csgeekhi all02:42
MarkDude_Hello csgeek02:42
csgeekso... I have a question...  since LA is about a 5 hour drive from SF.. I was curious if this was a north cali loco or south cali...02:42
csgeekminor difference in commute02:42
MarkDude_we have two basic regions02:43
MarkDude_Norcal and So cal02:43
csgeeksame mailing list and forum and such for both?02:44
MarkDude_Some events like Scale lots of folks show up to02:44
MarkDude_For events, its clear WHERE they are02:44
MarkDude_SF Ubuntu hour etc02:44
MarkDude_So cal has some events that sound like fun02:44
csgeekright.. SF is a big hint on the location :)02:45
* MarkDude_ is in Norcal02:45
csgeeksame here.. .in SF02:45
MarkDude_Born in Socal, and visit regularly02:45
csgeekhehe.. that's dedication02:45
csgeekI just moved up here (Cali I mean) from chicago...trying to an idea of all the flossy penguin stuff in the area02:46
MarkDude_All sorts of things02:46
MarkDude_What interests you02:46
MarkDude_We have all sorts of hackerspaces02:46
MarkDude_Sudo Room and Monster toys in Oakland02:46
MarkDude_Noisebridge in SF02:47
csgeekyeah.. hackerspaces sound cool.. barcamps ...floss and large scale conferences and such would be slick02:47
MarkDude_You interested in Raspberry Pi?02:47
* MarkDude_ has group making bots, mostly using Raspbian02:47
MarkDude_The Ubuntu hours are good places to meet people. We should have a release party soon at Thirsty Bear in SF02:48
csgeekwell sort of.  My coding tends to be higher level..and I always thing all the pi projects are pretty slick....but I most of the stuff i've seen or done.. is ooh this is slick/shiny but It never keeps my attention span for any long duration02:48
csgeekUbuntu Hours?02:48
* MarkDude_ will PM link if thats ok :)02:49
csgeekit's IRC... PM away...02:49
csgeekand thristy bear is very accessible to me.02:50
grantbowhello from berkeleylug.com21:14
Torikunyo grantbow22:03
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MarkDudeOrdering parts this week, Learn to solder fun, either blinky light- or more likely light sensor22:22
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