crwthere's a special place in hell for proprietary video drivers. that is all.05:15
Sprollucyhello everyone :D05:45
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darkxstricotz, I have got external panels loading in g-c-c ;)10:08
darkxstas in actual panels that are modules, not launching of random .desktop files yet10:09
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darkxstricotz, around?12:38
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zulu123Hi all, just wondering if anyone has found a solution to the issue of the ubuntu gnome iso to usb not booting?15:48
bennypr0fanehello, how would I best upgrade from Gnome Remix 12.10 to Ubuntu Gnome 13.04?17:48
atrusi just followed the usual upgrade instructions... i think that work. ie, sudo do-release-upgrade17:57
atrusor select the appropriate option in the update-gui (which i don't use personally...)17:57
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bennypr0fanewon't that just upgrade to regular 13.04?18:15
bennypr0faneI mean is there this direct release-inheritance (how do you call that correctly) of repositories etc?18:16
TumleeIs there a listing of GTK themes that actually work properly with Ubuntu GNOME? It seems like every theme I download has some sort of issue, like not changing the title bar from the default Adwaita theme, or not working for GTK2 apps19:21
DarkEraTumlee: most of times i had that on Gnome 3.4 but logging out and back in helped me in the time i tested Debian 719:31
TumleeAlright, I'll try that and pray, hehe. Time to go digging through the recycle bin and retry Mediteranian Night19:35
TumleeAlright, logging out. BRB19:38
TumleeAlright, so... the window title is a completely different theme than either Adwaita or the one I selected.19:39
TumleeThe widgets all look like they're from Windows 95 now19:40
TumleeAnd there was a window warning me about some "system error detected" or something, but it went away. I'm going to guess this didn't work.19:40
TumleeOn an actual GTK3 app, the buttons and widgets look correct, but the title bar is still completely wrong19:41
DarkEraTumlee: do you have the required GTK engines?19:43
TumleeIf they don't come packaged with Ubuntu GNOME by default, I don't have them.19:44
DarkErathe GTK 3 theme requires the unico-engine19:44
TumleeThat would be a simple apt-get, right?19:45
DarkEradon't think it is in the repo's19:46
TumleeThat's bizarre 9_619:46
TumleeAlright, I guess I'll have to google.19:46
DarkErai guess so too19:47
jbichadoesn't the ubuntu-themes package provide unico?19:49
TumleeHow would I get that?19:49
DarkEraTumlee: ah wait, search for gtk3-engines-unico. also, the GTK2 theme needs the gtk2-engines-murrine and gtk2-engines-pixbuf19:50
Tumleewill do.19:51
DarkEraapt-get install gtk3-engines-unico19:51
DarkEraTumlee: i'm on Ubuntu Studio at the moment which has Synaptic that let's me search faster to help out, so when i typed just unico i found that one19:52
TumleeYup yup. Thanks. I'm installing these packages right now. I'm gonna restart in a second to see if it fixed anything.19:53
VIK_Hello ..Im using live version of gnome raring now .. I cant see a Czech localization and formats settings ... is it because Im using just live version, or is Czech and other localizations missing in Ubuntu GNOME ?19:53
TumleeAlright! GTK2 apps now properly show their widgets... so I'm getting closer. But the title bar is still wrong. Maybe I'm missing metacity or something? I don't know all these theming packages and what they do, haha19:57
DarkErahave a look at the readme that might be included. I don't use the themes myself so i'm kinda stuck now on helping you any further.20:03
DarkErai'm glad though you're getting closer20:04
TumleeJust wow20:11
TumleeApparently, the solution is to install your theme both in the ~./themes folder, AND /usr/share/theme20:11
DarkErathat's weird20:12
TumleeI mean, it's working now, but it seems pretty idiotic that I would have to do that.20:12
TumleeI found the solution after I read the following online: "Gnome 3.6 does not look in ~.themes for the metacity/mutter theme. It looks in usr/share/themes"20:13
DarkEraTumlee: thanks for that, good to know for the next one that runs into a theme problem :)20:13
TumleeMhm! I really think that Ubuntu-GNOME should at least come with those engines by default though20:14
TumleeI'm sure users who want to change their theme aren't exactly a rarity.20:14
phakonormal users dont toucht their system too much.20:15
DarkEraphako: well, if 3.6 is looking in /usr/share/themes for the metacity/mutter theme, then normal users have no other choices i guess20:25
phakothey simply don't care. it could break the system.20:26
phakothey == normal users20:26
jbichaif Tumlee comes back, point him to https://bugzilla.gnome.org/69335020:30
ubot5Gnome bug 693350 in extensions "User themes do not load correctly from expected locations in the home directory." [Normal,Unconfirmed]20:31
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bassoanyone gaming on gnome-shell?20:38
bennypr0fanehello, does anyone run Gnome 3.6 in Ubuntu 12.04? I want to upgrade Gnome Shell, but I' prefer stay with the LTS release. However, everything I can find related to Gnome 3.6 in Ubuntu is about Quantal or Raring21:05
jbichabennypr0fane: you basically need to run 12.10 or 13.04 if you want GNOME 3.621:08
bennypr0fanejbicha I was afraid so. bummer21:12
bassoi think i will try out gnome-shell again21:49
bassoafter working on unity i figured the desktop got too cluttered with files and applications all over the place21:49
basso30 tabs on chrome, 5 terminals, eclipse, pgadmin, heck what wasn't opened at the time21:50
darkxstjbicha, so how can I override the build rules in g-c-c packaging?22:02
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ScottG_Hello All.22:05
jbichadarkxst: if you compare with https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-control-center/commit/?id=3686cf it looks like you may want to build shell before panels22:06
darkxstjbicha, can't do that because of the static linking22:06
jbichabut it needs more includes or something22:06
jbichadarkxst: if you get stuck you can just open a bug in LP and stick what you've done so far there; it may help whoever comes along later to figure it out22:09
darkxstjbicha, it works fine, just can't build it as a package22:09
jbichaI guess you could maybe do a hack where you build the package twice?22:11
jbichamaybe try looking at that commit a bit more and undo more things22:13
darkxstjbicha, I still think it would be easiest to just override the build target, just can't work that out22:15
darkxsti.e. make libgnome-control-center.la; make22:15
darkxstI had already seen that comming, but I don't wont to undo all the static stuff, that would be a pain22:16
jbichamaybe ask the Ubuntu Desktop guys because I'm afraid I won't be able to help you much with that22:17
darkxstI tried to add an override_dh_auto_build, but it never gets run22:23
jbichadarkxst: it's cdbs so it's a bit different http://cdbs-doc.duckcorp.org/en/cdbs-doc.xhtml22:26
bassomy cursor changes from white to black on different apps22:27
bassoblack on everything else, white on qt apps, like quassel22:28
jbichadarkxst: maybe something like build-indep: would work (I looked at gtk+3.0's debian/rules )22:29
darkxstmeh, that messes up autoconf  :(22:41
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