongs.22:12
nova_F41L: did you see this yet? http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/bootinfoscript/index.php?title=Boot_Problems:Computer_does_not_boot_without_external_drive22:14
F41LHave not yet, no.22:14
F41LDevelopment suggestion, give a friggin' option as to WHERE to put the bootloader during installation process. Cman.. we're at 13.04 now.22:15
nova_The exact scenario seems a bit different but it still might have useful info22:15
kdeboothF41L: Just put the Windows bootloader on it will destroy everything on the drive22:15
kdeboothF41L: there is an option for that22:16
F41LNot that I saw.22:16
kdeboothMaybe they changed it :-/ THere has always been one22:18
kdeboothMight have to flip on advanced mode22:18
F41LJust kind of weird how it picks a drive at random it seems >.>22:19
F41LSince the drive it put grub on is nowhere near the first drive, either on the SATA controller or in boot.22:19
nova_does it install grub to the first drive int he boot order?22:19
nova_I thought that's how it worked22:20
F41Lif that was the case, it would have overwritten my windows bootloader on the 256gig SSD22:20
F41Lconnected to SATA port 022:20
kdeboothF41L: The linux bootloader won't overwrite existing bootloaders22:21
F41LThen of course, meanwhile, in 2013, there's no driver for an E2100 :(((22:21
nova_so you boot to drive 0, drive 1 is empty yet it installed grub there..and linux is on drive 2?22:21
kdeboothUnless you ask it to22:21
F41LI boot to drive 0, drive 1 is just a partition full of data, no operating system, and linux is on drive 2.22:22
F41LBut the installer automagically put grub on drive 122:23
nova_so it didnt screw up your windows drive at all?  can you disconnect all drives and still boot windows?22:24
nova_well, all except that one22:24
nova_and this is a fesh kubuntu install on drive 2?22:25
kdeboothF41L: strange22:25
F41LIt used to have windows on it22:25
F41Lbut I moved to the 256 SSD, and isntalled frst on that, and wanted to repurpose my 40gig SSD22:25
nova_so you want to restore the mbr on drive 1, which doesnt have any os on it...that should be fairly risk free right??22:26
kdeboothF41L: Did you scrub the bootloader from it?22:26
F41LI haven't touched anything at the moment. my 500gig drive is nearly full of data, and don't want to risk bolloxing that up.22:26
nova_and thats drive 1?22:26
F41LIf I tell the bios to boot to drive 2, it just sits at a blinking cursor22:27
F41Lif I tell it to boot to the 500gig drive, it will load kubuntu that I just installed onto the 40gig SSD22:27
nova_probably because grub is on 122:27
F41Land if I tell it to boot to drive 0, it boots windows as expected.22:27
nova_if you tell bios to boot from 1?22:27
F41Lgrub is on drive 122:27
F41LI want to remove it without destroying my data, and put it on drive 222:28
nova_booting from 1 allows linux on 2 to boot ya?22:28
nova_but you want grub on drive 2 to handle booting windows on drive 0?22:29
nova_or you would prefer it not?22:29
F41LI would prefer it not22:29
F41LI want each drive to be self-contained, and only worry about themselves.22:29
nova_i would remove that drive while yorue working on this then22:30
F41LMore difficult than it sounds.22:30
nova_perhaps remove drive 1 as well..focus on getting a self contained install on drive 222:30
nova_can you pull the power cable from it?22:30
F41L75 pound chassis and the drives are currently very inaccessable22:30
nova_or the data cable?22:31
F41Land since I can't get online with kubuntu while booted to it, I need whatever info I can get first to write it down, then boot to kubuntu and do it :D22:33
F41LI have one NIC that doesn't have linux drivers period22:33
nova_you cant get kubuntu online?22:33
F41Land another NIC that was bad from the factory.22:33
F41Lyeah ;D22:33
F41Lintel 82574L22:33
F41Lno MAC address22:33
nova_at the risk of going off course here..have you tried or looked into vmwar player or virtualbox?22:33
F41Lalmost looks like ASUS forgot to flash the firmware22:34
F41LI have, and I don't want to virtualize.22:34
F41LNeed the performance.22:34
F41Lfor virtualization I have a dedicated server running proxmox22:34
nova_theres no driver for an intel adapter?22:34
nova_that seems...unlikely22:34
F41LNo, the other NIC is weird22:34
F41LKiller E210022:34
F41Lonly has windows drivers.22:34
F41Lthe intel nic has no firmware from factory.22:35
F41LSo between the two, only the E2100 works, under windows.22:35
F41Land there's some way I can potentially fix the firmware on the intel but it's a bit over my head and there's very little documentation22:35
nova_and updating the system bios doesnt fix the NIC huh22:35
F41Lno, it's a separate EEPROM22:35
nova_yeah asus documentation is terribad22:36
nova_i dont know how easy it would be to fix up the kubuntu install with it not having internet...so many things start with "sudo apt-get"22:37
F41LWell, sudo -s22:37
F41Lcause typing sudo 100 times before every command sucks22:37
kdeboothsudo -i22:37
F41Lor -s22:38
nova_maybe a $10 cheapo NIC card with more support would be a good addition22:38
F41Lwhich is what I use.22:38
F41LWell you'd think the intel would have decent enough documentation on how to fix it.22:38
F41LMaybe some firmware files.22:38
nova_odd that its broke to begin with22:38
F41LAll I have is some intel boot agent thing22:38
F41Lof which I don't even know where to begin22:38
nova_yeah for network booting22:39
F41Lclosest thing I could find to try to fix it is this: http://blog.vodkamelone.de/archives/146-Unbricking-an-Intel-Pro1000-e1000-network-interface.html22:39
F41Lbut mine isn't an intel pro100022:40
F41Lit's Intel 82574L Gigabit22:40
F41Lhas 00:00:00:00:00:00 MAC22:40
kdeboothF41L: I guess you don't have anything setup special for root22:40
nova_its sounds to me as if you need to install grub and iget it working on drive 2..then go about trying to restor the mbr on drive 122:48
nova_from what i can telling moving grub isnt an option22:48
nova_the windows cd has some tools to restore mbr and boot...but some posts ive seen say that data loss is possible22:49
nova_if that data is critical, I would back it up somehow..if you can boot into windows and access it..copy it to another cleaner drive22:51
nova_you cant fix anything if youre afraid to proceed and try things, and if that data is preventing you from experimenting..I'd spend a few $ on a new drive for the peace of mind22:52
nova_buy a fresh intel NIC while you're at it : P22:55
F41Lwell, nova_, the 500 gig drive IS the backup drive :D22:59
F41LIs there something simple I can do to remove grub from it?22:59
F41Land leave the data intact22:59
nova_im wondering if you even need to remove grub from it...if you install grub to drive 2 and get it working..and then switch in bios between booting to drive 0 or 2...then the grub on drive 1 isnt an issue is it?23:01
nova_if thats possible the safest bet would be to leave it as is23:02
nova_otherwise..theres a way to boot from a windows cd and /fixmbr /fixboot23:02
nova_I would guess the risk of data loss by fixing the mbr on drive 1 isnt very great since youre not expecting it to boot from it anyway23:04
kdeboothF41L: what do you want on that drive?23:05
nova_on drive 1, he only wants to preserve his data23:05
F41LI have 3 drives, one is a windows drive, one is an NTFS storage drive, the other I've isntalled Kubuntu on. But Kubuntu put my bootloader onto my storage drive.23:05
F41LTrying to remove the bootloader from the storage drive without destroying my data, and put it onto the drive I've installed Kubuntu on.23:06
nova_i see this line in a post ob kubuntu forums "when you were at the part of the installation ware you pick the partition to install Kubuntu to at the bottom is a menu for ware to install grub to"23:09
nova_perhaps you can just reinstall kubuntu again and carefully check for any options related to grub23:10
F41LYeah, but then my storage drive will still have grub on it for no good reason >.>23:10
nova_yes..but one step at a time right23:10
Torchthe grub code in the boot sector won't hurt you ever23:10
F41LBut it doesn't need to be there period >.>23:11
Torchno, but you won't notice it ever23:11
Torchif it wasn't there you'd have some random data there that you wouldn't notice either23:11
nova_the decision youre faced with is either risk data loss trying to restore the drive to its original non grub state...or leave it there where it will be quietly annoying you but not a problem23:12
Torchdo not mess around with the boot sector yourself. it also contains the partition table and you definitely don't want to lose that.23:12
F41LI suppose >.>23:12
nova_im all for being thorough and wanting things just right..but you need to backup that data if youre going to take risks with it23:13
F41LWell I'm going to attempt reinstalling then, if there's no grub option I'm gonna report back23:16
F41LMeanwhile.... could anyone help me track down some drivers for E2100?23:16
nova_this seems like interesting reading regarding removing grub from windows http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/17521-how-fix-mbr-through-command-prompt-2.html23:17
Torchwithout reading it... it will discuss restoring the windows boot code, right?23:18
Torchwhat do you gain from that?23:18
F41LNothing, just forget it, thanks for the help.23:18
nova_I don't know if anyone can help..but I upgrade my vmware guest kubuntu 12.10 to 13.04....I'm no longer able to build the vmware tools properly.  It throws a bunch of errors while building the filesharing module vmhgfs.  full text is here (http://pastebin.com/wE3L4Vxe)23:22
sysdoc_Are the repos down for the US?23:30
tsimpsonseems up from here23:35
sysdoc_thx tsimpson23:36
kdeboothsysdoc_: which server?23:36
kdeboothlayla__________: ping!!!23:36
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sysdoc_Wow I can not get anything to install with Jockey :ERROR: Binary package nvidia-173 has no trusted origin, rejecting"23:58

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