philipballewSergioMeneses, around?21:21
SergioMenesesphilipballew, yes, tell me21:24
philipballewSergioMeneses, wanna mail me a post card from Columbia?21:25
philipballewI can give you the money to do so.21:25
SergioMenesesphilipballew, a virtual card?21:26
philipballewSergioMeneses, Sorry.21:28
philipballewWere looking for ones with actual handwriting.21:28
SergioMenesesphilipballew, I see, when do you need it for?21:29
philipballewSergioMeneses, I need it by the end of May for my talk at a Linux conference in front of like 60 people.21:30
philipballewJoseeAntonioR, is sending me one to.21:30
SergioMenesesphilipballew, sounds good, I think I can do it ;)21:31
SergioMenesesand I have to write something especial?21:31
philipballewSergioMeneses, just write like Greetings from Ubuntu Columbia, and why people use ubuntu there.21:32
SergioMenesesphilipballew, ok21:32
philipballewSergioMeneses, let me post my address here21:32
philipballewor ‎I can email it to you?21:33
SergioMenesesphilipballew, send me a email21:33
philipballewSergioMeneses, sent it. If you can do it by this week, that would be hot.21:35
SergioMenesesphilipballew, I'll try to do my best21:35
philipballewSergioMeneses, I should do that more often21:36

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