htcevo3dplease i want to install it into my htc evo 3d the porting guide does not indicate a how to for my phone00:09
gamble_I have a quick question about this product01:59
gamble_Google Play Store still works correct?01:59
Crackerjack9249new to this OS about to install it but I am pretty sure UBUNTU has nothing to do with google02:02
gamble_Therefore Google Play Store will not work and no apps will be able for download02:03
t1mp_there will be apps, but the current version is a developer preview that doesn't have a lot of apps yet02:04
t1mp_but, as Crackerjack9249 said, it has nothing to do with google, so there will be no google play02:05
gamble_Is there a way to install the preview on an SD card then run it on my tablet?02:06
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dank101i'm back02:08
dank101no stopping me02:08
Crackerjack9249Do a backup then just restore afterwards02:08
dank101i may of just gotten02:08
dank101my S3 port02:08
dank101to have02:08
Crackerjack9249meaning do a NANDROID prior to installing since it's justa preview unless you are a developer than can get it all working you will have a wifi tablet pretty much with only a few apps02:09
Crackerjack9249once you are finished tinkering with the preview  restore your back up02:10
Brandon___I was wandering if it is possible to run Ubuntu Touch on Galaxy S2 yet - Everything I find online in regards to this is outdated05:14
Brandon___Is anybody there? I can see all of the users on here, but nobody is talking05:16
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Orangerell: hello :)15:12
ellI've installed ubuntu on Nexus 7, but it's a fully mouse+keyboard oriented15:12
ellis there any way to install 2nd environment15:12
ellthis one15:13
ellto have both of them and switch in login screen15:13
brionell: as I understand, for now you can only have one or the other15:13
ellah... okay15:13
brionnot ideal, but eventually they're supposed to merge and that should be possible15:13
ellofcourse it should be done this way later15:14
ellhow the touch environment is calling?15:14
ellor just Ubuntu touch?15:15
JackieSQuick question guys?15:18
JackieSCan i load ubuntu on my prestiege visual land 10"?15:19
JackieSCan i load ubuntu on my prestiege visual land 10" internet tablet15:21
brionJackieS: check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:21
brionif it's not on that list it may need some manual adjustment to work properly15:21
brionell: i'm not quite sure what the standard naming is yet :D they seem to have gone back and forth  little :)15:22
JackieSI see15:23
JackieSThat sucks can you provide a link to duel boot 7 and ubuntu 13.4 with a second HD?15:24
ellthanks for halp15:25
ubot5Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot15:28
wilee-nileeJackieS, ^^^^15:29
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OrangerHi MarconM /o16:32
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bobweaverW()()T W()()T  http://imagebin.org/25570118:40
VASINumfg.. i added  phablet-team ppa, exec update & upgrade and after reboot, no boot. black black and no tubuntu... what to do, what to do??20:15
bobweaverVASIN,  this is for desktop X11 ?20:27
bobweaveror on a device ?20:27
VASINbobweaver: tubuntu looped on xperia s. :) got a long list of holded back packages.. doing a dist upgrade now20:29
MarconMsomeone know if has ubuntu mobile for atrix20:34
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netcurliI cannot use the HUD to close apps on the phone, is that a known issue with the current image?21:41
mhall119netcurli: HUD is currently broken in the raring images22:10
mhall119netcurli: but, you can long-press on the running apps in the dash, and it will put it into "close mode", where tapping a running app will close it22:11
mhall119long-press again to go back to normal mode22:11
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nik90mhall119: do you know how to erase the qml local storage?23:11
mhall119nik90: all the LocalStorage DB's are in ~/.local/share/Qt\ Project/QtQmlViewer/QML/OfflineStorage/Databases/23:38
mhall119but which one goes to which app, that I don't know how to determine23:38
mhall119oh, if you cat the .ini file, it'll tell you23:38
mhall119that's convenient23:38
nik90mhall119: sry, I missed wat you said before "kinda"...I just logged in again23:39
mhall119nik90: that's the first I siad23:39
mhall119nik90: grep -n 'Name=' ~/.local/share/Qt\ Project/QtQmlViewer/QML/OfflineStorage/Databases/*.ini23:39
nik90oh ok :)23:39
mhall119that will print them all out for you23:39
nik90alessandro almost finished the alarm feature, and I was testing it out on my 13.04..for some reason it didnt work properly..so I had to restart to 12.04 where the local storage was not affected to test it..thats why I asked23:40
mhall119ah, yeah, I've usually just delete them all23:42
mhall119knowing I can easily find which is which is convenient23:42

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