highvoltagecoolbhavi: hey :)17:37
coolbhavihey highvoltage :-)17:37
highvoltagecoolbhavi: I finally hit 1000km on my Bajaj :)17:38
coolbhavihighvoltage, cool.. I hope its smooth ride :)17:39
highvoltageI'm really happy with it.17:39
highvoltageany news on the ARB side? reviews open yet?17:40
coolbhavinopes I hadnt had the time to look at it owing to my studies17:44
highvoltageshould we ask for help?17:45
coolbhaviyes please :)17:46
highvoltagewhat's the current status? I'm sorry for being so clueless, I've been trying to figure it out17:47
highvoltagewe wanted to drop the current queue with an explanation and start afresh?17:47
coolbhaviyes I started it but left it in midway17:48
coolbhavias I got busy17:48
highvoltagewhat are you studying?17:48
coolbhaviso basically the idea was to reject with an explanation17:49
coolbhavitill queue comes down to managable extent17:49
coolbhavim doing masters17:49

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