bazhangan unsupported and unstable kernel, with btrfs; what could go wrong!!03:51
bazhang<mobodo> anyone knows what cwo is and in which package it can be found?03:53
Jordan_Ubazhang: Hey, if they want to do it why not? Ubuntu has btrfs as an option in the installer, and btrfs upstream regularly makes it completely clear that you need to keep up with upstream if you want to use btrfs, so if you want to play with btrfs (and accept the consequences thereof) that's what you should do.04:37
* Jordan_U likes playing with btrfs04:37
bazhangJordan_U, sure. but thats with a stable kernel. he was using 39-rc8 or something05:40
bazhangnot to mention he built his own btrfs-progs. thats pretty much like using a PPA for glib or such05:41
bazhangguy in #x yesterday had *53* PPA and wondered why his system was unstable05:42
Jordan_Ubazhang: If you consider using btrfs reasonable at all (and I do, as long as you understand the risks), then IMHO you should consider using the latest rc kernel and btrfs progs from git reasonable for that purpose.05:47
Jordan_UIt does make things a little awkward that we normally wouldn't "support" such things, but at the same time upstream doesn't support Ubuntu's old kernels (though they'd probably support the latest stable kernel, and the btrfs progs shipped in 13.04, they still might ask you to upgrade to newer if you have issues).05:49
bazhanggetting hard to know what is and what is not supported these days; what with the new abbreviated release cycles support, the seeming expansion of reliance on PPA system etc06:55
bazhang<needlatehelpasap> can anyone online spare 10 mins?07:15
bazhang<tintin> Wadie: why did you install lamp stack?10:48
bazhang<troll detected>10:48
=== Pricey_ is now known as Pricey
F41LAnyone around?21:25
IdleOneF41L: How can I help you?21:35
F41LYou banned me from #ubuntu, I'd thought it might be temporary, but I appear to still be banned. What can I do to get +b removed?21:37
IdleOneF41L: I'll be in a few, hang tight or someone else will help you if they can.21:38
Jordan_UF41L: To start, please read the channel guidelines.21:46
Jordan_U!guidelines | F41L21:46
ubottuF41L: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:46
BlueProtomanSomebody in #ubuntu by the name of jailbitcx is trying to harass me for some reason, and I have no idea who he is or what I could have done to offend him.  This is the first time I've been in #ubuntu in weeks.  http://pastebin.com/1tBTKZeP21:49
BlueProtomanAlso, he's apparently bothering at least one other person.21:51
Jordan_UF41L: Have you finished reading the channel guidelines?21:54
Jordan_UF41L: Do you understand that #ubuntu is only for Ubuntu related support questions, not for Mint support or offtopic comments?21:55
Jordan_UF41L: And you agree to follow the channel guidelines from here on?21:56
Jordan_UF41L: Great. You should now be able to join #ubuntu. Note that if you don't follow the channel guidelines, it won't be as easy to get unbanned in the future.21:59
F41LFor future reference, permanent ban for first offense is something you guys do?21:59
Jordan_UF41L: We don't remove bans without discussion with the person that was banned.22:00
Jordan_UYour ban wasn't permanent, as evidenced by it now having been removed :)22:00
F41LI gotcha22:01
MyrttiF41L: did you need anything else?22:20
F41LNo, thanks22:20
Myrttirotating door22:21
Jordan_Umadmix: Hi, how can we help you?22:21
madmixWhy u start22:23
madmixWhats your problem22:25
IdleOnemadmix: How can I help you?22:25
madmixJordan_U: ban me foe no reason22:26
IdleOneThere is always a reason but can you tell me what happened?22:26
madmixNot sure i wound up here was talkinng then banned22:27
IdleOnewhat nick were you using when this happened?22:28
madmixThis one22:28
madmixJordan_U: why22:29
IdleOneI don't believe that to be true22:29
IdleOneThis will be a lot quicker if you just tell me the truth22:30
LjL-Alpssuch unreasonable expectations :(22:30
Unit193tophalf01: Howdy, need something?22:33
IdleOnetophalf01: If you don't need anything from the ubuntu ops. Please don't idle in this channel.22:35
madmixU ever hear of Linus Tovalds22:37
madmixU mess with that22:37
madmixLinus Torvalds is not one to piss on22:38
MyrttiI fail to see the connection22:40
madmixYou do not want to mess with22:41
IdleOnethe Zohan?22:41
madmixRemember the rant i gave about Nvidia not supporting linux. Thats who i am22:43
madmixNow un ban me or i will release the fleas of 1000 camels into your armpits22:44
Myrttihej Linys, hur går det? hur mår du och Tove? Jag läste om ditt sök av Suunto människor, finn du dom?22:45
MyrttiLinus även22:45
madmixLinus had to manu barvarian beers today22:45
Myrttidu skojar nu! :-P22:46
madmixYes been their done that.22:47
LjL-AlpsMyrtti: han har varit där och gjort det22:48
madmixNow un ban me. Its proven22:48
MyrttiLjL-Alps: mmmh visst22:48
Myrttimadmix: no.22:49
madmixI will mail you my broken beer botles22:50
madmixYou can get money for botles22:51
madmixUbuntu is easiest linux out there22:52
madmixYou people are sweet as sandpaper22:54
* LjL-Alps licks some sandpaper22:56
Myrttipuss och kram för dig också ♥22:56
FlannelDepending on the adhesive used, sandpaper might be rather tasty.  Texture is lacking, but taste might be good.23:34
Jordan_U"< ubottu> Plymouth manages the Ubuntu boot process (before the root filesystem is mounted)", that's news to me...23:56

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