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dffosdi added a ppa and managed to intall most packages from that ppa succesfully except for one. the ppa is here: https://launchpad.net/~cdemu/+archive/ppa and the package in question is libmirage. it gives me an unable to find package libmirage error.03:03
cotten-gnomeI'm trying to multi-boot windows and ubuntu-gnome on separate drives, when I default install to sdc it tries to grub to sda1(my storage drive-ntfs) im new the the encryption thing and am trying it for the first time05:54
wilee-nileecotten-gnome, Use the something other option it is a manual install, and point grub to the sdc the mbr.05:58
cotten-gnomeapp locked when i clicked install w/o grub continue testing05:59
cotton-gnomecan i infer from the partitions that mount sdc1 254mb ext2 > /06:15
cotton-gnomeand make sdc5 phyical volume for wncryption?06:17
wilee-nileecotton-gnome, I know nothing about encryption, you might try the #ubuntu channel if no one answers here.06:21
cotton-gnomei want to encrypt all the things06:22
vicwhy does dash blink when opened in 13.04/09:17
ChatmanHello. How do I change a thread's status to [Solved]12:50
holsteinChatman: a bug?12:52
ChatmanNo, just a general support question thread12:53
Chatmanat Ubuntu-forums12:53
yeehiwhich folder are the wallpaper images in?14:07
geirhayeehi: /usr/share/backgrounds14:24
yeehithans, geirha14:25

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