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skellat~ubuntu-us-ohio-rockstars after I went through by hand to see who all were Ubuntu Members23:39
skellat~ubuntu-us-ohio-rockstars WAS UPDATED after I went through by hand to see who all were Ubuntu Members23:39
* skellat feels like he is going blind after looking at that many LP user pages23:40
* Unit193 shows a little Ubuntu logo next to members.23:42
Unit193What's the point of the group?23:42
skellatUnit193: Apparently nobody came up with a way to use launchpadlib to cross LoCo membership against Ubuntu Members membership23:44
skellatSo that, in theory, I don't have to look at all the LP user pages again to come up with a list like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5614296/23:45
skellatEventually I'm going to e-mail LoCo Council to see if they can produce a breakdown by LoCo of where all the Ubuntu Members are supposedly located on the planet just for the sake of understanding where clumps of hardcore participants may be found23:47
skellatThat may mean they'll need someone hacking on launchpadlib, though23:47
skellatSo, I dunno23:47
skellatUnit193: Was that probably not the answer you were looking for?23:49
Unit193Not really.23:50
Unit193You should get LP_Karma_Suffix, greasemonkey script.23:51
skellatWhich does what?23:51
Unit193Puts a Ubuntu logo after members, and their LP username, also: http://pastebin.com/tvWGeAyX23:52
paultagskellat: locolint can do some of that23:53
paultagskellat: I wrote that a while back, it's aware of a lot, doing that should be a few lines of Python23:53
paultagbrb, headache, sholder is killing me, etc23:53
Unit193paultag: Eh, no fun... Hopefully a nap'll help.23:54
paultagUnit193: yah. It was from yesterday's Ohanami23:57
paultaganyway, I'll be fine. Off to the bar, love y'all.23:58
skellatUnti193: There, now you have a bland placeholder icon until I can think of something better23:58
Unit193Ummm.... Not what I was saying, but alrighty...23:59

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