ColonelPanic001fwiw, I went to "Ninjas, Brogrammers and Sparkly Code Princesses"05:35
ColonelPanic001if anyone was curious05:35
ColonelPanic001I mean, about the panel, not whether or not I went.05:36
rick_h_ColonelPanic001: any good?11:45
tony-smlrSMLR is Live at Penguicon!  Video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/y7zsgiH8Cl8 , Audio http://live.smlr.us:8000/streaming14:06
tony-smlrWe are also on #smlr14:07
jrwrenColonelPanic001: summarize in 1 sentence plz :)14:56
ColonelPanic001it was okay16:09
ColonelPanic001nothign groundbreaking or anything, but interesting enough to go to16:11
snap-lThat's cool19:22
ColonelPanic001yeah, pretty much what it said on the box, so to speak. Talking a bit about company culture and things like "brogrammers" and "rockstar" and "ninja"  in job ads - whether it's a real miscommunication, an HR drone not knowing what they're talking about, etc.21:16
snap-lI think it's places trying to seem more cool than they are21:26
ColonelPanic001that's usually my assumption. Puts me off though.21:44
ColonelPanic001just ugh. I'm not a "rockstar", unless they're cool with me shooting up at my desk and paying me millions21:45
ColonelPanic001that's a damn rockstar21:45
ColonelPanic001I'm a programmer.21:45
ColonelPanic001just reminds me of an Axe Body Spray commercial21:45
ColonelPanic001"COME BE AWESOME WITH CODE BRO!"21:45
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snap-lColonelPanic001: I think if they want rockstars, you should ask them to honor your rider.23:07
snap-lThen put something in there about no brown M&Ms.23:07
ColonelPanic001I should work on that, send it to my boss. He might be amused23:23
ColonelPanic001"In light of developers in other areas being considered 'Rockstars' now, I believe I deserve the same respect. Here are a list of requirements:23:24

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