hachreoh man01:20
hachreits called SaucySalamander01:20
hachreI was hoping for SluggishSloth01:20
sebsebseb 01:47
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BluesKaj_Hey all12:44
penguin42Hey BK13:11
BluesKaj_hi penguin4213:21
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jmnozon a system with an encrypted home directory, how should one deal with with daemons such as mpd and transmission-daemon if you want to give them access to files in your home directory?18:18
mzazaAfter upgrading from ubuntu 12.10 to 13.04 my laptop is laggy even though I have i5 2.5GHz processor with 3MB cache and 4GB RAM check the video if you may http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUd0Hy5Acb820:17
mzazaLet me know is that normal and it's an issue being worked on a solution for, or is it something wrong with my upgrade?20:17

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