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kaushalFinally I have upgraded Ubuntu to 13.04 from 11.10 :D04:08
kaushalits pretty fast04:08
kaushalare there unity lens for pidgin?04:09
kaushalon 13.0404:09
kaushalMobile broadband doesnot do "automatically connect to the network when it is available" inspite of enabling checkbox in Network Connections?07:34
kaushalAny clue?07:34
SuperMattwould it be mean of me to install ubuntu on my grandad's aging dell machine with windows vista?08:05
* awilkins grunts through his coffee09:04
* awilkins expresses his opinion that the new file manager icon for the Raring launcher is rubbish and the old one was better09:11
brobostigongood morning eveyrone,09:44
brobostigoni wonder if there is a way of pulling the tv program marks, of a sky boxes program planner, onto either my pc or android?09:52
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: TV program marks? you mean the schedule?09:59
brobostigonMartijnVdS: i mean, when i mark something, as a reminder, for it to remind me, something i want to watch is on.09:59
MartijnVdSI think that's going to be hard.10:00
MartijnVdSunless they push it to their end and have a web service to retrieve it10:01
brobostigonthats what i thought, might be easier to program both seperatly.10:01
oceanHi guys. I am using ubuntu 13.04 with mozilla firefox as the web browser (default version on ubuntu 13.04). I have noticed that firefox stop streaming some media content around 15 to 20s (that is after playing the add)  but  keep saying “buffering” but would never play it again. I had this issue with previous versions of ubuntu but google chrome browser was spared but seems its chromium broswser is affected on ubuntu 13.04.10:46
oceanplease see a link to one of the websites where it happens10:46
oceanplease guide me and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.10:46
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dwatkinsdoes other flash-based content play okay, ocean/guest63321, such as youtube videos?10:48
Guest63321dwatkins, yeah intrestingly youtube has been playing allright (including on previous versions of ubuntu)10:49
brobostigonflash youtube or html5 youtube?10:50
Guest63321brobostigon, sorry brob. I just installed ubuntu restricted extras and it started playing youtube without any problem. not quiet sure if it is flash or html. when i right clik on youtube videos it says "about flash player at the end of the menu. sorry does that help10:52
brobostigonGuest63321: what does about:plugins say in both?10:52
brobostigonok, brb, house work to do,10:53
Guest63321brobostigon, about:plugins give so many options. which one exactly should i look for10:55
brobostigonGuest63321: adobe flash, to see if it has been recognised properly.11:05
Guest63321brobostigon, i cant see the the adobe flash plugin anywhere under the plugins even under the video plugins11:09
brobostigonGuest63321: chrome isnt affected, because it has adobe flash built into itself. which of course because is closed software isnt included in either FF or chromium. i cant really help more thasn that, i dont even have flash installed, except for its own install in chrome, sorry.11:11
Guest63321brobostigon, the chrome that i installed from the repo has the same problem on ubuntu 13.04 as i have just cheked. it start playing the video and stop at 20s.11:14
brobostigonGuest63321: good question, i really dont know, sorry.11:14
Guest63321brobostigon, http://pastebin.ca/2368831 is the pastebin of the plugin if u would liek to have a llok11:14
Guest63321brobostigon, thats okay. thanks for ur help anyway11:14
kvarleySuperMatt: Surely it would be liberating11:15
dwatkinsGuest63321: did these video streams play before or on other operating systems from your location?11:45
Guest63321dwatkins, yes they are playing okay on windows. and has been playing alright on chrome browser on ubuntu 12.10 or before.11:47
dwatkinshmm, no idea, sorry - perhaps check the forums11:48
Guest63321dwatkins, is that afeected from ur location as well?11:48
Guest63321dwatkins, is that firefox and ubuntu?11:49
dwatkinsI'm not sure, but if you've narrowed the diagnosis down to 'firefox running on 13.04' and in other operating systems from your location the problem doesn't exist, it would seem to be a problem with 13.04 and/or that version of firefox, not a proxy server from your ISP or something (unless it's just a configuration issue, or you have the flash cache set too low)11:50
dwatkinsright click on a video, go to settings (not global settings, just settings) and check that the local storage isn't something really small like 10 kilobytes, Guest6332111:50
Guest63321dwatkins, intrstingly firefox has been affected on previous versions of ubuntu (atleast 3 previous versions) but was not a problem for me as chrome was playing them all fine. but on ubuntu 13.04 both chrome and FF is affected11:51
dwatkinsif you create a new user account on the same PC, does it have the problem, Guest63321?11:52
Guest63321dwatkins, i havent tried that yet on ubuntu.11:52
kvarleyHow can I launch skype without having to do "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/FGL.renamed.libGL.so.1.2.0 skype" each time? I don't want to change the shortcut command, I want to fix the issue11:53
dwatkinsthat would rule-out a configuration issue, to a certain extent (i.e. rule out a user configuration problem)11:53
dwatkinskvarley: log a bug with Microsoft?11:54
kvarleydwatkins: They're so ignorant that won't happen haha11:54
kvarleyBut I see your point, nothing anybody can really do aside from MS11:54
dwatkinskvarley: I doubt they're ignorant, unless you mean they will ignore you.11:55
Guest63321dwatkins, could u tell me if that website is using adobe flash or html5? did u have a look at the pastebin of my plugins?11:55
dwatkinsGuest63321: your website (in Hindi, I assume) uses Flash11:55
Guest63321dwatkins, could u please have a look at my plugins on FF to see if everything installed alright. http://pastebin.ca/2368867 tx for the help.11:58
dwatkinslooks ok, Guest63321 - try creating another user account to see if it's just a configuration problem restricted to that one user account12:00
Guest63321dwatkins, would try that one as well. just oen more query..any clue why youtube is not affected and that particula website is affected even though both are flash?12:01
dwatkinsno, sorry, probably something to do with them being different applications, both flash-based but written differently12:03
Guest63321oh okay, thanks for the help dwatkins12:03
dogmatic69anyone got a clue how I could match my monitor to printer?13:53
dogmatic69HP M25ln colour laserjet with samsung P2350 and nvidia drivers?13:53
penguin42oh colour matching - hmm14:05
penguin42dogmatic69: http://www.freedesktop.org/software/colord/intro.html ?14:05
dogmatic69ye, difference between on screen vs printed is huge :(14:06
dogmatic69I cant seem to find icc files for the screen / printer yet14:06
penguin42is there no scheme to print something and match it with something somehow?14:07
celestehHey, I have a n00b question: I've installed ubuntu studio 13.04 beta 2 and i see on their website they've now got the point release up. If I've been doing the system updates, does that mean i'm not at the release version or do i need to re-install?14:09
dogmatic69penguin42: not sure, have not seen anything like that14:09
penguin42celesteh: If you've got the beta and you do an update you should match the release14:09
penguin42https://help.gnome.org/users/gnome-color-manager/3.1/gnome-color-manager.html  talks about using a hardware tool which I guess is a pricey thing14:10
dogmatic69I saw a opensource one for £6014:10
dogmatic69plugs in to usb and does some magic14:11
penguin42hmm you don't have a scanner, so it's a case of getting the printer and monitor to match or both to match some standard I guess14:12
celestehthanks penguin42!14:12
dogmatic69penguin42: nope14:13
penguin42dogmatic69: ?14:13
dogmatic69no scanner14:14
dogmatic69well I got a copy / fax / scan thing, but does not work on my pc (atm / ever?)14:14
penguin42dogmatic69: You'd think you'd be able to print some standard picture, hold it up against the monitor and tweek it until they matched and rinse/repeat14:15
dogmatic69ye, maybe.14:16
dogmatic69thats kinda like saying you could tune a piano by listening to the radio ;)14:17
penguin42well that's why I said about the scanner - you have nothing to feed back14:17
penguin42dogmatic69: If you had some external printed thing that you had the digital image for you might work - e.g. a professionally printed leaflet/cd that you also had the digital input to14:19
penguin42or a set of pantone mugs14:20
dogmatic69maybe I can do something with pantones14:20
penguin42or perhaps just take a photo of something, take it to a good shop to get it printed and use it as  a reference?14:21
dogmatic69also somehow got to match my camera14:22
penguin42hmm then you're closing the loop14:22
dogmatic69my problem is 1) take a pic, 2) ufraw settings to look good 3) print, almost black14:22
dogmatic69will try something now, got to pop to the store before it closes.14:23
penguin42the change in support lifetime for non-LTS is curious; I think that means Quantal is supported until after Raring goes out of support14:49
shaunosounds about right.  not sure it'll have a whole lot of real impact though14:51
celestehRe-asking a question I'm still having trouble with: I have a tablet computer with a touch screen and a stylus.  When I plug it into aprojector and mirror the displays, my screen geometry changes, usually to be less wide, but the geometry for the stylus does not seem to change. Is there a way to get my stylus to recalibrate to match the screen?  (I'm reading stuff about xset wacom and xrandr. Am I on the right track?)14:52
celestehs/xset wacom/xsetwacom/14:52
penguin42shauno: Yeh, it's a bit of an odd way around14:53
shaunoit's quite a predictable hiccup.  you either do that, or withdraw previously offered support on previous releases, which would be quite unpopular14:58
penguin42I guess so15:00
shaunothe bit that does confuse me is 9 months rather than 12.  it'd seem more straightforward to just say "we support current and current-1"15:00
penguin42yeh indeed, I mean if it was 12 at least they'd both end at the same time rather than in reverse order15:01
penguin42at the moment there is incentive for non-open stuff to skip raring, since if they have something working on Q they know it will outlast raring15:03
celestehIs there a way that a script could be invoked automatically every time the display changes geometry?15:41
SuperMattI wonder if upstart will be able to manage that now it can do userspace stuff15:41
celestehah, thanks for the lead. this looks promising15:43
SuperMattI can't promise anything though15:43
SuperMattso I installed ubuntu on my grandad's PC. One thing I though that was obviously a plus: being able to change the size of the launcher so that the icons were big enough for him to see clearly15:44
SuperMattdid a lot of things too, like make all the fonts bigger15:45
SuperMattI've also opened ssh up to me so I can fix things remotely15:45
penguin42yeh getting that stuff right is important15:45
brobostigonSuperMatt: gnome3 has such an option, to enlarge everything.15:45
SuperMattsure sure15:46
brobostigonSuperMatt: it does, in accessability settings.15:46
* brobostigon point at the option, ---->15:46
* SuperMatt nods15:46
SuperMattI'm going with unity because it's what I know better15:46
SuperMattbut if he doesn't like it, he can call me and I can put anything I like on there :D15:47
brobostigoni havent used unity a huge amount, so no idea with that.15:47
SuperMattinteresting, my grandad has had the pc on for half an hour and he hasn't called me in a mad panic15:48
jacobwbrobostigon: Have you tried Cinnamon?16:06
brobostigonjacobw: i have not, i dont think it is packged for debian sid.16:06
jacobwI'm not sure either16:07
brobostigonah, there you go,16:08
brobostigon!info cinnamon experimental16:09
lubotu3'experimental' is not a valid distribution: extras, hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, medibuntu, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, stable, testing, unstable16:09
brobostigon!info cinnamon unstable16:09
lubotu3cinnamon (source: cinnamon): Innovative and comfortable desktop. In component main, is optional. Version 1.7.4-2 (unstable), package size 619 kB, installed size 2485 kB16:09
penguin42it's in raring as well I think16:09
jacobwThere's occasional problems with incompatibilities betweenn Cinnamon and GNOME where the Cinnamon fork of a program requires a particular version of something from GNOME16:10
EsorHi. I'm experiencing a weird issue. Everytime I press FN audio volume control buttons It goes up or down to maximum and then it freezes unity and I've to reset my pc.16:10
jacobwI don't think there's any current problems in Debian, there's was some problems in Arch recently but the Cinnamon developers fixed their forks to work with the new version of GNOME16:11
brobostigonjacobw: wjats the difference anyway. and dont tell me, it is just the gui thats different, as that doesnt bother me.16:12
jacobwIt's a replacement of GNOME's shell with a traditional desktop emulating shell and forks a fork of Nautilus called Nemo16:14
brobostigonok, so they making an emulation of the more traditional gnome2 like gui?16:15
penguin42jacobw: I've used Mate a lot - they did the fork from Gnome2 and renamed stuff16:15
jacobwIt's analogous to MATE, where MATE is fork of GNOME 2 using GTK 2 and Cinnamon is a fork of GNOME 3 using GTK 3.16:16
MyrttiI personally don't see the point of MATE at all. XFCE4 would in most cases serve the purpose of it16:22
ali1234yeah unless you like to be able to adjust the volume on your computer16:23
ali1234or have more than one window not-minimized at the same time16:23
MyrttiI'm running xfce4 right now and I don't have problems with either of those things16:24
lubotu3Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/16:24
Myrttiali1234: you do realise that that factoid works both ways16:24
Myrttijust because something doesn't work for you, doesn't necessarily mean it's broken for everyone16:24
jacobwIt depends on your use case in both cases.16:25
mungbeanmy only problem with xfce was lack of compositing16:25
Myrttiincidental evidence of something (not) working doesn't mean it's universal16:25
ali1234bug 108575216:25
lubotu3bug 883485 in xfce4-volumed (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1085752 Pulse Audio don't get unmuted when XF86AudioMute is used" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88348516:25
Myrttimungbean: oh? that's weird, I've had compositing in XFCE4 for years16:26
ali1234xfce has compositing, but it does not do anything useful so you might as well turn it off, because compositing is slow16:27
ali1234yu can use compiz with xfce if you want functional compositing, but then you get things like this happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4byH8Pxp0oE16:27
Myrttimungbean: it's in window manager tweaks16:27
mungbeanso would plank/docky work ok with it?16:28
Myrttiwell yes, you can't do much with it, but my personal experience on compositing is that it has a limited amount of usefulness with it anyway16:28
ali1234bug 113038816:29
lubotu3bug 1130388 in xfce4-panel (Ubuntu) "Compiz/xfce4-panel will only display windows from one application at a time." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113038816:29
Myrtti(my main use being that I can see the analogue clock widget behind my terminal window)16:29
ali1234xfce also lacks any kind of ubuntu integration - ie U1, indicators etc16:31
Myrttianyway, sorry I interrupted your discussion with my anecdotal opinion. Clearly you didn't need or want it.16:31
ali1234then again mate does too so there's not much difference there16:31
celesteh!info stylus16:33
ali1234yeah you're right. it was silly of me to point out facts when you're busy handing out opinions backed by nothing at all16:33
lubotu3Package stylus does not exist in quantal16:33
Myrttiali1234: yeah sorry I don't have a bug report of "my xfce4 works fine, this is an outrage"16:34
jacobwWe've just been through this WFM thing :|16:35
Myrttiyeah, and I equally mentioned that it works both ways, the fact that some people experience problems with a piece of software doesn't invalidate the fact that some people might not have those issues.16:35
Myrttibut I'm absolutely fine with people running MATE too.16:36
jacobwWell, that's why we have triaging and bug reports.16:36
jacobwIt's hard to triage something that works.16:36
celestehNot to wade into a fine flamewar here, but xfce is frequently used by ubuntustudio types who do use sound and multiple apps at the same time.  although not pulse audio so much....16:37
MyrttiI personally don't (have to) understand why people develop or use it, but I also can't stop them and whatever they do doesn't have any effect in my usage of it.16:37
ali1234i feel the same way about XFCE actually16:37
penguin42Myrtti: There are a few things I missed in Xfce that Gnome2 had, and for people who had a nice working Gnome2 setup that they just wanted to stick with it works nicely16:37
Myrttimy usage or non usage of it.16:37
ali1234it is slightly better than MATE but not enough to justify it's existence16:37
MyrttiI clearly need more tea, I can't even think straight. I've already caught myself butchering my native language twice today16:38
ali1234ultimately they are both based on outdated gtk2 which is the reason so much stuff is broken with them16:38
Myrttiali1234: true. It's really annoying when I don't like Gnome Shell, KDE or Gnome2 that much, and have a limited amount of options for anything else. Unity was alright, but it was so buggy that I kinda resorted to the last known working option, which for me was XFCE4 and GTK316:40
* penguin42 hasn't had problems with stuff being broken with Mate16:41
jacobwGNOME 2 is a huge project to maintain16:43
ali1234so is XFCE if you want it to have all the same features16:43
penguin42jacobw: The big problem is when things like udisks2 happen and you get other major system changes16:43
ali1234until they get around to porting it to gtk316:44
jacobwSee how Project Trinity worked out with KDE 3, I think Cinnamon is much more likely to suceed because it's a set of changes on top on an active project16:44
MyrttiYeah, I can see Cinnamon living, but in my eyes MATE is a dead end16:44
penguin42jacobw: Yeh although it depends on how close they can get it to matching the Gnome2 feel - when I first tried it it was still missing things enough to annoy me16:45
jacobwIf they maintain compatibility with the latest version of GNOME, which they've already stated is not high on their agenda, then I think they can provide an alternative in the long term.16:45
ali1234if you just want gnome2 feel then just carry on sing gnome-panel, it still works fine16:45
penguin42ali1234: It's not just about gnome-panel16:45
MyrttiI thought that was axed too16:46
ali1234no, someone took over maintaining it16:46
ali1234penguin42: what's missing then?16:46
penguin42ali1234: It's a while since I've used it; but from what I remember the gnome-panel that was there was less flexible than the gnome2 one, and things like what you could put on your background were different, and a load of other layouts, behaviours of nautilus etc - enough for it still not to 'feel' like Gnome216:47
ali1234gnome-panel 3 is slightly less flexible but most f the changes are good, ie they fixed the "applets move around" bug16:48
ali1234you can still put applets anywhere you want pretty much, but now they are grouped left/middle/right so they don't move on resize16:48
jacobwWas that bug tracked by GNOME?16:48
ali1234the panel background thing... you can still do that afaik16:49
ali1234nautilus is a different problem, it has been forked a couple of times if you don't like the changes16:49
penguin42ali1234: The nice thing with Mate is it's just the same as Gnome2, so if you have it the way you like - however that is - then you can stick the same16:50
ali1234even the new nautilus is better than the xfce file manager though16:50
jacobwI was annoyed to find Files was worse then Nautilus when I tried Raring yesterday.16:52
ali1234File *is* Nautilus16:52
jacobwI know16:52
ali1234i made a ppa with the full date patch btw: https://launchpad.net/~a-j-buxton/+archive/nautilus16:53
jacobwNautilus ends, Files begins.16:53
jacobwThanks :)16:53
ali1234that's really the only thing i don;t like about the new look16:53
penguin42the problem is every few releases they add something nice and remove something you really liked/relied upon16:55
ali1234i've also made a ppa for notify-osd fixes since the guy who normal maintains it hasn't updated for raring yet16:59
jacobwSomehow, despite everything. I still like Unity.17:00
ali1234i kind of like some of it17:01
jacobwMainly because I don't have to use the mouse at all with the shell, and the HUD, the terminal and Vimperator :)17:01
ali1234i fail to see the logic of running a gui and then not using the mouse to control it17:02
jacobwI still want use GUI elements, I just don't want to select them with a mouse.17:02
ali1234first thing i do in unity is unbind all it's keyboard shortcuts17:03
ocean22Hi guys.17:03
ocean22Not sure if this is an ubuntu problem and I can post this up here. Guide me to the right place if it must be at some other places please.17:03
ocean22I am using ubuntu 13.04 with mozilla firefox as the web browser (default version on ubuntu 13.04). I have noticed that firefox stop streaming some media content around 15 to 20s (that is after playing the add) but keep saying “buffering” but would never play it again. I had this issue with previous versions of ubuntu but google chrome browser was spared but seems its chromium broswser (installed from repo) is affected on ubuntu17:03
ocean22 13.04.17:03
ocean22but intrestingly, youtube has never been affected and still not. i ahvent done anything apart from installing ubuntu restricted extras to start playing youtube videos.17:03
ocean22please see a link to one of the websites where it happens17:03
ocean22please guide me and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.17:03
ali1234i reproduced this problem ^17:04
ali1234it's probably a fault with flash17:04
ocean22ali1234, tx is there any fix that u could think off.17:05
ali1234not really no17:06
ali1234you could try using chrome17:06
ali1234however, it doesn't install properly on 13.04 at the moment17:06
ali1234otherwise i would have tested with it too17:06
ocean22ali1234, i have installed chrome for repo but has got the same problem.17:07
ali1234it should be fixed soon though17:07
ali1234chrome isn't in the repo, that is chromium, it is different17:07
ali1234chromium uses the same flash plugin as firefox17:07
ali1234chrome uses a different one17:07
ali1234actually, chromium can use the different one too, but it doesn't by default because it can't be shipped in ubuntu17:07
ocean22ali1234, oh I c. so the chromium and google chrome browser is that diffrent17:08
ali1234they aren't that different, they just use a different flash plugin17:08
ali1234you could try manually installing the chrome flash in chromium17:08
ali1234it's not easy though17:08
ali1234here are some instructions. i never tried this... http://www.webupd8.org/2012/09/how-to-make-chromium-use-flash-player.html17:09
ocean22ali1234, oh okay. can i install google chrome broswer at present on ubuntu 13.04. good to know chromium and google chrome is diffrent17:09
ali1234if you try to install google chrome on 13.04 today you get an error about missing dependencies. it should be fixed soon17:10
ali1234you can work around it in various ways17:10
ocean22is that an easy fix, any link if u have! i can wait if thats too complicated for a noob. tx for the help17:14
bootkigftrgdshi sara17:40
=== bootkigftrgds is now known as redtape
sarai have a k53u asus pc with this hardware: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5613127/ and  ubuntu 13.04 as the ubuntu version, and for the past few releases Bluetooth has not worked. I tried reinstalling Ubuntu and Bluez17:42
sarahowever bluetooth still does not work17:43
redtapepopey, sara needs yur help (sorry I can't help sara).. Anyone else feel-free to pitch in ..17:43
redtapesara, it may take a couple of hours to get a proper response .. (go make a cuppa tea ).17:44
brobostigonsara: does it show in lspci/dmesg ?17:44
sarabrobostigon, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5613127/ lspci17:45
saraas already linked17:45
Myrttiredtape: why ping him, he's across the world probably busy getting over the jetlag. It seems silly to poke a specific person when the whole channel has possibility of being of help. He's not omniscient or omnipotent.17:46
redtapeok fine.17:46
brobostigonsara: i see no bluetooth device there, do you have it disabled somehow? like in bios or some hw control.?17:47
saraHw Control?17:47
sarawhat is that17:47
brobostigonsara: like a kb button?17:47
brobostigonor similer.17:47
brobostigonto turn it on or off.17:47
brobostigonsara: also check in your bios, it might be turned off there.17:48
penguin42is bt normally pci - or is it usb?17:48
MyrttiI'd just do sudo lshw17:49
Myrttiand pastebin that17:49
saraPlease can i make a request17:49
brobostigonlshw, good idea.17:49
brobostigonsara: fire away.17:49
redtapei can do song request, not much else ^_^17:50
saraIf it is not essential then can we avoid abbreviations17:50
saraI have severe Dyslexia17:50
brobostigonok, sorry.17:50
saraI can try "sudo lshw"17:51
sararedtape,  brobostigon  Myrtti17:54
brobostigonsara: is it built in or usb?17:56
saraIts inside the laptop and has worked with Windows. I no longer have Windows17:56
MyrttiI just realised I don't get my bluetooth listed with lshw either17:58
sarabrobostigon, http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/K53U/ this17:58
brobostigonsara: have a browse on launchpad.net/ubuntu under bugs, and try and find your laptop model, it seems like it either doesnt recognise it at all, or it is disabled somehow.17:59
sarabrobostigon, i tried it on every edition of ubuntu since 11.0417:59
sarait is the same story on my eeepc18:00
brobostigonsara: exactly, it might be a direct bug in the kernel or similer, hence i am suggesting uo utry and find if it has already been reported as a bug, and if there is a solution mentioned.18:00
ali1234bluetooth is nearly always usb even when internal18:06
ali1234lshw does not list usb devices18:06
sarai have been looking for a while, heck i reported it several times and still the same old story my bug reports are not useful, i guess i need a hand submissting a good bug report18:07
ali1234pastebin lsusb please18:07
sarahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5613221/ ali123418:10
ali1234line 435 is your bluetooth device18:11
dwatkinshttps://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+question/194654 might be relevant, but I don't know how to use rfkill.18:13
brobostigonali1234: thats interesting, that internal bluetooth adaptors show as usb. i have never had an internal one, only external. good to know.18:13
dwatkinssara: "rfkill list" might show some useful information18:14
ali1234sara: please pastebin output from hciconfig -a18:14
sarahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5613314/ dwatkins18:30
saraali1234, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5613319/18:31
dwatkinssara: interesting, it implies there are two bluetooth interfaces, unless I'm reading it wrong; neither appear to have been disabled in hardware, however, so it's not Windows' fault.18:31
sarai am using a ubuntu only system18:31
dwatkinsI wondered if Windows had disabled the device at firmware level last time you booted it before reinstalling with Ubuntu, but that doesn't seem to be the case.18:32
sarai installed bluetooth manager as bluetooth was not working18:33
dwatkinsinteresting, AMD list their 'maiden name': Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI18:34
directhexdwatkins, for grep usage, i guess18:34
ali1234sara: pastebin output of dmesg please18:35
ali1234sara: is your wireless working?18:38
ali1234bug 104188318:40
lubotu3bug 1041883 in linux (Ubuntu Quantal) "Recent patch to asus-wmi module makes system unbootable" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104188318:40
bigcalmGood evening peeps :)18:41
sara_i pinged out as i changed my connection from lan0 to wilan18:42
sara_i am using wilan now and its working18:42
sara_@ ali123418:43
ali1234sara_: try reseting bios default18:43
sara_ali1234, i am unsure what you mean18:44
ali1234this person has same problem: http://www.ae.iitm.ac.in/pipermail/ilugc/2012-September/073438.html18:45
ali1234never got an answer18:45
sara_X53U not a K53U18:45
sara_Mine is a K53U18:45
ali1234https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1056546 same person18:46
ali1234sara_: yes but it's the same bluetooth module and identical symptoms18:46
ali1234ah, a known bug: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4293218:47
lubotu3bugzilla.kernel.org bug 42932 in Bluetooth "bluetooth device is found but cannot use" [High,Resolved: patch_already_available]18:47
ali1234well the good news is we can fix i18:48
ali1234the bad news is you need to rebuild the kernel18:48
sara_ali1234, what???18:50
sara_that sounds scary18:50
sara_i am a newbie and like simple18:50
ali1234i need to check which kernel versions have the patch18:51
sara_ali1234,  i amscared of doing that18:51
Myrttiwell there might be a kernel ppa18:52
Myrttior something18:52
ali1234Myrtti: that's why i need to check which versions have the patch (if any)18:52
sara_Myrtti, ppa pleeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeee18:52
Myrttisorry, dinnertime :-/18:52
sara_Myrtti, where are you?18:53
sara_if in glasgow come over i can cook18:53
moreatican we assume this patch will make it into the main repo? Sara are you able to wait a few months?18:53
sara_i waited 2 years18:53
sara_i am not exagerating either18:53
ali1234moreati: it might already be there?18:53
ali1234moreati: for that matter, the patch might be *causing* this issue18:54
ali1234i will know more when i finish cloning the source18:54
moreatiali1234: then I misunderstooding the situation, I withdraw the question18:54
ali1234the patch is more likely to get accepted if more people complain about it18:55
moreatimisunderstooding? Clearly I've drunk too mcuh/too little tonight18:55
ali1234or, if it's breaking things, to get reverted18:55
ali1234if the patch isn't in ubuntu now it's unlikely to show up before 13.1018:55
ali1234first step however, is testng against the mainline ppa18:56
ali1234but need to know which versions to test18:56
sara_I am really frustrated. I have waited for YEARS. still nothing and have filed NUMERIOUS bug reports and its effecting/affecting others not just me... still nothing. I have used Ubuntu since hardy heron...18:59
penguin42sara_: Well there's no point in filing lots of bugs - 1 will do if it gets sorted!19:00
penguin42sara_: But it's difficult with hardware specific bugs19:00
directhexultimately bug reports themselves don't get sorted, unless developers are idle. canonical's developers are overworked and burned out.19:01
directhexso stuff gets triaged19:01
penguin42especially for hardware bugs that the devs don't necessarily have access to19:01
penguin42directhex: It's universally true for all devs I think19:01
sara_every time i file a bug its dismissed as incomplete19:02
penguin42directhex: There are interesting problems of what you do when you have more bug reports than you can possibly handle; true on almost every large project I know of; of course all the critical 'breaks for everyone' bugs get fixed first, but then everything else is difficult to do19:02
ali1234sara_: don't worry about it, it wouldn't have got fixed anyway19:02
penguin42sara_: Ah well unless you followed up and provided the information they would, they go to incomplete unless you can provide the info19:02
penguin42sara_: The point is you move a bug back from incomplete to new once you provide the info19:02
ali1234i mean someone has reported it properly and provided a patch and it *still* isn't fixed19:03
sara_it's certified hardware19:03
dwatkinsI don't see the bluetooth adapter on there, unfortunately.19:04
sara_    Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller19:04
sara_    Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express)"19:04
sara_not the same thing?19:04
ali1234unfortunately no19:05
dwatkinsthose are the physical network (RJ45) port, and the wifi adapter19:05
ali1234i did ask whether certification includes all hardware once, i can't remember if i got an answer19:06
dwatkinssara_: do I understand correctly that if you switch to wifi, the bluetooth works?19:06
ali1234i think bluetooth is an optional component in that laptop anyway19:06
ali1234dwatkins: no19:06
dwatkinsoh ok, sorry19:07
sara_ali1234,  dwatkins nope19:07
ali1234it looks like the model they tested didn't have the bluetooth option19:07
dwatkinsI'm too defeatist - I'd be tempted to just go buy a USB bluetooth adapter until it's fixed, but I appreciate that doesn't help solve the actual problem.19:08
ali1234i'll be reading kernel source for a bit now, don't go away please19:08
ali1234hmm ok, that patch is absolutely not in any mainline kernel as of today19:09
ali1234now building a kernel with the patch...19:15
ali1234oh great unity is spazzing out19:17
ali1234black windows, expose not working... it's like 12.04 all over again19:17
sara_ping me when i am required19:18
ali1234sara_: do you have a 32 bit or 64 bit install?19:56
sara_32 bit (due to Bankid working on 32 bit only)19:57
sara_but the problem is the same on 64 bit19:57
MonsterKilleranyone know anything about an application called Xinetd?20:18
MonsterKillerit seems to be running on my VPS and i have no idea why20:19
brobostigon!info xinetd20:19
lubotu3xinetd (source: xinetd): replacement for inetd with many enhancements. In component main, is extra. Version 1:2.3.14-7.1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 126 kB, installed size 331 kB20:19
shaunoI'd take a look at /etc/xinetd.conf and see what services are in it.  that'd likely give you a clue as to what's pulled it in20:20
MonsterKillerit just has "includedir /etc/xinetd.d20:21
MonsterKiller" and in that folder theres 5 files: chargen, daytime, discard, echo and time20:21
shaunoI believe those are disabled by default20:21
MonsterKillerthe thing is. A while back some hacker/bot used a security floor in a cms i was running and uploaded their own php scripts. I then noticed my vps was being used to send tons of spam email through sendmail. I removed sendmail to save myself for a while. I removed all the files i could find that they uploaded. but i just installed sendmail again and it was already trying to send tons of spam emails20:23
MonsterKilleridk what or how its being done20:23
MonsterKilleri've checked web server access logs and theres nothing there20:24
MonsterKillerso they aint spamming a form or anything that uses php to send mail20:24
MonsterKilleridk what to do now :<20:24
ali1234bug 117405420:25
lubotu3bug 1174054 in unity (Ubuntu) ""Always on top" breaks spread/expose" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117405420:25
dwatkinsa paranoid sysadmin might reinstall after a break-in, but I appreciate that's no simple task20:25
shaunoI hate to say it, but Sigourney Weaver usually has the best idea there.  nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure20:25
MonsterKilleryeah might have to to stop this but didnt really fancy having to re-install all the things20:25
dwatkinsindeed, you can't be sure there's not some script hiding for some date in the future20:25
MonsterKillerand set them up xD20:25
dwatkinscan you not restore the state of the OS from backup?20:26
MonsterKilleri dont have a backup of it >.<20:27
MonsterKillermy vps provider doesnt offer any tools to do it20:27
ali1234reinstall it20:27
diddledan_if you truly have discovered all the "bad" files then I would suggest that the emails were already in the queue when you uninstalled sendmail and reinstalling just caused sendmail to carry on where it had left off20:27
ali1234this time, at the very least keep a log of every command you do during configuration20:27
shaunoit's a bit blunt, I'd be tempted to "apt-get -s remove xinetd" (-s is 'simulate', but don't use sudo so you can trust nothing will happen).  if xinetd was installed legitimately, what dependencies that wants to remove would be a good clue20:27
shaunoif nothing depends on it, or it claims it isn't installed, I'd pull a o_O face20:28
MonsterKillerit only lists the xinetd package20:28
MonsterKillerto be removed20:29
shaunoyeah.  that'd leave me questioning why it's there.  especially if you can't find anything that rings a bell in xinetd.conf / xinetd.d20:30
dwatkinsit could be a entirely different binary masquerading as xinetd20:30
MonsterKiller/var/spool/mqueue has a HUGE list of things20:31
dwatkinsis there a way to check the md5 of every binary on the system against what it should be, given the patchlevel of each package?20:31
dwatkinshmm, so it's being used to send spam?20:31
shauno!info debsums20:31
lubotu3debsums (source: debsums): tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.52 (quantal), package size 42 kB, installed size 199 kB20:31
MonsterKillerit was20:31
diddledan_if it is running and listening on the network then `sudo netstat -anp | grep xinetd` might reveal something20:31
MonsterKillerthey uploaded their own php scripts using an exploit in a cms20:32
ali1234that script will generally take over the entire system given a chance20:32
MonsterKiller"unix  2 [ ] DGRAM 3979059610 31856/xinetd"20:32
shaunoif I was slightly more miserly, I'd claim that's what php is for :/20:33
ali1234you must reinstall this system20:33
ali1234most ISPs will not allow you to reconnect it to the internet until you do so20:33
shaunoI'd have to agree.  I'd take this as a chance to rebuild with a careful eye this time. figure out some backup method (even if it's just rsync to a home box), make note of what processes you expect to see running/listening, etc20:35
shaunostart over with the benefit of hindsight and a lesson learnt20:35
dwatkinsor make the system virtual and save a snapshot20:35
ali1234or use rsnapshot20:36
ali1234backing up the whole system is fairly pointless though, as you might not know exactly when it was compromised20:37
dwatkinstrue, I was just thinking of the initial setup20:38
shaunobackup's a bit of a bandaid anyway, because rolling back doesn't close whatever door they came in through20:38
shaunobut obviously being in a situation where you'd rather leave the box exploited and running because the lack of backups is in the way of a rebuild, is much worse20:39
daveyghi all20:41
MonsterKillermakes me sad :<20:42
daveyganyone fancy helping me out on a simple ubuntu issue?20:42
daveygdid this connection just drop?20:44
dwatkinswhat's up, daveyg?20:44
daveygbattling with ubuntu xstart stuff.20:45
daveygchanging screen kills the view i know there is a way to change res from cli but i cant remember or find the right words to get google to tell me20:46
MonsterKilleri think they were just using a php script to send mail, but now i've removed them theres just a huge back log of mail to send20:46
MonsterKillerneed to find out how to properly clear it20:46
dwatkinsdaveyg: I've not edited the Xorg.conf in a long time, isn't this kind of thing all done from the GUI nowadays?20:47
* dwatkins edited the XF86Config once upon a time, before the name change20:48
daveygnot if your cards not supported.20:48
dwatkinsah ok, time to run X --probeonly and look at the Xorg.0.log, I guess20:48
daveygcool ill check that out.20:49
dwatkinsMonsterKiller: I have a horrible suspicion that spam is illegal in some jurasdictions, I assume you won't be just allowing it to send all the mail.20:49
MonsterKillerno, i stopped sendmail as soon as i saw it started to send more mail20:50
MonsterKilleri just need to clear the queue, but if i sudo rm -f * in /var/spool/mqueue it doesnt error or anything but there queue still remains20:51
dwatkinsI don't remember where, but I think the actual mail queue is elsewhere.20:51
MonsterKiller9178 files in mqueue20:51
MonsterKillermanaged to empty mqueue small blocks at a time xD21:01
dwatkinsI assume you'll be reinstalling and enforcing usage of WordFence or its equivalent, eventually, MonsterKiller.21:07
dwatkinsit tells you when there are updates for or issues with Wordpress and its plugins21:08
MonsterKilleri didnt use wordpress, they were using php fusion iirc21:08
dwatkinsperhaps there are equivalents, if not, migrate them21:09
MonsterKillerthere was a security update for it so i installed that straight after21:09
dwatkinsyou're more likely to get exploited by someone discoving what holes a patch fixes and abusing the fact you havn't patched the system, than you are to get got by a 0day bug.21:10
MonsterKillerafaik sendmail wasnt configured correctly anyway, i was getting http://pastebin.com/P8NBFp8c21:10
MonsterKillerso im hoping no mail was actually sent21:10
dwatkinswe can but hope21:10
dwatkinslooks like it21:10
sara_but the problem is the same on 64 bit ali1234  (i apparently didnt send this) in reference to the bluetooth thing21:12
dwatkinssara_: is the main issue that you can't get bluetooth to work on this laptop?21:12
sara_on asus pc's they dont work21:15
ali1234dwatkins: there's a patch for the bug. i am trying to build 32 bit kernel on 64 bit machine, it isn't easy unfortunately21:15
dwatkinssara_: oh right, I was wondering if using a USB bluetooth dongle would be an acceptable workaround21:15
dwatkinsoh cool, ali123421:15
sara_dwatkins, 33p for pasta is expensive. :/ a usbdongle looks like the royal septer21:16
sara_dwatkins, thanks for the suggestion21:16
ali1234the pound shop sells perfectly good bluetooth dongles actually21:17
ali1234does anyone know how i'm supposed to bump the version on the kernel git debian.master/changelog?21:18
shaunoit's funny.  these days, when people say "the pound shop", my first thought is dealextreme21:18
dwatkinswow, they're even the small ones http://www.poundland.co.uk/product-range/a-z/bluetooth-usb-dongle/21:18
ali1234and they work fine21:19
ali1234hmmm i' going to have to set up a 32 bit VM for this21:20
ali1234the chroot method just doesn't work21:20
ali1234hmm i think it's actually building22:10
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