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Kilosmorning guys07:21
Georglmorning Kilos07:31
Kiloshi there Georgl 07:31
Georgltried 13.04 as yet?07:32
Kilosya but pc a bit slow for it07:32
Kilosand i dont fancy the fading windows07:33
Georgldoes it need a lot of resource?07:33
Kiloswas very little to upgrade07:33
Georglso i will stick to 12.10 running gnome07:33
Kilosbut the iso is like 800 meg07:33
Georglso dvd required07:33
Kilospeeps say its faster when i read comments but not here07:34
Georgleverytime i upgrade it got to rebuild toolchains07:34
Kilosyeah or usb stick07:34
Kilosim on 12.04 here07:34
Kilos12.10 not gonna be supported for long07:34
Georglmy one pc is still running 10.0407:35
Kilosbut it installed fairly quickly and everything worked07:35
Georglrock solid07:35
Kiloslol i prefered 10.10 because it had stuff added that i had to manually install in 10.0407:36
Kilosso got 10.10 going on a drive here too07:36
Kilosi loved the maverick07:36
Kilosi like the right click format option on maverick which here you gotta use disk utility or something07:37
Kilosso im keeping maverick going  for that option as well as its major effort to move everything i got on there to another release07:38
Kiloshi Cantide  superfly 08:16
superflyhi Kilos, just checking things online and then going back to bed08:18
Kilosgood idea superfly , you sick?08:19
Kilosrest and get well soon08:24
Kiloshi smile4ever 08:55
smile4everhi Kilos :)08:56
smile4everI'm recovering old (1992) MacWrite II files08:56
smile4everThose are important files :)08:59
smile4everI found an old trial version of a conversion utility08:59
smile4everI tried several, but this is the only that works08:59
Kiloshi kbmonkey tonberryE352 10:20
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magespawnafternoon Kilos10:29
Kiloshi magespawn 10:29
magespawnhow are things today?10:30
Kilosgood ty and you?10:30
Kilos12.04 unity is working kiff here10:31
magespawnnice sunny day here, got the kids at the shop with me for a little while so the wife Canstudy10:32
magespawngot her exams in about a week10:32
Kilosyeah sunny here too but inside is freezing10:32
Kilosoh my then try give her as much time as possible10:32
magespawnindeed, lots of holidays which breaks the week nicely for her10:33
Kilosmore holidays?10:34
magespawnyup wednesday10:34
magespawnworkers day i think10:34
Kiloslol they striking all over them workers so they dont need another holiday10:35
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Kiloshi Trixar_za 10:35
Trixar_zaHey Kilos10:36
magespawnhey Trixar_za10:38
magespawnyes not so good for work, but good for other things10:38
Trixar_zaHey magespawn10:39
Trixar_zaI so can't believe I spent collectively 35 hours on that game10:40
Kiloshehe good games are time eaters10:40
Trixar_zaMy problem is that with Visual Novels is that I become obsessed with getting 100% completion and unlocking everything10:41
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kbmonkeyhello :)11:11
Cantidehi kbmonkey '<11:13
kbmonkeywhat did you cook Cantide? I made stirfry :]11:13
Cantidei made 파전11:13
Cantideit's this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pajeon11:14
Kiloslooks good11:15
Cantidequite nice :)11:15
kbmonkeycant seem to concentrate on code today. feel super lazy 11:16
kbmonkeykilos the 3g has been bad lately, so now I have 500MB of data to be used in the next 2 days. what shall i do with it?11:18
Kiloslol download something11:18
Kilos3g is terrible we were discussing it last night11:19
Kilos8ta here that is since the merged with telkom11:19
Kilosgonna fone tomorrow and see what can be done11:19
kbmonkeyholy crap, I think 8ta made some mistake. it says my bundle has the 2+1 bundle fully charged o_O11:20
Cantideyeah! my old 60 + 60 was also full again, even though i bought another one -.-11:20
Cantideso.. yeah.. what to download? :D11:21
Kiloswhat did you guys do? tell me too11:21
Cantidei did nothing >.<11:21
Cantidemaybe Telkom messed something up11:21
Kilosthey just recharged you for nothing?11:22
magespawnuse it quickly before they decide to take it back11:22
kbmonkeylast month I won their 10GB wifi special, but you need to use it via their wifi hotspots11:22
kbmonkeyperhaps this is one of those wins11:23
kbmonkeynothing on the news page11:23
magespawnhow many of those do they have?11:23
Kilostelkom got hotspots all over11:23
magespawnnone near here AFAIK11:24
kbmonkeyyou can see them on this map http://www.8ta.com/coverage/wifi/11:24
kbmonkeyalwayson has that special too if you have a samsung phone you get free wifi, only 1GB though11:26
magespawnnearest 8ta to me is Richards Bay11:26
kbmonkeystill that could get you a new OS with updates :)11:26
magespawnnow that one might be worth looking into, there are two alwayson here in hluhluwe11:27
kbmonkeypossible to tether the phone to access the wifi?11:28
kbmonkeyI discovered by using android phone as a hotspot, you can remote control vlc on the pc. 11:30
magespawnthere is vlc remote in the play store, then as long as both are on the same network you can do that11:32
magespawncalled VLC Direct11:32
kbmonkeyexactly that. vlc direct pro11:32
magespawnalso allows streaming of media to the android device from the pc11:33
Kiloswhen you think they gave you the extra data??11:35
magespawnthat and airdroid are awesome apps11:36
Kilosi checked mine at about 7am and was nothing different11:36
kbmonkeyall week I wait to do some fun coding, come weekend I feel to burned out. need a new strategy here :]11:36
kbmonkeyperhaps they sent an sms to the sim about the extra data11:37
kbmonkeyits in the dongle though11:37
Kilosoh there is a buntu tool to see the smses on the dongle11:37
Kilosbut you not on ubuntu11:38
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kbmonkeymodemmanager is in the repos. it part of the gnome project. thanks kilos!11:40
Kilosyw kbmonkey 11:40
kbmonkey99% of apps are the same as Ubuntu is Debian based. except for ppa stuff11:40
Kilosglad i can help a bit now and again11:40
Kilosah thats good to know11:41
Kilosalso prepaid-manager-applet11:41
Kilosyou can top up with it11:41
Kilosits modem-manager-gui11:45
kbmonkeyi top up on the 8ta site 11:45
Kilosnot modemmanager-gui11:45
kbmonkeyshows your data too11:46
Kilosthe applet does it from pc11:46
Kilosbut cant see data11:46
* kbmonkey does not use applets11:46
Kilosits actually an app11:47
Kilosdunno what applets are11:47
Kilosbut you okes are forever browsing which i dont so it works here11:48
kbmonkeythose things that sit in your tray11:48
Kilosoh , i run it when needed not inna tray11:49
kbmonkeyforever browsing? never!11:49
kbmonkeyhmm modemmanager is only a dbus interface.11:49
kbmonkeyI need that gui to make use of it11:49
kbmonkeytoo lazy :p11:50
Kilosdo you use aptitude?11:50
Kilosits not modemmanager all in one man11:50
Kilosai! ek sukkel11:51
Kilosyou got hotspots there magespawn ?11:52
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Kiloshulehule dont have coffee shops and so11:52
kbmonkeyit is modemmanager in mine Kilos 11:52
kbmonkeyits a virtual package which installs modem-manager11:52
kbmonkeybut no gui part 11:52
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Kilossudo apt-get install modem-manager-gui11:53
Kilossynaptic here shows also modemmanager11:53
magespawnyes Kilos, one at the wimpy at the engen, another at the total where steers is11:53
kbmonkeyhmmm, steers...11:54
Kilosis that where the hotspots are magespawn ?11:54
kbmonkeysteers make the second best veggie burgers around11:55
magespawnhhmm, not what i usually go for11:56
Kilosthen go buy a cuppa and get the password or whatever wifi needs11:56
magespawnwe usually just get their chips11:56
kbmonkeyI see openshot funding has surpassed expectations. good to see :)11:57
Kilosthe monkey has to eat carefully11:57
kbmonkeycan't leave banana peels lying around12:01
Kiloswhat sickness you got?12:02
Kilosi forget12:02
kbmonkeyI just like vegetables12:03
Kiloswhat then man12:03
kbmonkeyand fruits12:03
kbmonkeyI've got a bad case of the crazies12:03
Kilosi wanna look in my acuhealth book12:03
Kilosai! ek sukkel12:04
kbmonkeyoh you must mean the delusional psychosis.12:04
kbmonkeyhe he12:04
Kilosno man you told me before12:04
kbmonkeysure it was me?12:05
Kilosya 12:05
magespawnveggies are always good12:05
magespawnneed at least five servings per day12:05
kbmonkeywell I had some depression but no medical illness. or so I hope!12:05
Kiloswhew so much12:05
Kilosi coulda sworn you told me you had something about a year ago12:06
kbmonkeyyes, major depression :p12:06
Kilosthats because of the cape trip12:07
Kilosare you fixed now12:07
kbmonkeynah I doubt that. it was just seasonal12:07
kbmonkeyanyway I decided to just be awesome instead12:07
Kiloseeeek seasonal12:07
Kilosya awesome is better12:08
kbmonkeythe old lady was ill that time too, that's when you suggested the paraffin. lol.12:08
Kilosoh ya12:08
Kiloshow is she now lad12:09
kbmonkeyhundreds and thousands kilos12:09
kbmonkeyparaffin does no taste very good, by the way12:09
Kilosnope but works12:10
Kilosaftertaste lingers12:10
kbmonkeylol! only know from my fire spinning days12:10
kbmonkeyused to fire dance breathing fire, it leaves a sick taste in your mouth, for sure D:12:10
magespawni am seriously starting to wonder about people here12:11
kbmonkeynever stopped wondering about people here ;)12:11
Kilosthose that arent mad are already way beyong mad12:12
magespawnyesterday was a bit of a strange day in here12:13
Kilostell magespawn 12:13
Kilosi was busy installing12:14
magespawn<trender> anybody know how to get around the windows login ?12:14
magespawn<trender> i bought a laptop covered in blood and i cant log into windows with the okes fingerprint12:14
magespawn<superfly> magespawn: my solution to any windows problem is a linux live cd12:14
magespawn<magespawn> was wondering about the blood part of it actually12:14
magespawn<superfly> magespawn: saliva12:14
magespawn<magespawn> now i am lost12:14
magespawn<superfly> magespawn: saliva is the best thing to use to clean blood12:14
kbmonkeywhat the fuck o_O12:16
kbmonkeyoops, sorry for my french. but that is weird to buy a laptop with blood on it12:16
kbmonkeymy first thought is, if he tried to log on with the oke's fingerprint, does it imply he had the oke's finger?12:17
magespawnright, then we had that guy blak_rob12:17
Kilosoh ya that brat made me angry12:19
Kilosi need to get ops sometimes so i can ban that type of idiot that just looks for trouble12:20
magespawnand Symmetria's lady friend12:20
magespawni thought i had taken the blue pill for second12:21
Kiloswhats the blue pill?12:22
Kiloskbmonkey, nice to have you here lad. no more depression stuff hey12:23
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kbmonkeyoh was he a trollish fellow?12:25
Kilosya a bad mouthed arrogant brat12:26
Kilosusing a bb fone12:27
magespawnfrom the matrix12:27
Kilosi wanna try something12:27
kbmonkeyah I want to see the matrix movie again.12:28
Kilosthey were good12:28
Kilosall 3 i think12:28
kbmonkeyyeah. simulation and simulicra is a good recurring theme in scifi :]12:29
Kilosyou got an idiot box?12:30
kbmonkeya scanner darkly did too12:30
Kilosgame of thrones is quite good12:30
Kilosand the following12:31
Kilosthat an evil dudue12:31
kbmonkeyI like Philip k Dick's work.12:32
Kiloskbmonkey, did you look into that redo backup tool12:34
kbmonkeynot yet12:35
Kilosi was wondering if it makes a dvd of the os you have installed12:35
kbmonkeyI had setup hdup 2 weeks ago, but like to check out redo12:35
kbmonkeygoogle "do androids dream of electric sheep"12:36
Kilosi go lie down for a while12:37
Kilosbe good12:37
kbmonkeyhey,if you go to google.com and enter "tilt", it tilts the search results :p12:37
kbmonkeyenjoy Kilos :]12:37
kbmonkeyah neat, it uses a webkit transform. clever google.12:39
magespawngeeks have too much time lol12:39
magespawni am also out of here for now, kids getting restless and hungry, later kbmonkey and Kilos12:40
Kiloslater magespawn 12:41
CanCycleeh, that tilting just messed with my eyes :p12:42
CanCycleeverything looks tilted to me now -.-12:42
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Kiloslook at this sms that came from 8ta to my modem14:17
Kilosmaybe its korean hey Cantide 14:18
Cantidelooks like Chinese to me :p14:18
Cantidethere are some broken characters in there, too14:18
Kiloswonder what they send that for14:18
Cantideyeah, definitely Chinese14:18
Kilosor what it means14:18
Cantideno idea14:18
kbmonkeyits a virus. don't paste it here, you'll infect irc!14:19
Cantidebut your modem may be made in China14:19
Kilosis it an actual language?14:19
Kilosoh my14:19
Kilosmodem is an alcatel14:19
superflyAlcatel is French14:19
Kiloshow do you know its a virus?14:20
kbmonkeyI'm joking Kilos. 14:20
kbmonkeyperhaps it got downloaded with the wrong charset14:20
Kilosoh kbmonkey its neelsie who is diabetic14:20
Kilosoh superfly im just gonna see if i can find anything here about the acuhealth i bought in 89 i think. such a thing could help you im sure14:22
Kiloswere rather costly at the time14:22
kbmonkeythose characters won't paste into google translate XD14:22
kbmonkeyhey guess who has the matrix movie. lol.\14:24
Kiloshere it is superfly http://www.acuhealth.com.au/about.html14:24
Kilosthey work great for many probs docs say you cant cure14:24
Kiloslook kbmonkey 14:24
superflyKilos: while I don't believe doctors much, I don't believe acupuncture at all14:25
Kiloswonderful machine. i dunno if you can get the book online14:25
superflylike a number of other things, people only feel better because they WANT to14:25
Kilosno man14:25
* kbmonkey has wall sockets for electrical therapy14:25
Kilosthis removes normal headaches in under a minute14:26
superflyKilos: really? you've tried it out?14:26
Kilosi used it since 98 superfly and have helped many peeps with all kindasa bug14:26
kbmonkeywell, the brain is a bunch of electrical signals. but how does it pinpoint something we still don't understand?14:26
Kilosbut with all the moving etc after the accident ive only just come across it a few days ago14:27
kbmonkeythe craft store was closed. I wanted to make 3D glasses, nasa released some mars photos.14:27
Kilosyou move it to where they say you must look for the point and when you are on it the light goes off14:28
Kilosyou dont feel the pulses but you feel the improvement14:28
kbmonkeyKilos, so it's like a Tricorder from Start Trek14:28
Kilosya nearly14:29
kbmonkeyhmm. too much habit running 'startx'14:29
Kilosit is said to be even more acurate than actual acapunture because it only lights off on the spots14:29
kbmonkeyonce when we were kids we tried shining flashlights up our noses.14:30
kbmonkeyit was funny.14:30
Kiloscost nearly a months pay back in those days but was worth every cent14:30
Kilosi dont see where they give price or where to buy nowadays14:33
Kilosif its affordable get one. they really work14:33
Kiloseven for depression kbmonkey 14:35
Kilosand asthma and bronchitus14:36
Kilosmine is over 20 years old and still works14:36
Kiloswb magespawn 14:44
Kilosoh still away14:45
kbmonkeythere is no radiation coming off that device, Kilos ?14:47
Kilosnope its tiny electrical impulses14:47
Kilosruns off a small 9v battery14:47
Kilosthe secret in its success if the accuracy in finding the points and in the book it tells you to use it on + or _14:48
Kilosyou can even make fat peeps want less food and vice versa with skinny peeps14:52
Kilosand save a fortune on medical bills and meds14:54
Kiloshey superfly they give a money back gaurantee if you not happy15:46
georgelappieshi all16:02
Kiloshi georgelappies 16:31
georgelappieshi Kilos, how are you doing?16:33
Kilosgood ty georgelappies and you?16:33
* Symmetria waves once again from nairobi16:33
Symmetrialol this place is like home away from home 16:33
Kilosyo Symmetria 16:34
georgelappiesno complains thanks Kilos16:34
magespawnevening all17:03
Kilosyo magespawn 17:03
magespawneskom went off for a bit17:04
Kilosthey pushing hard for bigger increase in costs17:04
Kilosgonna be on mnet now saying why they overloaded17:04
Kilosuse blankets rather than heaters to keep warm17:06
magespawnhere they should be underloaded, not cold no heater, and not hot, so no aircon17:06
Kilosthe main excuse is they are 30 years behind in maintenance17:07
Kilosthey want to do 9 generators maintenance now this winter17:08
Kilosthey dont say they start up brand new turbines without first opening the oil supply17:11
Kilosso millions more to replace turbine17:11
magespawndoes not make sense to do maintenance now17:14
Kilosthey expected madupe to be running but theyve blown 2 new turbines there in the last 4 months or so because of not doing the work properly on startup17:16
Kilosboet there now trying to sort the bugger ups17:16
Kilosmagespawn, try get one of these if they not too expensive17:18
magespawnread the discussion17:29
magespawnpretty cool if it works17:30
magespawnfor those with bandwidth to spare17:32
Kilosit does, believe me ive had one for years but forgot till it surfaced a few days ago17:32
Kiloshaha they climb everest in style nowadays17:40
Kilosheater in tents even and solar panels17:40
magespawnhah heaters, making it 'too' easy,lol18:05
Cantiderespect to those who did it long ago - without technology18:06
Cantideit's like Alex Baumgartner (or however you spell it) - did you see the guy who held the previous record and the kit he had? kudos to him rather18:06
magespawnstill an awesome achievement18:08
Kilostakes guts to even try that18:09
Cantidetrue that18:09
Cantideso long as people don't forget those who have done it before18:09
Kiloslike sir edmind hillary i think his name was18:11
Kilosand sherper tensing18:11
Cantideyeah :)18:12
Cantidegot my alarm set for 04:4018:12
Cantidei should go to sleep soon ._.v18:12
magespawni am out for now, good night all18:22
magespawngood  night18:22
Kilosnight magespawn 18:23
Kilossleep tight18:23
magespawngood night all18:23
Kilosuh oh inetpro has crashed at work again18:25
smile4everwhat did I do wrong? ;)18:27
Kiloswow that page is slow18:31
Kilossmile4ever, http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/whitesnake/toomanytears.html18:34
Kilosi see the galaxy S4 there for R399 a month18:35
Kilosso they are out18:35
Cantidegood night everyone 'o'18:36
smile4everKilos: yeah! :D18:37
smile4evergood night18:37
Kiloshi Mezenir 18:51
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:03
hibanagood evening19:07
hibanaanyone else having local interwebs problems or is it just me?19:08
superflyhibana: it's just you19:21
hibanasuperfly: at what time did you see inetpro disconnect?19:32
superfly[20:15:27] <-- inetpro (~quassel@unaffiliated/hibana) has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)19:33
hibanasuperfly: thanks19:33
hibanalooks like /me needs a pick axe handle to fix things up19:34
hibanasomething telling me that either 8ta has become very generous or something went very wrong, I suddenly have more than 10GB of data available 20:11
Tonberry_i saw the same thing20:12
Tonberry_my available data reset to 60gb at some point over the weekend20:13
Tonberry_and has not changed yet20:13
hibanaTonberry_: wow20:20
hibanaseems all my 2+1 purchases since March have been reset to 100% available20:21
Tonberry_odds are they will restore a backup sometime tomorrow...20:21
Tonberry_hopefully we at least get the weekend for free20:22
hibanawb Superhuman 20:41

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