JoseeAntonioRhey guys, I'm trying to get mir running natively as explained on http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/using_mir_on_pc.html but it only displays a black screen. just did the install and everything, haven't rebooted or so05:54
JoseeAntonioRalso, it removed the ubuntu-desktop meta-package, is this normal?05:55
racarrHi alan_g :)21:15
alan_ghi racarr - was just reading your email21:16
racarrCool. Are you/people around the hotel?21:16
racarrWas going to head over soon...one last errand to run and should get there around 3:15-3:3021:16
alan_gI am, didn't see anyone else on my way in21:16
racarrOk well I will come say hello and im sure people will really be around21:17
racarrwill be around*21:17
alan_gI'll look for you around 3:30 then. ;)21:17
racarrmy concern is hotels seem to not like long haired youth who are not hotel guests21:18
racarrhanging around :p21:18
racarrAnyway! See you in a bit.21:18
* alan_g doesn't see a problem with long hair21:19

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