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ScottKslangasek: Thanks.03:42
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JoseeAntonioRhey guys, I'd like to know, is Adam the release manager now? just so I can cite it that way on the UWN05:10
slangasekJoseeAntonioR: there is no release manager; Adam is a member of the release team05:13
JoseeAntonioRslangasek: great, thanks!05:13
* vibhav patiently waits for the archive to open06:20
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=== infinity changed the topic of #ubuntu-release to: Ubuntu 13.04 and 12.04.2 released | Archive: open | Saucy Salamander Release Coordination. Please don't upload things during freezes where you shouldn't, or be prepared to apologise to the release team | we accept payment in cash, check or beer | melior malum quod cognoscis
smartboyhw\o/ Thanks infinity:)08:40
vibhavArchive open \o/09:41
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* cjwatson enables the auto-sync cron job13:22
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ScottKSo it seems there's a bit of a ping pong possible on c-m.  I get the impression it's looking in -proposed and noticing something can be demoted without making sure it can be demoted in -release too.14:55
ScottKSo you demote stuff and then it wants to be promoted right away because of stuff in -release.14:55
cjwatsonc-m doesn't look in -proposed at all in its default configuration.14:57
cjwatsonThough http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.txt exists.14:57
cjwatsonBTW, I've removed the alpha warning code from ubiquity as we discussed pre-release.14:59
ScottKOK.  Then I don't know why boost1.49 keeps showing up as downgradeable and then after moving to universe it immediately wants back in main.15:09
cjwatsonI'll have a look at debugging that when I'm a bit less jetlagged, I guess ...15:12
cjwatsonMaybe breakfast and heroic amounts of coffee will help.15:13
* ScottK has to remember "heroic amounts of coffee".15:14
ScottKI've read about studies that purport to show you burn more calories when exhausted, so breakfast is probably good.15:15
ScottKstgraber: ^^^ the opendkim version comparison is wrong there.  It's looking at backports for the "from" version number and it shouldn't.16:36
ScottKdebfx: ^^^ you're official.16:46
debfxthanks ScottK :)16:50
ScottKdebfx: Thanks for volunteering to help.16:50
ScottKAlso thanks for cjwatson's queue management changes in LP that allow you to get +queue access just for backports.16:50
cjwatsonyw :)16:51
cjwatsonyou may or may not wish to use the 'queue' tool in lp:ubuntu-archive-tools instead16:51
cjwatson(or as well)16:51
ScottKdebfx: ^^^16:51
* micahg should probably try that at least once16:52
debfxnow we only need to convince infinity to fix that backports can't build-depend on backports bug16:54
ScottKdebfx: I'm not sure it's still actually a problem.16:55
debfxoh, it isn't?16:55
ScottKAlthough that one may have worked only because opendkim-tools doesn't exist in the release pocket16:56
micahgScottK: right, you can build-depend on something newer in backport16:57
ScottKThen what doesn't work?16:57
micahgsorry, can't16:57
micahg*can't build-depend16:58
ScottKopendmarc does build-dep on opendkim-tools which is only in precise-backports.16:58
debfxI'll retry the package that led me to file that bug16:59
micahgsomething newer16:59
ScottKOK, so it's an exists in insufficient version problem?16:59
micahgthe issue is pinning, backports is pinned and the LP sbuild doesn't do version checking16:59
ScottKOK, so my case doesn't answer the question.16:59
debfxyes, still doesn't work17:04
* cjwatson waits for auto-sync to finish ...17:09
cjwatsonUp to libpano13 ... come on, bored now17:18
ScottKcjwatson: I just got an accepter mail for authres migration to the release pocket.  It was auto synched so I found that surprising. Is that expected?19:48
stgraberScottK: yeah, it's a known problem of queuebot but I've never taken the time to add the necessary logic to deal with backports21:45
stgrabercurrently it's just looking for the highest version in the archive. Which tends to be correct unless that source is in -backports and the source that was uploaded isn't21:46
cjwatsonScottK: Not sure23:46
cjwatsonScottK: I doubt auto-syncing is specifically relevant23:46

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