scumbumheneusl_pay: open with vlc instead of downloading when given option00:00
heneusl_payscumbum: It is a plugin there is no vlc to open.00:00
heneusl_payscumbum: Do you know what a plugin is?00:01
scumbumWish vlc supported flash better in the web00:01
JesseHI am using ubuntu 12.04 xfce can anyone explain to me why my mouse randomly clicks things? Is it a mouse problem or what?00:02
Jordan_UJesseH: That most likely is a hardware problem. Have you tried a different mouse?00:02
heneusl_payHow shall I direct the stream to the already installed VLC plugin?00:02
scumbumheneusl_pay: you want to stream it in the web page.00:02
JesseHI haven't00:02
CrazyjHaving a wierd problem. Ubuntu 13.04 - saying im connecting on status bar to wifi.cant go to anywebsites except bookmarked ones and google. Cant add repositories either. Any advice?00:02
JesseHIs ubuntu really dropping desktop support oneday?00:03
heneusl_payscumbum: No I do not have access to modify the pages code, but I do want to play the stream inside the browser using the already installed VLC plugin.00:03
scumbumheneusl_pay: copy link then open vlc select stream00:04
Jordan_UJesseH: There is no indication that Canonical will ever stop supporting Ubuntu on the desktop, and many indications that they will continue. Further speculation on future events should be discussed in #ubuntu-offtopic.00:04
ninguI'm having an issue with trying to upgrade my server to 13.04. I have postgresql 9.2 installed from a ppa, and do-release-ugprade says it fails because postgresql-server-9.2-dev has no source but is tagged for removal. I'm not sure why that's a fatal error but in any case I want those packages not to be touched in the upgrade process. what should I do?00:04
heneusl_payscumbum: It is a firefox plugin the VLC gui is not installed on the live CD.00:04
JesseHThanks Jordan_U ^^00:05
JesseHI thought this was ubuntu related00:05
ningushould I tag the postgresql packages as manually managed for now?00:05
CrazyjAlso i know the wifi is working becuase i can go anywhere on my ipad (which is what im currently using)00:05
heneusl_payHow shall I direct the stream to the already installed VLC plugin inside the firefox browser?00:05
Jordan_UJesseH: You're welcome. It is Ubuntu related, but not really an Ubuntu support question.00:05
scumbumheneusl_pay: its possible but clunky. I did it before. First try installing UBUNTU CODEC PACK from software center00:05
JesseHAh, so wouldn't #ubuntu-support be better?00:05
heneusl_payscumbum: no thanks00:06
Jordan_UJesseH: Discussion of the name of this channel is also offtopic for #ubuntu...00:06
scumbumheneusl_pay: is the vlc plugin activated in firefox00:06
JesseHThanks Jordan_U bye bye00:06
heneusl_payscumbum: yes, perhaps I can look at firefoxs default actions00:07
ningualso, any idea how to scroll up in the screen session opened by do-release-upgrade?00:08
ninguctrl-a doesn't work like usual.00:08
bob___Jordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5610520/00:09
ninguno suggestions? I don't want to uninstall postgresql during the upgrade.00:11
heneusl_payscumbum: I will ask in #firefox because there is no default action for m3u but there is for mp3.00:11
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ninguso right now it basically looks like I can't upgrade.00:11
scumbumheneusl_pay: can you create one00:11
anonkvvHELLO everyone how are you00:12
heneusl_payscumbum: I d not see a way to initiate a creation, so I am asking in #firefox.00:12
Jordan_Uningu: Why are you using postresql from a ppa? I would recommend removing all packages installed from any ppa before upgrading, though it sounds like you don't want to do that for some reason.00:14
scumbumheneusl_pay: i got it to work once for flash. But fancy sites youtube would not work00:14
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savioanonkvv be more specific00:16
Jordan_Uanonkvv: Please don't use all caps.00:16
anonkvv i am trying to learn to use telnet and i am ircing with it00:17
ninguJordan_U: because 9.2 is not available in ubuntu yet.00:17
Jordan_Uningu: Does the ppa you're using have packages for ubuntu 13.04?00:17
anonkvvjust trying to learn to use telnet so i came to irc and anyone knows anything that they think would help with it please let me know00:18
ningunot officially. it officially only goes up to 12.04, at least, there is no dists/quantal, but the web site says 12.10 is supported.00:18
Jordan_Uanonkvv: This channel is for Ubuntu support, asking about how to use IRC via telnet is not really on topic.00:18
Jordan_Uanonkvv: Try #ubuntu-offtopic, or #defocus.00:19
heneusl_payscumbum: Flash is not installed, the directions for adding a default action are here but I am not sure how this will work since the plugin is not a stand alone app but contained inside firefox look here https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/change-firefox-behavior-when-open-file00:19
ranjeetHey guys, I am still on 12.10, can I upgrade to the latest version 13.04? Is there any known problems, I should not go for upgrde?00:19
SenorJordan_U : I have download a grub-rescue.iso ,and modified it ,how can I save it?00:20
anonkvvjust tyrying to learn somthing new i have learned linucvx just not tell net00:20
scumbumheneusl_pay: vlc can play flash files standalone.00:20
ninguJordan_U: anyway I guess if I want to be sure it will continue working I should wait until it's clear that there are packages for 13.0400:20
Jordan_Uningu: Then you'll want to wait until the ppa is updated, at which point I would still recommend removing the ppa's packages before upgrading (not just removing hte ppa), then re-enabme the ppa and install the packages again after upgrading.00:20
LiquidDemocracyI need some help. After the upgrade to 13.04 I can not log into Ubuntu anymore. After entering the password for 2 seconds is seems to load the desktop but then it jumps right back to the login window.00:20
Jordan_Uanonkvv: This is the wrong channel. Please go elsewhere to experiment with IRC via telnet.00:20
ninguyeah, the postgresql web site describing the ppa is extremely unclear about this00:21
ninguI'll ask in the channel00:21
Jordan_ULiquidDemocracy: Have you tried the rescue session (I may be misremembering the name)? It's an option at the login screen.00:22
ranjeetreadding my question again, any help appreciated00:23
ranjeetHey guys, I am still on 12.10, can I upgrade to the latest version 13.04? Is there any known problems, I should not go for upgrde?00:23
LiquidDemocracyJordan_U, there is only a guest access00:25
ranjeetHey guys, I am still on 12.10, can I upgrade to the latest version 13.04? Is there any known problems, I should not go for upgrde?00:25
Jordan_Uranjeet: Yes you can upgrade. See the release notes for common known issues.00:26
Noskcajranjeet, you can upgrade through the update manager00:26
Jordan_U!upgrade | ranjeet00:26
ubotturanjeet: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade00:26
Stuz719ranjeet: i've just updated lubuntu on one machine to 13.04, no problems so far but your mileage may vary. If you don't need to update why do you want to? My main production machines are on 12.04LTS where I'm using kubuntu00:27
savioranjeet ubuntu  13.04 is good in every term did u see any review of it a good unity kernal 3.800:27
ZettaZete_I tried to upgrade to the latest version of Ubuntu, through console mode. Now I'm looking at a bunch of graphical noise. What can I do about this?00:28
ranjeetthank you all for answering the query, I am just a new user who switched from windows 8 to Ubuntu for performance. Installed 12.10 and found 13.04 is out00:29
Jordan_UZettaZete_: You used do-release-upgrade?00:29
ranjeetIf 13.04 is doing good then I will go for the update00:29
ZettaZete_Jordan_U Yup.00:29
Jordan_UZettaZete_: Did it finish without error? Did you get this corruption after rebooting?00:30
ZettaZete_I think the upgrade is still going. I'm not sure.00:30
ranjeetAgain, thx a bunch for everyone who answered my query :-)00:30
Jordan_UZettaZete_: When did you start seeing screen corruption? Can you take a picture of it with a camera and upload it?00:31
Senorhow to make one iso file bootable?00:32
scumbumheneusl_pay: in address bar type about:plugins00:32
ZettaZete_Jordan_U, it was shortly after it finished downloading all the packages. Yea, give me a moment.00:33
Poisoned_Dragonare you making the iso yourself, or downloading it?00:33
Jordan_USenor: What do you mean by "bootable"? You can take any Ubuntu iso and burn it to a DVD to make a bootable DVD, or dd it to a hard drive to make a bootable hard drive.00:34
heneusl_payscumbum: ok finished, this gives some information but does not allow for adding a filetype, what to do next?00:34
tuxGentoovirtual serial port?00:34
SenorJordan_U:I want to use it as a vitual cd-rom to boot kernel00:35
ZettaZete_Jordan_U: http://s7.postimg.org/u15zz9tbf/IMG_20130427_174252.jpg00:35
scumbumheneusl_pay: hoping it would allow you to set somethings00:35
heneusl_payscumbum: thank you for the information00:36
Jordan_USenor: If you are still talking about that grub-rescue.iso, nobody is going to be able to help you with an image that you have but can't tell us where it's from, or even upload it for us to look at. Stop asking about it until you can do one of those things. Alternately, you can use Super GRUB2 Disk 2.00b1 like I recommended earlier, which I can help you with (in #sgrub).00:37
Jordan_UZettaZete_: Can you ssh into the machine?00:37
SenorJordan_U:I dowloaded it from sourceforge : http://sourceforge.net/projects/supergrub.berlios/files/00:39
ZettaZete_Jordan_U, Unless it was installed with the live CD. Its a pretty minimal install.00:41
Jordan_USenor: Great. Please download super_grub2_disk_hybrid_2.00s1-beta1.iso from that same page and join #sgrub for more help (as this is offtopic for #ubuntu).00:42
Jordan_UZettaZete_: Unfortunately no, sshd is not installed by default.00:43
Jordan_UZettaZete_: Does anything change if you press ctrl+alt+F1?00:43
ZettaZete_I have cycled through all the consoles. All of them are the same.00:43
Jordan_UZettaZete_: If it's not to inconvenient you could let it run for a day to be pretty sure that the upgrade has completed (hopefully without any prompts asking for user input) then reboot via sysrq magic.00:45
heneusl_payscumIs there a way to install the fluendo codec (that the install promps to enable) during a live session?00:45
Jordan_U!sysrq | ZettaZete_00:45
ubottuZettaZete_: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key00:45
heneusl_payIs there a way to install the fluendo codec (that the install promps to enable) during a live session?00:45
Jordan_UZettaZete_: Obviously that's not ideal though. Were you using GPU drivers with KMS support? (If you were using proprietary drivers then the answer is no, if not then the answer is probably yes).00:46
susana_hello guys00:47
totalityhey can anyoen help me wiht an issue im having with firefox in 13.0400:48
ZettaZete_Jordan_U I have guessed a few times and have proceeded past a few prompts. It looks like its still going. I uninstalled the unsupported drivers a week ago and reinitialized the xorg configs.00:48
totalityon a coupel fo websites certain private messagign systems all my messages seme to be appearing as random sybols and gibberis i ashumed language packs at first but there all installed00:48
betraydeven your chat's messed up00:49
Jordan_UZettaZete_: Was X running when you started the upgrade or were you in a non-X tty?00:49
Jordan_Ubob___: If you ssh in from the client can you see the directory?00:50
ZettaZete_Jordan_U, I was using non X tty. However, looks like I guessed another prompt and it restarted. Everything looks OK so far.00:50
Jordan_UZettaZete_: That's lucky I guess :)00:50
ZettaZete_Jordan_U, yea everything seems to be running fine. Thanks for the help anyway!00:52
thiebaudeany good tutorials for installing ati catalyst drivers on ubuntu 13.04?00:52
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Jordan_UZettaZete_: You're welcome :)00:52
ZettaZete_I know this is a Google search away. However, getting a good recommendation might be better. What would you worry about most when trying to give up windows and migrate to Linux. Tips would be great, if you can lead me to an article would also be great.00:54
thiebaudeZettaZete_, i would do a search on youtube for migrate from windows to ubuntu00:56
thiebaudethats the best suggestion i have00:56
md_5friends doesnt seem to give me notification alerts. anyone got a working twitter client to give me alerts at tweets, thats all I need00:57
ZettaZete_Alright, simple answer is probably the effective one.00:57
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:58
Poisoned_Dragonoh gosh, why is Matrox even mentioned in the same line as nvidia or ati?00:59
Poisoned_Dragonwhy not mention Volari, while you're at it01:00
totalitycan anyone help with my text issue in firefox01:01
scott_puopoloZettaZete_, look at whatever files you've created in Win8, can you work with them in Ubuntu?01:01
bro_kenmy Ubuntu broke and won't boot. How do I go about diagnosing the problem?01:02
struckerGreetings bitches..01:02
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struckerSorry.. Fellas..01:02
struckerHow can I emulate C++ on linux?01:03
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Poisoned_Dragonthe same way you emulate good manners... poorly. lol01:04
CavalierPrimebro_ken: download and use boot repair live cd is one place to start01:04
bro_kenok thank you. I downloaded the Ubuntu cd but can't install or boot the live version01:05
pmantisIt the alternate CD for Ubuntu 13.04 available? Or, how else to I install with software RAID1?01:06
bro_kenMemtest86 is showing a lot of errors. Will that fix it?01:06
CavalierPrimebro_ken if memtest is showing errors, swap some ram out, you have bad ones01:07
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SenorJordan_U:May I ask how can I modify one iso file?01:09
Senorit seems read-only01:09
bro_kenCould bad ram prevent booting?01:10
Vanderson_Guys if I a bug in Launchpad alread have a patch in the upstream, which status do I put? How I link the patch?01:10
scott_puopolobro_ken, yup01:10
KBentley57bro_ken, are you overclocking?01:10
bro_kenno, kbentley01:11
cato_Hey guys, I'm having an issue compiling using GTK... I've installed libgtk2.0-dev, I added GTK cflags and libs (gtk+-2.0) to my makefile, but it still complains of undefined reference to gtk_*. Any ideas?01:11
KBentley57bro_ken, how much ram, what kind, and what is the rest of your system.  also, is it new?01:11
scott_puopolobro_ken, or poorly seated ram01:11
trismcato_: pastebin the makefile if it isn't too complicated01:12
bro_kenhttp://www.imgur.com/S7yCo8Q.jpeg a photo of the Memtest8601:14
bro_kenthat's bad, right?01:14
bro_kensorry, pretty new to this and not sure if I'm understanding correctly01:14
cato_trism, re: makefile with GTK http://pastebin.com/kRrpY7HY01:15
KBentley57bro_ken, you're correct.  It's no good.  Did you build this pc, or buy it?01:15
bro_kenbuilt it about 7 months ago01:16
KBentley57bro_ken, is the ram new, or the same ram used when you buiilt it?01:16
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myersgdoes this site work for anyone? live.learnfree.eu/support01:17
bro_kensame ram from when built but was bought new at the time, why?01:17
KBentley57bro_ken, often times new ram is bad01:18
myersgI am trying to install opensuse on a usb drive, but the ubuntu usb start up disk creator doesn't do that01:18
M1L0hi all01:18
myersgso I need another program01:18
KBentley57myersg, use unetbootin01:18
KBentley57bro_ken, have you tried to up the voltage to the ram a little in the BIOS? or the cpu/nb voltage?01:18
M1L0i have a problem with notifications ballons in ubnutu 12.04 with xfce.. how i can eliminate that?? thx!01:19
KBentley57M1L0, what problem are you having?01:19
KBentley57bro_ken, what cpu/motherboard do you have?01:19
bro_kenno, will that help? I'll try to unplug /replug ram first01:19
M1L0hi, i need uninstall notifications baloons in my xfce...01:19
myersghow do I install that?01:20
M1L0sorry, my english is bad :S01:20
KBentley57bro_ken, try to reseat the ram first.  If that doesn't work, do them one at a time.  If that doesn't work, add ~0.05 V to the RAM voltage, and 0.05V to the cpu/nb voltage.  If that doesn't work, RMA01:20
KBentley57myersg, "sudo apt-get install unetbootin"01:20
M1L0<KBentley57> can you help me? plss...01:20
myersgthank you01:20
KBentley57M1L0, yes, I'm trying to think of how to make them go away01:21
bro_kenThanks. Here's my build info http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/wfvkv/build_complete_frugal_pc/01:21
Neytirihi this is gonna sound really weird but i am pretty sure there is a virus floating around on my linux system, any idea onhow i woudl remove it?01:21
KBentley57maybe you can try setting the opacity to "0" in the system settings till we figure out a good solution01:21
scott_puopolobro_ken, if your computer has more than one ram stick, try booting with just one and then just the other to isolate a bad ram stick01:22
trismcato_: looks fine, did you check the output of your local pkg-config? also you add -L for gtk in /usr/lib/ but you query a pkg-config in /usr/local/bin/ which is kind of odd01:22
bro_kenThanks Scott & kb01:22
KBentley57Neytiri, can you tell us a little more about it?  At least what it is and why you think it has a virus01:22
KBentley57bro_ken, welcome.  I hate hardware problems!  I just had to RMA two ram kits :|01:23
M1L0<KBentley57> i use ubuntu 12.04 with xfce, but black notifications that appear are really annoying, as I can remove them?01:23
comodo_dragonItunes on Ubuntu 12.10 Dont work. Do you known solution? ( I installed Wine )01:23
Neytiriwell my webbrouser is acting funny nto loading pages properly,  even after deleteing cockies cache temp data and even the profiel and reinstallign it01:23
Neytiriand i use to have wine on the system01:23
KBentley57M1L0,  have a look at this:  see if it works. http://askubuntu.com/questions/104273/how-do-i-disable-pop-up-notifications-in-xubuntu01:24
michael__I dont speak01:24
KBentley57Neytiri, what browser, and which sites, or is it all of them?01:24
M1L0<KBentley57> ok, thx...01:24
GerowenWhat's the easiest way to "Upgrade" in place from 12.10 to 13.04?  I seem to remember in older releases you would get prompted with "There's a newer version of Ubuntu available!" and it would upgrade your system in place without having to boot from the CD.  Is that option still available?  The "Notify me of new versions of Ubuntu" box is checked in software sources01:25
KBentley57Gerowen, a simple command will do it.  "sudo do-release-upgrade"01:25
michael__I like Ubuntu more I have problens01:25
wilee-nileeGerowen, That shows if you have software sources set to all releases01:25
bro_kensuccessfully booted after removing one ram stick!  Thanks again01:25
KBentley57bro_ken, woot, nice catch!01:26
scott_puopolobro_ken, ok now try booting with the other stick01:26
pedroamaralbrazil server ?01:26
GerowenKBentley57: Thanks, seems to be working, :-)01:26
NeytiriFirefox, and facebook, google, mcbans.com are the ones i have noticed it on01:26
KBentley57Gerowen, Welcome01:26
KBentley57Neytiri, have you tried downloading firefox from the mozilla website, and running that to see if it displays the same odd behaviour?01:27
Neytirino i havnt01:27
KBentley57Neytiri, give that a try, and report back if it acts differently, or even the same01:27
KBentley57when you download it, it will be contained in one folder.  Just start the firefox from within that folder01:28
cato_trism: pkg-config reports that there's no gtk+-2.0 found. (that -L for gtk in /usr/lib was out of desperation :))01:29
trismcato_: ahh, why are you using a pkg-config in /usr/local/bin/ and not the system version?01:30
cato_trism: swapped it to /usr/bin/, same problem though01:31
cato_trism: edit: nevermind01:31
cato_trism: works now. Excellent, thanks for your help01:32
bro_kenwell, now both sticks are working together fine. I guess it mayve been a seating problem01:32
scott_puopolobro_ken, well that's cool!  is the ram under warranty?01:33
bro_kenprobably not under warranty now01:34
scott_puopolobro_ken, oh well it's working for now and you will recognize the problem if it occurs again01:34
anonkvvhello room01:35
KBentley57bro_ken, just because it's booting, doesn't mean it still isn't broken :).  Run memtest again for a while just to make sure01:36
michael__I make Sure hahaahh01:36
Xgateshi guys01:36
anonkvvi ss the commands for linux the same as unix01:36
scott_puopoloKBentley57, good call01:36
KBentley57scott_puopolo, i just had a hell of a time figuring out which stick was causing 1/4 of my ram not to show, even though the system booted and worked01:37
Xgatesafter bringing down the networkmanager; 'sudo stop network-manager' I'm trying to bring up the eth0 interface as; 'sudo ifconfig eth0 up' but it's not doing anything. Anyone know how to manually bring it up, I thought that was it?01:37
anonkvvif someone was to connect to irc via telnet would they be able to exit out of a chat channel but not lose there connection to irc01:37
scott_puopoloKBentley57, how'd you figure it out? process of elimination?01:38
KBentley57Xgates, have you tried setting the configuration up in the /etc/network/interfaces file?01:38
michael__brasil ???01:38
Xgatesno I just thought I could do this from the cli is all01:38
mzhangQuick question - why would 50g virtual hard drive file (under "ls") only takes 12g if I use "du" on the folder? file system is jfs. I thought jfs does not support compression... Thanks.01:38
michael__bye man01:39
KBentley57scott_puopolo, I had to start the factorial process of ram swapping :).  I finally hit the one that wouldn't let the system boot period.  It still weirds me out that it was able to boot with a bad stick.  I suppose the others propped it up?01:39
KBentley57Xgates, try the "man ifconfig".  It may have a few tips.  Also, look up ethtool01:39
=== heneusl_pay is now known as heneusl_pay_web
KBentley57Xgates, in fact, I'm pretty sure ethtool can do what you wish01:40
varunXgates, as far as I know, you don't need the 'up' option if you are assigning IP with ifconfig. It has to be brought up is implied in it.01:40
anonkvvif someone is using a live usb will that save information on there computers hard drive?01:40
KBentley57anonkvv, focus your question down.  That could mean many different things01:41
XgatesSo running  sudo ifconfig eth0 should bring it up?01:41
* wilee-nilee red flag goes to half mast, lol01:41
varunXgates, yes01:41
Xgatesok thanks let me give it a go brb if that don't work and thanks too KBentley5701:41
varunmzhang, what program created the virtual hard disk?01:42
anonkvvif i save files to mmy or with my live usb would it save to my harddrive or just the usb01:42
babueterhey all, having a strange cdrom issue with my install.  Installing 12.04 (from 8.04) and the cdrom wont mount during installer.  but this thing has always worked with ubuntu so i'm scratching my head here.  let me know if you have an idea.01:42
NoodleFoxyo whats the best learn-linux-on-the-command-line resource? Also in GUI... I am too cheap to do linux+01:42
mzhangvarun: virtualbox01:42
wilee-nileeanonkvv, You trying to hack someone or checked if you have been?01:42
KBentley57anonkvv, if you are running from a live usb, most things saved are temporary only, and will not survive a reboot.  Unless, you have persistance on your usb01:43
varunmzhang, I think the default choice of VBox is to keep the disk size dynamic. Meaning it will grow as you fill it up, and the defined size will be the max. limit. So it seems natural to me01:43
KBentley57NoodleFox, check this out: http://linuxcommand.org/01:43
mzhangvarun: I made it fixed size at 50gb.01:44
anonkvvso if you are running the live usb in presistance it could save files such to you hard drive but just in live mode it will nowt save it to the hard drive01:44
NoodleFoxKBentley57: Excellent thank you :D01:44
KBentley57well, you could save files TO the hard drive in either case.  If you want to save files to the flash drive itself, you will lose it on reboot, unless you have a separate space on the flash drive to store files.01:45
KBentley57NoodleFox, Welcome :)01:45
varunmzhang, then I'm clueless.. :(01:45
pierdolleafter update i cant provide sound to my tv (hdmi) but streaming video on it goes well. Is this invidual problem or is it many that have experiencd the same problem?01:46
KBentley57pierdolle, were you using the propriatary drivers before, and are you now?01:47
anonkvvso live mode saves nothing to hard drive and presistance does save to the hard drive right?prive msg #ubuntu :me?01:47
mzhangvarun: Found out. fyi: the file was saved as a sparse file. cp --sparse=never solved this.01:48
KBentley57anonkvv, you are half right.  live mode saves nothing to hard drive, unless you manually do it.  the "persistence" is a partition on the flash drive itself that can hold information between reboots, but that information is not stored on the hard drive of the computer01:48
pierdolle never used someting special just custom (have drive ubuntu for 14days)01:49
netlarits been awhile since i used Ubuntu. How can you tell if there a software update now, do not see the indication in the system menu?01:50
pierdolle its pooped up for me, I couldnt miss it01:51
NoodleFoxis there a way to install gnome from out of the box instead of unity?01:51
wilee-nileenetlar, update manager or sudo apt-get update in a terminal01:51
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
wilee-nileeNoodleFox, There is a gnome only remix01:51
netlarSo now I just need to make sure it is updated on my own?01:51
NoodleFoxahh ok I might try that then :D01:52
wilee-nileenetlar, Security updates will popup the update manager01:52
KBentley57is there not a "sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop"?01:52
wilee-nileegnome-shell or ubuntu-desltop01:52
NoodleFoxI stopped using ubuntu with the advent of unity, but I found a random computer Im going to toss it back onto01:53
netlarIs there a update manager in 13.04?01:53
KBentley57NoodleFox, you could always come back to visit me in XFCE land :)01:53
wilee-nileegnome sits under unity which is called the ubuntu-desktop gnome 3 is the shell and fallback01:53
KBentley57netlar, yes01:53
NoodleFoxactually I always stuck to kde and gnome01:53
NoodleFoxand aero :trollface:01:53
=== sankalp is now known as sankalpu
charles1Anyone know how to install driver for novatel ovation mc679 in Ubuntu 12.04?01:53
atrusNoodleFox: there is a "gnome version" of ubuntu now, and you can transition to it from standard ubuntu pretty easily (in my experience)01:54
netlarOnly thing I found was Software Updater01:54
LargePrimeThe following command is duplicating the final source dir under the destination dir.  can you say why?01:54
KBentley57NoodleFox, I just switched from uity to xfce with docky, and  i love it.  I did like unity, but I switched for other reasons01:54
wilee-nileenetlar, What desktop are you running?01:54
sonofzeusHi there01:54
NoodleFoxWell for me it was performance on my netbook01:54
netlar13.04 32bit01:54
KBentley57LargePrime, what are you trying to do?01:55
NoodleFoxand then on desktop it was hair pulling still01:55
LargePrimescp -r /home/user/stuff/ auth@ip.that.i.have:/home/user/stuff/01:55
wilee-nileenetlar, Panel on the left click top button and type update manager01:55
NoodleFoxI suppose Im molded into my ways01:55
sonofzeusI just installed phpmyadmin and at the configuration screen I just clicked ok without selecting apache2 or lightppd whereas I've to select apache2 now how shall I select apache2?01:55
LargePrimeit is a server to server coppy01:55
netlarI did, only application that came up is Software Updater01:55
KBentley57ask your question sonofzeus01:56
LargePrimeKBentley57: does that answer?01:56
netlarwilee-nilee: Sorry I am such a noob01:56
KBentley57LargePrime, yes, I'm trying to read up on the man page for a sec01:56
LargePrimeif it on the man page just shoot me01:57
wilee-nileenetlar, Might be called software updater now in 13.04 I forget.01:57
sonofzeusI just installed phpmyadmin and at the configuration screen I just clicked ok without selecting apache2 or lightppd whereas I've to select apache2 now how shall I select apache2?01:58
harold_I'm trying to install Wine 1.4 and I keep getting errors about dependancies which are missing or not installable01:58
harold_running 12.04 LTS01:58
KBentley57LargePrime, the syntax looks fine, I'm sure you've typed it in correctly01:58
KBentley57harold_, are you installing it from the repos, or from the wine website?01:59
LargePrimeok so perhaps a little bug?01:59
harold_I added the wine repository01:59
KBentley57LargePrime, have you checked the desination to make sure that user has write priv. ?01:59
KBentley57harold_, did you do the "sudo apt-get update" part before trying to install it?02:00
LargePrimeit ends up in /home/user/stuff/stuff/02:00
KBentley57harold_, when it was updating, did you see it pull in the wine repo ppa stuff?02:00
MerisHow can I restore my Desktop folder after having deleted it (caused by a bug in PCManFM)?02:01
harold_umm not sure02:01
KBentley57LargePrime, can you try it again and post the exact output?  without the sensitive stuff of course.  I'll help with the googling; I can't think of something that would cause that error.02:01
LargePrimeKBentley57: I thought perhaps it was a final / or not need final / issue.  or perhaps i needed a wildcard02:02
KBentley57harold_, run "sudo apt-get update" again and post the output02:02
KBentley57LargePrime, maybe try a small test text file without the final ./?02:02
panshulHello.. is there any news about the desktop blank bug??02:02
LargePrimeKBentley57:  will you be around for a while?02:03
KBentley57panshul, boot to black desktop?02:03
harold_KBentley57, http://pastebin.com/xpTafe6v02:03
KBentley57LargePrime, I will be, for at least 20 minutes or so02:03
LargePrimeKBentley57:  i cant in that timeline02:03
LargePrimeima PM if i get it figgured if you are curious02:03
bonhoefferis there any way to get all file extensions in a directory (maxdepth = 1)02:03
KBentley57LargePrime, thanks, I would be curious!02:04
panshuli used gnome tweak tool to switch of file manager handling desktop.. -- got my  desktop back in gnome.. but not file operations happening in gnome.. unity desktop is still black02:04
bob___Jordan_U: Yep: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5610730/02:05
KBentley57harold_, I don't see any ppa's that look like they belong to wine in there, or the ubuntu wine team.  Can you hit up a few times in the terminal until you get to the command that added the repository, and post that?02:05
sonofzeusKbentley57, It would be great if you could help me out02:05
panshulKBentley57, any solutions yet?02:05
=== duplexer is now known as submitform
harold_sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa02:05
harold_if I go into the software sources it's listed and checked there under other02:06
KBentley57panshul, are you running an amd card or cpu?02:06
KBentley57panshul, I had something similar happen to me earlier today02:06
panshulKBentley57, i am running a Nvidia 660 SLI02:07
KBentley57harold_, that's odd.  You would think that it would update the source, but look through the list you pastbinned. There isn't anything there, or did I miss it?02:07
panshulKBentley57, how did u solve it?02:07
Merisbonhoeffer, could you elaborate on that? Do you want all extensions without the filenames(printed as many times as they exist in that directory) or do you want a list of all occurring extensions?02:07
geektech713hmm Nvidia has histroy of issues with Linux02:07
KBentley57panshul, Can you boot into the older kernel from 12.10?  Luckily I was able to boot into that one.  I haven't fixed it yet, none of the 3.8 or 3.7 kernels would work for me02:08
bonhoefferMeris, if i have A.DOC, B.xls and C.DOC in my home directory i want DOC, xls as a list02:08
harold_KBentley57, I don't really see anything no......tried to search wine on it and still nothing02:08
bonhoefferno folders02:08
KBentley57geektech713, that's a flaimbait generalization, and we don't need to have that discussion :)02:08
bonhoeffertrying find . -type f -maxdepth 1 but then i need to do a regex on results to get everything after the period02:08
harold_I'm not all that used to 12.04, the last desktop version I ran was 1102:08
harold_or no I think it was 10.0402:09
panshulKBentley57, nope... i did a fresh install.. so no old kernels there02:09
harold_I don't like how they are making everything harder for people that know what they are doing lol02:09
=== MBD123_ is now known as MBD123
KBentley57panshul, can you see the grub menu?02:09
KBentley57harold_, give me a few minutes to think about it :)02:09
panshulKBentley57, it is working.. i can log into my unity and gnome sessions...02:10
Merisbonhoeffer, to get everything after the dot, use a cut with the \. as delimiter02:10
bonhoeffersure -- but how do i cut the results of find?02:10
panshulKBentley57, but no file operations on desktop02:10
=== TLM is now known as tlm_away
Neytiriwell the firefox i downloaded seems to be working fine with no issues i guessi will have to replace the installed system with the one i downloaded02:10
KBentley57panshul, oh, then that is different then the issue i was having.  I couldn't make it past grub02:11
KBentley57Neytiri, I'm glad we at least found out the issue02:11
panshulKBentley57, oops02:11
Hermes1111Hi, I need to disable Ctrl + Alt , but gconf-editor does not have it listed anywhere02:11
KBentley57harold_, what is the command you are using to install wine?02:11
Hermes1111does anyone know of an alternative method to disable that hotkey?02:11
KBentley57Neytiri, I would just purge the installed one and reinstall from the repo02:11
harold_sudo apt-get install wine1.402:11
harold_also tried just searching it in the software center and installing from there02:12
geektech713u can install wine from Ubuntu software center02:12
KBentley57harold_, can you try sudo apt-get install wine, and see which one it displays?02:12
geektech713playonlinux is better02:12
geektech713uses wine02:12
Hermes1111playonlinu is awesome, i use that too02:12
KBentley57I agree, +1 for POL.  the install scripts make everything nicer02:12
Hermes1111can anyone help me with my issue ?02:12
bonhoefferMeris,  sure -- but how do i cut the results of find?02:12
KBentley57although, i gave up and installed a windows partition.  I couldn't get x64 with amd libs to work at all02:13
harold_hmm wine 1.502:13
charles1panshul: I used ctrl-alt-f1 to terminal and then ctrl-alt-f7 and my desktop came back.02:13
KBentley57harold_, which version were you wanting, 1.4?02:13
Hermes1111no one knows of a way to manually disable hotkeys?02:13
harold_yeah that's what this guide said for a particular game02:13
KBentley57Hermes1111, we're thinking02:13
Hermes1111ahh ok, much appreciated =)02:13
subcoolim being lazy02:13
harold_maybe 1.5 will work02:13
KBentley57harold_, I don't think you would have needed to add the repo to get that.  would a sudo apt-get install wine not work?  I believe 1.4 would have been in the 12.04 repos02:14
harold_looking at the info that pops up it seems like the 1.4 package depends on older versions of dependancies but only newer ones are available02:14
subcoolhow do you reset a machines host name? - I changed the IP of the machine for some reason (not even static) - and now i cant use the host name..02:14
krabadorhi people, during ubuntu installation, can i resize partition?02:14
KBentley57krabador, yes02:14
KBentley57krabador, wait, resize?  I'm not sure.02:14
krabadorresize i don't remember02:15
rasustosubcool: how did you use the hostname before?02:15
Jordan_UKBentley57: krabador: Yes, you can definitely resize partitions. It's a very common thing to do.02:15
KBentley57subcool, http://askubuntu.com/questions/9540/how-do-i-change-the-computer-name02:15
krabadorJordan_U, perfectly during the installation process ?02:15
KBentley57Jordan_U, krabador thanks for letting me know.  I usually only delete or create partitions of a fixed size in my installations.02:16
harold_KBentley57, well I remove the PPA and search and try to install wine1.4 and it says "wine1.4 : Depends: wine1.4-i386 (= 1.4-0ubuntu4.1)"02:16
jetsaredimis there something majorly wrong with the radeon driver or something? I just rebooted and my system is nearly unusable02:16
johnnyonflamesup', 12.04 seems to be missing the 32bit multiarch libcggl libraries02:16
harold_I think I'll try the 1.5 install and see if it works though02:16
KBentley57Hermes1111, can you tell me a little more about what you're trying to do?02:17
johnnyonflamelibcggl:i386 to be precise, where can I find it?02:17
Jordan_Ukrabador: Yes. If you choose to follow Ubuntu's automatic partitioning and keep a previous OS then it will resize said OS's partitions automatically as needed to make room, and you can also resize manually from the manual partitioning option in the installer.02:17
jetsaredimanyone else having issues with compiz/radeon on raring?02:17
Merisbonhoeffer, just pipe the results to cut -d\. -f202:17
bonhoefferthanks, man'ing cut now02:17
KBentley57jetsaredim, i couldn't boot the stock kernel in raring, using an amd 6970.  Can you get to tthe desktop[?02:17
jetsaredimKBentley57: yea - i'm up and running but its super slow and laggy02:18
KBentley57johnnyonflame, have you searched the ubuntu packages online02:18
subcoolrasusto, i just inda used it. lol -02:18
subcoolKBentley57, thanks02:18
johnnyonflameKBentley57, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/i386/libcggl02:18
KBentley57subcool, welcome :)  sorry it was breif!02:18
jetsaredimKBentley57: how'd you get around it?02:18
johnnyonflameyep missing02:18
KBentley57jetsaredim, I haven't yet.  Luckily I had the older 3.5.0 kernel from 12.10 to boot into02:19
KBentley57johnnyonflame, that is odd02:19
Hermes1111kbentley I have pmed you, do you want me to talk here or is that alright?02:19
KBentley57Hermes1111, oops, sorry.  I didn't see it!  Talk in here if you don't care, that way other people can have a look  at it.02:20
jetsaredimKBentley57: i have the previous kernel 3.8.0-1702:20
jetsaredimguess i better boot that02:20
jetsaredimhow do i re-enable the grub menu?02:21
KBentley57jetsaredim, hit shift when it's booting02:21
KBentley57Hermes, ctl + alt resizes the window, correct?02:21
jetsaredimtime to find a non-bluetooth keyboard02:21
Hermes1111ok im on ubuntu 11.10, ctrl +alt resizes the open window, no matter what program it is. im trying to disable ctrl + alt, I tried to find it in gconf-editor, but I couldnt find it, so I was wondering if maybe there was a special place for it there, or if there is a specific way I can disable it through terminal or somethin?02:21
Merisbonhoeffer, echo *.* | sed 's/ /\n/g' | cut -d. -f202:21
=== marshall is now known as Guest88720
jetsaredimKBentley57: brb - i'll let you know if reverting to -17 makes it any better02:22
KBentley57Hermes1111, let me consult the google for a few minutes, and I'll see if i can find anything02:22
Hermes1111alright, much appreciated =)02:23
trismjohnnyonflame: in precise it is in libcg, it was split out to libcggl in quantal02:23
ballsfat puffin02:24
johnnyonflametrism, thats trouble- I need libcggl in order to run pcsx202:24
trismjohnnyonflame: the lib is in libcg http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/i386/libcg/filelist02:24
=== MBD123_ is now known as MBD123
johnnyonflametrism, thanks. I'll have a look around02:26
Merisbonhoeffer, did you see the last line? It doesn't need find if it's executed in the same directory02:26
KBentley57Hermes1111, is it just ctl + alt, or a combo like ctl + alt + 4, or something similar?02:27
Hermes1111just ctrl + alt02:27
KBentley57Hermes1111, what does it make the window do?02:27
Hermes1111the first time it splits the screen in half horizontally, the second time it resizes that half into another half vertically, then another half the third time02:28
KBentley57ah, i remember.  It's been a while since I used 11.1002:28
MerisIs there any way to restore my Desktop folder with full functionality after having inadvertently deleted it? I'm using XFCE on Ubuntu 12.0402:28
KBentley57Meris, You could always move your stuff to a temporary location, and recreate you user's home dir02:30
KBentley57Hermes1111, is compiz running?02:30
Hermes1111I dont even know what compiz is heh02:30
MerisKBentley57, hmm, my home partition contains a lot more than just a Desktop folder. I'd like to focus on that directory alone.02:30
Hermes1111should I install and run it?02:31
Meris!compiz | Hermes111102:32
ubottuHermes1111: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz02:32
harold_ok.....so I need an SVN version of Winetricks now02:32
Hermes1111ty meris02:32
KBentley57Hermes1111, no, compiz is a windows manager thing that gives effects02:32
KBentley57Hermes1111, meaning, you may have been looking in the wrong place to disable it02:32
Hermes1111I see02:33
KBentley57Meris, let me think for a few minutes on that, k?02:33
KBentley57Hermes, can you pastebin the output of lsmod?02:33
Hermes1111sure 1 sec02:33
MerisKBentley57, sure, I've been thinking on it for a while now, I'd be grateful.02:33
harold_KBentley57, how do I check the version of winetricks I have installed?02:33
Merisharold, just less it, it's at the top of the file02:34
harold_Meris, what file?02:34
KBentley57harold_, winetricks --version should do it02:34
Hermes1111KBentley57 , here http://pastebin.com/003Cj1uP02:34
Merisharold_, the winetricks script is just a textile like any other02:35
harold_so how would I get an SVN version of winetricks? If the ppa wasn't working02:35
KBentley57harold_, you must have subversion installed, its a "version control system"02:36
KBentley57Hermes1111, let me look some more02:36
Merisharold_, did you even check the link I gave you? That points to a page that contains the link to the *latest* winetricks (=svn version)02:36
Hermes1111alright, thx again KBentley5702:36
harold_Meris, I don't see any link02:37
Merisharold_, sorry about that, I meant the link on winehq, just a sec02:37
Merisharold_, her you are: http://winetricks.org/winetricks02:38
harold_is there a package to install? or do I have to make it from source?02:38
Merisharold_, it's just a simple scriptfile, no package involved.02:39
harold_so the link is the script file?02:40
Merisharold_, that is, the version I have pointed you to. Yes, it's just a single scriptfile.02:40
harold_so where do I save it? lol02:40
harold_sorry for the stupid questions its' been a while02:41
Merisharold_, anywhere you want, but I suggest you store it in your default .wine prefix directory. Just remember to make it executable with chmod 700 winetricks02:41
harold_is that where the one I would of installed from apt-get be?02:42
harold_i got it to work from apt get it's now that version02:43
harold_there we go now it's working :)02:43
geektech713ubuntu is easy as pie now02:44
Merisharold_, probably, not sure, anyway, it runs from anywhere. Just remember to set the proper wine prefix if you use multiple wine prefixes02:44
geektech713compared from 10 -15 years ago before Ubuntu02:44
harold_geektech713, I don't agree....they keep stripping stuff away02:44
harold_and trying to dumb it down02:44
harold_I don't like it02:44
geektech713well there is always CENTOS02:44
harold_hmm......ok so I'm supposed to do winetricks ie6 but says it doesn't work on 64bit os02:45
Merisharold_, then don't use it, you are free to use any other distro. It's all your choice.02:45
harold_I've always used Ubuntu02:45
MartynKeigherhey i have set the folowing permissions around the /var/www folder: chown -R webmaster:webadmins /var/www . so far so good, but when i add files into the www folder, how can i have it set so that webmaster:webadmins privsa are set AUTOMATICALLY for all thigns aded in AFTER the chown command??02:45
harold_they just make things harder to do02:45
MartynKeigheris this possible?02:45
geektech713plenty of choices with distros out there if you arent happy with ubunut02:45
=== LargePrime is now known as Guest78285
geektech713what u talking about back the day old school days before ubuntu ..it was tons harder02:46
harold_my only complaint is that you can go between 2 different versions such has 11 to 12, and a lot of things you did even in the CLI in 11 will be completely different in 1202:46
Merisharold_, one of the things thak took me quite a long time to get used to was the move from SystemV to upstart.02:47
geektech713I was on Red Hat 5 before fedora came out02:47
harold_well previous to this I used Gentoo....lol02:47
harold_yes it was harder02:47
harold_mainly the install02:47
geektech713ya gentoo is harder02:48
geektech713i had learn linux sudo commands to just install programs02:48
geektech713and had DOS down too02:48
Merisgeektech713, Re Hat 5 eh? Well, I still use CentOS on my server. Sometimes when you need a commercial module, the Red Hat family has still the best support.02:48
geektech713I am talking about 12 years ago02:49
geektech713i am kinda of aged now02:49
Merisgeektech713, DOS, yes, used that from 1985 to 1997 (the year I switched to linux)02:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:49
geektech713i switched in 9502:49
wilee-nileegetta room guys, lol02:50
geektech713the mods didnt like it02:50
=== LargePrime_ is now known as LargePrime
Merisbonhoeffer, you are taking your time cutting your filelist. Did it work for you?02:52
saviosee th0r has join ...lol02:53
LargePrimeKBentley57:  the -R switch copied the DIR, so it appends on end02:54
Merisharold_, if you don't want to be surprised too much between versions, stick with the LTS release for now.02:54
KBentley57LargePrime, ah, i see.  I should have spotted that02:54
KBentley57Hermes1111, I took a small break, but I'm still looking.02:55
geektech713i was happy with 10 before unity came02:55
Hermes1111ok, cheers02:55
geektech713unity reminds me of Windows02:55
frotz47me too! after hating both of the 11's releases and both of the 12's releases, I find myself with nothing bad to say about 13.04.02:55
KBentley57again, ot02:55
Merisgeektech713, unity is just a shell, you can choose any desktop environment you like.02:55
newworldhi i have problem to login in live usb 13.04 i find in the web i dont see any solve02:55
geektech713ya i have 13 on my VMware02:56
geektech713i have to digg up my archieve for 10 again02:56
harold_Meris, that's what I'm running LTS, I was running 10.04 LTS previously and theres still a lot of differences lol02:56
KBentley57newworld, I'm afraid that english didn't come across like you hoped.  Can you ask again in a different way?02:56
saviogeektech713 why ?unity is good02:57
geektech713i am being gnome for so long02:57
geektech713not fan of unity sorry02:57
newworldi install ubuntu 13.04 with Unetbootin in a usb and when i boot i can not login02:57
KBentley57newworld, I see.  Thanks.  Will it make it to the login screen, and then not let you log in, or does the boot process fail earlier than that?02:58
Merisharold_, true, but between LTS releases there are proper changelogs that you can choose to browse through or not, if you don't you might get a few surprises, yes.02:58
newworldi try with ubuntu and no password and not work02:58
cer3alk1ll3rI started with ubuntu about 5 years ago, just messing around with it.  I have tried fedora, Arch, and mint.  I just keep coming back to ubuntu.02:58
wilee-nileenewworld, You don't have to login with a live load check the md5sum of the ISO.02:59
KBentley57guys, lets keep it focused.  Move this to #Ubuntu-offtopic if now working on a problem02:59
cer3alk1ll3rnewworld, did you do an install, or just trying the live?02:59
cer3alk1ll3rWe'll do.02:59
newworldi try the live with the usb03:00
wilee-nilee!sum | newworld03:00
wilee-nilee!md5sum | newworld03:00
ubottunewworld: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:00
Hermes1111gah, is kbentley going to come back?03:01
newworldbut i install the iso in the usb with Unetbootin maybe is this the problem?03:01
Hermes1111he was working on my problem =/03:01
MerisHermes1111, what problem precisely?03:01
wilee-nileenewworld, Should not be check the ISO first, people use unetbootin all the time.03:01
geektech713never heard of that usb iso installer03:01
Hermes1111ok Meris, I am using ubuntu 11.10.03:02
Hermes1111I need to disable ctrl + alt hotkey03:02
cer3alk1ll3rI would check the ISO or try to create the USB again.  I have used unetbootin, so that shouldn't be the problem.03:02
Hermes1111which resizes the window on top03:02
MerisHermes1111, at what stage do you need to disable it?03:02
Senorwhat is the main difference between bootable image and non-bottable image ?03:03
geektech713try http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/03:03
Hermes1111disabling it for everything would be fine03:03
Hermes1111just need it to stop working =)03:03
geektech713i would use someone in the indrustry uses not some 5th party03:03
wilee-nileeHermes1111, You are about 13 days from end of life of 11.10 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases03:04
=== Odysimus_away is now known as Odysimus
MerisHermes1111, the Ctrl + Alt + Del combination is pretty important for non-admin users to be able to restart the machine from a another VTT. Do you want to disable that as well?03:04
=== _aneks is now known as aneks
newworldcan i use universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3 with WINE??03:05
Hermes1111yeah thats fine03:05
johnjohn1011i can't wait to get my 9 months out of 13.04. I hope i can make it to 14.04 with no updates for 3 months.03:05
savagecrochey... the linux directory structure standard.. what's the name?03:05
wilee-nileenewworld, ARe you going to check the ISO as good?03:06
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier03:06
geektech713newworld you run wine in ubuntu not usb drive03:06
MerisHermes1111, does the file /etc/event.d/control-alt-delete exist on your machine?03:07
bazhang^ savagecroc ^03:07
Hermes1111Meris, let me check 1 sec03:07
newworldyes i delete the file so i do again download03:07
newworldi see Universal-USB-Installer- – April 25, 2013 – Changes  Update to support final release of Ubuntu 13.04,03:07
MartynKeighercan someone tell me how i can make an alias for    alias for /var/www/ttrss03:07
MartynKeigherim going to myipaddress/ttrss and nothing is coming up. just a 40403:08
newworldand unetbootin dont say that support 13.0103:08
geektech713probality because it wasn't real deal03:08
wilee-nileenewworld, Don't use the unetbootin download, use the rgular downloads so you have the ISO.03:08
MerisMartynKeigher, are you using Apache2 on that machine?03:08
geektech713just download from Ubuntu.com03:08
newworldyes i  yes i use the regular downloads always03:09
cocomohi, how do i resolve this error when using libx264 codec with libav x11grab "Incompatible pixel format 'bgra' for codec 'libx264', auto-selecting format 'yuv420p'"03:09
geektech713but the USB ISO install isn't the real deal if doesn't support new 13.0403:09
MerisMartynKeigher, in that case you'll need to the vhost settings so that it includes an alias for the same webspace as the main URL.03:09
cocomoplease help someone ? i have been searching for a solution for days.03:10
MerisMartynKeigher, (...) you'll need to >adjust< the vhost settings (...) <= Sorry for that omission03:10
geektech713don't use Yahoo or bing for linux stuff03:10
geektech713Google every damn thing03:11
MartynKeigheri copied default from sites-available, named it ttrss, and edited the folder path accordinly. cahnging /var/www/mklab   for /var/www/ttrss03:11
MartynKeighernow i have enabled it and it does shoe in sites-enabled.03:11
bazhanggeektech713, thats irrelevant, also watch the language03:11
MartynKeigheri restarted apache2 expecting it to work but it didnt03:11
geektech713not isn't Microsoft isn't good with Linux stuff i can back my case up03:12
MerisMartynKeigher, did you check the Apache logs? They are usually quite helpful03:12
cocomogeektech713: do u know about why i get "incompatible pixel formate error" with libav when using x264 codec?03:12
newworldwhy the startup disk creator of 12.04 dont let chosse the iso of 13.04 to install in the usb??03:12
geektech713like SEOwatch03:12
bazhanggeektech713, it's offtopic, please move on03:12
cocomookay lets move on to 'libav'03:12
cocomo"Incompatible pixel format 'bgra' for codec 'libx264', auto-selecting format 'yuv420p'" how do i resolve this error03:13
Hermes1111ok Meris, event.d was in a diff. folder, had to search for it03:13
bazhangcocomo, be patient, dont repeat every single minute03:13
Hermes1111only two files in event.d 20hdparm and anacron03:13
cocomou don't really know i have been patient for 2 days now searching for a solution. am like budha now. OM''03:14
newworldi will burn a dvd03:15
Hermes1111Meris you still with me?03:16
MerisHermes1111, hmm, try to add it as an empty file, just sudo touch [PATH before event.d] event.d/control-alt-delete03:16
bazhangcocomo, you need to give a more concise explanation of what exactly you are trying to do, what you have tried, pastebin all errors, what version of ubuntu, what hardware make and model, chipset etc if any used, and so on03:16
Hermes1111ok ill try that03:16
cocomobazhang: ok03:16
Hermes1111Meris , the file has been created03:17
=== irenicus09 is now known as Guest35689
dffosdi added a ppa and managed to intall most packages from that ppa succesfully except for one. the ppa is here: https://launchpad.net/~cdemu/+archive/ppa and the package in question is libmirage. it gives me an unable to find package libmirage error.03:18
ranjeetwhere can i get this kernel headers 3.8.0-19-generic?03:18
ranjeetanyone ?03:18
MerisHermes1111, try restarting the machine and see if it a) works b) kernel panics ;-)03:18
Hermes1111ok, ill brb :)03:19
dffosdi asked in #ubuntu-beginners but thought i might get a quicker answer here...03:19
ntzrmtthihu777sup. looking to use hh from wine for my double click open chm files (don't feel like installing a new program when hh does fine when I use wine start), but it does not work quite right03:22
bazhangntzrmtthihu777, no need for wine there, at all03:23
bazhangntzrmtthihu777, there are native chm viewers, several03:24
jordan4ibanezHow do I stop Ubuntu from opening a "Report problem" dialog? It's kind of irritating. :L03:24
=== CQ_ is now known as CQ
cocomobazhang: http://pastie.org/7731518 please see this commands output. I wanna use libx264 codec with libav x11grab03:25
bazhangntzrmtthihu777, if you are dead set on using the windows program via wine to view chm, then support is in #winehq03:25
ntzrmtthihu777bazhang: yes, but I already have wine installed and I wish to avoid installing extra crud. besides which, chmsee does not function near as well as hh03:25
Hermes1111Meris , it didn't work :( , ctrl + alt still resizes the window =X03:26
bazhangcocomo, to do what, on what version of ubuntu, etc etc. You have not answered some of the very basic questions I asked of you03:26
bazhangntzrmtthihu777, so /join #winehq for support of that03:26
wilee-nileejordan4ibanez, The error poups?03:27
MerisHermes1111, hmm,sorry to hear that. In that case it must be tied to the Window manager you are using. Which one are you using?03:27
bazhangntzrmtthihu777, chmsee is not the only one , either03:27
cocomobazhang am using ubuntu 12.04 with avconv version 0.8.603:27
=== Odysimus_away is now known as Odysimus
Hermes1111Meris, how do I tell which one I am using? I am usin whatever is default with ubuntu 11.1003:27
jordan4ibanezwilee-nilee: Yes, like "The application Supertux has closed unexpectedly"03:27
MerisHermes1111, that would be unity.03:28
bazhangcocomo, to do what *exactly*... you have never answered that very basic question03:28
jordan4ibanezCrash reporting basically.03:28
ntzrmtthihu777cocomo: do a google search for recordscreen.py, I use it for my screencasts.03:28
wilee-nileejordan4ibanez, It is apport you can remove it, or tick the ignore option it shows at times.03:28
MerisHermes1111, did you try going to Preferences => Keyboard Shortcuts yet?03:28
jordan4ibanezThank you. :]03:29
Hermes1111Meris, I have, i just checked again, and thats the thing... Ctrl + Alt is not listed there lmao. I even installed gconf-editor and it isnt anywhere to be found there either... lol03:30
Hermes1111I've never needed to disable a hotkey before, the one time I do and it's nowhere to be found lol03:31
MerisHermes1111, are you running Compiz as well?03:31
Hermes1111Ive never installed compiz or used it before, so unless it runs by default then no03:31
MerisHermes1111, it *does* run by default, yes03:32
Hermes1111Meris, then I spose I am :) , what shall I do now?03:32
=== root is now known as Guest11327
MerisHermes1111, I'm searching around...03:36
Hermes1111Meris, very much appreciated mate03:36
jordan4ibanezMan I really can't wait until we can make sub-menus in unity, I mean, I used to hate this, but now it's really, really nice. :D03:37
MerisHermes1111, did you see this link? It's for Mint, but Mint is quite similar and the post was written in 2011: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=6834003:39
Hermes1111I have not meris, but you do realize I am trying to disable ctrl+alt, not ctrl+alt+delete03:40
Hermes1111but ill read up on that post03:40
MerisHermes1111, no I wasn't aware of that.03:40
berto-i'm looking to use btrfs in RAID1 as my root filesyste, but after adding a device I get "Invalid argument" on boot.  I found a post that says i need to run "btrfs device scan".  how do i add that for booting?03:40
MerisHermes1111, I use LXDE with OpenBox, so I have few experiences with Unity in depth. Sorry about that.03:41
Hermes1111Meris, it's alright, I really do appreciate you trying to help. Are you throwing in the towel or you still trying?03:42
MerisHermes1111, How could you think that of me? I might need that towel to flag down a spaceship!03:42
Jordan_Uberto-: Are you dropped to a busybox shell when you boot?03:43
berto-Jordan_U: yeah, initramfs.03:43
Jordan_Uberto-: Try running "btrfs device scan" then just exit the shell. If that works, then you can probably automatically fix your initramfs to do it automatically with update-initramfs.03:44
berto-Jordan_U: rebooting … 1 sec.03:45
Jordan_Uberto-: If I recall correctly, "update-initramfs -k all", but since I don't have an Ubuntu machine handy at the moment you should confirm that with "man update-initramfs".03:45
MerisHermes1111, another try, do you find a category System Settings => keyboard =>  shortcuts => windows? That one should contain all shortcuts for window manipulation, including the Ctrl + Alt that you are trying to disable03:46
Jordan_Uberto-: If just running "btrfs device scan" and exiting doesn't work (but btrfs device scan is available and appears to work) you may need to mount your root fs to /root/ before exiting the shell.03:47
berto-Jordan_U: the command in the initramfs shell appears to be "btrfsctl -a"03:47
berto-the help for -a says: scans all devices for Btrfs filesystems03:48
MerisDoes anyone know how to restore your Desktop folder along with it's functionality after having deleted it by accident?03:48
Hermes1111Meris, I do not see ctrl + alt in there03:48
Hermes1111Meris, does a specific one for you have ctrl + alt assigned there?03:49
Jordan_Uberto-: I think that's because you're using an old version of btrfs progs. For using btrfs it's practically essential that you use at least the latest stable linux kernel (not just the one in the Ubuntu repositories), and it's important (though not as critical) to install the latest btrfs progs as well.03:49
MerisHermes1111, as I told you before, I don't use unity, so I wouldn't know.03:49
berto-Jordan_U: yeah, i am using 3.9-rc803:50
Hermes1111Meris, I'm going to just disable all my ctrl + alt ones, see if that works lol03:50
berto-and i rebuilt btrfs-progs, though I'm not sure i installed it properly.  i ran `make` and then `make install prefix=/usr bindir=/sbin`03:51
MerisHermes, do you get a dash or a HUD when using Ctrl + Alt, or does it just resize your window for you?03:51
MerisHermes1111, ^03:52
mobodoanyone knows what cwo is and in which package it can be found?03:52
Hermes1111it just resizes the window03:52
b4ulook4meHello Dear all03:53
b4ulook4meGood morning03:53
mobodowhen I press "tab" on the terminal, I get a an error: "No command 'cwo' found, did you mean:", I've never heard of cwo before… :-/03:54
b4ulook4meNeed Help, Installed 13.04 - via usb disk03:54
b4ulook4mehave nvidia GT61003:54
MerisHermes1111, how does it look, do you get a cross cursor, does your window become full screen, is it restored to it's previous size, or does it minimize the screen?03:54
b4ulook4mewhen I reboot, it hangs03:54
b4ulook4mehi mobodo, try env cmd and check which shell it is?03:55
mobodob4ulook4me: I'm using bash03:55
b4ulook4methen tab will worl03:56
b4ulook4mewhat does google say?03:56
mobodob4ulook4me: it's clueless, I also search the ubuntu packages for cwo to no avail03:56
berto-Jordan_U: i mounted the subvolume @ to /root and exited, but it failed with a call trace.03:56
berto-… going to try without mounting /root03:56
Hermes1111Meris, the first time I hit ctrl+alt it fits the in window mode to the whole top half of the width of my monitor, second time it shrinks that half -> <- to about 3/4 the width, third to 2/4 the width, fourth time to 1/4 the width, 5th time back to full width03:57
Hermes1111Meris, it fits the window in window mode***03:58
Hermes1111Meris, this does it for any program I have open03:58
MerisHermes, so in effect it cycles through the different window alignments that unity offers.03:58
kittyprideTesting http://j.gs/23hm03:58
Hermes1111Meris, yes, but with it fit to the top half of the screen only03:59
sonofzeusI edited something in terminal usin nano How shall i save it?03:59
researcher123my browser suddenly started opening quite slowly03:59
mobodob4ulook4me: I'm giving it a try, thanks - it could be missing the executable and barfing on the argument04:00
Hermes1111sonofzeus, brother, zeus is my father as well :p04:00
mobodob4ulook4me: nope :( but thanks for trying :)04:01
MerisHermes1111, can you try *adding* a new shortcut to keyboard => shortcuts => window? Maybe you can override it that way?04:01
b4ulook4memobodo: try these 1. cd / 2. find . -type f -name "bash" -noprint04:01
Hermes1111Meris, good idea, i'll try that04:01
b4ulook4menvidia hdmi out 13.04 hanging after install04:01
b4ulook4menvidia hdmi out 13.04 hanging after install04:01
dank101Stop spamming04:02
dank101and we may help you04:02
Meris!patience | b4ulook4me04:02
ubottub4ulook4me: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/04:02
b4ulook4meThanks guys..sorry 4 being so impatient been trying this since 12.04, 12.10 and now 13.0404:03
Hermes1111Meris, I have tried this before and I forgot about this little piece of info; when I try to do that it wont even let me set a ctrl + alt hotkey...04:03
b4ulook4metalk laterz bye all...04:03
dank101we can help04:03
dank101we need a more bigger descripption04:03
b4ulook4mehow can i boot in cmd at booting04:03
Hermes1111Meris, I can do ctrl + alt + other letters but not what I need =X04:03
bazhang!nox | b4ulook4me04:03
ubottub4ulook4me: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode04:03
b4ulook4meThanks guys...regards will try...bye 4 now...04:04
Hermes1111Meris, I'll see if I can install any other programs for setting up hotkeys (if you know of one let me know), and maybe I can disable or override it through a diff program04:05
MerisHermes1111, what I meant is this: Do you find any *description* in that list that might fit with the behaviour of Ctrl + Alt that you have experienced?04:05
sonofzeusHow shall I save a file in nano? Anyone?04:06
sonofzeusI edited the file and now I wanna save it how?04:06
MerisHermes1111, Ok, I'm going to restart my session in Unity. Maybe I can help you out. brb04:06
KidBetaim seeing two files called . and .. in a directory im trying to read files from but they arent visible in the GUI . any ideas.04:07
pmantisKidBeta, . = current directory, .. = 1 directory higher. That's ok.04:08
MerisHermes1111, I'm back, thiws time in Unity, let'see...04:08
Hermes1111Meris, I've checked all the options in that menu, even tried out all the ones that were similiar04:08
Hermes1111Meris, there is no option in there that does what the hotkey does04:09
MerisHermes1111, when I (on 12.04) use Ctrl + Alt with an arrow key, I will switch between desktops. I am afraid that this quirky behaviour might be unique for 11.1004:12
Hermes1111Meris, I believe you're right. Kbentley said that it didn't do that on his newer version of ubuntu04:13
kaushalDoes 13.04 has unity lens for pidgin?04:13
Hermes1111Meris, worse comes to worst I'll upgrade my ubuntu (i am long overdue anyways)04:13
Hermes1111Meris, I'm installing compiz config manager; i'll see if I can have any luck using that program04:14
MrGizmo757i keep hasving Kernel panics in 13.04  and my Battery indicator in the upper panel seems to be broken.  anybody else having these issues?04:14
MerisI'm seeing all the content of my homedrive on my desktop instead of the contents of my Desktop (Bureaublad in my case). Can anyone help me to link the contents that I see on my desktop back to my Bureaublad folder, which resides in /home/$USER/Documents ? ?04:14
Merishomedrive => homedir04:15
MerisI see the contents of /home/$USER on my desktop instead of /home/$USER/Bureaublad (which means Desktop in my language)04:16
swan1Hello.  I am running mythbuntu 12.04.2, w/mythtv .26 and have configured audio so that it is sent to my tv via HDMI. Unfortunately, if I leave the system idle for a while (>1h) audio no longer works.  If I reboot, it works again.  How do I 1) Turn off the power saving (mis)feature and 2) fix the audio issue?  I have also disabled screen blanking, so I don't think that is involved.04:16
wilee-nileekaushal, http://www.iloveubuntu.net/unity-pidgin-lens-released-ppa-available04:17
MerisHermes, can you pastebin a screenshot of your keyboard => shortcuts => window on pastepic.com and give me the URL to it?04:19
benno123how can i use PGP signature in my email?04:19
pmantisbenno123,  What email client?04:19
Merisbenno123, are you using Thunderbird? If so, there are quite a few extensions that will do that04:20
MerisHermes1111, sorry, picpaste.com04:20
benno123Meris:can i use it directly,in web browser ?04:21
pmantisbenno123, I'd recommend enigmail for Thunderbird. Google & youtube have lots of instructions for configuring them.04:21
Merisbenno123, there may be an extension for firefox that does that, but I would be quite surprised.04:22
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benno123Meris:so what do i want to do to get PGP signature in my email?04:24
pmantisbenno123, Install enigmail, add extention to Thunderbird, configure it with your key.04:24
MerisHermes1111, benno123 , sorry, but I have to catch some Zzzz's. It's 6:23AM in the morning here and I haven't slept this night. I'm getting kinda woozy, which should not come as a surprise...04:25
=== kaushal_ is now known as kaushal
MerisGoing to the halls of Morphos...(hitting the hay, cataching some Zzz's, etc...)04:29
kaushalwilee-nilee: hi again04:29
kaushalwilee-nilee: I am facing this issue -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5610993/04:30
kaushalwilee-nilee: any clue?04:30
IdleOnekaushal: are you on 13.04 raring?04:34
kaushalIdleOne: yes04:34
wilee-nileekaushal,  I see only unity-lens-pidgin in the ppa up to quantal04:34
kaushalwilee-nilee: oh ok :/04:34
IdleOnekaushal: there is no unity-lens-pidgin for raring in that PPA04:34
kaushalIdleOne: any alternative?04:35
IdleOnekaushal: not that I know fo04:36
kaushalIdleOne: is it a good proposition to use 13.04 now or should i have upgraded it one month later?04:37
SonikkuAmericakaushal: It's perfectly safe to use now...04:38
kaushalSonikkuAmerica: ok04:38
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lotuspsychje!apt > lotuspsychje04:50
ubottulotuspsychje, please see my private message04:50
lotuspsychjewich channel can i sugest new trigger for #ubuntu?04:51
=== Guest33362 is now known as Termana
FaekI was told there would be constant talking here04:53
FaekSomeone lied to me04:54
lotuspsychjeFaek: just ask your question mate04:54
lotuspsychjeFaek: this is a support channel04:54
histoFaek: there is constant talking04:55
IronsightIs there a way to install ubuntu on a macbook pro retina?04:57
DavidSchererOkay, I upgraded to Ubuntu 13.04 and can't seem to use Unity?04:57
lotuspsychje!mac | Ironsight04:57
ubottuIronsight: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages04:57
lotuspsychje!details | DavidScherer04:57
ubottuDavidScherer: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:57
FaekOh i dont have a question. My IRC client is just dodgy and doesnt tell me when it disconnects, hence a channel with heaps of talking04:57
lotuspsychjeFaek: wich client are you on?04:58
atrus!error | DavidScherer04:58
ubottuDavidScherer: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)04:58
atrus!broken | DavidScherer04:58
ubottuDavidScherer: Saying "It says nothing", "It does nothing" is generally not very useful for troubleshooting. Please be as specific as possible: if you see a black screen, say so, if you see a shell prompt, say so, if you see an !error message, say so - Also, most !CLI commands don't print anything when they succeed, but only when they fail.04:58
LifeIsPainFaek: there is constant join/parting in here though, you can check time stamps of those04:59
wilee-nileeDavidScherer, Did you get it working in 12.10 before you upgraded to 13.04?04:59
DavidSchererwilee-nilee: Kinda, in Gnome (2-ish it looks like)04:59
DavidSchererAnd it still works in Gnome.05:00
DavidSchererIt just looks...dated.05:00
LifeIsPainFaek: but still, which client?05:00
DavidSchererNothing like Gnome 3 or unity.05:00
FaekIRC999 on iOS05:00
* LifeIsPain has a vested interest in one client in terms of if it isn't reporting correctly05:00
LifeIsPainand nope, not it05:00
FaekDidnt think it would be lol05:01
* LifeIsPain 's client won't ever be ported to iOS05:01
LifeIsPainway too much effort to port it05:01
DavidSchererWould a pastebin of my xorg log be useful?05:02
lotuspsychjeDavidScherer: any information we can use would be usefull05:03
lotuspsychjeDavidScherer: clean install or upgrade? did you check additional drivers? did unity work on previous?05:04
DavidSchererlotuspsychje: Upgrade. No, where's that, and Yes.05:05
lotuspsychjeDavidScherer: check software centre/sources/tab addiotnal drivers for your grafix card driver05:05
DavidSchererI don't see a sources tab,05:06
DavidSchererFOund it I think05:07
DavidSchererlotuspsychje: It says no proprietary drivers are in use.05:08
lotuspsychjeDavidScherer: anything in list you can switch from grafix card?05:08
DavidSchererIt's blank.05:09
=== _aneks is now known as aneks
DavidSchererShould I re-enable the sources the upgrade disabled?05:10
lotuspsychjeDavidScherer: i would try a clean install myself, see if it sorts unity05:10
lotuspsychjemany upgrades have left-overs from previous05:11
=== _aneks is now known as aneks
DavidSchererlotuspsychje: I'm really not looking forward to having to copy everything to my external for a clean install. :(05:12
=== _aneks is now known as aneks
=== LifeIsPain` is now known as LifeIsPain
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest70282
benno123how do i add my own pgp signature in mail.ru?05:15
DavidSchererlotuspsychje: Also xorg.0.log http://pastebin.ca/236866305:16
=== dave is now known as Guest54272
Guest54272I'm getting a purple screen when booting on 12.04 after installing from a Bootable flash drive, anybody know how to fix this?05:20
wilee-nileeGuest54272, Did you install from the live desktop?05:24
Guest54272I beleive that I did though im not sure, sorry kind of new to linux05:24
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | Guest5427205:25
ubottuGuest54272: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:25
Guest54272ok thanks a million!05:25
wilee-nileeGuest54272, Try the adding of nomodeset in the grub menu at boot, it may be that you need a graphics driver.05:25
DavidSchererSound works in webchat, but not on YouTube. :(05:26
DavidSchererI should have stayed at 12.0405:26
lotuspsychjeDavidScherer: like i told you, a clean install can sort a lot05:30
DavidSchererlotuspsychje: Is there any other option?05:30
lotuspsychjeDavidScherer: there always is but how deep you want to dig05:31
BaylorIs it possible to install the desktop edition with netinstall over wifi?05:31
lotuspsychjeDavidScherer: if you re-ask your question in channel once in a while, someone will find whats wrong05:31
DavidSchererlotuspsychje: I mean, if it's as simple as few commands to figure out what's missing, I can handle that.05:32
DavidSchererI can't seem to find any options for paid desktop support from Cononical aside from Landscape support.05:32
lotuspsychjeDavidScherer: we need to findout whats wrong first, try to gather as much details as possible05:33
DavidSchererI don't know what details to gather.05:33
lotuspsychjeDavidScherer: try /var/log/syslog maybe to check for errors05:33
lotuspsychjeDavidScherer: grafix card brand + driver currently loaded would be usefull too05:34
lotuspsychjeDavidScherer: if you pastebin this info and re-ask in channel that your unity got broke, someone will help for sure05:35
hackooI have installed Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop 64 bit on my HP Probook laptop and now Windows is not booting even after having entry in grub2.05:35
DavidSchererlotuspsychje: HOw do I find that?05:35
mohsen-rashidihello every one.i have a problem with Ubuntu One.i had uploaded some folders and now i want to remove them from my account but i don`t know how to do it.05:35
lotuspsychjehackoo: did you try a update-grub?05:35
wilee-nileehackoo, Did you remove any partitions to install ubuntu?05:36
hackoolotuspsychje: yes.. I tried it too05:36
lotuspsychjehackoo: win7?05:36
hackoowilee-nilee: lotuspsychje I am telling you the whole issue, I have files in pastebin05:36
hackoolotuspsychje: yes05:36
lotuspsychje!dualboot | hackoo05:36
ubottuhackoo: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:36
hackoolotuspsychje: I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop 64 bit on my HP Probook laptop, I wanted to make this dual boot as it's an official laptop and already have Windows 7 installed. Before installation it was having 3 primary partitions, one for where windows files were kept other where my data was stored and third was an small size partition but I dont know what is had may it was having boot loader as I could see this small partition as /dev/sda1 whil05:36
hackoolotuspsychje: wilee-nilee: Before starting installation I created another logical partition by shrinking the biggest data partition then I used live Ubuntu USB drive for installation. While installation I saw something weird like option to select bootloader partition was showing me /dev/sda1 (loader) and /dev/sdb but not /dev/sda. I proceed with selecting /dev/sda1 and completed installation. After successful complete installtion I saw the grub2 boot 05:37
wilee-nileehackoo, Did you remove sda1?05:37
hackoowilee-nilee: no I didn't removed that05:37
wilee-nileehackoo,But you had grub installed there?05:38
lotuspsychjehackoo: i would loose the win7 for good and full install 13.0405:38
hackoowilee-nilee: lousygarua: see this is the current status of grub.cfg and fdisk -l http://paste.ubuntu.com/5611071/05:38
angelazouis there a sample script that allows me to create a post-receive git hook on ubuntu?05:39
hackoowilee-nilee: no earlier there was no grub.. it was having win 7 bootloader I think.05:39
crperHello ,every body05:39
PrincessLunaMy touchpad has the lower buttons directly under the touchpad surface so you press down a touch sensitive area. When I right click using the button in Linux, it registers a small movement as a I press down which is annoying. Any ideas?05:40
wilee-nileehackoo, Install this app in ubuntu, and run only the bootinfo summary, from your description it sounds like you put grub in the W7 boot partition, this can be fixed, however we need to see if this is the case with this app. Post the url it generates with the summary. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair05:41
hackoowilee-nilee: ok. Thanks05:41
mohsen-rashidiHello everyone.I have problem with Ubuntu One.I used to upload some folders on my account and now i want to remove them, but i don`t know how.Please help me.05:42
PrincessLunamohsen-rashidi: Try the web interface05:43
wilee-nileemohsen-rashidi, Isn't ubuntu one like other cloud storage removing it locally does it.05:43
wilee-nilee!cookie | lotuspsychje05:44
ubottulotuspsychje: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:44
wilee-nileelol remove windows05:44
mohsen-rashidiPrincessLuna: I had tried that too, but i didn`t see any buttonor something like that for removing05:44
lotuspsychjewilee-nilee: alot of alternate packages out there that can replace win05:45
wilee-nileelotuspsychje, I know, I just thought it was a funny response.05:45
mohsen-rashidiwilee-nilee: You mean i should remove them from my Home folder?05:45
wilee-nileemohsen-rashidi, The ubuntu one folder where they are.05:46
pentanolthere anyone use svn server really frequent? I need suggestion for chose something between VisualSVN , CollabNet  or UberSVN ?05:47
wilee-nileemohsen-rashidi, I use dropbox it has a folder where you store stuff, I assume ubuntu one has a folder you add to.05:47
mohsen-rashidiwilee-nilee: Ok...i get it.Thanks.05:47
SkinnyVHi guys, anybody could help me, I'm trying to connect with x2go05:49
SkinnyVI think I installed it correctly but I'm not sure which desktop environment I am using05:49
SkinnyVI tried to find a command to check this over SSH but all the one I found on google didnt work for me05:50
SkinnyVanyone can help?05:54
ubottugios: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».05:57
Cyrishey dudes05:58
alphaZerohi guys05:58
Cyriswhatsup alpha05:58
phate_psycogood morning05:58
Cyrisim a complete newbie to ubuntu so bare with me all05:58
alphaZerochilling, you?05:58
Cyristrying not to screw up my OS haha05:59
Cyrisalready had to reinstall because i did the wrong "sudo" command haha05:59
alphaZerowhich one did you do?05:59
SkinnyVAnyone know a command that could tell me which desktop I'm using on my ubuntu 12.04 server?05:59
Cyrisdont even remember this was like 7 hours ago05:59
Cyrisi figured it was easier just to start frorm scratch than trying to figure out where i went wrong. it made my terminal go blank and i couldnt do any commands06:00
Jordan_USkinnyV: Ubuntu Server doesn't have any "Desktop" installed by default...06:00
aeon-ltdSkinnyV: what do you mean by desktop?06:00
qinCyris: man history; man man; You know of virtual systems, or live for that matter?06:00
SkinnyVi mean, Gnome, KDE, Unity etc06:01
Cyris@qin no06:01
Cyrisjesus, i cant even IRC.... its been years06:01
SkinnyVi just installed x2go and trying to connect but need to know which I am using06:01
qinCyris: if you like to experiment, virtualbox would be very handy.06:03
Cyrisquin: what is the basic idea of the program?06:03
aeon-ltdSkinnyV: it's been a while since i used anything like rdp/vnc, but i think you need to be running X then a desktop environment06:04
Cyrisgoogling it now06:04
qinCyris: it let you run virtual system from image "embedded" into real one, great for making mistakes06:04
Cyrisqin: so basically i can try commands before i use them on my OS for real06:06
qinCyris: yup.06:09
Cyrisqin: okay cool i am going to read up on it a bit while installing06:09
zampourashello! I have a problem with my webcam on an acer aspire one, it does not work with cheese or skype. any suggestions?06:10
hackoowilee-nilee: Hey. I installed app and ran the bootinfo summery. Please see this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5611157/06:11
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DRatJrCould someone assist me on removing Ubuntu from boot options, removing grub, and fixing MBR?06:11
PeoplesAdvocateOkay, I'm still a little confused about installing Ubuntu in UEFI. I recently bought a HP laptop with Windows 8. I want to keep it and I have been reading the documentation on the Ubuntu website about installing Ubuntu in UEFI. I am still a little confused on how to go on about doing this. Currently I have a 400mb Recovery Partition; 260mb EFI System Partition; 568.21gb NTFS (C:); 27.19gb Recovery (D:). Can someone point me in the r06:12
Jordan_UDRatJr: So you have Windows and Ubuntu in a dual boot, and you just want to have Windows boot with no option for Ubuntu?06:12
qinDRatJr: I suspect you need MS (?) resque disk or installation one06:13
belak51Is there a good way to install Chrome on Ubuntu 13.04? I keep getting an error about a missing libudev0 or something06:13
wilee-nileehackoo, Yeah you put grub in the windows boot partition this link will tell you the fix. http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/bootinfoscript/index.php?title=Boot_Problems:Boot_Sector06:13
DRatJrQin, I have done the /fixmbr command, deleted it in easybcd, and other options. but nothing06:14
Jordan_UDRatJr: Did you install Ubuntu via Wubi?06:14
hackoowilee-nilee: I appreciate your help. I am going through that link, btw can't I repair this using the same boot-repair tool as it have an option to do so.06:15
DRatJrNo, I installed alongside. I have since deleted and merged the partition.06:15
DRatJrI did the uninstall I found on the site06:15
DRatJrBut it didn't remove ubuntu from my menu06:15
Jordan_U!bootinfo | DRatJr06:15
ubottuDRatJr: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).06:15
DRatJrand when I run automatic repair from recovery usb, it says it cant fix it06:15
wilee-nileehackoo, I don't use the tool, I'm not sure if t has an option for this situation, look in the sda1 partition in your link and you see grub there.06:16
DRatJrI have posted those on the ubuntu forums, no one seems to be able to help06:16
PeoplesAdvocate@belak51: check this site here. http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/fix-google-chrome-cant-be-installed-in.html06:16
DRatJrShould I just run and paste back here?06:16
hackoowilee-nilee: yes.06:16
Jordan_UDRatJr: No.06:16
Jordan_U!pastebin | DRatJr06:16
ubottuDRatJr: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:16
DRatJrWhat? I just asked if I should run bootinfo and post link in here?06:17
DRatJrAnd you said no then pastebin?06:17
wilee-nileehackoo, If you are sure go for it. The link we used before the bootrepair app was bult.06:17
DRatJrI will brb. I will get boot info script06:18
DRatJrDamn. Now I have to switch my windows recovery usb to a live usb for ubuntu.... OMG06:18
hackoowilee-nilee: Not sure if the option is for my specific case or its for some general issue, First I am going through the link you provided and if I don't understand that then I'll go with the tool.06:19
jjin082693hi guys, having some difficulty installing ubuntu 13.04 and was wondering if anyone could give some guidance06:20
wilee-nileehackoo, You just use testdisk, however it does show a use from a windows recovery or install disc. I have people just manualy delete the gub files in the partition as well.06:20
hackoowilee-nilee: I am doing test disk, I don't have a Windows recovery disk. Actually it's my official laptop with Windows installed, I like working on Linux so I installed Ubuntu on dual boot. Now I am unable to use several official apps like webex and all.06:22
hackoowilee-nilee: running test disk06:23
pentanolhere anyone fine with svn's?06:24
testtesttestwho testtesttest06:25
wilee-nileejjin082693, For help tell the channel you problems, not me in particular.06:26
Cyrisqin: downloaded virtual box, but it is now 2:30 am so i am going to head to bed. i will be back on tomorrow to mess around with it and use this channel for FAQ's. thanks dude06:28
Cyrisgoodnight all06:28
jjin082693I'm trying to install ubuntu 13.04 as a dual-boot on a windows 8 machine. I'm able to get up to the screen where I can select to install ubuntu (as opposed to try it), after which the screen goes black; but i can hear the notification sound indicating that the setup window's popped up. plus i can hear the feedback when i change volume.06:29
jjin082693anyone have any idea how to fix this?06:29
qinCyris: night06:29
jjin082693i've tried setting nomodeset, which made it able to display video except in three TINY "windows" along the top of my display06:29
Jordan_Ujjin082693: Does the same thing happen if you chose "Try Ubuntu" and then select the installer afterward?06:30
cotton-gnomewhen installing ubuntu-gnome i want to do whole disk encryption when i select the default settings for install /w encryption it tries to install the grub to sda1 but i need it on sdc where i am installing ubuntu/ also dual booting windows on drive sdb06:31
cotton-gnomegrub install fails06:31
KyeRusselliirc you'd need grub on sda1 in that setup?06:32
jjin082693when i choose "try ubuntu" i get the black screen, except with no notification sound and no feedback when i change volume06:32
Jordan_Ucotton-gnome: If you use manual partitioning it should allow you to select where grub's boot sector should be installed, though I haven't tested 13.04's installer yet. Also, it doesn't ever default to installing grub's boot sector to a partition, as that's just wrong.06:32
DRatJrAnyone see that?06:36
DRatJrHere is my boot info script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5611202/06:37
DRatJrI believe qin was helping me?06:37
cotton-gnomeno it asked what drive to install too i selected sdc and when it was installing the grub the message said that "installing grub sda failed", when i selected install w/o grub program locked had to reboot looking at the drive i see 2 partitons one at 254 mb and the other has the rest of the space i put the /boot to the 254 mb drive? and encrypt the rest as a psychical drive06:37
Jordan_Ucotton-gnome: Is your boot firmware UEFI or BIOS based?06:38
DRatJroh nvm06:39
DRatJrnot me06:39
nethunte2Guys, how do I change the uspalsh screen for Ubuntu 13.04?06:39
DRatJrAnd now I play the waiting game06:39
cotton-gnomei am using ubuntu-gnome as its the only one on my usb that the key board works in06:40
DRatJrCould anyone assist me?06:41
Jordan_UDRatJr: Are you still booted into the Ubuntu LiveUSB?06:41
nethunte2After upgrading to 13.04, my boot screen shows "Kubuntu" instead of "Ubuntu".06:43
Jordan_UDRatJr: Please pastebin the output of "sudo efibootmgr".06:43
DRatJrwhat are the commands to install that?06:43
DRatJrdont have it right now06:43
Jordan_UDRatJr: What version of Ubuntu did you put on the USB drive?06:47
DRatJrBootCurrent: 0003 Timeout: 0 seconds BootOrder: 0001,0004,0003,0000 Boot0000* Windows Boot Manager Boot0001* Windows Boot Manager Boot0003* UEFI: PNY USB 2.0 FD 1100 Boot0004* ubuntu06:48
DRatJrthats what I get06:48
DRatJr install06:48
DRatJrtrying to remove 12.0406:48
DRatJrSo...what now?06:51
DRatJrJordan_U ?06:52
Jordan_UDRatJr: run "sudo efibootmgr -b 4 -B"06:53
DRatJri have already done that06:54
DRatJrit does not stick after reboot06:54
DRatJrit shows after I reboot. In windows and in linux06:54
Jordan_UDRatJr: What is the output of "sudo efibootmgr" after running "sudo efibootmgr -b 4 -B"?06:55
DRatJrit shows it as deleted06:56
callipygousHow do I boot in to recover/single user mode?  They told me to hold down shift or press esc key but neither is working. :(06:56
callipygousI'm running LTS 12.0406:56
Jordan_UDRatJr: Please post the complet output.06:56
DRatJrJordan_U: it shows it as deleted, but it will reappear after reboot. I have done this before06:56
DRatJrJordan_U: BootCurrent: 0003 Timeout: 0 seconds BootOrder: 0001,0004,0003,0000 Boot0000* Windows Boot Manager Boot0001* Windows Boot Manager Boot0003* UEFI: PNY USB 2.0 FD 110006:57
needhelpASAPis there anyone online at the moment that can assist me?06:57
needhelpASAPI'm struggling to fix some issues06:58
Jordan_UDRatJr: Please run "sudo efibootmgr -o 1,3,0"06:58
needhelpASAP.... :( :'( anyone?06:59
DRatJrJordan_U: what will that do?06:59
DRatJrJordan_U: just wondering before I do it06:59
Jordan_UDRatJr: Remove entry number 4 from the boot order (by setting the boot order to entry 1, then 3, then 0 rather than the current 1,4,3,0).06:59
needhelpASAPJordan U can you give me some advice real quick?07:00
DRatJrJordan_U: ok done it. Now what? sudo efibootmgr again?07:00
DRatJrJordan_U: output: BootCurrent: 0003 Timeout: 0 seconds BootOrder: 0001,0004,0003,0000 Boot0000* Windows Boot Manager Boot0001* Windows Boot Manager Boot0003* UEFI: PNY USB 2.0 FD 110007:00
DRatJrJordan_U: it didnt remove it from the entry07:01
callipygousHow do I get in to my boot loader with LTS 12.04?07:01
callipygousDoes LTS 12.04 even have a boot loader?07:01
Jordan_Ucallipygous: Yes.07:01
callipygousNothing seems to work - holding down shift or alt or escape doesn't do a thing07:01
Hermes1111i need some serious help07:01
Hermes1111can i modify unity 3d from 2d07:02
Jordan_UDRatJr: Try "sudo efibootmgr -O" as a test (should remove the boot order completely, and then maybe we'll be able to set it afterward).07:02
needhelpASAPAnyone here? I need some help solving this issue.07:03
callipygousSo how do I get in to my botloader?07:03
DRatJrJordan_U: It did. Now what?07:03
hackoowilee-nilee: Hey.. that testdisk worked. I am able to boot Windows now. Thanks a lot.07:03
DRatJrJordan_U: Now run this: sudo efibootmgr -o 1,3,0 ?07:03
Jordan_UDRatJr: First check efibootmgr output to confirm that something has changed.07:04
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needhelpASAPwilee nilee... can you help?07:04
needhelpASAPI might be having the same issue07:05
=== LordOfTime is now known as TheLordOfTime
DRatJrJordan_U: output is: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo efibootmgr BootCurrent: 0003 Timeout: 0 seconds Boot0000* Windows Boot Manager Boot0001* Windows Boot Manager Boot0003* UEFI: PNY USB 2.0 FD 110007:05
Jordan_UDRatJr: Good. Now yes, "sudo efibootmgr -o 1,3,0"07:05
DRatJrJordan_U: Nope. This is output: BootCurrent: 0003 Timeout: 0 seconds Boot0000* Windows Boot Manager Boot0001* Windows Boot Manager Boot0003* UEFI: PNY USB 2.0 FD 110007:06
wilee-nileeneedhelpASAP, I haven't seen a description of your problem the channel needs this.07:06
DRatJrJordan_U: Did I just make nothing bootable now...?!07:06
Jordan_UDRatJr: I don't think so, because BootCurrent still has a value.07:07
DRatJrJordan_U: So now what?07:07
Aborticai have 60gb of unallocated space on my drive and after using gparted to make it a partition, i can't figure out how to take ownership of it so i can use virtualbox to install a OS to it07:08
needlatehelpasapI need some help if someone can take 5-10 mins to help me get it running correct?07:09
DRatJrJordan_U: >07:10
DRatJrJordan_U: ?*07:10
Jordan_UDRatJr: I don't know, but I'm trying to find out.07:11
DRatJrJordan_U: I feel like I just screwed myself...07:11
Jordan_UDRatJr: My guess is that if you rebooted now, you would be taken to the UEFI setup screens.07:11
DRatJrJordan_U: Which would allow me to boot to windows or what?07:11
needlatehelpasap@Jordan U...can you help?07:12
Jordan_UDRatJr: If that's the case, then it's me that actually got you into this position, which means that I won't leave until I've done everything I can to get you back to a working configuration.07:12
hackoohey why ubuntu 12.10 is supported longer than 13.0407:13
DRatJrJordan_U: Can we take this into private? I'm kinda bugging out right now07:13
hackooeven when 12.10 is not an LTS07:13
jribhackoo: because there was a change made to support lengths07:13
cotton-gnomehackoo they changed the release schedule07:13
Jordan_UDRatJr: Sure.07:14
hackoocotton-gnome: ok got it.07:14
needlatehelpasapcan anyone online spare 10 mins?07:15
cotton-gnomeneedlatehelpasap: http://bit.ly/d7z6T07:15
wilee-nilee!details | needlatehelpasap07:15
ubottuneedlatehelpasap: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:15
needlatehelpasapsorry cotton gnome..little drunk and haven't recieved help I can understand yet,07:16
needlatehelpasapthe following are the details..07:16
wilee-nileeneedlatehelpasap, The person helping you in that thread is about your best help, stick with them. ;)07:19
needlatehelpasapok...thanks wilee.. guess I'll wait till tomorrow07:20
cotton-gnomewhen doing whole disk encryption do i make a small ~260mb /boot partition and the rest physical disk for encryption07:26
cotton-gnomei cannot change the rest of the drive now07:28
davi-polcan someone tell me where i can update plaonlinux07:30
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FreeCzechnyawould like to increase the time it takes for my screen to dim on my laptop. any ideas?07:36
kaushalMobile broadband doesnot do "automatically connect to the network when it is available" inspite of enabling checkbox in Network Connections. Any clue?07:37
SierraARFreeCzechnya: This is off of memory, but I'm pretty sure there's an option for that in the 'power options' section of the settings window.07:37
jonutssince upgrading to raring, notify-osd just creates an unstyled blue bar on the top left of my screen. has anyone encountered this?07:38
anti_How can I discover of a specific package whether it came from Debian Testing or Debian Unstable?07:41
kostkon_anti_: apt-cache policy package_name07:42
mojogagaHello. New user, with what I imagine is a silly question. Is there any way to go directly back to the bootloader without having to do another BIOS check?07:42
anti_kostkon that tells me which Ubuntu repos it came from, but I want to know from which Debian repos the Ubuntu developers took it in the first place07:43
kostkon_anti_: oh ok, misunderstood the question07:44
ChemicalToiletqjackctl keeps freezing only option to force quit any way to solve 11.1007:44
wilee-nileemojogaga, Why would you have to do a bios check/07:44
ChemicalToiletbetter yet, any way to access config file, static settings mking it freeze no way to recover07:44
heneusl_payWhat is the "Super" key when described in keyboard shortcut combinations such as inverting colors of the currently focused window, Super + n.07:44
kostkon_heneusl_pay: the windows key07:45
heneusl_paykostkon_: And do you know how to enable desktop effects under Ubuntu 12?07:46
ChemicalToiletI just need to import flac to ardour for spectrum analysis need output07:47
ChemicalToiletI hav flac in ardour no audoi out with jackd07:47
mojogagawilee-nilee: In a dual-boot situation, I want to be able to swap between the two without doing a restart. Is that already readily available?07:47
mojogaga(Full system restart, I mean, hence the BIOS check)07:47
wilee-nileemojogaga, Different HD's?07:48
cotton-gnomei got error ??? ??? message ??? ???07:48
wilee-nileemojogaga, You have to reboot to get one or the other, unless one is in a virtual.07:48
kostkon_heneusl_pay: you need to install the compiz config manager if you want to add more effects, i.e. activate extra compiz plugins07:49
ChemicalToiletheneusl_pay what is your hardware for vid is it a radeon?07:51
heneusl_paykostkon_: Super + n is not inverting colors and the config package apt says is replaced by compizcore ChemicalToilet I think this system runs some intel chip. Double checking system info.07:52
heneusl_payIt says, driver: unknown. ChemicalToilet07:53
ChemicalToiletdid you make sure your not blacklistyed?07:53
ChemicalToiletis that under lspci?07:53
mojogagawilee-nilee: Same HD, diff partitions. And alright, that's what I thought, wasn't sure about the technical side of things. Would just be nice to shave 10+ seconds off swapping back to my Windows partition.07:53
mojogagaThanks for the response07:54
heneusl_payI am running a live CD just to reference documents while configuring anoher machine and there is too much bright white I need a way to invert colors while reading.07:54
ChemicalToilet<heneusl_pay> type lspci in term and look for vga compatible controller07:55
ChemicalToiletpost output07:55
heneusl_payIntel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL96007:55
ChemicalToiletseriously though, anyont for qjackctl in 11.10, force quit instatly, can anoyone tell where to find the config file so I can delete?07:56
ChemicalToiletHeneusl_pay try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192225607:58
marvxgood morning07:58
ChemicalToiletqjackctl? 11.10 anyone for a soloution?07:58
ChemicalToiletYes or no will do fine, please help07:59
marvxi have a problem....i installed ubuntu 13.04, but after a few minutes it crashes07:59
heneusl_payI just want to invert the colors not play with drivers.07:59
ChemicalToilet<heneusl_pay> gnome or unity?08:01
marvxnoone can help?08:02
ChemicalToilet Win+M?<heneusl_pay08:02
ChemicalToiletJoin the club marvx I'm just trying to get basic audio fuctions in 11.1008:03
auronandaceChemicalToilet: just so you know 11.10 support ends on may 9th08:04
ChemicalToiletwell aware, I just need output in ardour for jackd08:05
ChemicalToiletAlso, there are known video issues for my card in 12.0408:05
ChemicalToiletI'll make manual fixes if I need to for now until that is fixed, I'm not willing to invest more time or money into my needs for a broken os when I have arch on my personal machine if I have to08:06
ranjeetI get prompted for your "default keyring" password everytime I login after upgrading to 13.04, how do stop this from recurring?08:06
ranjeetany help much appreciated?08:06
darthanubisgive it the password08:07
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ChemicalToiletI love ubuntu but it's too messy to run with the big dogs, I just need a simple fix, I need to know where the config is for jackd08:07
darthanubisChemicalToilet, get jackd suppory08:08
darthanubissupport on their page08:08
captinehi there.  anyone else have a weird sound when Skype alerts come through on 13.04.  My sounds for skype sound all scratchy... other sounds (music playing etc) all works fine08:08
ChemicalToiletSeriously, love ubuntu but its like fried eggs on a nail when it comes to stability08:09
ranjeetI get prompted for your "default keyring" password everytime I login after upgrading to 13.04, how do stop this from recurring?08:09
przemekChemicalToilet: thats why i change my default system to Mint08:09
przemekand i think Mint is much better than Ubuntu08:10
darthanubisChemicalToilet, why use it then? I only use what works.08:11
ChemicalToilet<darthanubis> ubuntu supports more software than arch but arch works period08:11
kiwitinkerI am trying to install a program that says to install I should - make install (as user root) - so to do this would I go - gksudo make install08:11
darthanubisI can't get inti Mint08:12
martynHi all08:12
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darthanubiswhats the point. btw this is allOT08:12
Guest15769lookinng for some help i have AMD 6960 Grx and i am looking for help isntal;ling drivers on 13.04 X6408:12
ChemicalToiletThat is one of the reasons why I love ubuntu, they arent affraid to take the leap, but nobody knows what is goin on most of the time, I see about 9 out of 10 problems go unsolved for at leat 3 months with debian distros. crux is solid and we take care of problems, the problem there is the limitations08:13
Guest15769Can any 1 help me08:13
* darthanubis troll08:13
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darthanubisChemicalTroll, I give you a 308:14
ChemicalToiletI'm not knocking ubuntu by any means but I cant get anyone to tell me where a simple config file is, even purge the package isnt enough to get it to its original state08:14
kiwitinkerI am trying to install a program that says to install I should - make install (as user root) - so to do this would I go - gksudo make install08:15
stuffedhaggisAmd drivers any 108:15
kiwitinkergksudo to make me user root for this command08:16
Gyro54After upgrading to 13.04 I have lost the Unity side bar and all menus from 1 of the 2 x users on my machine?08:16
* darthanubis google has all of these answers.08:16
Captain_Crowdoes ubuntu work with origin games or only steam games?08:17
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ranjeetI get prompted for your "default keyring" password everytime I login after upgrading to 13.04, how do stop this from recurring?08:20
ranjeetcan someon help me on this issue?08:21
ranjeetI get prompted for your "default keyring" password everytime I login after upgrading to 13.04, how do stop this from recurring?08:21
KE7CKIWhy should I *not* use a GUI while hosting a server?08:22
=== frosty is now known as stayfrosty555
heroandtn3ranjeet: try modify startup applications08:23
heneusl_payHow do I enable the super + n (invert colors) feature in Ubuntu 12 all of the compiz packages seem installed.08:23
ranjeetheroandtn3: how would I do that?08:24
heroandtn3search Startup Application08:26
heroandtn3then untick items that you want to preven from starting with system08:26
ranjeetheroandtn3: would that help me fix the keyring issue at the startup?08:27
ranjeetlet me check08:27
heroandtn3I think that (but not sure)08:28
KE7CKIDoes an all-inclusive/exhaustive source for maintaining a SSD for an OS drive exist?08:28
dhiedeafhi all, can help me ? i use gmameui, if start gmameui, can i stop repeat loading list game?08:30
ranjeetheroandtn3: I ran the command and checked with the startup apps and removed an option speaking about the keyring, let me restart to confirm if it is fixed, will join and update you08:30
ChemicalToiletI have been an ubuntu user since karmic, I am not trying to be troublesome, I really need to know where the config file for jackd is so I can delete it. My ubuntu forum ID is kylerobhew1 and I have been registered since 2010. I have yet to receive a solution to any error since then without finding my own solution, I am not a troll.08:32
dhiedeafhi there... here has anyone tried gmameui?08:33
ChemicalToiletI am litterally pulling my hari out08:34
IdleOneChemicalToilet: try running: whereis jackd08:34
ChemicalToiletThank you08:34
confreyhi everybody08:39
dhiedeafhi all, u know about gmameui?08:41
ubottufelicinos: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:41
ChemicalToiletsrsly thank you IdleOne, that saved me.08:41
wizard_Ai'm on wubi ubuntu and want to see my partitions in my hdd, what is the command08:44
confreyI've installed a 10.04, I need to use it, but my wireless doesn't work; lspci tell me about a bcma and a brcmsmac modules needed by the device08:46
Notimikanyone here who got gfx bugs with amd prop drivers and dual screen setup?08:46
ranjeetheroandtn3: thanks bro, it worked for me08:46
ranjeetI dont see a restart button anymore in 13.04, Is this something you can help me with?08:46
confreyI tried to remove the bcma, and to remove and load again the brcmsmac module, but not wireless interface are present with iwconfig08:47
kmiloHI, Does someone know how can I reduce de CPU fan speed in Ubuntu 13.04 ?08:47
DJonesconfrey: Have you tried a more recent version of Ubuntu? 10.04 is about to go end of life on 9th May 2013 (assuming its the desktop version) so after that date, it won't be supported any more08:47
kmiloHI, Does someone know how can I reduce de CPU fan speed in Ubuntu 13.04 ?08:50
nio707i need to how to mount the squashfs partition using ubuntu live cd08:50
Jordan_Unio707: I assume you mean the squashfs file from a LiveCD or LiveCD image?08:51
nio707Jordan_U i need to mount the squashfs partion of the disk on module . the live cd could detect the partion but when try to mount the partion it fails. is there any patch for the kernel for the squashfs partion08:53
Jordan_Unio707: "the disk on module"?08:55
nio707Jordan_U its a small memory disk which acts as a hdd for embebded system . it has 4 partion , with 2 partion of ext208:56
Jordan_Unio707: Ahh. What is the device node for this squashfs partition?08:57
nio707Jordan_U its /dev/hda208:58
nio707Jordan_U i tried with slitaz livecd too but when i issue the command say mount /dev/hda2 -t squasfs /home/test/ its give the error cannot find /dev/hda2 . the device node i found is with fdisk command09:00
Jordan_Unio707: What version of Ubuntu are you using?09:00
nio707Jordan_U i need to find whether the ubuntu10.0lts kernel has the squashfs module or i have to patch it09:01
Jordan_Unio707: Ubuntu 12.04's kernel should have sqaushfs support, as you'll see that the LiveCD itself depends on mounting a squashfs image.09:02
nio707Jordan_U can you tell me the ubuntu 10.04lts kernel version09:03
matthiasbahi all09:03
Jordan_Unio707: If you're booted into the LiveCD now, then just run "uname -r", or check packages.ubuntu.com.09:04
vichi all09:04
nio707yeah i know that but right now i am in cyber cafe as i don't have any internet connection at home09:04
Jordan_Unio707: Please pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l" as well as the exact mount command you're trying to run, and it's complete output (when run in the Ubuntu LiveCD).09:05
vici want to unlock network locked modem, any help09:05
matthiasbaI seem to have a strange problem. Since updating to 13.04 BIND doesn't work anymore. When i do sudo service bind9 restart it starts working again09:06
matthiasbaI didn't change anything09:06
nio707Jordan_U The on-disk format of SquashFS has stabilized enough that it has been merged into the 2.6.29 version of the Linux kernel09:06
vici want to unlock a network locked modem, any help09:06
Jordan_Unio707: Did you run "sudo fdisk -l" from the Ubuntu liveCD before trying the mount command, or did you just assume that the device name was the same as in slitaz?09:06
nio707Jordan_U in ubuntu liveCD gparted is there with the gui i can see the partion09:08
nio707ok it will take some time now i have bring the whole system to the cyber cafe09:09
nio707it will take 15 min or so09:09
vicwhy does the dash blink when open in 13.0409:09
vichi all09:13
vicwhy does the dash blink when open in 13.04?09:14
wizard_Ai'm on wubi ubuntu and want to see my partitions in my hdd, what is the command09:18
makotoanyone encountered any gotchas in 13.04 when using gnome 3?09:21
nyuszika7hso Ubuntu's Firefox sends data to Mozilla by default? good to know.09:28
nyuszika7hwizard_A: sudo fdisk -l09:29
nyuszika7halso, it turns out it's just the crash reporter, nothing else09:29
sveinseI have a problem with samba on 12.04 which I cant figure. I cant get it to serve a symlinked dir, even despite I have follow symlinks and wide links enabled. It used to work, but it doesnt any more. Any ideas to why?09:31
Jordan_Usveinse: Is it an absolute symlink or relative?09:32
sveinseJordan_U: Absolute. Could that be the case?09:32
Jordan_Usveinse: I know that with sshfs there is an option to automatically convert absolute symlinks to relative, and if you think about it it makes sense since the root filesystem hierarchy will be different on the client and the server, so absolute symlinks would point to different files.09:34
sveinseNo, that didnt resolve it. Neither abs or rel symlink works. And I do know the permission of both the symlink and the targeted dir to be correct09:35
bittyx-desktophi all - i know this might not be the exact place to ask for help, but if you could at least point me in the right direction - i need some advice on searching for certain content in text files. anyone know of a channel appropriate for such questions? sorry again for spamming here about this.09:36
captinehi all.  Just did a fresh install of ubuntu 13.04 on my Acer Aspire.  I am still struggling with the audio when plugging in my Yetti Blue Pro usb mic.09:38
captinepavucontrol shows the mic as an input, however, the main Ubuntu sound settings do not.  I cannot seem to get the mic input to work09:38
benno123how do i use my own PGP signature with mail.ru ?09:38
lovethecode!man grep | bittyx-desktop09:39
lovethecode!grep | bittyx-desktop09:40
ubottubittyx-desktop: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal09:40
bittyx-desktoplovethecode: i know, but i have a lot of files within subdirectories, and i only want to search some of them (i know how to find a list of the files i want to search with "find"). how do i tell grep to only search through the files listed by "find"?09:41
MonkeyDustbittyx-desktop  try this : grep -r "some_text" *09:41
Jordan_Ubittyx-desktop: Try asking in #bash.09:41
bittyx-desktopMonkeyDust: i want to optimize this, since there are tens of thousands of files, but i'm only interested in less than a hundred of those09:42
bittyx-desktopJordan_U: ah, thanks a lot09:42
Jordan_Ubittyx-desktop: You're welcome.09:42
bittyx-desktopJordan_U: that's what i needed, i didn't really want to spam this channel with questions that aren't really ubuntu-specific. thanks again.09:42
heneusl_payIs there no compiz config package for Ubuntu 12?09:43
raddyHello Everybody09:43
lovethecodegrep search-term *.txt09:43
raddyWouldn't contacts application show contacts contacts from Google even in Ubuntu 13"09:44
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johnsonbillhow much of a performance boost is 13.04?09:45
johnsonbillfrom 12.04?09:45
bamboobenderjohnsonbill: 109:45
bamboobenderjohnsonbill: +109:45
lovethecodeDid this answers the question bittyx-desktop?09:45
johnsonbillbamboobender: it gets your vote?09:46
=== Bosto[sleep] is now known as Bostoman
bamboobenderjohnsonbill: no, is "1" better :P09:46
bittyx-desktoplovethecode: i know how to use grep for basic stuff, but i have a more complicated example. if you want to help, though, come to #bash, since this is not really the appropriate channel for my question.09:46
bamboobenderjohnsonbill: but you most likely be lucky in the phoronix website09:47
MonkeyDustheneusl_pay  there's ompiz-config09:47
johnsonbillbamboobender: +1  as in googles +1 or like09:47
MonkeyDustheneusl_pay  there's compiz-config09:47
bamboobenderjohnsonbill: phoronix does many benchmarks09:47
raddyAnybody there?09:50
NvidiaUnityBrokeafter installing nvidia-current, all my unity is fscked up and there are no menu bars09:50
NvidiaUnityBrokei tried all the forum posts to no avail09:50
johnsonbillbamboobender: I wish they would reformat their site; reading it is like reading a the insert on a medication09:50
raddyUbuntu Contacts only have local address book option upon startup09:50
NvidiaUnityBrokereinstalling linux-headers and removing nvidia* has no effect to fix the issue09:50
NvidiaUnityBrokeUbuntu sucks09:50
NvidiaUnityBrokeim switching to mac os x09:51
[deXter]Why did you install the nVidia drivers?09:52
NvidiaUnityBroke[deXter], maybe because i have an nvidia card?09:52
NvidiaUnityBrokei dont get the question09:52
NvidiaUnityBrokei want my HDMI output to work09:52
[deXter]It should work out of the box09:52
[deXter]using the included drivers09:52
NvidiaUnityBroke[deXter], no it does not09:52
[deXter]installing proprietary drivers is just asking for trouble09:53
NvidiaUnityBroke[deXter], nouveou does not support HDMI output functionality09:53
[deXter]and nVidia that too.. is terrible09:53
[deXter]You can blame nVidia for it not Ubuntu09:53
NvidiaUnityBrokeit used to be the case that ATI was terible09:53
[deXter]that was many many years ago09:53
Baconsup,why can't I chagne screen resolution to lower after I installed nvidia proprietary drivers?09:53
NvidiaUnityBrokeim a 15 year linux user09:53
gruttwhat simple  version of ubuntu is good on virtual machine ?09:53
[deXter]then watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19jUboon5gI09:54
NvidiaUnityBrokeand as fscked up as this ubuntu sh1t is now, im surprised anyone wants to use this OS09:54
NvidiaUnityBrokeso whats the fix for brken unity after nvidia install / removal?09:54
=== odifis is now known as oDiafanos
NvidiaUnityBrokei get no menu bar or dash after login09:54
IRusNvidiaUnityBroke, fix is install gnome09:55
NvidiaUnityBrokeIRus, thats sound BS09:55
IRusNvidiaUnityBroke, also u can try "purge" instead of "remove"09:55
NvidiaUnityBrokeIRus, tried to no avail09:55
[deXter]NvidiaUnityBroke, which version of Ubuntu are you on? Because since 12.10 at least,  HDMI out is known to work09:55
NvidiaUnityBroketested, no workie09:55
bamboobenderjohnsonbill: some sites say they worked on preformace09:55
bamboobenderjohnsonbill: lemme see the realease notes09:55
[deXter]NvidiaUnityBroke, you'll have to reinstall the nouveau package09:56
MonkeyDustNvidiaUnityBroke  you could report a !bug, if needed09:56
[deXter]NvidiaUnityBroke, after purging nvidia drivers, install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau09:57
tellyhow can i show the status bar in the new nautilus?09:58
IRustelly: what is statusbar?09:59
tellythe bar at the bottom09:59
MonkeyDusttelly  the Gnome people changed a lot in the new Nautilus and not always for the best - I miss F3 multi-panel10:00
IRustelly: u want see access time, size and so on in status bar?10:00
IRustelly: ok, gnome devs remove thos feature10:01
sombreroI upgraded to 13.4 yesterday. Result: no sound anymore, when I enter the "Brightness and lock" setting the screen lights up to almost full strength regardless of previous setting and I'm not sure my computer suspends anymore10:01
tellywhat drove them?10:01
IRustelly: so, i think marlin is best choise for u10:01
MonkeyDusttelly  there's this channel, #ubuntu-gnome10:01
sombreroit's an Asus Zenbook UX31a. Does anyone else recognize these issues?10:02
tellyis nautilus not in unity used? :D10:02
MonkeyDusttelly yes, but unity is a canonical product, nautilus is a gnome product10:03
IRusMonkeyDust: but canonical don't provide vanilla nautilus?10:04
MonkeyDustIRus  further discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic, I guess10:05
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Alex___i got an issue with CD image. can someone help?10:22
scumbumAlex___: what10:22
Alex___u see, i installed Morrowind via wine, created CD image via AcetonelISO. the game installed perfectly. When im tryin to run it i asks me to enter the CD10:24
=== zix is now known as zixq
sathish_Hi does chrome work on 13.04 yet?10:27
scumbumAlex___: can you install furus iso10:27
scumbumFurius iso then mount virtual drive10:28
ShogootDoes it exists free domains one can use?10:29
bazhang!ot | Shogoot10:30
ubottuShogoot: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:30
ProximusYo Ubuntu!10:30
Alex___furus iso ok ill try thank u10:30
=== sathish_ is now known as sathish
sathishcan I install chrome on 13.04? even if it crashes now, if do updates regularly it'll work in the future right?10:33
heneusl_paynts: I found the similar skeleton file is in /usr/share/doc/initscript/sysvinitfiles10:34
heneusl_payoops wrong channel10:34
MonkeyDust!info chromium-browser | sathish10:34
ubottusathish: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 25.0.1364.160-0ubuntu3 (raring), package size 26065 kB, installed size 95169 kB10:35
sathishcurrently all drives are mounted under /media/lappy/ how to change that to /media ?10:35
sathishMonkeyDust: thanks, I prefer chrome, with bookmark sync and stuff :)10:36
samijamsathish, is lappy a username?10:36
MonkeyDust sathish chromium has that too10:36
MonkeyDustsathish  chrome is based on chromium10:37
scumbumAlex___: cdemu may work10:37
sathishsamijam: I was my the name of my home directory, when I installed, "lappy" is my computer name, the home directory was name to my computer name, when I installed since I already had a home directory in the same name as my username.10:37
sathishIt was*10:37
sathishsamijam: It was my the name of my home directory, when I installed, "lappy" is my computer name, the home directory was named as my computer name, when I installed since I already had a home directory in the same name as my username.10:38
sathishUgh. typos.10:38
samijamsathish, you can set a mountpoint in fstab.  This might help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions10:39
=== butterkeks is now known as Guest4800
sathishMonkeyDust: Didn't know that, google chrome uses google servers to sync bookmarks I think. I thought chromius can't do that, since its open source :D10:39
sathishsamijam: Thanks :)10:39
sathishwhat happened to me :/10:40
Alex___scumbum: furius iso didnt work. same problem10:40
Guest4800hello, i have a question! I want to save my datas from my windows with linux. How can i find my folders with my documents10:40
scumbumAlex___: try cdemu10:41
Alex___oh ok10:41
Guest4800i use ubuntu 12.04 from an usb stick10:41
BlackDexsomeone a solution for ubuntu 13.04 with nvidia/intel hybrid? Because after installing nvidia drivers unity isn't starting any more because OpenGL seems broken10:41
scumbumAlex___: http://handytutorial.com/install-cdemu-virtual-cddvd-drive-in-ubuntu-12-04-12-10/10:41
_rbGuest4800 - look into File Manager, Computer tab (on right)10:41
BlackDexpurging nvidia and enabling unity again fixes it, but no nvidia drivers :(10:42
MonkeyDustsathish  chromium does that too, just checked10:42
samijamGuest4800, I think _rb means on the left10:43
Guest4800ah ok, ty :)10:43
MonkeyDustsathish  all is the same in both chrome and chromium, except this https://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/ChromiumBrowserVsGoogleChrome10:44
Guest4800do u mean file system, there is no file manager10:44
scumbumLinus Torvalds told Nvidia to fix driver10:45
samijamGuest4800, if you're looking for your "My Documents" from a Microsoft Windows partition, it might have a different label than "computer"10:45
samijamGuest4800, but it should be listed under "Devices" on the left side of the file manager10:45
WadieI installed phpmyadmin on my 12.0410:46
Wadieand even though it's in my var/www directory,I still get 404 not found error10:46
Wadieany ideas ?10:46
samijamGuest4800, you should be able to get into the File Manager by moving your mouse to the left of the screen and selecting "Files", which is by default at the top10:46
scumbumWadie: what for10:46
Wadiewhat do you mean10:46
sathishMonkeyDust: Thanks :)10:47
scumbumWadie: did you install mysql10:47
tintinHi, is the ubuntu 13.04 for installation and for live cd too? can i use as live ubuntu ? but i don't like gnome-3-shell/unity10:47
WadieI installed lmap stack10:47
AlexIsEpicHello guys! I just installed ubuntu for the first time and I want to change my drivers from nouveau to nvidia(the proprietary). But when I look in Software&Updates->Additional drivers, the list is empty.10:47
tintinWadie: why did you install lamp stack?10:47
scumbumWadie: you have web server10:48
WadieI have apache10:48
Wadieif I create any other file I can load it just fine10:48
scumbumWadie: lamp is great. It installs everything10:48
tintinIs the ubuntu 13.04 for installation and for live cd too? can i use as live ubuntu ? but i don't like gnome-3-shell/unity10:48
Wadieyea that's what I usually use..so what could have gone wrong ?10:49
AlexIsEpicHello guys! I just installed ubuntu for the first time and I want to change my drivers from nouveau to nvidia(the proprietary). But when I look in Software&Updates->Additional drivers, the list is empty. Anyone?10:49
tintinCan anyone answer me?10:49
scumbumYou drop your firewall open ports10:50
bazhangtintin, yes, its a live cd that can also be installed10:50
scumbumWadie: try localhost/phpadmin10:51
Wadiebut it's not on my local machine10:51
Wadiethis one for example loads fine10:51
Wadieeven though it's a blank page - as it's suppose to be10:51
=== zz_Karbowiak is now known as Karbowiak
scumbumWadie: is mysql running10:55
Wadiehow do i check10:55
Wadiesudo netstat -tap | grep mysql10:55
WadieI get10:56
Wadietcp 0 0 localhost:mysql *:* LISTEN10:56
WadieI type start mysql and now it started10:57
scumbumWadie: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/scripts/setup.php10:58
scumbumWadie: chsnge localhost10:58
doebii uninstalled wine, and its still shown in menu. why?10:59
doebiand my ubuntu software center is broken, i cant do anything, except starting it11:00
MonkeyDustdoebi  try logout11:00
scumbumWadie: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/phpMyAdmin11:01
doebii restared several times since first recogniction11:01
doebiproblems occured yesterday11:01
iDrofoxwhich is the easy to use partiton tool for ubuntu 13.04 ?11:02
cfhowlettiDrofox, gpartd ; comes standard with ubuntu ISO11:03
Wadiescumbum I have already tried that several times..even both methods11:03
MonkeyDustiDrofox  gparted, that's gnome partition editor11:03
bonhoefferi just plugged in a new drive and am getting that it is connected to "6 series/c200 chipset family 2 port sata ide controller"11:03
bonhoefferwhere my other drives are a 4 port sata ide controller11:03
iDrofoxok thanks for the info11:03
scumbumalecat: http://askubuntu.com/questions/19127/how-to-access-phpmyadmin-after-installation11:03
bonhoefferboth controllers are just as fast, right?11:03
scumbumAlex___: http://askubuntu.com/questions/19127/how-to-access-phpmyadmin-after-installation11:04
Wadienot working :\11:08
WadieLOL scumbum11:11
WadieI renamed the directory and now it's loading fine11:11
scumbumWadie: why11:12
Wadieno idea!11:12
WadieI was like ok let's see if I change the name I get the same not found error11:12
WadieI changed it and yea it loaded just fine11:12
Wadiemaybe it's about cache thing ? lol11:12
kiwitinkertried to start the steps to compile program using ./configure but it came back with error messages, checked config.log but have no idea what it all means, can anyone help please?11:13
kiwitinkerI'm a newbie11:13
scumbumWadie: you changed the address pointing to phpmyadmin11:13
WadieI renamed the directory in var/www11:14
Wadiefrom phpmyadmin to something fucked up11:14
Wadieand it worked11:14
bazhangkiwitinker, got build-essential installed?11:14
bazhang!compile | kiwitinker11:14
ubottukiwitinker: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall11:14
kiwitinkerhave no idea sorry11:14
bazhangWadie, no cursing here11:14
dan2077Hi, I'm trying to create a screen session with a bash one-liner. Can someone help me?11:14
Wadiesorry I only tried to describe the name I used11:15
Wadieanyway thanks scumbum11:15
scumbumWadie: goid11:16
bigdgsubaru god.l11:16
kiwitinkeranswer is no ubottu, I don't have build essential, reading your link now11:16
cfhowlettciprian, greetingsw11:16
ciprianLENOVO IdeaPad Z500 59366651, Intel Core i5-3230M 2.6GHz, 15.6", 8GB, 1TB, nVIDIA GeForce GT 635M or LENOVO Essential G780 59361052, Intel Core i5-3230M 2.6GHz, 17.3", 4GB, 1TB, nVIDIA GeForce GT635M?11:16
iDrofoxi have a problem with gparted, whenver i open it, it mount all drivers and show list but the problem is that when it search for drives to list, it also list them in launcher and then i have to remove them from launcher manully11:17
ciprianwhat should i choose?11:17
ciprianwhat's best for ubuntu?11:17
ubottuciprian: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection11:17
llutzdan2077: "screen -d -m -S mysessionname command"11:18
SexyBoBociprian: The only difference is one has a 2 inch bigger screen and 4 gig less ram then the other. They will both run ubuntu its all up to you if you would rather have a larger screen or more ram11:19
dan2077llutz: Here's what I got so far: http://pastebin.com/v2hD8dH711:19
dan2077llutz: I entered that cmd and nothing happens after11:20
ciprianI also thought that a bigger screen with the same graphic chip and same ram would be a bit slower11:20
ciprianwhat about Acer V3-571G NX.M7EEX.003 cu procesor Intel® Core™ i5-3230M 2.60GHz, 6GB, 500GB, NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 730M 4GB?11:21
iDrofoxcan i add ebay search to ubuntu dash search ?11:21
cfhowlettciprian, this is better had in off-topic11:21
ciprianis it good? I'm a bit suspicious about that 4GB GeForce11:22
SexyBoBociprian: again it will run Ubuntu the only difference it your preference and cost11:22
scumbumciprian: nvidia11:22
m3powHello !11:24
SexyBoBom3pow: moooo!11:24
m3powany ideea why after installing mysql in 13.04 i get this : "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)"11:24
m3powhy SexyBoBo11:24
cfhowlettm3pow, greetings.11:24
* plugwash wonders why ubuntu still only has version 2.20 of util-linux11:25
m3powcfhowlett hi !11:25
iDrofoxhow to change ubuntu 13.04 unity settings ?11:26
MonkeyDustiDrofox  unity-tweak11:26
llutzplugwash: why not, do you miss chcpu/prlimit?11:26
MonkeyDust!info unity-tweak-tool | iDrofox11:27
ubottuiDrofox: unity-tweak-tool (source: unity-tweak-tool): configuration manager for Unity desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.4 (raring), package size 413 kB, installed size 2138 kB11:27
plugwashllutz, what i'm actually after is losetup -P11:28
SexyBoBom3pow: make sure mysql is runing with "sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart"11:29
llutzplugwash: that should do in 2.20 too11:29
m3powbobo, server is not installed11:29
llutz!info util-linux11:29
ubottuutil-linux (source: util-linux): Miscellaneous system utilities. In component main, is required. Version 2.20.1-5.1ubuntu8 (raring), package size 599 kB, installed size 1553 kB11:29
m3powthat's why i get the error11:29
iDrofoxcan i add more search providers in unity then amazon ?11:29
m3powthanks :)11:29
plugwashllutz, well it's not in the manpage (note that is a capital P, lower case p is something different)11:30
jasminhallo alle11:30
llutzplugwash: well,5.1 ... not sure. its in the man-page of 2.20.1-5.3 (debian sid)11:30
llutznugroho: stop that daily spam11:31
ubottusnql,: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:32
Alex___scumbum: thank you a lot dude it worked!!! now i will go get my doze of nostalgia xD11:36
iDrofoxhello, how to switch to different workspace in ubuntu 13,04 ?11:37
plugwashllutz, just checked the manpage on sid, -p is there, -P isn't11:37
SexyBoBoiDrofox: try ctrl+alt+up11:38
iDrofoxSexyBoBo: Thanks but i got it in unity tweak tool11:39
dan2077I'm trying to exec a bash one-liner while starting screen. After entering this cmd, no new screen seems to have been created: http://pastebin.ca/236884011:40
SilvereXHey guys, update manager isn't giving me the option to upgrade to 13.0411:40
MonkeyDustSilvereX  what version are you using now11:40
nugrohoubuntu linux and fedora or redhat which version11:40
SilvereXMonkeyDust: 12.1011:40
b4ulook4meHELP: installed ubuntu 13.04, installed ok but hangs in boot up afterwards (have nvidia GT-610 via HDMI) same thing happens with 12.04 & 12.10...11:41
n00byxwhere can i ask some technical problem with ubuntu, UEFI and Samsung?11:41
MonkeyDust!uefi | n00byx start here11:42
ubottun00byx start here: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI11:42
n00byxok i read that before MonkeyDust but i read (i google firist) that some samsung notebooks brick after installing ubuntu on there machine11:43
SexyBoBob4ulook4me: Can you give us more details what do you mean by hangs in boot? What does the screen display? Have you installed the third party drivers yet?11:43
b4ulook4meHi SexyBoBo, nope havent installed 3rd Party drivers...11:43
b4ulook4meI mean reboot after installation..11:44
b4ulook4meit does not start gui...11:44
SexyBoBob4ulook4me: is it a blank screen or does it have text? If it has text what does the bottom line say?11:46
MonkeyDustb4ulook4me  what do you see instead? a blinking cursor?11:46
b4ulook4meno blinking / no cursor11:46
nugrohoubuntu linux rarely work in console mode use graphical interface11:46
b4ulook4meno text11:46
b4ulook4menum lock on keyboard works but nothing happnes11:46
b4ulook4meyet to try text mode in grub..11:47
MonkeyDustb4ulook4me  and what colour? we need to know *something*11:47
SexyBoBob4ulook4me: Is your monitor on or is it in standby?11:47
b4ulook4meonly black screen the one after ubuntu grub menu...11:48
SilvereXWhenever I click "check" in the update manager, to try and upgrade to 13.04, a box pops up saying this: http://pastebin.com/Qz0rMmyJ11:48
b4ulook4menope monitor is not on standby11:48
SilvereXThe same thing happened prior to the release of 13.0411:48
SilvereXThere was a simple solution but I can't remember it11:48
SilvereXprior to the release of 12.10*11:48
MonkeyDustSilvereX  is simple solution is: delete the ppa11:48
b4ulook4meI am connected via HDMI cable.. (could that b)11:48
yz250dirt32/m/ct here11:49
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:49
nugrohoubuntu linux when use viewsonic monitor looks great in graphic mode11:49
b4ulook4medo I hv to install nvidia drivers?11:49
=== picca_ is now known as picca
b4ulook4mewill try nomodeset also11:49
b4ulook4meb'coz boot disk / usb works ...11:50
b4ulook4melive usb boot also work11:50
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=== zenzamy is now known as Zenzamy
nugrohoubuntu linux has startup in graphic mode the frame buffer and x11 has cooperative12:02
gohi everyone12:08
cfhowlettgo greetings12:08
goI'm on Ubuntu 12.10, i have two screens, a HD one and a 19" one. I can't seem to set the 19" as the default one. Whenever I open a new application it goes to the HD one (which is my TV). Is there any fix for this? And I'm upgrading to 13.04 now, maybe that will solve my issue?12:08
gono one? ):12:14
_rbgo: I don't know if upgrading will solve this issue, but it's good idea to upgrade either way12:15
nugrohoviewsonic flat and viewsonic crt detected on ubuntu linux operating system12:15
=== Kol[a]kCC is now known as kolakcc
=== kolakcc is now known as KolakCC
doc_b_Can somebody help with a synergy set up? I have synergy setup to allow A share with B, but I want to add C to the the same screen as B but don't know what to write in the conf file12:19
adv__Hi SexyBoBo, b4u here, Ubuntu 13.04 booted installing nvidia drivers.12:22
doc_b_Can somebody help with a synergy set up? I have synergy setup to allow A share with B, but I want to add C to the the same screen as B but don't know what to write in the conf file12:25
=== SHAMAN is now known as Guest23370
emxhow do i update ubuntu from 12.x to 13.x?12:26
cfhowlettemx, 12.10 will upgrade to 13.04.  12.04 will not.12:27
doc_b_emx: go into applications menu, search for software updater and run it. It will up date your current version and then tell you that 13.04 is availale12:28
emxdoc_b_, ok. what could go wrong?12:29
=== Guest23370 is now known as SlackDeb
cfhowlettemx, OR you could torrent the 13.04 iso and do a clean install.12:30
emxcfhowlett, i will to that when it crashes :P12:30
c0nsawhi guys can some one tell me, was the 12.04 ubuntu business remix discontinued ? I cant find any download link, 40412:30
doc_b_emx: anything really. But it should run fine. Yeah what cfhowlett says is a good point. Do you have many programs or data on tyou current install?12:31
cfhowlettc0nsaw, business remix has been gone for awhile now.12:31
emxdoc_b_, mostly those used for web development and tex/latexs12:31
emxis there a (easy readable) list with all the programs i installed?12:32
c0nsawcfhowlett: ok thanks :(12:32
cfhowlettemx, dpkg -l will tell you12:32
MonkeyDust!upgrade | emx12:32
ubottuemx: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:32
emxcfhowlett, k, thanks12:33
emxcan i use ubuntu one with a private cloud server?12:35
heneusl_payemx: That is what it is isn't it?12:36
ubottutoke,: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )12:36
emxheneusl_pay, i would store very sensitive data of lots of people -> concerned about security: is data transferred plain text or per ssl, uptime of the servers and so on12:38
emxi would fell much better when i could use my own cloud server.12:39
heneusl_payemx: Unless you sleep next to the hardware layer its usless venture.12:39
ChatmanHello! I wonder how do I mark a thread on Ubuntu forums as [Solved]12:40
MonkeyDustemx  there's this http://ubuntuserverguide.com/2012/05/install-owncloud-4-ubuntu-server-1204-lts.html12:40
emxMonkeyDust, thanks12:41
emxheneusl_pay, of course nothing is secure in that sense. but i need to ensure feasible security.12:41
ChatmanHow do I mark a thread as [Solved] ? anyone?12:42
Chatmansomeone? please...12:44
BluesKaj_Hey all12:44
wilee-nileeChatman, There is a drop down on your page when you are logged in.12:44
Chatmanwhere exactly, when I'm viewing the thread, wilee-nilee?12:45
narcosHi there. I've installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my BeagleBone, with ARMv7 CPU. I'm trying to install some packages, which complain about the lack of gcc. I've tried installing 'gcc-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabi-base' and 'gcc-4.5' packages, but the gcc binary is still not present. Do I just need to create symlink from the gcc-4.5 binary ?12:45
Chatmanwilee-nilee, I can't find it12:46
KyeRussellnarcos: build-essentials?12:47
SexyBoBonarcos: Try the build-essential package12:47
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javierhello, can someone help me get surround sound working in 13.0412:49
narcosKyeRussell, SexyBoBo: Spot on, thank you :)12:50
SexyBoBohe only won because i was trying to make sure that package was in the arm repository :)12:51
javierhow do you get surround sound in vlc or rhythmbox in 13.0412:51
MonkeyDustjavier  start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SurroundSound12:53
KyeRussellSexyBoBo: I just guess ;)12:54
=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
BluesKaj_javier, what kind of audio setup do you have , analog outs a speaker system , or digital out to an audio receiver ?12:55
BluesKaj_javier, the reason I ask this is there different options in VLC to set up surround soiund , one analog and the other digital12:58
troy_Hi i just installed ubuntu 13.04 and the boot loader seems to be broken I can longer boot into my Windows 7. Windows 7 is on /sdd/sda and ubuntu 13.04 is on /sdd/sdb/. When I choose Windows 7 in the boot loader. It sais unable to read UEFI file etc.13:02
ubottuTroy_: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:03
x5ivesIn lubuntu, on entering "update-alternatives --config java" I get "There is only one alternative in link group java (providing /usr/bin/java): /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-i386/jre/bin/java13:03
x5ivesNothing to configure." I'm trying to change from openjdk's jre to Oracle's jre.13:03
troy_cfhowlett: that seems pretty easy i guess ill try that.13:04
cfhowletttroy_, best of luck13:04
troy_can i run Boot-Repair inside my actual ubuntu installation or does it have to be from live cd? Also does boot-repair have to be installed?13:05
=== Ionut- is now known as Ionnut
javierhello. still no surround sound13:08
BluesKaj_troy_, no , you need the live cd or run from another linux hdd ...never tried it from a different partition on the same drive though.13:08
=== tm is now known as Guest64388
BluesKaj_javier, did you see may post above ?13:09
javieri changed the pulseaudio default to 8 (for 7.1) restarted and still only getting stereo.13:09
javierI am running spd/if to a receiver as well13:09
javierin vlc I have the spdif selected and  5.1 out13:10
javierfor both alsa and pulse i get stereo into the receiver13:11
troy_GPT detected. Please create a BIOS-Boot partition (>1MB, unformatted filesystem, bios_grub flag). This can be performed via tools such as Gparted. Then try again.13:11
troy_What does that really mean unformatted file system?13:11
x5ives@javier you might try #videolan13:12
bjensencan I make a ubuntu install usb stick? So that if I just insert my stick into a usb port and boots the machine, it will install ubuntu with predefined settings?13:14
edutavaresHello, good morning, I have two monitors are working and quiet, but I would leave the top bar of unity in just a monitor, is how to do this? can anyone help me?13:15
x5ivesbjensen: are you on windows, linux or mac?13:16
cfhowlettbjensen, yes.  remastersys will allow you to customize an ubuntu ISO13:16
xrfanghi, I cannot delete a file even as root, what problem could it be? and how to solve it? thanks13:17
bjensenx5ives: Mac / linux. But basically I just want to be able to be able to select the usb as the boot device in the boot up menu and have it install and everything so I can just use Chef to get the software loaded13:17
bjensencfhowlett: cool. Ill check it out13:17
BarnabasI am on a LTS version:13:17
Barnabasnikolaj@stevieray:~$ cat /etc/lsb-release13:17
BarnabasDISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS"13:17
FloodBot1Barnabas: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:17
Barnabasshould I not see an upgrade option in the upgrade tool13:17
javieriu am also not getting any sound when using the speaker test13:17
cfhowlettBarnabas, if you set your update settings to "LTS" ... no.13:18
bjensencfhowlett: Um doesn't seam like its under development anymore? http://www.remastersys.com/ author quit)13:18
Barnabascfhowlett, why not?13:18
cfhowlettbjensen, news to me ...13:18
bjensencheck out the webpage13:18
cfhowlettBarnabas, because 13.04 is NOT lts...13:18
Barnabascfhowlett, aah ok  .. thought it was13:19
bjensenand the links are broken13:19
cfhowlettbjensen, whoa.  wow.13:19
BluesKaj_javier, you 5.1 surround spdif output has to be dolby digital or a DTS stream from the video soundtrack . Make sure the video you are testinghas DD or DTS by checking in VLC>Tools>Media information , look for an audio stream that looks like : Codec A52 audio (aka AC3 a52)13:19
cfhowlettBarnabas, nope.  next LTS = 14.0413:19
=== Odysimus_away is now known as Odysimus
Barnabascfhowlett, no problem - support a long time yet on my existing system13:19
cfhowlettBarnabas, I too run LTS only.  Fewer headaches ...13:20
Barnabascfhowlett, I just thought LTS followed the *.04 releases13:20
Barnabasmy mistake13:21
bjensencfhowlett: some recommend relinux and ubuntu-builder as alternatives. Im basicly looking for the easiest way to setup ubuntu 12.04 lts server edition using just a usb stick13:21
x5ivesI can't change from openjdk's jre to Oracle's via update-alternatives. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612241/13:21
BluesKaj_javier, correction vlc>tools>Codec information13:21
MyrttiBarnabas: every even year.13:23
gudenauHow could I use my computer as a hotspot, I need the phat ds to connect to it.13:23
BarnabasMyrtti, thanks - thats useful information13:24
cfhowlettbjensen, if those alternatives allow you to create what you want, go for it.  PXE will allow you to network install ... I think.  Server gurus can be found on #ubuntu-server.   Perhaps query them?13:24
bjensencfhowlett: good idea. Thanks mate13:25
gudenauI am a linux noob...13:25
cfhowlettgudenau, sorry, looking for the shared connection factoid13:25
yeatscfhowlett: you probably need spaces between the pipe characters13:25
javieri have the spdif selected for system sound and get stereo sound into my receiver. How do i get 5.1 or 7.1 for vlc or rhythmbox13:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:26
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/13:26
yeats!msgthebot | gudenau13:26
ubottugudenau: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".13:26
wilee-nileex5ives, http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html13:27
zetherooI just installed VirtualBox in 13.04 and am getting some errors I never had before in previous version of Ubuntu13:27
zetheroosudo: /etc/init.d/vboxdrv: command not found13:27
wilee-nilee!error | zetheroo13:27
ubottuzetheroo: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)13:27
zetherooFATAL: Module vboxdrv not found.13:27
zetheroowilee-nilee: please wait for people to elaborate ;)13:28
x5iveswilee-nilee: I don't want to install it via a PPA repo.13:28
wilee-nileezetheroo, Please follow channel policy. ;)13:28
zetheroowilee-nilee: as you can very well see I was elaborating - but you jumped the gun within a few seconds - completely unnecessary!13:30
zetheroowilee-nilee: in the meantime .. do you have anything useful regarding the issue I am having13:30
HerrKlemmyHey there, folks. Following subjet : 3 monitors. Somebody said  additional to the two outputs of my videocard, the I could use the onboard output, to display another screen on a third monitor. So now I've got two monitors working and the third keeps black until I press Ctrl+Alt+F1 for example. Then the two screens with the X-Server freete and the third comes up with a terminal. How to use the third also with the X-Server - I've got no Xor13:30
wilee-nileex5ives, Suit yourself there is a java wiki.13:31
sathishHi guys, I have bumblebee project installed, I prefer to run vlc with nvidia card, how do I automatically run vlc with optirun vlc, whenever I start vlc?13:31
mgaunard_since I upgraded to 13.04, Xorg is taking 20% of CPU time and I have lots of graphical glitches13:31
javierhello. i am getting no sound in the alsa speaker test13:31
javierspeaker-test -c 8 is not working, please help13:32
MonkeyDustjavier  in a terminal, type alsamixer... do you find something wrong?13:32
javierno. all channel are green13:33
ArraritaHello, On Friday it was suggested that I log out in an effort to resolve a problem I was having, I did that and when I tried to log back in I had no tool bar and no launcher.What do I do to get it back?13:33
javieri do however see 2 different spdif options13:33
javierspdif  and spdif default pcm13:33
javierboth are green though13:34
cyclist_2Whatever happened to Swiftfox [the web browser]? Their web site is still up but there is no longer access to their files and no comments about it on the internet [that I could find]; check it out on http://getswiftfox.com/13:34
mgaunard_what happened to the ubuntu restricted manager, I can't find it anymore13:34
RickJamesare wobbly windows gone for 13.04 ?13:35
HerrKlemmyHey there, folks. Following subjet : Using 3 monitors. Somebody said  additional to the two outputs of my videocard, I could use the onboard output, to display another screen on a third monitor. So now I've got two monitors working and the third keeps black until I press Ctrl+Alt+F1 for example. Then the two screens with the X-Server freeze and the third comes up with a terminal. How to use the third also with the X-Server - I've got no X13:35
javieri seem to remember having to mess with an alsa file before13:35
zetheroohas anyone else had success running VirtualBox in 13.04?13:36
sathishzetheroo: I just ran it no issues13:36
sathishzetheroo: ubuntu 13.04 64 bit13:37
x5iveswilee-nilee: There is?13:37
zetheroo sathish: and is it that latest version in the Ubuntu repos?13:37
ssdxrandr help at all?13:37
=== BluesKaj_ is now known as BluesKaj
sathishzetheroo: I hope so, just did an apt-get update yesterday, install virtual box today13:37
wilee-nileex5ives, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java13:38
RickJamesand how do i satisfy a missing libudev0 dependancy ?13:38
cfhowlettsathish, might want to also run apt-get dist-upgrade ...13:39
javierdo i have to install additional libraries for alsa? i seem to not have an asound.conf file which is leading me to believe i am missing something13:39
zetheroo sathish: did you install it via Synaptic or via USC or Terminal ?13:39
zetheroo sathish: and after installing did you run a VM in it?13:40
BluesKajjavier, soundsja asound conf is no longer used afaik13:41
BluesKajoops ignore soundja13:41
javierok. so what do i need to do to fix this issue13:41
wilee-nileeRickJames, Supposedly works, you in unity and have the compiz config installed?13:41
zetheroowhen I install VirtualBox via Terminal with "apt-get install virtualbox" I see this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612331/13:42
zetheroosomething is definitely wrong here13:42
HerrKlemmyHey there, folks. Following subject : Using 3 monitors. Somebody said  additional to the two outputs of my videocard, I could use the onboard output, to display another screen on a third monitor. So now I've got two monitors working and the third keeps black until I press Ctrl+Alt+F1 for example. Then the two screens with the X-Server freeze and the third comes up with a terminal. How to use the third also with the X-Server - I've got no13:42
raven_Hello Everyone! I am looking for a bit of help with my Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A. Ubuntu 13.04. Under Unity all the FN Keys work fine, but as soon as i go to another Display Manager (KDE and LXDE) the FN keys stop working. Anyone had this issue?13:42
raven_Window manager i mean13:43
cristian_cI can't browse my android device via bluetooth13:44
neyderYesterday we can't install, nor boot,  Raring in many new machines with Windows 8 + secure boot13:44
cristian_cI've found 'Browse Files on Device'13:44
cristian_cbut I get an error13:44
neyderthere is any way to make it work out of the box?13:44
cristian_cAny ideas?13:44
wilee-nilee!uefi | neyder13:44
ubottuneyder: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:44
raven_My Ultrabook uses a EUFI Secure Boot system, dodgy as crap. With Raring i found i had to edit the vmlinuz.efi file and remove the .efi extension - Then reboot and boot the USB but without EUFI, if that helps.13:45
cfhowlettcristian_c, grr.  ok.  android/ubuntu use the MPT (MTP?) communication protocol13:45
cristian_ccfhowlett, but is it a usb communication protocol?13:46
FrankieJanyone know a good WYSIWYG editor for lubuntu, i had kompzoer but it doesnt work for lubuntu no more13:46
cfhowlettcristian_c, all I recall is that no MTP/MPT, no communcation with android via plug13:46
neyderthanks wilee-nilee raven , it maybe 'cause they switch many things in BIOS (now UEFI) setup13:46
raven_Lets dumb this down a little. cristian_c what android phone are you using?13:47
x5iveswilee-nilee: Ahh, I knew that, I thought you mean an actual 'Java Wiki'.13:47
* cfhowlett ... watches with interest as I am buying Nexus 4 soon13:47
neyderjust reading around, i havo no machines with Windows8 now, it was on yesterday's FLISOL13:47
Gh05t5Hello, I wonder if someone can help me set up my wired connection, it worked when I had a clean install however something has broken it.13:47
javierany ideas13:47
wilee-nileeneyder, Different computers from different manufacturers can have different methods needed, good luck there is no universal methid. ;)13:48
BluesKaj!who | javier13:48
ubottujavier: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:48
cristian_craven_, I'm using a tablet13:48
cristian_craven_, I'm paired pc and devce13:48
raven_cristian_c, model? I dont like asking "personal" questions, but each device is different13:48
javier!BluesKaj i am not gettting surround sound13:49
ubottujavier: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:49
cristian_craven_, I don't remember the exact model, it's not a famous brand13:49
IgnacioHi guys.13:49
IgnacioI need help installing my modem software.13:49
Gh05t5what is good manners on this channel? repeat question in a few minutes if no help or just wait until someone can help?13:49
RickJameswilee-nilee, i have ccsm and fusion-icon, what else needs to be installed?13:49
IgnacioThe log:13:50
neyderwilee-nilee, bad luck FLISOL's installations were very silly because of that13:50
javieri have the spdif selected for sound, and i am not getting anyting out of the alsa test13:50
cfhowlettGh05t5, say every 10 - 15 minutes is good13:50
javieri am completely lost on why this isn't working13:50
raven_cristian_c okay, this might be a problem. What brand?13:50
raven_and also cristian_c what version of Android?13:50
Gh05t5cfhowlett, Thanks. hopefully get my connection sorted :)13:50
FrankieJanyone here know anything about lubuntu 13?13:51
BluesKajjavier , I posted several suggestions , but you seem to just be doing what you think will fix your surround  sound , read my posts above about VLC >tools and then reply13:51
cfhowlettGh05t5, think good thoughts ...13:51
jribGh05t5: repeat after a reasonable wait (use your judgement based on traffic but I think 10-15 minutes is appropriate)13:51
wilee-nileeRickJames, Not sure I use the gnome-shell, I figured you had some knowledge there, you might look on the web for setups. When  used unity I found a setup and just copied it from install to install.13:51
Gh05t5jrib, thanks I can see how things can pass by without attention, but also don't want to spam the channel13:51
javiersorry, but i do not see your posts as i have rebooted a few times.13:52
Gh05t5javier, who are you addressing?13:52
RickJameswilee-nilee, i use unity ( i think it's called) been a compiz user since beryl (the better decorator,imho) 12.10 allowed it with very little effort. i'll just google some more13:52
cfhowlett!details|Gh05t5, details matter a lot ...13:52
ubottuGh05t5, details matter a lot ...: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:52
cristian_craven, 4.113:52
javierBluesKaj, sorry13:52
MonkeyDustjavier  in VLC : Tools > preferences > audio > dolby surround13:53
HerrKlemmyHey there, folks. Following subjet : 3 monitors. Somebody said  additional to the two outputs of my videocard, the I could use the onboard output, to display another screen on a third monitor. So now I've got two monitors working and the third keeps black until I press Ctrl+Alt+F1 for example. Then the two screens with the X-Server freete and the third comes up with a terminal. How to use the third also with the X-Server - I've got no Xor13:53
BluesKajjavier, your 5.1 surround spdif output has to be dolby digital or a DTS stream from the video soundtrack . Make sure the video you are testinghas DD or DTS by checking in VLC>Tools>Media information , look for an audio stream that looks like : Codec A52 audio (aka AC3 a52). PCM out is plain stereo, usually.13:53
javierMonkeyDust i have done that and still receiving stereo input13:53
ForageI need some help with an upstart issue13:54
cfhowlettForage, greetings13:54
BluesKajjavier,correction :  VLC>tools>Codec info13:54
Gh05t5Okay, i'm running 12.04 I believe and my wired connection shows up, but then when i try to use it it doesnt work, in the icon at the top of the screen it says wired connection connected, but it just doesn't actually work. I'm sorry if this isn't specific enough but I'm enough of a rookie to not know what is important13:54
ubottuForage,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:54
Forageyeah, yeah, working on it :-P13:54
Foragethe upstart gdm log has entries stating "/proc/self/fd/9: 31: /etc/profile: [[: not found"13:55
javierits empty13:55
cfhowlettGh05t5, disconnect any wifi connections and see if that fixes wireless13:55
Foragewhere does this "[[" come from?13:55
cristian_craven, any ideas?13:56
jjini'm trying to install ubuntu GNOME 13.04 via usb as a dual-boot on a machine currently running windows 8, but the usb drive containing it isn't recognized as a boot option. the same drive with regular ubuntu 13.04 (with unity) works just fine and is recognized. any ideas?13:56
Gh05t5cfhowlett, I have tried disconnecting wireless and there is no change, wireless works fine, thats how I am speaking to you, but if i disconnect wireless with the cable plugged in, Nothing.13:56
=== DocGrooveAway is now known as DocGroove
jribForage: what changes did you make to your upstart/upstarts scripts?  [[ is bash syntax13:56
Foragejrib: I didn't, gdm fails to start after a system hang13:56
cfhowlettGh05t5, weird and familiar.  same thing happened to me at work. worse, one day wired just decided to start working again without any further action by me13:57
jribForage: was that always the case?13:57
Foragejrib: always the case?13:57
jribForage: did gdm ever not fail to start?13:57
compdocmeans did that always happen13:57
Foragejrib: nope, worked fine before13:57
jribForage: can you elaborate on "system hang"?13:58
javierBluesKaj I am playing equilibrium codec A52 3f2R/LFE 48000Hz 640 kb/s13:58
doctorpepperhi guys!13:58
Gh05t5cfhowlett, I think I'm actually responsible for this, I was trying to use google DNS and it wouldnt work. but when I restored default settings the connection never came back13:58
cfhowlettdoctorpepper, what's up, doc13:58
javieri am getting stereo input to the receiver still13:58
Foragejrib: played a game, exited, freeze. Happens more often with that game, but never caused issues like this before13:58
dikiso I have .sh file where I have some export commands, but when I execute them from my terminal they do not change anything when I later print the changed/exported variables13:58
doctorpepperwhere can i find  networkmanager 0.9.8 package for precise13:58
Foragejrib: some more details: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/116964013:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1169640 in gdm (Ubuntu) "GDM fails to start after system crash" [Undecided,New]13:59
cfhowlettGh05t5, with great power ...13:59
jribForage: pastebin your /etc/profile13:59
Gh05t5cfhowlett, comes great cockups13:59
cfhowlettGh05t5, as I recall, the DNS gets mirrored to a couple of config files.  Can't offer any help beyond that ...14:00
Foragejrib: http://pastebin.com/ZRuZF4FE14:00
javieri have dolby enabled, alsa audio out, spdif selected and hda ati sb, alc892 digital iec958 chosen14:00
jribForage: comment the last line (31) and see if the situation changes.  Did you fsck after resetting the system?14:00
Foragejrib: yeah14:01
javierin the system preferences i have the same audio device selected14:01
Gh05t5Hello, I wonder if someone can help me set up my wired connection, it worked when I had a clean install however something has broken it when i tried to change dns to google14:01
wilee-nileedoctorpepper, With a quick web look I see no links.14:01
Foragejrib: ok, will try with commenting out that line. Will need to reboot though. Anything else I should do as a follow up?14:02
dikiI see, I need to call source <.sh file> to execute the export commands on the current shell14:02
doctorpepperwilee-nilee: that is why  i am asking here ?14:02
jribForage: yes, you should come back either way and report the results14:02
* Errare has just upgraded his computer to Ubuntu :D14:02
javierBlueKaj: do i need to follow this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DigitalAC-3Pulseaudio14:02
BluesKajjavier, ok , open alsamixer , and take a snapshot with your prtScn key and post it on imagebin. I'd like to see your settings14:03
wilee-nileedoctorpepper, Cool, we never know how efficient people are or there google foo abilities.14:03
Foragejrib: haha, of course, just though I might as well do more in one go ;-)14:03
jribForage: oh.  No, but you can think about how that line got there; that's my next question :)  I'll be back in ~1014:03
FrankieJanyone know how to install aptana via cli?14:04
Puriad gk indo disini?14:04
javierBluesKaj: print screen makes my entire tv grey14:04
BluesKajjavier, that URL is no longer valid , ubuntu no longer uses an asoundrc file for pulseaudio  ..Pavucontrol is a useful tool for setting your audio outputs as well.14:05
javierBluesKaj thank you. what can i use instead of printscreen14:06
BluesKajjavier, ok forget the snapshot then14:06
Foragejrib: SUCCESS!!!14:07
javierBluesKaj, shoud I install the pavucontrol14:07
BluesKajjavier,in alasmixer , make sure your spdif oputs are using pcm . Yes pavucontrol is quite handy14:07
scumbumjavier: whats wrong14:08
MonkeyDustscumbum  javier is struggling with surround audio14:09
javierin alsamixer, i have a spdif connection that is marked s/pdif and another that is s/pdif default pcm14:09
javiernot sure if this means anything but auto-mute is enabled14:10
Gh05t5Hello, I wonder if someone can help me set up my wired connection, it worked when I had a clean install however something has broken it when i tried to change dns to google14:10
wilee-nileedoctorpepper, I see it in this ppa however not necessarily pointed at precise, there is a update on the page for a tar, it is in raring stock. Use at your own risk. https://launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/+archive/nm14:10
BluesKajjavier, are the spdifs showing as 0 and 1 ?14:10
BluesKajjavier, disable auto mute14:11
lovethecodehow did you change the dns, Ghost5?14:11
javierall of the channels (PCM, front, surround, center, left and side) are all green14:11
scumbumjavier: in terminal type alsamixer or alsa-mixer14:11
Foragejrib: I did have to install autopackage in the past. Since I hardly shutdown my system I never connected it installing that package with issue because it was way earlier.14:11
javierthe spdif are not marked 0 or 114:11
BluesKajjavier, no MMs in the ctrls ?14:11
javieronly the front and rear mic14:12
Gh05t5lovethecode, in edit connections wired, ipv4, DNS settings14:12
scumbumjavier: in terminal type alsamixer14:12
Foragejrib: strange that it only caused issues with gdm though14:12
ErrareI have a question if anybody knows the answer. Is it possible to delete my Windows partition and give Linux the rest of the space on my hard drive? (Upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from Windows 7). The machine is currently dual-booted.14:12
BluesKajok javier have you installed pavucontrol yet ?14:12
lovethecodeah Ghost5, try to set everything to auto config, which should fix the error.14:12
Gh05t5lovethecode, can you let me know how i select auotconfIig14:13
lovethecodeErrare, yes, resize the partition with GParted from Live Ubuntu CD.14:13
ErrareOk thanks, lovethecode.14:13
Tomtiger11Hey, Id like something that will allow me to network a few computers and have the same files and credentials on all of them14:13
* BluesKaj wishes ubuntu would come up with an integrated audio suite , insted of this dog'sd breafast of integrating serttings in differnt audio apps14:13
scumbumjavier: you need to unmute surrond sound14:14
nyuszika7hhi, I've installed rxvt-unicode but my colors are messed up. any idea how to fix? my ~/.Xresources: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612438/14:14
scumbumUsing alsamixer14:14
javierBluesKaj, i have it installed now14:14
BluesKajscumbum, are you following the discussion , he already has14:14
lovethecodeghost5, I think we should try to reverse the settings that caused the error.14:14
wilee-nileeErrare, From windows? Is this a ubuntu install from windows?14:15
MonkeyDustlovethecode  type gh [tab]14:15
nyuszika7halso this is Xubuntu 13.0414:15
BluesKajok open pavucontrol and set the outputs to your soundcrads spdif out in the drop down14:15
Gh05t5lovethecode,  sounds good to me I just don't know how sorry, im too new. I read an article online extoling the virtues of google dns as being faster. seems im not clever enough to follow the steps14:16
javierI have the pavucontrol open14:16
lovethecodeok brb14:16
johnjohn1011is it possible to use one of the new 4TB drives and load ubuntu from scratch on it?14:16
scumbumjavier: sound may be un muted in sound control. Alsamixer may show otherwise.14:16
javierscumbum please explain14:17
Gh05t5test sorry14:17
Gh05t5lovethecode, did you get this msg?14:17
Errarewilee-nilee, I have two partitions on my hard drive 200gig and 300 gig approx. I installed ubuntu with a program called UNETBOOT i think it was since my CDs wasn't working. I ran the whole thing through windows and it is dual-booted now.14:17
BluesKajjavier, choose the "output  devices" tab and choose the ports dropdown , choose spdif out14:18
wilee-nileeErrare, Okay cool, just concerned it might be a wubi install which is a file in windows.14:18
Errareoh, would that matter?14:18
scumbumjavier: just type alsamixer in terminal14:18
lovethecodeghost5, please select "automatic (DHCP)" under the IPv4 setttings tab of your ethernet config popup.14:19
wilee-nileeErrare, Yes, if you removed windows you would remove ubuntu.14:19
ErrareOh lol14:19
wilee-nileeErrare, Not what you would want, lol.14:19
ErrareNot really no wilee-nilee.14:19
javierBluesKaj, done14:20
ErrareIs there a way I could check? Without actually trying it?14:20
scumbumjavier: when alsamixer is running press function key 6 then select audio device you want to adjust14:20
wilee-nileeErrare, install gparted and look for the ext4 partitions and a swap.14:20
ErrareI just want MS completely out of my system, I don't even use it anymore.14:21
DeSmuMEErrare : reinstall linux overeverything than14:21
wilee-nileeErrare, YOU can run sudo fdisk -l in ubuntu and look for the ext4 parttions as well14:21
wilee-nileeDeSmuME, Don't just spit out advice read the page.14:22
javierok. thank you very much14:22
yeehiwhich folder are the wallpaper images in?14:22
javierBluesKaj, it appears that after selecting the correct formats and output device i have surround for movies14:22
javiercan you help me get 5.1 for rhythmbox?14:22
MonkeyDustyeehi  /usr/share/backgrounds/14:23
oystermy window manager just hung14:23
oystermouse mooves but wont click anything14:23
yeehiThanks, MonkeyDust14:23
oysterkeyboard is dead14:23
Errareok thanks wilee-nilee. WIll look into it now.14:23
oysterbut i can switch to a vt14:23
BluesKajjavier, now open a video encoded with DD surround , with VLC , then choose tools > prefernces > audio , then choose "alsa audio output" and check the spdif option below it , then save at the bottom14:24
yeehiMonkeyDust, how do you know these sorts of things?14:24
MonkeyDustyeehi  by using ubuntu14:24
MonkeyDustyeehi  in the end, you just know, there's no trick14:24
oysterwhy can this happen14:24
BluesKajjavier, setting your prefernces in VLC will preserve the settings for futher reboots14:24
deb__ Sorry, i speak english small. How change font and size font used command line in .doc file?14:24
yeehiah, you must know and love it very well14:24
oysterdamn .. my only option seems to be restarting x now14:25
oysterfolks is ther any x log i can check14:25
BluesKajjavier, so you have surround Dolby Digital 5.1 ?14:27
happyhessianhello, i'm having some trouble installing RR to my desktop... i'm doing kubuntu and it dies on grub-install.  what is the correct location for bootloader installation if i have lvm2 already set up from a previous install? i thought /dev/sda but i'm getting a fatal error there.  should i go for the / lv? it feels wrong...14:28
javieri did for a second now i am not getting any sound for some reason14:28
scumbumZoyo: hello14:30
BluesKajjavier, does your receiver show a pcm feed ?14:31
scumbumjavier: my way would activate sorround sound system eide14:31
shantorncould anyone tell me if conky works well with unity?14:32
shantornmine doesnt seem to14:32
scumbumshantorn: hello14:32
=== DocGroove is now known as DocGrooveAway
ZoyoWhat's the name of the executable that is started when klicking on the settings-entry under the gearwheel-icon? this doesn't start anymore after upgrading to raring.14:34
scumbumshantorn: conky would just clutter things up in unity14:34
jribForage: bashisms like [[ should not be in /etc/profile apparently.  If it was added automatically by a package, you should notify the maintainer14:35
nantouhow do I split cue files and convert em to mp3 with linux only and not using ape (license issues)?14:35
shantornsince you pmed me and called me a stupid jerk your opinion doesnt matter to me14:35
jrib!iso | nantou14:36
ubottunantou: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.14:36
wilee-nileescumbum, That is a personal opinion not support.14:36
jribnantou: do those conversion utilities help you?14:36
wilee-nileeshantorn, Report those sort of PM's to #ubuntu-ops14:36
nantoui dont have iso files anywhere, just ape14:37
cyclist_2Whatever happened to Swiftfox [the web browser]? Their web site is still up but there is no longer access to their files and no comments about it on the internet [that I could find]; check it out on http://getswiftfox.com/14:37
shantornok wilee-nilee14:37
BluesKajshantorn, just put him on ignore , he pm'd me as well14:38
scumbumThis is support not complaint room14:41
wilee-nileecyclist_2, There is a installer link on the site.14:41
javier__BluesKaj, thank you very very much. i have surround for movies now14:41
javier__could you please help me enable 5.1 or 7.1 for rhythmbox please14:42
cyclist_2wilee-nilee: it does not work for me; did you actually clicked on the links?14:42
BluesKajjavier__, sorry i don't use rhythmbox14:42
javier__ok. what do you use?14:42
wilee-nileecyclist_2, I'm not going to install it to check but look here. http://getswiftfox.com/deb.htm14:43
javier__BluesKaj, what program do you recommend instead14:44
BluesKajrhythmbox probly won't play surround sound , VLC will if you have music encoded with 5 or 7.1 surround , javier__14:44
jjini'm trying to install ubuntu GNOME 13.04 via usb as a dual-boot on a machine currently running windows 8, but the usb drive containing it isn't recognized as a boot option. the same drive with regular ubuntu 13.04 (with unity) works just fine and is recognized. any ideas?14:44
scumbumjavier__: music is stereo14:44
BluesKajnot all music is stereo , there are some dvd audio surround encoded files or disks available14:45
javier__scumbum, my issue is that when i was playing music thru rhythmbox before, my sub wouldnt enable as a stereo input14:46
javier__i installed the equilizer ppa and enabled the lfe before, and am seeing if i have to do the same thing14:46
marjust installed 13.04 - What should I do about nVidia drivers?14:46
wilee-nileejjin, This the gnome remix, does it have the uefi stuff onboard?14:46
cyclist_2wilee-nilee: you will not install it by just clicking on the link; you should get a new window asking whether you wish to install it or to open it; anyway, if you do not know the answer to my question, I thank you for you reply but seek no further assistance from you; I *actually clicked on all links and all I get is a '404 - not found page' message*; that's the reason for my curiosity14:47
jjinit's not gnome remix, as far as i can tell. it's the version i got directly from the ubuntu website14:47
sathishHi guys, I have bumblebee project installed, I prefer to run vlc with nvidia card, how do I automatically run vlc with optirun vlc, whenever I start vlc?14:48
scumbumjavier__: do like blueaho-led said rythmbox may not be able play more than 2 channels14:48
BluesKajjavier__, just use vlc14:48
wilee-nileecyclist_2, If you don't want to add it to your sources.list that is your decision, don't criticize me for helping you.14:49
=== iorweth is now known as iorweth_brb
jjinwilee-nilee: it's not gnome remix, as far as i can tell. it's the version i got directly from the ubuntu website14:50
BluesKajjavier  can you set your audio receiver to do surround from 2 channels using dolby pro logic or a similar setting ?14:50
scumbumwilee-nilee: to much of humble pie14:50
wilee-nileejjin, Ah, could be any number of reasons, bad usb load...etc UEFI stuff, have you seen the UEFI wiki?14:50
jjinwilee-nilee: i have. what confuses me is that the exact same usb drive with "vanilla" ubuntu (w/ unity) on it is recognized just fine14:51
=== Jeff_ is now known as Guest5005
jjinwilee-nilee: granted i'm also having a fair bit of trouble installing THAT, but one problem at a time lol14:52
cyclist_2wilee-nilee: I *did* try doing that, too; it just so happens that it does *not* work! that page is a ghost page; I already thanked you; please, bear in mind that I have already done a lot of research trying to find those elusive files *before* I came here, so all obvious suggestions like clicking on links and adding to the sources list are of no help whatsoever; but, thank you, again!14:53
KyshtynbaiHi guys. Should I install 64bit system on a notebook with this processor, http://pastebin.com/MmMNkQcm or it is pointless?14:55
Jeff_StylezI could use some help if someone's got a minute.   Been searching the web for two days trying different things, and I simply can't get Ubuntu installed on my box.  I think it's related to my video cards because of the errors I'm receiving from nouveau.  Tried CD's, USB, nomodeset, blacklisting nouveau, nothing works, end up simply at a black screen. (No cursor)14:55
BluesKajKyshtynbai, pointless , it won't install on that machine , use the 32 bit image14:58
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varikonniemisorry you had no cursor. i had a very weird problem with 13.04 somehow related to it being confused to where to put the bootloader14:59
=== mladoux is now known as Korekame
varikonniemionly got it working by pulling out my android phone with sd storage and raid array for the install..15:00
varikonniemibut my computer hanged at just black screen with blinking prompt15:01
vonkrolokhello everybody15:01
vonkrolokI'm in need of a help with banshee & ipod touch15:01
Jeff_StylezThe black screen only occurs when I use nomodeset and/or blacklist nouveau.   Otherwise it'll go to low-graphics mode.  But will never actually install.15:01
vonkrolokon ubuntu precise15:01
Jeff_StylezActually, seems it won't even check the disk for errors once I've blacklisted nouveau.15:02
jpastorehi I just upgraded from 12.04->12.10->13.04. haven't turned this laptop on in a while. can I easily uninstall unity and install gnome?15:04
pii3i have remote desktop server available on ubuntu 10.04 LTS, how can i set remote desktop server for which monitor15:05
jjin wilee-nilee: i have. what confuses me is that the exact same usb drive with "vanilla" ubuntu (w/ unity) on it is recognized just fine15:05
wilee-nileejpastore, No gnome 2 is not available, however there are other desktop options.15:05
jpastorewilee-nilee: I just read that 13.04 is the first version since 11.04 to offer gnome officially15:05
pii3i have two monitor i just want first monitor to show ?15:05
wilee-nileejpastore, gnome 315:06
jpastorewilee-nilee: so cna I uninstall unity and install gnome3?15:06
lovethecodeI like the 13.04, so far!15:07
wilee-nileejpastore, YOu have gnome already it underlies the ubinty desktop which is a plugin in compiz, if you want the gnome 3 shell and the fallback option install the gnome shell. Removing unity is not a wise thing in general.15:07
jpastorewilee-nilee: yea but I really don't like unity. it might be the lowest common denominator interface that works well for all sizes...but I do not like it.15:08
spabSo - uh.  How can I apt install something that has two ++'s in the name?  It's been treated like I'm trying to regex something15:08
spabEscaping the +'s doesn't help neither does enclosing it in quotes and google is worthless15:09
jpastoreI will look up how to uninstall unity if it will revert back to just using gnome. thanks.15:09
wilee-nileejjin, I don't really understand the differences of your downloads to be honest, might you just need to use the out if the bois boot from menu?15:09
cristian_cThere is a mysterious problem with my laptop. I mean, when I run the suspension, after the restore there are problems. The first of which is that the Chromium browser will no longer open (but it also does with Chrome) and if you launch it from the terminal, an error is returned.15:09
vonkrolokis there somebody here that uses ubuntu to sync and ipod touch?15:09
spabvonkrolok, what version of iPod touch?15:09
spabIf it's 6th-gen, gtkpod doesn't do it right, I can tell you that15:10
vonkrolokit's an old one15:11
amazighhi !15:11
spabvonkrolok, try gtkpod15:11
spabThe people behind it actually care about the user experience15:11
Foragejrib: I got rid of autopackage instead15:11
jjinwilee-nilee: what do you mean by that? i've been using the "boot from" menu this entire time, to no success15:12
cristian_cAlso, when I try to logout or reboot the pc freezes, meaning that when I try to restart, the screen goes black and hangs there indefinitely (in the case of the log, it appears the shell with the messages, but it hangs too) and I have to brutally shut down the pc.15:12
amazighdoes any of you guys have an idea why youtube is so slow since a week ?15:12
Jeff_StylezHmm.  Could my install troubles be related to the SLI bridge being installed?15:12
cristian_cI tried several solutions, from uswsusp to tuxonice, to create a special file in /etc/pm/config.d/, but these attempts have not been successful. I also checked the syslog, but also did not provide significant information about the origin of the problem15:13
wilee-nileejjin, To boot a usb you can change the bios, or use a key prompt at poering on to get a one tome boot from menu not in the bios.15:13
cristian_cAny ideas?15:13
varikonniemiJeff_Stylez, at least i have no problems with or without bridges15:13
amazighI have Ubuntu 12.10 installed and I am using Firefox15:13
jjinwilee-nilee, that's what i've done already15:13
amazighNo idea why since a week now Youtube is very slow15:13
vonkrolokspab done it15:13
vonkrolokI get a "file does not exist" error message in banshee15:14
wilee-nileejjin, Excellent we don't know that unless you specifically tell us, I find that about 90% of the people I mention that to on the channel do not know about that option. ;)15:14
jjinwilee-nilee: oops, probably should have mentioned it first then. also, when i go into BIOS to try to change the boot order, the USB containing ubuntu-gnome does not show up on the list of options, whereas the one w/ regular ubuntu does15:15
jjinwilee-nilee: just btw, when i say ubuntu-gnome i'm referring to this http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/releases/13.04/release/15:16
jjinwilee-nilee: i'm using the amd64 version, as that's the version that the ubuntu website seems to suggest that i use, given that i'm running windows 8 on a UEFI machine15:16
wilee-nileejjin, That is the same release as the ubuntu.com one15:17
jjinwilee-nilee: yes i get that they're coming from the same source , but does this one not use GNOME instead of unity?15:18
trietptmHello everybody, I have a question: Do I need to use tcpdump with parameter -s 65535 like in this link if I need to capture the full dump: https://www.wireshark.org/docs/wsug_html_chunked/AppToolstcpdump.html15:18
wilee-nileejjin, Heh that is the remix I asked you about to begin with actually.15:18
wilee-nileejjin, Yes it is gnome 3 only I believe.15:19
jjinwilee-nilee: oops. sorry15:19
jjinwilee-nilee: does that give you any idea of what the issues i'm facing might be?15:19
wilee-nileejjin, Heh, no biggie with so many releases it is not easy to follow everyone. ;)15:20
wilee-nileejjin, Not really I would check the md5sum and if okay reload it to the usb with unetbootin or another loader.15:20
wilee-nileeMight need to format the usb to just be sure.15:22
lomo7help please.. http://pastebin.com/7Bvh1pCE15:23
lomo7can't install openssh-server byobu15:24
jjinwilee-nilee: i used lili-usb to load per the suggestions from ubuntu.com, but i'll give some others a try15:24
wilee-nileelomo7, this sort of stand out what up with it. "322 not upgraded"15:24
lomo7wilee-nilee: what?15:25
jjinwilee-nilee: i'm also having a problem with "vanilla" ubuntu where it can boot to the menu where i choose to "try ubuntu" or "install ubuntu". but when i choose to install, the screen goes black, but i can hear the notification sound indicating that the setup window's appeared. and when i adjust the volume, i can hear the feedback beeps15:25
wilee-nileelomo7, Your link says you have 322 ugrades being held.15:25
lomo7wilee-nilee: and what should i do? sorry im noob with it...15:25
AdelaHello. Where is the X.org cofiguration file in Ubuntu 12.04?15:26
wilee-nileejjin, You have a uefi setup so I have no clue, the ubuntu forums though has a mod who focuses on this. Maybe a nomodeset in the usb boot is needed not sure.15:26
wilee-nileelomo7, Run a sudo apt-get update in the terminal and pastebin all the text.15:27
jjinwilee-nilee: i tried that, which made it able to display video...in three TINY copies of the desktop along the top of the monitor15:27
wilee-nileejjin, Not sure here.15:28
mzazaIs there an expected time to get bug fixes updates for Ubuntu 13.04? It's very sluggish on my i5 machine and nautlius and the desktop are extremely slow.15:28
jjinwilee-nilee: what REALLY confuses me is that the FIRST time i tried trying/installing ubuntu (yesterday morning) everything worked FLAWLESSLY. i had to stop though because i had to go somewhere15:28
jjinwilee-nilee: thanks for the help.15:28
wilee-nileejjin, Bummer when that happens.15:29
caelanHello, I need a really quick answer. I just installed Gnome 3.8 on Ubuntu 13.04 with GDM, and there is NO GNOME CLASSIC MODE. I need a really fast answer, thanks.15:30
vonkroloksorry spab apparently left... is there someone quite experienced in syncing ipod and rhythmbox/banshee?15:30
wilee-nileecaelan, 3.8 is not a stable install15:30
caelanWhat do you mean?15:31
caelanIs there no Gnome Classic Mode on 3.8? I've read everywhere that there is.15:31
vonkrolok3.6 is the stable one15:31
wilee-nileecaelan, It is not an official release for ubuntu it is in  development.15:31
lomo7wilee-nilee: http://pastebin.com/RKtUdum215:31
caelanBut how do I get Classic Mode.15:31
lomo7i appreciate you attention!15:31
mari want to install nVidia drivers, but I don't know the details of my card. So to do a smart scan, the nVidia page says 'The NVIDIA Smart Scan requires the latest version of Java'. I have Java runtime 7. What's the problem??15:32
caelanHow do I get classic mode on Gnome 3.8, I've installed it, but it's not visible in the session selection.15:33
wilee-nileelomo7, IT appears the earlier 322 not upgraded is associated with the openssh-server byobu install attempt, the regular update looks good. Not sure of a definitive answer to that install.15:34
saju_mHow to create a corrupted tar file.  I want to test tar repair tool.15:34
wilee-nileecaelan, The fall back is part of the gnome-shell install.15:34
caelanIt's not fallback mode, it says there is a new Classic MOde in 3.8 to replace fallback.15:35
caelanSorry, I am in a rush here.15:35
wilee-nileeand have some patience, lol15:35
wilee-nileesix minutes I will never get back lol15:35
caelanSo, does anybody know why the new classic mode is not visible in the session selector on Gnome 3.8?15:36
wilee-nileepart of the gnome-shell none the less I believe15:36
vigaxwhat is source of local video for unity video lens15:36
tekkhi guys, i'm trying to create a bootstable mac os x installer usb stick using ubuntu.... in a mac i'd use Disk Utility with a compressed .dmg... on Ubuntu i'm thinking this...15:36
tekkdmg2img InstallESD.dmg UncompressedInstallESD.img && dd if=UncompressedInstallESD.img of=/dev/sdx bs=8M15:36
a1234Hi guys I'm having an issue installing Ubuntu. Whenever I try I only get as far as the purple screen with the logos on the bottom. Afterwards the screen goes black and there are these strange vertical lines going across. Any suggestions?15:36
caelanOK, Thanks, so do I install Gnome shell?15:36
tekkhas anyone tried similar?15:36
wilee-nileecaelan, Worth a try, however you are installing not really released packages considered unstable.15:37
vigaxwhat is source of local videos for unity video lens?15:37
vi956925is it normal or anyway needed with any anti-virus or firewall for Ubuntu12.04 desktop? good to have just incase or waste?15:39
wilee-nilee!antivirus | vi95692515:39
ubottuvi956925: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus15:39
wilee-nilee!firewall | vi95692515:40
ubottuvi956925: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.15:40
vigaxwhat is source of local videos for unity video lens?15:40
wilee-nileehelps to just have the links15:40
Forageis there a way to determine what new packages have been installed after upgrading from 12.10 to 13.04?15:40
OhioGuyhi ,, I recently installed ubuntu  13.04 over 10.04 on a dell laptop ,,,   I'm using the gnome user interface ,,, sometimes when I try to close an app ,  ( firefox , pdf viewer , opera , etc. ) I click the "red X"  , the line that it is on greys out , but the app doesn't close15:40
lomo7wilee-nilee: i did check - http://pastebin.com/pzKLZc8M15:41
OhioGuyif I click on the app itself ,, the red X turns back red ,, but further clicks will not close the app15:41
wilee-nileelomo7, looks like a amd ati thang which I know nothing about.15:41
Gh05t5lovethecode,  sounds good to me I just don't know how sorry, im too new. I read an article online extoling the virtues of google dns as being faster. seems im not clever enough to follow the steps15:42
OhioGuythe way that I have found to close the app is to minimize it , the restore ,,, then it will close with the red X15:42
OhioGuydoes anyone have any ideas how to resolve this problem ?15:43
wilee-nileeOhioGuy, When you say over what does that mean?15:43
OhioGuywilee-nile  , I did an upgrade15:43
wilee-nileeOhioGuy, In what way?15:43
wilee-nileefresh install with the partition being formatted?15:45
OhioGuywilee-nile , booted a live dvd ,,, did the install from the desk top , and when asked , I told it to upgrade15:45
Gh05t5are there default wired connection settings I can restore to?15:47
wilee-nileeOhioGuy, Not sure I understand, I'm not aware of a upgrade from 10.04 straight to 13.04, that is not a complete overwrite.15:48
wilee-nileemight be one just never have seen it.15:49
gizmisHello, Can you help? Which team Ubuntu shows such as most teams use?15:50
nyuszika7hhi, could someone please help me? my colors work fine in uxterm but not in uxrvt. screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/hyBn25l.png - Xresources: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612728/15:50
wilee-nileegizmis, Can you explain that better, this is ubuntu support in general.15:50
OhioGuywilee-nile  ,,, I might have been mistaken  ,, it may have been 10.10  ,,,,   since it is "over written " is there any way to find out what it was originally15:51
Gh05t5can someone help me configure a wired connection please?15:52
wilee-nileeOhioGuy, Not that I know of, however if it was a fresh install basically, I would check the dvd's md5sum it might be a bad install.15:52
adamkGh05t5: We can only help if you actually tell us what you are trying to do and ask a real question...15:53
wilee-nileeOhioGuy, Did you have a separate home?15:53
wilee-nileeor do you I guess15:53
Gh05t5Hello, I wonder if someone can help me set up my wired connection, it worked when I had a clean install however something has broken it when i tried to change dns to google15:53
gizmiswilee-nilee, I want to see the most frequently used commands in the terminal, as history shows all used commands, and I want to most frequently used15:53
Gh05t5adamk, is that specific enough to be useful?15:53
wilee-nileegizmis, when and where that context.15:54
adamkGh05t5: In what way is it broken?  Can you ping your router?15:54
Gh05t5adamk, I then deleted the connection and tried to create a new one, however it still doesn'c connect. I beleive it is caused by me attemptig to follow a guide to start using google dns at
Gh05t5adamk, I will try now, so i will disconnect wireless to try that, brb15:55
OhioGuywilee-nile ,, ok   , I'll check that ,,, another question ,,with the previous version , when I closed the lid,,,  the system shut down ,, now the only options are suspend , or do nothing ,,, is there a way to make it shutdown on lid closure ?15:55
wilee-nileegizmis, The ones you use or the community uses?15:55
wilee-nileeOhioGuy, In settings and power there are options15:56
gizmiswilee-nilee, I need to see what commands are mainly used by the terminal15:56
=== f00dMonsta__ is now known as f00dMonsta
OhioGuywilee-nile  ,,  I missed your other question ,, "Did you have a separate home?" ,, I'm not sure I understand that question15:57
Gh05t5admak, I cannot ping from wired connection. returns message sudo nano /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base15:58
Gh05t5nope oops ignore that15:58
wilee-nileegizmis, By you? I don't thin k there is a frequent use search, at least not that I know of, there is .bash_history in home.15:58
Gh05t5admak, ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted15:58
Gh05t5but works from wifi15:58
Gh05t5but works from wifi15:59
wilee-nileeOhioGuy, Some user have a home partition seperate from / so that yo can upgrade releases and keep the same home15:59
BluesKajGh05t5, on ethernet , does route -n show an IP?16:00
MonkeyDustOhioGuy  with a separate /home paritition, it's easy to re-install or fresh install ubuntu, as your personal files and settings are left untouched16:01
OhioGuywilee-nilee  , I didn't know about that ,,, I just took the defauts on the install/upgrade16:01
Gh05t5BluesKaj, How do I check that sorry over my head that one16:01
BluesKajGh05t5, in the terminal , type , route -n16:01
rdp1408Can anyone help my get my laptop running ubuntu connected to my wireless network? It won't connect16:02
Korpcakeroute -n shows your routing tables16:02
OhioGuywilee-nilee ,, when I did the upgrade ,,, my existing files and settings were retained16:02
Korpcakeyes it will give you your ip address16:02
johnjohn1011MonkeyDust: what's the best way to move /home to a new partition on the hard drive as I have one partition that mounts as / . ???16:03
OhioGuyMonkeyDust,, when I did the upgrade ,,, my existing files and settings were retained16:03
Gh05t5BluesKaj, it gives a result which part of the data returned is relevant?16:04
Gh05t5BluesKaj, it gives a result which part of the data returned is relevant?16:04
BluesKajGh05t5, an IP address would be good , like 192.168....something16:04
Gh05t5BluesKaj, http://pastebin.com/M2aFd57216:05
bigpete01I need assistnace in getting wireless and wired connection working for ubuntu 12.04 on toshiba laptop16:05
Gh05t5BluesKaj, http://pastebin.com/M2aFd57216:05
wilee-nileeOhioGuy, I'm not aware of that sort of upgrade, does not mean it does not exist, seems to be part of the problem as a guess on my part.16:05
wilee-nileeat least from wherever you started 10.04 or 10.10 to 13.0416:06
vonkrolokanyone with a knowledge of rhythmbox/banshee and ipod touch sync?16:06
Trexityhow can i make xfce application menu look exactly like windows 7 start menu16:07
OhioGuywilee-nilee ,,, ok    I guess I'll live with it ,,, or try to reinstall again  , thanks for your help16:07
bigpete01I need assistnace in getting wireless and wired connection working for ubuntu 12.04 on toshiba laptop, please.16:07
spicercan anyone tell me.... how to connect D-link DWM-156 usb modem in ubuntu or debian????16:08
MonkeyDust!home | johnjohn101116:08
ubottujohnjohn1011: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving16:08
Gh05t5BluesKaj, was that useful?16:09
BluesKajGh05t5, ok you have a gateway to the router/modem , your ethernet is eth1 , so run eth1=dhcp in the console , then run, sudo ifconfig eth1 up, then , sudo dhclient eth116:09
pii3i have dual monitor on my ubuntu desktop, How can i tell remote desktop service which monitor to display, When im connecting from vnc viewer ?16:09
MonkeyDustjohnjohn1011  as for me, when I first did it, I simply erased the disk repartitioned and reinstalled ubuntu16:09
EsorHi. I'm experiencing a weird issue. Everytime I press FN audio volume control buttons It goes up or down to maximum and then it freezes unity and I've to reset my pc.16:09
gfdsaHello, I#ve got some problems with my samba configuration: (smb.conf: http://pastebin.com/bqE9g3bH ). for example user daniel can login and acces "Daten" , all the other users can login but can't access.. Some part of the logfile says:16:10
gfdsa[2013/04/28 18:07:11.395072,  0] smbd/service.c:995(make_connection_snum)16:10
gfdsa  Can't become connected user!16:10
johnjohn1011I don't know why ubuntu only defaulting to one / partition.  but that may be from a while back.16:10
Trexityhow can i make my xfce applications menu look like windows 7 start menu16:10
Trexityim going for the windows 7 look16:10
Trexityim on xubuntu16:10
Gh05t5BluesKaj, Ookay ran the commands shall i retry connection?16:10
MonkeyDust!themes | Trexity16:11
ubottuTrexity: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy16:11
BluesKajghost64, yes16:11
vigaxwhat is source of local videos for unity video lens?16:11
bigpete01Hello, I need assistnace in getting wireless and wired connection working for ubuntu 12.04 on toshiba laptop, thanks in advance16:11
Trexityim not talking about the icon man im talking about the menu itself16:11
pii3i have dual monitor on my ubuntu desktop, How can i tell remote desktop service which monitor to display, When im connecting from vnc viewer ??16:12
theadminTrexity: You'd have to re-write the menu... It's not possible to change how it looks16:12
wilee-nileebigpete01, If inboard run lspci in a terminal and identify the card if usb run lsusb16:12
Trexityyou can use a custom menu file16:13
Gh05t5BluesKaj, retried connection still nothing16:13
Trexitybut i was trying to find a pre made one that looks like win 716:13
Gh05t5BluesKaj, retried connection still nothing16:14
BluesKajGh05t5, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart , in the console16:15
MonkeyDustTrexity  i guess Zorin OS is what you want, but that's not supported here16:15
bigpete01wiliee-nille, what info does that produce?16:15
Trexityeverything already looks like windows 716:15
Trexityexcept the menu layout16:15
bigpete01Sorry but I am a linux newbie16:15
wilee-nileebigpete01, The ethernet and wireless info needed to help you.16:16
MonkeyDustTrexity  do'nt mention the name of that other OS too often here, it's insulting16:16
johnjohn1011is handbrake the best program now to backup dvds to the hard drive?16:16
Gh05t5BluesKaj, no joy16:16
theadmin!best | johnjohn101116:16
ubottujohnjohn1011: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.16:16
bigpete01network controller: Realtek Semiconductor RTL818CE16:16
bigpete01Ethernet controller: Atheros Commuications AR8162 Fast ehternet16:17
bigpete01btw, thank you Wilee-nille16:17
BluesKajGh05t5, did you run,  sudo dhclient eth1 and if so was there any output , just need to know if it output anything16:18
Trexitymonk mind your own buisness i was simply asking for help editing a custom app-menu file thats all this isnt for my pc its for a friends16:18
Trexityhe wants the system to look and behave like windows but its ubuntu xfce16:18
Gh05t5BluesKaj, there was no output just put me back to command prompt16:19
wilee-nileebigpete01, Bummer realtek cards are a bit of a pain, here is a link thats about the best I can do. http://askubuntu.com/questions/205575/12-10-x64-rtl8188ce-intermittent-slow-internet-connection16:19
johnjohn1011trexity: i can't confirm if this would work http://www.pcworld.com/article/2028896/how-to-make-ubuntu-linux-look-like-windows-7.html16:21
tanstaaflanyone answering today?16:21
tanstaaflI deleted a file from /usr/share/applications as root on accident.  Anyone know how to restore?16:22
tanstaaflubuntu 13.0416:22
bigpete01problem is wired connection not working either16:22
rdp1408Can anyone help me get my laptop to connect to WiFi?16:23
wilee-nileebigpete01, It has its own problems from what I can see on a web search.16:23
bigpete01Wilee-nilee, please explain16:24
wilee-nileebigpete01, Both can be made to work I think it just is not a new user area of ease of assembly.16:24
bigpete01Wilee-nilee, I am reading, I see the challenge.16:25
rdp1408Can someone help me get my laptop (Ubuntu 12.04) to connect to wifi?16:25
bigpete01wilee-nilee, any idea on the wired connection, AR816216:26
wilee-nileebigpete01, Cool, this may be somewhat of a self discovery endeavor, you might make a thread at the ubuntu forums as well.16:26
tanstaaflI deleted a file from /usr/share/applications as root on accident.  Anyone know how to restore?16:26
tanstaaflubuntu 13.0416:26
pii3i have dual monitor on my ubuntu desktop, How can i tell remote desktop service which monitor to display, When im connecting from vnc viewer ??16:27
theadmin!patience | tanstaafl16:27
ubottutanstaafl: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/16:27
wilee-nileebigpete01, Not with any definitive answers I have not had the pain/pleasure of having to deal with these. ;)16:27
caelanHello, I have installed Gnome 3.8 on Ubuntu 13.04. I installed it so I could use the all new Classic Mode that replaced Fallback mode. However, I cannot see the new Classic Mode when I log on (In the session selection box). Does anybody know how to use classic mode? Thanks.16:27
bigpete01Wilee-nilee, I searched how to fix AR8162, can I download "compat-wireless-3.5.1-1-snpc.tar.bz2" and put it on a thumb drive16:28
mongooseHi all16:28
theadmincaelan: Software from third parties, especailly updates from third parties, is not supported16:28
plotinohello everyone16:28
plotinoi have a problem with lubuntu16:29
plotinoi have in stalled yesterday16:29
Gnea!lubuntu | plotino16:29
ubottuplotino: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.16:29
caelanSo, theadmin, where can I go to get support for this problem?16:29
wilee-nileebigpete01, I have no idea.16:29
theadmincaelan: #gnome I suppose. It's likely a missing session package.16:29
bigpete01Wilee-nilee, LOL16:29
caelanOK, thanks theadmin.16:29
bigpete01Wilee-nilee, crazy, it works flawless on one machine and nothing on the other.16:30
wilee-nileebigpete01, You would not want me guessing now would you. ;)16:30
mongooseplease  advise a  cool markdown editor for ubuntu16:31
bigpete01Wilee-nilee, why not, I am, ;-)16:31
kwelndartanstaafl, did you delete from command line?16:31
bestdndhi. i opened amule from Terminal. how can i close the terminal window without closing amule?16:31
theadminbestdnd: You'd have to start the command with &disown so that the terminal doesn't "own" it.16:31
tanstaaflkwelndar, no  I ran gksu nautilus and navigated to the directory.  I was cutting and pasting icons to my home directory (to remove them from unity bar) then putting them back.16:32
tanstaaflon one I accidentally moved to trash and can't restore it.16:32
bestdndbut then i can't see any messege amule is sending to it16:33
wilee-nileebigpete01, lol, I will leave that to you, I have a thing about bricking others setups, never have yet, not gonna start now, lol.16:33
MonkeyDustbestdnd  use the ampersand &     like: amule&16:33
kwelndartanstaafl, and it doesn't show up in Trash?16:33
tanstaaflit shows in trash16:34
tanstaaflkwelndar, permission denied upon restore16:34
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest94375
MonkeyDusttanstaafl  because you used gksudo, you have to use it again to restore, i guess16:36
sveinseWhy does Chrome report outdated java, when chrome plugins reports the newest version? And on java.com the version check, chrome first reports outdated java when the check is started, but reports OK, has latest version afterwards16:37
kwelndartanstaafl, if you are still using the same gksu-ed nautilus it should work16:37
sveinseI have oracle java PPA where I download upstream jre16:37
kwelndartanstaafl, but you might have to open a terminal16:37
tanstaaflkwelndar, gksu nautilus loads root trash.  The files appear in user trash.16:38
tanstaaflkwelndar, if I knew the directory location of trash on ubuntu 13.04 I could solve the problem handily.16:38
BluesKajsveinse, some sites wrongly report java is not up to date , sometimes it's a redirect to scam site if click on their upgrade link , usually meant for MS Windows16:39
MonkeyDusttanstaafl  try ~/.local/share/Trash/16:39
tanstaaflMonkeyDust, there they are!  thanks16:40
sveinseBluesKaj: Heh. Even java.com reports not up to date, but then is reports latest after pressing "run anyways". And with the message "java outdated" is reported by chrome, not by the web page16:41
kwelndarMonkeyDust, beat me to it16:41
BluesKajsveinse, chromium or chrome ?16:43
narcosShould I be able to communicate with a USB serial device by accessing /dev/bus/usb/<addr>/<id> ?16:43
narcos( because I can't seem to )16:43
sveinseBluesKaj: I initially discovered it in chrome, but it seems to pertain in chromiumchro16:44
sveinseI think I found it. Bug in chrome: http://askubuntu.com/questions/166334/chrome-reports-java-plugin-outdated16:44
chronhi, i just set up a 13.04 system, but trying to install nvidia drivers(gt 220) for vdpau support just ends in an X freeze after ~1min, are there any known bugs regarding this?16:44
kwelndarsveinse, I think, but am not sure that it is a FEATURE of chrome to show outdated Java plugin, because all Java plugin versions have serious security flaws and should not be used at this time!16:45
sveinsekwelndar: Well, I tend to agree. Doesn't help though when Norwegian government forces us to sign in using java to be able to deliver our tax returns :P16:46
kwelndarUsing command line Java is still fine, but use in any browser as a plugin is asking for serious trouble16:46
kwelndarsveinse, ouch, that hurts. I remember hearing that a lot of banks across the waters use Java16:47
ZipppyyyyI'm trying to do an upgrade but get this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5612954/ and when I try to do an apt-get -f install it fails, how can i get rid of this error without wrecking the existing mysql install?16:47
BluesKajsveinse, yes then there is definitely a problem if a legit site is giving you the update required message :P16:49
sveinsekwelndar: Yep. A system they called BankID. Its a security-dongle challenge-response thing based on java. Java is great, because with it there is at least a minuscule change for linux support. But quoting them after the resent security issues with java "we're desperately searching out alternatives to java".16:49
Korpcakeis there a way i can change the name of my computer? currently its something long and rediculous16:51
kwelndarsveinse, I like the "desperately" ;^)16:51
MonkeyDustKorpcake  sudo -e /etc/hostname16:51
jrib!hostname | Korpcake16:52
ubottuKorpcake: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.16:52
javierhi. I accidentally deleted an important folder from my HDD. I'm trying to recover them using photorec, but there is no way I know to recover  the file names and their location in folder. Is such thing possible? The names and folder are important for the meaning of the files (like, where were they taken, that is imoprtant and can't be guessed from the picture itself). Is it possible? Thanks!!!16:53
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dhiedeafeverobody... is there a solution about the games flash player on ubuntu?16:55
dhiedeafflash player games on firefox is slow16:56
dhiedeafwhy is that?16:57
sect0rI have multi monitors and want to set different wallpapers for each one, how can I do it?17:01
tb01110100Will installing ubunt touch on my nexus 10 wipe the sdcard folder? I need to know if I need to back that up.17:04
Korpcakeif you are installing it to the internal memory then no it wont format your sdcard17:05
ulkeshThough it's probably a good idea to back up your sdcard anyway.17:06
KorpcakeTrue story... espicially if it has significant stuff on it.17:07
helder_raptorI want to develop an ubuntu for my personal use with minimial applications but with gnome.17:08
=== Dixie is now known as Arthic
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility17:09
jonutssince upgrading to raring, my notifications show up in a small blue bar at the top of the screen. anyone have any ideas?17:09
netherlands6hi I would like to know why in system settings there two differents online accounts? I try the one that have an ac adapter icon like and I dont see tray icon17:12
sevencipherhow do i bring back the dialog that asked me for my encryption phrase for my home directory, i Xd out of instead17:14
xebrahi, how can I open a program in a window with no window decoration (no borders)? There must be some kind of flag to include when starting the program from the console, but I don't know what it is. Thanks17:15
meerkatmy DNS has stopped working. I can only connect with IP-addresses. help. :(17:15
jribxebra: what program?17:15
netherlands6hi I would like to know why in system settings there two differents online accounts? I try the one that have an ac adapter icon like and I dont see tray icon17:15
vi956925hi, i installed Pidgin where I may have entered some wrong data for Skype, so now it crash every time I try start  it.. I tried "apt-get remove pidgin" & "apt-get autoremove" which said it removed it, however after "apt-get install pidgin" again, the same user data is in Pidgin (the wrong data I entered) so it still keeps crashing..:\  any idea how to fix that, and also how/where do I manage data it keeps like that (I thought it removed it when I told it 17:16
wilee-nileevi956925 use purge rather the remove17:16
Troy^hmm. im having difficulties getting ubuntu 13.04 to dual boot with windows 7. when i install ubuntu on my second hard drive. botting into windows is broken. also booting into ubuntu seems to hang when selecting Ubuntu in the grub menu. took me three reboots selecting ubuntu in the grub menu to get ubuntu to boot. So what's the easiest way to get both working from the grub menu prior to ubuntu install?17:16
vi956925oh, cool, thanks!17:16
sevencipher@vi there may also be a .pidgin folder in your home directory if thats not deleted you could try that17:17
xebrajrib, specifically, google chrome (chromium). I'd run it as an app so I get no navigation bars, etc. But I get the (metacity?) frame for the window. I'd like to take that away too17:17
wilee-nileeTroy^, Are you using the something other option in the ubuntu install, the manual install and pointing grub to its mbr?17:17
Troy^wilee-nilee i tried using the something other option. Where exactly should i be pointing grub. The way the menus worked was some what confusing17:18
jribxebra: if you always want it to not have window decorations, then you can check out (hmm I forget the name.  one sec)...  Also, there might be some compiz settings (I don't know)17:19
sevencipheroops hue hue17:19
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wilee-nileeTroy^, You want grub in the first gui after choosing something other, it is a dropdown choice, into the mbr sdX of the second HD. Check the HD with sudo fdisk -l to confirm the HD not the partitions.17:20
Troy^also wilee-nilee i have a efi mobo17:20
jribxebra: devilspie17:20
mank319Hey there :-)17:20
wilee-nilee!uefi | Troy^ Ah the wonderful uefi17:20
ubottuTroy^ Ah the wonderful uefi: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:20
wilee-nileeTroy^, Forget the previous mbr stuff.17:20
mank319I have a problem concerning my samba setup17:20
Troy^wilee-nilee: i hate this invention. I could not seem to get it working with that manual17:21
YionelHi \o. I have problems with my guest Ubuntu VM (virtualbox) on Windows 7 x64 host. friends-app doesn't work :'(  : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5613059/ can you help me ?17:21
mank319i have set my share to browseable = yes17:21
mank319but it does not appear to be17:21
YionelUbuntu 13.04 up to date :)17:21
mank319even testparm does not output that line17:21
mank319what could be the problem if even testparm omits this line?17:21
wilee-nileeTroy^, The ubuntu forums is your best help with uefi.17:21
wizard_Ais there no other way other than hostpad to make ad-hoc(with internet sharing) visible to android devices??17:22
Troy^wilee-nilee: so i guess i need to create an efi partition using live cd and gparted. Then run the installer?17:26
mank319thats my smb share config17:27
jordan4ibanezI installed my proprietary nvidia driver (gtx650|Nividia-313), but I've been wondering since 10.10, how do I get my boot screen to show the nice image again?17:27
mank319as mentioned above the browseable attribute appears to be ommited17:27
wilee-nileeTroy^, I would not know, personally if it were me I would use the forums and the one mod who knows this stuff best.17:28
Troy^wilee-nilee: uefi has been nothing but a pain in the but.17:29
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wilee-nileeTroy^, It seems to be, the manufacturers have their own tweaks it is a bit if a hit and miss to get working, that's why I would confer with the one person I know has the closest17:31
=== dulac is now known as hernry
gummyw0rmz_hello world17:34
blackjack138irc is dead =X17:34
blackjack138whats up17:34
blackjack138nobody wants to chat ??17:35
mank319the skies17:35
mank319well if you want to :)17:35
mank319how are you blackjack138?17:36
=== Guest64388 is now known as tm
blackjack138i'am fine and you?17:36
zgudinogood news all over the internet. L4D2 will be ported to ubuntu :D17:37
zgudinothats hot!!!17:37
MarconMprint {"Hello, Word!"}17:38
zgudinoi can finally save some money and setup my gaming rig with ubuntu loaded17:38
danieltreeI want to install ubuntu 13.04 along side Windows 8 ..I am at the partitioning stage of installation...what device should I use fot bootloader installation???17:39
danieltreethe disk with efi17:39
danieltreeor simply /dev/sdb17:39
DEEFI wanna install ubuntu from my usb stick (which is already bootable), should I just copy the iso to the stick?17:39
wilee-nileeDEEF, use unetbootin or dd17:40
blackjack138u need a software that make a boot from pendrive for linux iso17:40
DEEFalright cheers17:40
BluesKaj!steam | zgudino,17:40
ubottuzgudino,: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.17:40
blackjack138how to change resolution on ubuntu 8.10?17:41
helgehey.. my installed crashed when i tried to connect to wifi during install process.. is there a way to check if ubuntu has been installed correctly or restart install? some minor things seem to be missing17:42
wilee-nileehelge, I would just reinstall it.17:45
OerHekshelge, boot again, and start a live session, to see if wireless works out-of-the-box, then start the install17:46
DEEFright, brb on ubuntu *crosses fingers*17:46
=== TommehM is now known as CookieNinja
helgehmmmm.. ok tanx17:47
zgudinoyep @BluesKaj @ubottu i am already using steam for linux :D17:47
helgewifi works... btw the menu on the left, when i click an open program there, shouldnt it minimize?17:48
helgeit crashed just in the end of it17:48
helgealso ... multiple desktops17:48
helgewheres that?17:48
BluesKaj@ isn't necessary to highlight nicks on irc zgudino, just the nick will do17:49
MakrorHello there I was using ubuntu 12.10 from the live CD  on my laptop and I could turn on the two finger scroll for my , now that I have installed it I can't , there is no touchpad area just mouse! Can anybody help?17:49
helgenever mind :)17:51
crazy2kDoes anyone know if I can make remastersys create a livecd without the installer?17:51
zgudinoah cool BluesKaj17:52
Alexia_Deathanyone with a Wacom around? dist-upgrade just totally borked any and all tablet use.17:52
Alexia_Deathto 13.0417:52
wilee-nileecrazy2k, What installer?17:53
wilee-nileeMakror, I would look on the web with your computer model and missing tap pad in mouse.17:53
wilee-nileeaskubuntu.com/questions/228166/why-is-the-touchpad-tab-missing here is one I found17:54
crazy2kwilee-nilee: When you use the "distribution" option, remastersys adds an installer to the livecd.17:55
Psycholiquid71I am trying to mount an nsf share through fstab and two things are ahppening, one it wont auto mount I assume it is because the network isnt quiet up yet, and two I am getting an erro on reboot "mountall: disconnected form Plymouth any ideas guys and gals17:55
wilee-nileecrazy2k, Not sure.17:56
Psycholiquid71using 12.04.2 terminal only17:56
crazy2kBTW, I just went to http://remastersys.com/ and apparently the project owner got mad and decided not to maintain the project anymore.17:56
jmnozis there any documentation on how to manage daemons that needs to access files on an encrypted (ecryptfs) home directory?17:57
wilee-nileecrazy2k, It had been cancelled previously, than resurrected I'm not surprised it is basically over.17:58
Makrorwilee-nilee, I've been looking on the web for a solution for quite a while and so far I got nothing, the thing is that it was working from the live cd so I know it works just have to figure out how17:59
wilee-nileecrazy2k, YOU might look here as well. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization17:59
wilee-nileeMakror, Has to be a driver or missing app.17:59
crazy2kwilee-nilee: Thank you, but I have had no success doing it manually.17:59
wilee-nileeMakror, most likely, the link I posted has some apps listed18:00
TatuusHola, soo... when i upgrade 12.10 -> 13.04 from terminal, sudo do-release-upgrade -d  -the upgrade process doesn't touch my personal files, right? Just checking....18:01
madpropsis it normal for htop to show a highter cpu ussage than all the processes shown combined?18:01
Makrorwilee-nilee, I'll try to reinstall the driver, thanks18:02
madpropsTatuus, i think you don't need the -d anymore18:02
wilee-nileeTatuus, Should not be backed up if you really care.18:02
bekksmadprops: Yes, because htop does not show all process but only the ones fitting on your screen.18:02
Tatuusabout -d i was thinking what is it in essence ?18:02
wilee-nileeTatuus, You can set the software sources to all releases and do it in the update manager.18:04
Psycholiquid71I am trying to mount an nsf share through fstab and two things are ahppening, one it wont auto mount I assume it is because the network isnt quiet up yet, and two I am getting an erro on reboot "mountall: disconnected form Plymouth any ideas guys and gals, using 12.04.2 server, terminal only18:04
TatuusOk thanks18:05
bradleycan anyone here help me? i cant log on to google.su and i just got ubuntu18:05
madpropsbekks, ah I didn't know that18:06
MartynKeigherhey all. i installed my wordpress website in /var/www/mklab and i installed tt-rss and placed it in /var/www/ttrss . if i go to the link http://lab.martynkeigher.com/ttrss it works fine... BUT if i try to go to it via my wordpress homepage @ http://lab.martynkeigher.com it does not. why is this??18:09
Jewfro-Macabbion upgrade to raring, anyone else having problems with dovecot-postfix and mail stack delivery?18:09
MartynKeigherit is try to use the theme of my wordpress install, but how do i disable this for the /var/www/ttrss folder IF navigated from within my wrodpress website?18:10
aliendude5300Hi, I'm having trouble getting Google Chrome to install in Ubuntu 13.04.18:10
Psycholiquid71I am trying to mount an nsf share through fstab and two things are happening, one it wont auto mount I assume it is because the network isnt quiet up yet, and two I am getting an error on reboot "mountall: disconnected form Plymouth any ideas guys and gals, using 12.04.2 server, terminal only18:11
=== mustafa_ is now known as mzaza
aliendude5300When I try to install the Chrome package, it says that the libudev0 dependency is not satisfiable.18:11
MartynKeighersudo apt-get update18:12
MartynKeighersudo      apt-get install libudev018:12
MartynKeigherdo that18:12
mzazasudo apt-get install update not working in Ubuntu 13?18:12
MartynKeigherthen try chrome again18:12
phewlapt-get install update isnt a command18:12
_zoom_hi, am able to connect pptp client with network-manager but it's not the case when using manuaconfigs18:13
wilee-nileemzaza, In what way, any errors?18:13
_zoom_any ideas?18:13
aliendude5300MartynKeigher, when I do that second command, I get this: E: Package 'libudev0' has no installation candidate18:13
mzazawilee-nilee: Unable to locate package18:13
wilee-nileemzaza, What is the pckg?18:13
mzazawilee-nilee: I am trying to install updates.18:14
hugogfhi !!!18:14
wilee-nileemzaza, You running sudo apt-get update  ?18:14
hugogfpv2 i need help on zenbook ux32dv18:14
MartynKeigherwhat version of google chrome?18:14
mzazawilee-nilee: sudo apt-get upgrade :-/ I forgout...18:14
BluesKajsudo apt-get install packagename or sudo apt-get update , mzaza18:14
aliendude5300MartynKeigher: Google Chome stable, 64-bit. Trying to install it on Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit.18:15
hugogfi need help on zenbook ux32dv18:15
MartynKeigherwget https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/175-0ubuntu19/+build/4325788/+files/libudev0_175-0ubuntu19_amd64.deb18:15
aliendude5300alright, that's done downloading. I'll try installing that now18:16
MartynKeigherk. once thats done....install chrome again18:16
MartynKeigheru using CLI or GUI?18:16
DJones!details | hugogf18:17
ubottuhugogf: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:17
MartynKeigherinstall of ubuntu 1318:17
aliendude5300cli. using sudo dpkg -i18:17
aliendude5300That worked, thanks18:17
Psycholiquid71I am trying to mount an nsf share through fstab and two things are happening, one it wont auto mount I assume it is because the network isnt quiet up yet, and two I am getting an error on reboot "mountall: disconnected form Plymouth any ideas guys and gals, using 12.04.2 server, terminal only18:17
MartynKeigherso chrome works now?18:17
wizard_Ais there no other way other than hostpad to make ad-hoc(with internet sharing) visible to android devices??18:17
MartynKeigherthere were several known issues with it, see here if your intrested.... http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=22600218:18
aliendude5300it's rather odd that they would remove a dependency needed for chrome to work from the repos like that...18:20
mongoozeadvise me  a cool markdown editor for debian/ubuntu  please18:21
wizard_Ais there no other way other than hostpad to make ad-hoc(with internet sharing) visible to android devices??18:21
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code18:21
ubottuhtml is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya (Hardy or earlier) - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+ - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/18:22
clintoncanswer me ubottu :(18:22
clintoncoh dear, I stumped him18:23
clintoncnow I'll never learn about tmux18:23
OerHeksclintonc, try !info or !file18:23
clintonc!info tmux18:23
ubottutmux (source: tmux): terminal multiplexer. In component main, is optional. Version 1.7-3 (raring), package size 229 kB, installed size 513 kB18:23
clintonc!file tmux18:24
clintoncWhat is '!file' for?18:24
wilee-nileeclintonc, http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi18:24
Psycholiquid71I am having an issue trying to mount an nsf share through fstab and two things are happening, one it wont auto mount I assume it is because the network isnt quiet up yet, but mount -a works, and two I am getting an error on reboot "mountall: disconnected from Plymouth any ideas guys and gals, using 12.04.2 server, terminal only18:24
wilee-nilee!files tmux18:26
wilee-nileethought it was a plural18:26
clintoncevidently both are supposed to work18:27
RolenunI've been playing around with kmymoney....but it doesnt allow transactions to be entered. Has anyone run into a similiar problem? (This is a fresh install of ubuntu)18:27
clintonc"An explanation of how files and directories are organized on ubuntu"18:27
aliendude5300Is there anyway to get back the old Nautilus or something similar? I am not liking this new version. It feels like a lot of very useful functionality was either hidden or removed, and they took out most if not all of the menus18:28
cebori use 13.04 on my thinkpad, my screen doesn't dim down while idling on battery, can somebody help me with this problem ??18:29
charltonhow is that a problem?18:29
sagredohello my gdm is not working18:29
sagredoi am not sure why18:29
sagredoboth ubuntu 12 and 13 discs give errors while launching18:29
sagredocan osmeone please help me with an alternative GDM18:29
charltonWhat errors?18:29
charltonsagredo: What are the errors you get18:30
sagredoit says18:30
sagredocannot something kernel18:30
sagredoah here it is charlton18:31
sagredoBUG: unable to handle kernel paging request18:31
sagredoPLEASE help me18:31
sagredoi have linux files windows does not recognize i need to backup18:31
sagredoi am currently in a 10.10 liveCD as it is the only one that starts at all18:32
sagredobut now it will not even enter x18:32
wilee-nileesagredo, You have a usb stick?18:33
sagredowilee-nilee: no :(18:33
=== b4dave is now known as b4dave__
wilee-nileesagredo, A RW disc?18:33
Psycholiquid71I am having an issue trying to mount an nsf share through fstab and two things are happening, one it wont auto mount I assume it is because the network isnt quiet up yet, but mount -a works, and two I am getting an error on reboot "mountall: disconnected from Plymouth any ideas guys and gals, using 12.04.2 server, terminal only18:33
sagredowilee-nilee: I have already burned a number a of CDs that just return a lot of errors18:33
sagredono RW18:33
sagredojust CDrs18:33
sagredoi already tried LTS and 1318:34
sagredoboth fail18:34
sagredoonly this 10.10 disc is running18:34
wilee-nileesagredo, Have you checked the sums on the ISO's and burned at slowest sped?18:34
sagredonever heard of that18:34
Tatuussagredo, try thru USB stick? if you have one18:34
wilee-nilee!md5sum | sagredo18:34
ubottusagredo: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows18:34
adamk_sagredo, I'd also recommend running memtest on the machine in question.18:34
sagredoi do not have a USB stick18:34
TatuusCD's can be problematic on some older drives18:35
sagredookay, I ran the 13.04 wubi18:35
sagredowhich adds memtest to my boot options18:35
sagredobut i can tell you it will be fine18:35
sagredoi believe something is wrong with the video card18:35
wilee-nileesagredo, I believe all the ISO's are bigger than a cd18:35
sagredoi cannot check PMs18:35
sagredowilee-nilee: i burned to DVDrs18:35
Fluxxhi all, I need some help if possible18:36
=== me is now known as Guest94362
wilee-nileeFluxx, You want us to guess?18:37
TatuusFluxx, always just ask18:37
Fluxx:) sorry wilee-nilee ...I have an issue with screen resolution in Ubuntu 12.0418:37
FluxxCan't have the 1280x1024 res18:38
wilee-nileeFluxx, xrandr not show that18:38
embriktryiong to re cover files from a broken HD - it doesn't show up anywhere. Write dmesg but nothing. ANy suggestions?18:38
RhenzarDo any of you have experience with dual-booting on a Windows 8 machine?18:38
Fluxxnope and don't know how to add it (if its possible) wilee-nilee18:38
TatuusFluxx, you need proprietary drivers most likely18:38
wilee-nilee!uefi | Rhenzar18:38
ubottuRhenzar: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:38
FluxxTatuus: but in the bootloader i can have that res18:39
embrikthought I sshould use photorec - but since the hd doesn't show....18:39
aliendude5300Rhenzar, If you have a UEFI Windows 8 machine, you will likely run into problems. If it's an older, non-UEFI system, it works fine18:39
wilee-nileeembrik, Can you dd it to another HD?18:40
=== pug is now known as Guest89428
TatuusFluxx, you used to have that res though? or never ?18:40
embrikwilee-nilee, Since it doesn't show anywhere I dont know what dev it is18:40
FluxxTatuus: i have it on windows and today, after a hdd crash installed a new hdd w/ ubuntu on it but can't get anything more than 1024x70018:41
TatuusFluxx, i can't think of anything but a driver issue...18:41
=== Guest89428 is now known as DaveR
PunkSpoonSourav Singh.. can u read this???18:41
FluxxTatuus: how can be solved?18:42
embrikIt's a sata 500 gb barracuda - never epxerienced that nothing happens. Can't find it in bios nor in linux18:42
TatuusFluxx, from software sources, check the propriatary driver updates on18:42
embrikgot to go - bye18:42
Rhenzaraliendude5300: Sorry, I was afk for a while :D I'm running a non-UEFI system, but the problem is that after Ubuntu boots up the first few times, refuses to load and stays on the purple screen but without a logo.18:45
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | Rhenzar18:46
ubottuRhenzar: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:46
Rhenzarwilee-nilee: You've got this down, man.18:46
wilee-nileeto much freetime18:47
seyfarthSince updating to 13.04, the sidebar/taskbar/whatever doesn't react to the mouse hovering over it at all. Is this expected behavior?18:52
withnalehello. how do you upgrade from 13.04 beta to final? I've done apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade and rebooted and the kernel is still 3.8.0. I thought release was later than that.18:52
zianyahello, can anyone help me with this webcam? Bus 001 Device 003: ID 05ca:1839 Ricoh Co., Ltd Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC6 [R5U870]18:53
hachrewithnale: 3.8.0 is the final, if you want something newer you gotta use the mainline kernel ppa18:53
bekkswithnale: Just run sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade18:53
DJones!final | withnale18:53
ubottuwithnale: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.18:53
seyfarthAlso the "auto hide" functionality still doesn't work. It didn't work in 12.10 either.18:53
SuperLagI'm attemping to add Oracle Java to update alternatives. Can anyone tell me if this would *not* work, or would be a bad idea: for j in jar jarsigner java javac javadoc javah javap jcmd jconsole jdb jexec jhat jinfo jmap jps jrunscript jsadebugd jstack jstat jstatd ; do update-alternatives --install "/usr/bin/$j" "$j" "/opt/java/64/bin/$j" 1 ; done18:53
wilee-nileewithnale, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade is the only additional command I have 3,8.0-1918:53
hachreseyfarth: if you hover over an icon it should show its name18:54
hachreseyfarth: if you have autohiding on you need to overcome a resistance now by moving the mouse further into the edge to make it show18:55
seyfarthhachre: yeah. still doesn't work. even if i lower the setting to 0 in ccsm18:55
seyfarthhachre: been broken since 12.1018:55
hachreworks for me18:55
withnaleSo all the reviews I've seen have said 3.8.8 kernel. That isn't enabled by default?18:55
seyfarthi think it's an nvidia card thing18:55
hachreseyfarth: you're probably the victim of some legacy setting somewhere18:55
hachreseyfarth: I got nvidia too18:55
withnaleexample: http://desktoplinuxreviews.com/2013/04/25/ubuntu-13-04/18:55
seyfarthhachre: not sure. clean install. but it's annoying. the sidebar takes up so much space!18:56
bekkswithnale: 3.8.0-xyz will contain 3.8.8 -- the 3.8.0 will always be there.18:56
withnaleah. ok18:56
wilee-nileeseyfarth, You can shrink the sidebar18:59
OerHekswilee-nilee, sad to see there is no url for kubuntu 13.04 release notes on that page19:00
wilee-nileenever used it myself19:02
DWSRDoes 12.04 support SLI?19:03
cebori use 13.04 on my thinkpad, my screen doesn't dim down while idling on battery to save power? The checkbox is checked at settings...19:04
=== Linuxuser is now known as Guest84237
CrownWheelHey, how do I set a static IP in Ubuntu?19:06
CrownWheelThe wireless interface doesn't seem to be in /etc/network/interfaces...19:06
ant_mancan i change my default session to say, fluxbox?  This is a just a fileserver that remote into, and occaisionally use as a desktop station.  ubuntu 12.04 64, standard desktop edition19:08
Guest84237How come when I rebooted to finish installing Ubuntu 13.04 from 12.04 I got the CLI instead of the graphics mode19:09
PhiloSo, I just installed Ubuntu and as soon as it loads into the GUI, I lose my display. Which I assume means my driver isn't working.19:09
PhiloCan anyone tell me why the generic driver wouldn't work with a GTX 260 and a 64 bit AMD processor?19:10
Guest84237Philo: did you get the command line?19:10
PhiloNo command line.19:10
Guest84237Hm. I did and then I rebooted again and I got the graphics19:10
PhiloI tried again and again, even reinstalled.19:10
PhiloSame issue over and over.19:10
PhiloThis is an old card, I figured they'd have it figured out by now.19:10
at_oussamahello all19:11
TimvdePhilo: Might be a stupid suggestion, but when I had such a problem, it turned out my display brightness just suddenly jumped to zero19:11
wilee-nileeGuest84237, Can you login ands startx19:11
CrownWheelHey, I'm running v11.10.  How do I set a static IP on the wireless interface?19:11
PhiloWell, it's working fine in Windows 7, 8, and Fuduntu(?)19:12
PhiloActually, my monitor is saying no input detected.19:12
PhiloSo, it's a driver related issue.19:12
TimvdePhilo: Oh, nvm then.19:12
PhiloYou wouldn't think they'd still be having problems with cards that old.19:12
PhiloThat was a 2008-2009 release.19:13
PhiloA good four to five years ago.19:13
ant_manPhilo, i'm no expert, but try running updates threw CLI, or maybe even remove relative graphics dravers19:13
at_oussamai have a problem running all versions of ubuntu using Unity, since i don't think my GPU support 3D acceleration without a proprietary driver, but when i try to run 13.04 liveCD i have nothing at all, only the wallaper and nothing else, please help ?19:13
PhiloI can't get to a CLI.19:13
PhiloI'm given no option for one.19:14
awayPhilo, what about a tty?19:14
MonkeyDustPhilo  trl-alt f119:14
PhiloAnd when I installed the operating system, I clicked yes for it to update fully.19:14
PhiloYou can hear the sound it makes when the driver crashes.19:15
un2himdash doesn't show files and folders, even ones in the home folder like music, documents, etc.  Why?  I am on 13.0419:15
PhiloSo, I know it's crashing.19:15
cristinahello with unetbootin can i make a win boot flash?19:15
PhiloI've heard there were issues for x64 and Nvidia drivers.19:16
PhiloSo, I guess they just never fixed it.19:16
PhiloBut then this was supposed to be a generic driver.19:16
PhiloSo, I guess that can't be it either.19:16
bekksPhilo: I havent had those issues for a decade now.19:16
PhiloIt's strange that not even a generic driver can provide me with a basic display.19:16
Philobekks: Right. I figured by 2013 these sort of issues would have been resolved.19:17
PhiloI remember having similar issues years ago.19:17
meerkatI need help fixing my DNS. I can't access any websites.19:17
PhiloButu even then, the generic drivers worked.19:17
bekksPhilo: Frankly, I havent had those issues since 2003.19:17
PhiloWell, they haven't entirely fixed the problem.19:17
PhiloBecause it still exists for some configuruations.19:17
un2himdash doesn't show files and folders, even ones in the home folder like music, documents, etc.  Why?  I am on 13.0419:18
PhiloAnd that's pretty sad.19:18
=== mzaza is now known as Guest65263
wilee-nileeun2him, you ticking on the icons at the bottom19:18
bekksPhilo: There is no bug free software out there.19:18
un2himwilee-nilee, yes, even when i click the icons at the bottom...nothing found!19:18
CrownWheelAnyone know how to set a static IP on a wireless interface in Ubuntu?19:19
PhiloI don't think I've ever experienced that sort of problem with Windows, and I'm talking about as far back as Windows 3.119:19
CrownWheelThe automagical wireless client overrides the static IP I set with ifconfig...19:19
PhiloI can't even get into an environment to fix it. If I have to go back to a CLI in 2013 to resolve issues, what does that tell you?19:19
CrownWheelWhen it (predicably) can't get a DHCPed address, it gives up.19:19
PhiloIt tells me that this isn't really a modern and fully-developed operating system.19:19
PhiloI wanted to switch from Windows 8, because I hate their GUI, but at least this terrible GUI functions as intended.19:20
bekksPhilo: It tells me that you have to investigate your logs top get the actual issue instead just blaming the driver.19:20
seyfarthJust installed 13.04. Changing my display setting gives me a "Could not apply the sotred config for monitors" dialog. It seems xorg.conf is missing?19:20
Ben64Philo: this channel isn't really for ranting19:20
seyfarthSo I have to disable my laptop screen every boot :(19:20
PhiloWell, I have to go into logs and configuration files in a CLI to get a fresh install working?19:21
PhiloGood Lord.19:21
PhiloBen64: Is it for assistance?19:21
Ben64Philo: yes19:21
jamesaeppHello. I am interested in a backup solution (alternative to Deja Dup, as I do not like its characteristics) My requirements are that this program be able to do R-SYNC or differential backup, backup to an FTP location, and store all files as-is, (no encryption like Deja Dup) and previous files are NOT required. Just the latest versions. For Ubuntu 12.04 desktop. Suggestions?19:21
DWSRDoes 12.04 support SLI?19:22
PhiloOkay, what would be the problem for a generic driver crashing on a fresh install? I have a x64 AMD processor and a GTX 260.19:22
bekksDWSR: Thats an issue of the nvidia driver used, not of Ubuntu itself.19:22
zinc55Isn't SLI a driver thing?19:22
bekksPhilo: There are zillions of possible reasons.19:22
PhiloFor example?19:22
bekksPhilo: You have to investigate the logs.19:22
PhiloOkay, if I'm not getting anything displaying,  how do I get to a CLI?19:23
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode19:23
MultbrelchDear all!    My touchpad+ buttons worked very well, suddenly its over, they don't work anymore. - Does anybody has an idea where I can start?19:23
PhiloOkay, let's say I'm in a CLI, what then?19:23
MultbrelchI have 12.04 64 Bit19:23
bekksPhilo: Do you get a terminal when pressing ctrl+alt+f119:24
bekksPhilo: Did you already try to reboot using the nomodeset option?19:24
Ben64Philo: check logs in /var/log19:24
tgm4883Philo, if you don't get a terminal when you do that, I think you have far worse problems than a driver crashing X19:24
Ben64oh yeah, nomodeset might fix it right away19:24
PhiloAnd what am I investigating in the logs?19:24
PhiloWhat am I looking for?19:25
tgm4883It's my experience that people that don't know what to generically look for in logs, shouldn't be looking at logs19:25
charltondoes anyone in here know about tinyproxy?19:25
Ben64you can toss them on pastebin or something, and show it here19:25
clintonctgm4883: You're not being helpful.19:25
PhiloWell, that explains everything, tgm4883.19:25
PhiloWhich would then tell me that the operating system is not user-friendly.19:25
kronos003I'm currently running Fedora 18 and considering jumping ship to ubuntu or mint or something else if it's better - which should I go with?19:26
charltontgm4883: Someone needs to get off their high horse.19:26
clintoncPhilo: Installing Windows fresh is not always a walk in the park, either :)19:26
tgm4883what high horse?19:26
wilee-nileekronos003, What ever one you like. ;)19:26
Ben64kronos003: we don't support mint here, just so you know19:26
PhiloIt was pretty automated, clintonc.19:26
Seveaskronos003: you're asking in #ubuntu - so you expect any other answer than "Ubuntu of course!"19:27
Ben64Philo: so was installing ubuntu for me19:27
kronos003Ben64: why would I want mint over ubuntu or vice versa?19:27
Ben64Philo: sometimes there are issues19:27
Seveas!anyone | charlton19:27
Tumleekronos003: That depends entirely on why you jumped ship from Fedora 1819:27
ubottucharlton: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.19:27
charltonThe mate desktop, maybe?19:27
PhiloDid you have to go into a CLI, investigate logs, and then.. Lord knows what.19:27
MultbrelchBump ... anybody can help me plz? How can I see if a touchpad is available? Via lsusb?19:27
Ben64Philo: at least ubuntu has that option. on windows you're just stuck19:27
tgm4883clintonc, charlton if someone is told to go look at the logs, and they don't know what they are looking for. Simply telling them where the logs are is NOT helpful19:27
clintoncI said it's not *always* a walk in the park, and neither is installing whatever flavor of Linux.  (I installed Linux last night, and it was easy-peasy)19:28
PhiloSay I'm in the logs, what's the next step?19:28
kronos003Tumlee: My big gripe is that many things I want to install are just ready to go on ubuntu, where on fedora I have to compile and pray - and often that is not enough19:28
bekksPhilo: Read them, check them for errors.19:28
zykotick9Multbrelch: it's not with lsusb, but try "egrep -i 'synap|alps|etps' /proc/bus/input/devices"19:28
Philoclintonc: Let's not universalize your experience.19:28
tgm4883Philo, you'll want to look for "error" or "fail" and see what that line says19:28
clintonctgm4883: Looking at the logs can certainly help.  Which error comes about can help determine the next course of action.19:28
Ben64Philo: i would say just to show the logs here, but you could look for lines with "error" in the xorg log19:28
=== zettazete is now known as ZettaZete_
charltontgm4483, true, but people must look at logs to know how they work/contain.19:28
clintoncPhilo: I'm not suggesting we universalize my experience, but let us also not universalize yours.19:29
Tumleekronos003: Ubuntu is pretty much set for a lot of things. There's plenty of support and it's very rare that I've had to compile a program unless it was some development version, or a not-so-popular app19:29
Multbrelchzykotick9, thx for your kind help. Here the result: N: Name="ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad"19:29
PhiloNow is the error itself going to tell me how to correct it?19:29
kronos003I've heard that mint is basically ubuntu, but with Mate (gnome2) and I think some other stuff as well19:29
bekksPhilo: Depends on the error.19:29
Multbrelchso there is a touchpad ... well it worked before, so should be19:29
charltonThats pretty much linux mint19:29
tgm4883clintonc, charlton that is absolutly true, but there are some people that don't even know ot look for the word "error"19:29
clintoncNow, let's stop arguing so you can get your problem fixd :319:29
PhiloSo, I would need to find the error, then reboot to Windows, and look up how to correct it.19:29
PhiloIs this correct?19:29
clintonctgm4883: This is not Philo's first time running Linux.19:29
Ben64Philo: so am i to understand that you have not installed the nvidia drivers?19:29
TumleeAlso, know that there are different DEs you can get for Ubuntu if you really want to avoid Unity.19:29
TumleeI'm running Ubuntu GNOME right now19:30
PhiloWhich I assume would mean that I'd need to edit a configuration file or install a new driver.19:30
bekksPhilo: You need to find the error and after that, we can help you to proceed.19:30
charltontgm4883, well then we need to tell them how so they can learn19:30
tgm4883clintonc, whether it is or not, it's pretty apparent to me that he doesn't know how to look though logs19:30
PhiloBen64: Hell, Ubuntu never gave me the opportunity.19:30
Ben64tgm4883: just stop if you're not going to help19:30
kronos003Right now I'm using XFCE and  I also do a lot of windows type stuff in qemu-kvm and manage that with lib virt19:30
Ben64Philo: ok, so the first thing i would suggest to you is nomodeset19:30
Ben64!nomodeset | Philo19:30
ubottuPhilo: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:30
tgm4883charlton, exactly, which is not what was happening at all. Everyone was just saying "look at the logs in /var/log/" not even saying which file to look in19:30
kronos003is there anything on fedora I wont have on ubuntu?19:30
clintoncPhilo: I've had experiences where the generic drivers have crashed, and the only resolution that I could find was to install the NVidia drivers.19:30
tgm4883Ben64, I'm helping far more that you can even realize19:30
Tumleekronos003: There is a xubuntu, which from what I understand is pretty up to date on XFCE19:31
ZettaZete_Does anybody have any experience with Radeon HD 7690M? When I install the fglrx drivers, when I restart my computer. Unity stops working, or my computer is forced into low-graphics mode.19:31
Tatuuswhat's with this "jailbird" -guy... he quit, but before that sent rude pm's, n -words and all, cheez19:31
TumleeI've never tried it before though.19:31
meerkatI need help fixing my DNS. I can't reach any websites.19:31
Ben64tgm4883: no, the word to describe your actions is "arguing"19:31
charltontgm4883, well then, why didnt you, seeing that others were not helping enough, step in?19:31
=== mak0r620 is now known as makoto
PhiloOkay, I will try the nomodeset later.19:31
tgm4883charlton, I did19:31
PhiloThank you for your time.19:31
=== Philo is now known as Philoaway
kronos003looks like I'm running XFCE 4.1019:31
charltont4883, did that fix the problem?19:31
prjkthi, I'm confused . I'm following a vpn tutorial and it says to run "service iptables restart" but it says "iptables: unrecognized service."  However doing apt-get install iptables says it's already instlaled.  so where am I going wrong?19:32
awaymeerkat, but IPs work?19:32
TumleeYup. If you like XFCE, then I'd recommend xubuntu if you're planning to choose ubuntu19:32
meerkataway, yes19:32
Ben64prjkt: iptables isn't a "service"19:32
prjktI'm following this verbatim: http://holgr.com/blog/2009/06/setting-up-openvpn-on-amazons-ec2/19:32
tgm4883charlton, which problem. the part where he didn't know what to look for? Or the part where most here don't know how to help for a problem that is more than skin deep?19:32
awaymeerkat, back up /etc/resolv.conf and then edit it19:33
prjktit says "Reload the firewall and make it start on boot by entering:   service iptables restart19:33
Ben64prjkt: thats for fedora19:33
kronos003In your experience how helpful is the channel when trying to fix issues on your machine? I've found the fedora channel to lately be less tahn helpful - seems like I have a knack for asking questions noone can answer19:33
prjktBen64, okay so how can I adjust for ubuntu please19:33
Ben64prjkt: dunno19:33
zykotick9meerkat: fyi, changing resolv.conf isn't gonna remain after a restart... very temporary solution19:33
Multbrelchwhere is the log file that may tell me that there is an issue with the touchpad?19:33
prjktthere is also no directory /etc/sysconfig which is mentioned19:33
prjktBen64, I'm confused, why would iptables be so different under fedora and ubuntu?19:34
prjkti.e. a service or not-a-service19:34
charltontgm4883, the looking for the correct log part. Can we quit arguing now? if this channel rustles your jimmies _THAT_ much, you should leave. many people recieve help here, and many people learn to give help.19:34
Ben64prjkt: plus, that guide is almost 4 years old, you might want to find something more recent19:34
CrownWheelMultbrelch, try: xinput list19:34
awayprjkt, have you looked at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo19:34
meerkataway, zykotick9 my resolv.conf file is pretty much empty. Just one commented line in there.19:34
zykotick9Multbrelch: check Xorg's log /var/log/Xorg.0.log (especially for any EE lines)19:34
kronos003fedora is trying to make the move to firewalld - from what i gather its a different beast than the iptables we are used to19:34
MultbrelchCrownWheel, zykotick9 ... thx, mom19:35
CrownWheelMultbrelch, if I understand correctly, that'll show you what input devices X is actually aware of.  Which may or may NOT include the touchpad...19:35
tgm4883charlton, personally, I think this channel is slightly better than the scripted you help when calling consumer level support19:35
awayyou could use google's nameservers19:35
Ben64tgm4883: then leave?19:35
awayadd a line "nameserver"19:35
zykotick9meerkat: i'd guess that would be normal in ubuntu, since resolv.conf is deprecated.  i have no idea what your issue is - just wanted to give you details on the advice away was giving you.  best of luck.19:35
tgm4883charlton, I'm not entirely sure why you insist that me giving pointers to people in an attempt to help them give better support is a problem19:35
MultbrelchCrownWheel, k ... well the touchpad doesn't seem to be listed19:35
tgm4883Ben64, you too^19:35
charltonI have a question about proxy servers, and i am debating whether to use squid or tinyproxy. any suggestions?19:36
x2Hello, everyone. I've got an ASUS laptop with quite a strange touchpad - both its left and and right buttons are a part of touchpad. So, when I hold a finger on my left touchpad button and try to move the mouse pointer, it doesn't move, it's trying to scroll. I have tried setting synclient AreaBottomEdge=1500, but that still blocks mouse pointer when I hold my finger on touchpad button. Anybody had such19:36
x2problems? It's probably not a software problem, because I can move mouse pointer when holding button down. I've googled this problem but met nothing except people complaining the same problem. Maybe one of you had such problems?19:36
charltontgm4883, never said it was.19:36
tgm4883charlton, that's funny, since I've been attacked since the moment I said anything in this channel19:36
bebojis therer any little how-to about adding network printer via cli?19:37
meerkataway, I added google's DNS there. I can now connect to sites. Thank you.19:37
CrownWheelMultbrelch, well the list is a bit cryptic.  I completely missed my "ETPS/2 Elantech" the first time I looked at mine.  And secondly...that tells us that the touchpad is failing at a lower level than X.19:37
Multbrelchzykotick9 and CrownWheel , look here: http://www.pasteall.org/4179219:38
charltontgm4883, the channel is, and your continued complaining is getting on my nerves. i wasnt here when you first got on the channel, and if you stop arguing and focus on giving help, that would benefit everyone.19:38
Multbrelchmore  /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE19:38
* tgm4883 rolls eyes19:38
CrownWheelspeaking of help, does anyone know how to connect to a wireless network with a static IP address?19:38
charltoncrownwheel, is your router configured to use one?19:39
CrownWheelUbuntu's (sorry, Xubuntu's) built-in wireless client overrides my ifconfig-specified IP address and tries to use DHCP.19:39
CrownWheelcharlton, yes.19:39
* wilee-nilee ignores the irritants19:39
MultbrelchCrownWheel, I'm sorry "xinput list" outputs ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad <= so the touchpad is there19:39
CrownWheelits settings aren't in /etc/network/interfaces.19:39
tgm4883CrownWheel, doesn't xubuntu use network manager?19:39
zykotick9Multbrelch: i missed the actual problem you are having (but i has a suspition that it was working and either updates or 'you updating to a new ubuntu' caused this?)19:40
Multbrelchso the touchpad worked and then something happend (I don't know anymore, update may be), and now it doesn't work anymore19:40
kronos003does ubuntu have libvirt and kvm?19:40
MultbrelchOS: 12.04, 64 Bit19:40
x2Well, maybe anyone had problem that mouse doesn't move when there are two fingers on touchpad?19:41
Multbrelchzykotick9, ^19:41
x2I don't want any two-finger gestures, I want touchpad to interpret everything as one finger.19:41
charltonx2, why not just use one finger then?19:42
Multbrelchzykotick9, CrownWheel thx for help, need to go, cheers19:42
x2charlton: I usually aim with one finger and keep another on button ready to click.19:42
CrownWheeltgm4883, I don't know what the utility is called.  it's "panel" plugin doesn't give its name.  Does Ubuntu use a different utility?19:42
bluebomberIn Files in 13.04, typing produces different behavior than in 12.10; it now seems to execute a recursive search. Is there a way to revert the behavior so that it tries to match what I type as a prefix to a file/directory in the current directory?19:42
charltonx2, i see.19:42
planet1What's the easiest way to upgrade from 12.10 Ubuntu to 13.04 Ubuntu STUDIO ?19:43
prjktokay thanks for the help guys19:43
x2charlton: My touchpad buttons are also sensible, so when I click, my mouse moves and I have to aim once again.19:43
tgm4883CrownWheel, no, Ubuntu uses network-manager as well. So if you want to use a static IP with wireless, you need to set the static IP in network manager, not ifconfig19:43
prjkti found http://docs.openvpn.net/how-to-tutorialsguides/virtual-platforms/amazon-ec2-appliance-ami-quick-start-guide/ right on the openvpn site i will follow that instead19:43
x2That's why that feature kills me.19:43
zykotick9Multbrelch: do you currently have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?  do you use nvidia or ati which require one?  can you paste your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file.19:43
Morph4meCrownwheel : from the taskbar network manager "edit connection " then "add" then from the drop down menu and look for "wifi" .click create ....then the ipv4 or 6 and method to manual at least that is how it is in ubuntu 13.0419:43
charltonplanet1, do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop19:43
planet1charlton: ok thanks thats the web-installation method, how about upgrading from a DVD ? Is a live upgrade still supported / possible ?19:44
zykotick9planet1: fyi, charlton is wrong, dist-upgrade does NOT upgrade to new releases!!!19:45
tgm4883charlton, 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' won't upgrade him to 13.0419:45
charltonplanet1, im not sure, as i dont use ubuntu studio. i would recommend the web method, as that is easiest and you keep all of your stuff19:45
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.19:45
Nothing_Muchisn't it 'do-release-upgrade'?19:45
mzazaIs the Ubuntu 13.04 supposed to run faster than Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?19:46
charltonplanet1, tgm4883 then do sudo do-dist-upgrade -d19:46
nottaproIs it possible to run ubuntu as my main OS without a hard drive? I have some USB thumbdrives laying about to save data on19:46
charltonmzaza, yes, because of Unity 719:46
CrownWheeltgm4883, Morph4me, thanks.19:46
zykotick9planet1: fyi charlton is probably wrong again.  -d means development release.19:46
nottaproMy hard drive recently signed off permanently and I can't afford a new one so I'm looking into alternative methods of having a useable desktop19:46
matias2Hi, after upgrade to 13.04, my unity menu doesn't show up anymore. I already tried `unity reset-icons` and `dconf reset -f /org/compiz`, other users work (guest, new user)19:47
tgm4883charlton, it's 'do-release-upgrade', and you don't need the '-d' option unless you want to upgrade to the development version19:47
CrownWheelnottapro, yes - but...19:47
nottaproI am running from a Live CD of ubunut right now19:47
charltonzycotick9, tmc4883, planet1 Sorry, i did mine when it was still in development *smacks face*19:47
bagelongAfter upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04 I can no longer connect to wifi19:47
zykotick9tgm4883: thanks for backing me up both times ;)19:47
mzazacharlton: When would I expect updates to fix slow nautilus and slow startup, because I had Ubuntu 13.04 for 3 days now and it's buggy and no updates go released yet.19:47
CrownWheelHere's experience I had running Xubuntu from Live flash drives with persistence.19:48
zykotick9!tab > charlton19:48
ubottucharlton, please see my private message19:48
tgm4883zykotick9, yw19:48
charltonmzaza, im not sure. what are your hardware specs?19:48
CrownWheelDue to the way the persistence file's filesystem is created (which I don't fully understand), it doesn't get fsck-ed ... ever.19:48
nottaproCrownWheel: If I had a hard drive, I'd definitely just use that. Unfortunately, given my current circumstances... It's impossible19:48
planet1So can I go directly from 12.10 to 13.04 STUDIO or do I have to do 12.10 -> 13.04 -> 13.04 STUDIO ?19:48
CrownWheelSo, after about a dozen boot cycles, it self-destructs in a flurry of bad-inode messages.19:48
tgm4883mzaza, Unity is suppose to be faster, due to not needing as many resources. That doesn't have anything to do with startup time, and probably not nautilus either19:49
icerootplanet1: 12.04 - 12.10 - 13.0419:49
CrownWheelYou can get around this if you boot another Linux system (eg. from another Flash drive) and manually fsck the "casper" file.19:49
CrownWheelAlso, you can't upgrade the Kernel in a Live flash install.19:49
nottaproCrownWheel: sounds a bit advanced for my current level of knowledge and experience with linux in general19:49
CrownWheelThat doesn't seem to be documented anywhere.  And the updater is unaware of it, so it'll waste a HUGE amount of time trying and failing.19:49
matias2Hi, after upgrade to 13.04, my unity menu doesn't show up anymore. I already tried `unity reset-icons` and `dconf reset -f /org/compiz`, other users work (guest, new user)19:49
=== marco is now known as Guest85665
mzazacharlton: Sony Vaio S, i5 (2.5 GHz upt to 3.0) processor 3rd generation with 3 MB cache. 4GB RAM, 5400rpm harddisk19:49
planet1iceroot: the starting point would be 12.04 and the aim would be STUDIO (13.04)19:50
zykotick9planet1: it ubuntu-studio is some metapackage (i don't know what it's really called, or if it even exists), then it really doesn't matter when you install it.  i'd suggest after you upgrade to the new release though (expect issues with that) - best of luck!19:50
CrownWheelnottapro, yeah...for me too.  I just figured you should know what you're getting into.19:50
wilee-nileeCrownWheel, You can make a casper-rw partition as big as you need and have space for.19:50
tgm4883planet1, do you have a separate /home partition?19:50
CrownWheelwilee-nilee, it's not a matter of running out of space.  It simply didn't survive very long.19:50
icerootplanet1: you have to do through every release. only from an lts to an lts is supported, so 10.04 -> 12.04 -> 14.04 everything between needs to hit every releae for upgrading19:50
nottaproCrownWheel: I just need a system that I can use. The computer is my only means of communication with relatives. So I'm kind of desperate here19:50
charltonmzaza, Hmmm, im not sure. i have a crap MSI L1350 with 1GB RAM and an intel atom and it boots in less than 10 seconds.19:51
mzazatgm4883: Since I upgraded from 12.10 to 13.04 and I am experincing very slow nautilus when it starts it takes up to 6 seconds to respond to my click while opening folder and it takes about 3 seconds after I click the x button to close the nautilus to get closed.19:51
wilee-nileeCrownWheel, I have only seen it fill up, its not cleanable.19:51
zykotick9iceroot: planet1 is only upgrading 1 release - they just think the ubuntu-studio is another...19:51
mzazacharlton: And nautilus is very slow, I could upload a video on youtube to show you how long it takes to respond to my clicks19:51
bagelongAnyone know of a solution to the broadcom wireless issues following upgrade to 13.04?19:52
CrownWheelwilee-nilee, and I've seen the persistence file in several Live Flash installs self destruct with plenty of free space remaining.  Like I say, fsck-ing from another machine on a regular basis keeps them going.19:52
CrownWheelnottapro, if you have 2 Flash drives, use one for file storage and boot off the other.19:52
charltonmzaza, i honestly dont know what to say. what is your resource usage during normal use?19:52
nottaproCrownWheel: How often must I do that?19:52
planet1in 12.10 this Boot-Upgrade (REALLY HATE THAT) was indroduced as a replacement for the ALTERNATE distribution19:52
nottaproCrownWheel: the only problem with booting off a usb is I don't think my motherboard supports it, or atleast I'm not aware of it19:52
CrownWheelThe Live distros work great.  Just not as stand-alone long term solutions.  Or boot from a CD for that matter, where it won't be an issue at all.19:52
planet1what has 13.04 to offer in this regard ?19:52
mzazacharlton: I use vim, g++, chromium and sometimes monodevelop. I don't do much. Any the nautlius lag even happens if I have anything closed.19:53
zykotick9CrownWheel: i've had nothing but "issues" when i tried using persistance with USB drives.  now, i don't bother, and just install onto the usb drive - no good if you want to install from it though :(19:53
bagelongWifi, anyone? anyone? anyone?19:54
charltonmzaza, Im not sure what it is. is it like this if you boot from a livecd, for example? im sure its not your hardware, but its worht a look19:54
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:54
nottaproHow do I check my ram usage in ubuntu?19:55
charltonnottapro, try top19:55
mzazacharlton: Haven't tried live cd since I upgraded from 12.10. But in 12.10 it worked just fine.19:55
nottaprohaha, I guess the right question is how do I open a terminal in ubunut19:55
matias2nottapro, Either with free (-m), or with system monitor19:55
charltonmzaza, im not sure what to tell you, friend, but i wish you the best of luck.19:55
charltonnottapro, try ctrl+alt+t19:56
nottaprocharlton: thank you!19:56
bagelong@ubottu, there is a new bug with the upgrade to 13.04, for which I have not found a solution to yet19:56
charltonnottapro, or do what matias2 says19:56
zykotick9nottapro: from cli, using "free" is the base option, then top (i'd strongly recommend htop) are the curses methods of choice.  but read and understand http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ before you freak out about high mem usage ;)  good luck.19:56
charltonnottapro, if you want a GUI, that is19:56
MonkeyDustnottapro  or htop19:57
Questcan I install applications on windows clients with a linux server, just in a way that active directory and domain control system does by the aid of a windows server? if not (most probably) are there any work arounds?19:57
mzazacharlton: thanks19:57
newbehey guys i need help  ubunut is not iinstalling on my computer19:57
charltonQuest, do you mean setting up a network share with the programs on it?19:57
MonkeyDustnewbe  what happens when you try?19:57
wilee-nilee!details > newbe19:57
ubottunewbe, please see my private message19:57
charltonnewbe, "ubunut"19:58
bagelong@newbe, what OS is on the machine19:58
newbeit act like its going to istall19:58
newbenothing blank drive19:58
Questcharlton,  yes, and also installing programs19:58
Questcharlton,  yes, and also installing programs on each client19:58
bagelongCan you run from a live CD19:58
newbeworks fine19:58
charltonQuest, do you want to do that on the client or remotely?19:58
Questcharlton,  correct19:59
MonkeyDustnewbe  you see a binking cursor, top left?19:59
newbein the middle of the install it frezzes19:59
newbei tryed to install 12.0419:59
newbewill not compleat19:59
nottaproCrownWheel: What did you say I needed to do in order to keep the flash drives from self destructing?19:59
newbetryed 11.04  goes to a pink screen and spining wheel20:00
charltonQuest, do sudo apt-get install samba and edit the configuration file to suit your needs20:00
zykotick9nottapro: i "believe" CrownWheel suggested fsck the persistant partition from another box.20:00
charltonQuest, also, in the config file, change workgroup = WORKGROUP to the name of the workgroup the clients computers are in20:01
newbeany ideas20:01
nottaproZykotick9: okay. That may be a problem. I don't have any other computer but this one20:01
cristinahello ...wanna make a boot`able usb with xp ..20:01
Psycholiquid71I am having an issue trying to mount an nsf share through fstab and two things are happening, one it wont auto mount I assume it is because the network isnt quiet up yet, but mount -a works, and two I am getting an error on reboot "mountall: disconnected from Plymouth any ideas guys and gals, using 12.04.2 server, terminal only20:01
cristinai use lubunto ..20:01
cristinahow do i do it?20:01
newbetrying  it on a compact persario20:01
charltonchristina, use the Universal USB installer by pendrivelinux20:01
newbeamd chip xp320020:01
CrownWheelzykotick9, nottapro, yeah.  Like I say, if you have TWO flash drives, you can boot one then the other, and fsck each other.  But ... what a pain.20:01
zykotick9!tab | nottapro you don't have to type Z-y-k-o-t-i-c-k-9 to highlight me ;)20:01
ubottunottapro you don't have to type Z-y-k-o-t-i-c-k-9 to highlight me ;): You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.20:01
charltoncristina, use the Universal USB installer by pendrivelinux20:01
newbe1gb ram and 160gb drive20:01
Questcharlton,  samba will only give me file sharing. not the ability to install apps remotely on clients20:02
nottaproZyko: I'm using the freenode webclient20:02
CrownWheelapparently the Live install on USB was simply not designed for long term use.  Anyway, it certainly wasn't tested for long-term survivability...20:02
nottaproI dont know how it works with highlights20:02
zykotick9nottapro: sorry.  that sucks ;)20:02
CrownWheelSo, I'm gonna' re-iterate my recommendation: boot from CD, plug in a regular, non-bootable USB drive for storage.20:03
charltonQuest, im afraid im not sure how to do that with linux, but you could always create a network share to make it easy for the clients do do it, perhaps.20:03
nottaprozykotick9: indeed!20:03
nottaproubuntu is really nice. I haven't used it in a very, very long time. I had a debian install on my laptop before it nuked itself20:03
charltonQuest, if this was an all-ubuntu system, you could easily do it with Landscapr20:03
cristinadon`t find it20:04
newbeany ideas why its not installing right20:04
charltoncristina, yes?20:04
nottaproI am surprised my hardware was detected right off the bat20:04
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cristinapm plz20:04
charltoncristina, dont find what?20:04
MonkeyDustnewbe  maybe the iso is corrupt - where did you get it? do the md5 check20:04
Questcharlton,  server is ubuntu. clients are windows xp/720:04
charltonnewbe, hello.20:04
cristinathe usb ...20:05
newbeit is from ubuntu20:05
cristinai was trying with unetbootin ...but don`t work20:05
newbeand old repostoryes  site20:05
=== Fast[BDC] is now known as pcdummy
charltonQuest, Im not sure. there is probably some sort of 3rd-party software for that, although im not a systems administrator and haven't much experience with that sort of thing.20:06
bennypr0fanehellopat, does anyone run Gnome 3.6 in 12.04? I want to upgrade Gnome Shell, but I' rather stay with the LTS release. However, everything I can find related to Gnome 3.6 is about Quantal or Raring20:06
Psycholiquid71anyone know about nfs shares?20:06
MonkeyDustnewbe  old repositories? simply get it here http://www.ubuntu.com/download20:06
Questcan I install applications on windows clients with a linux server, just in a way that active directory and domain control system does by the aid of a windows server? if not (most probably) are there any work arounds?20:06
charltoncristina, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/20:06
zykotick9newbe: is this a 64bit iso on a 32bit system perhaps?  md5ing the iso you used is a good idea, but if you used torrent should be fine.  what did you use to install (cd/usb)?  then, how did you create that install media?20:07
MonkeyDustQuest  there's also #ubuntu-server, try and ask there20:07
Psycholiquid71Quest you could use FOG to do it20:07
elo19how to activate laptop touchpad?20:07
QuestPsycholiquid71,  really?20:07
charltonPsycholiquid71, Quest, thank you.20:07
elo19cant use laptop without mouse...20:08
cristinayes charlton but this is for linux only20:08
zykotick9Psycholiquid71: sorry, what is FOG short for?20:08
Psycholiquid71Quest yes, it has snapins you can make without problems and upload them to FOG server and have it push down20:08
cristinai am on lubunto now20:08
cristinaand i want a usb boot`able xp20:08
cristinathat is for linux only20:08
b14d3Hi all, trying to reinstall Ubuntu after some superblock errors, and can't seem to get past the "Loading Operating System" screen even with a fresh install. I can boot from a livecd USB just fine. Kind of lost here.20:08
Psycholiquid71zykotic9 not sure but it is a free ghosting system20:08
MonkeyDustFOG : Fear and a bunh of other things20:08
charltoncristina, actually, its for everything linux. Ubuntu is based on linux20:09
elo19dont find options for touchpad.... maybe need to install something?20:09
charltoncristina, also, there is a setting in there for ubuntu. just try it out. seriously.20:09
mzazacharlton: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUd0Hy5Acb820:10
wilee-nileeb14d3, Have you checked the disc for errors?20:10
mzazaThat's a youtube video showing the lag20:10
Psycholiquid71I am having an issue trying to mount an nsf share through fstab and two things are happening, one it wont auto mount I assume it is because the network isnt quiet up yet, but mount -a works, and two I am getting an error on reboot "mountall: disconnected from Plymouth any ideas guys and gals, using 12.04.2 server, terminal only20:10
charltoncristina, and if you are already using ubuntu, try Startup Disk Creator20:10
b14d3wilee-nilee, I have, and while it does say that I have some bad sectors, everything else comes back just fine.20:10
QuestPsycholiquid71,  i wont install an app on all windows clients.20:10
zykotick9Psycholiquid71: are you using a web client too?  if so disregard, but typing zykotic9 (which isn't correct BTW) is such a pain!  if you have a real client use TAB to autocomplete nicks ;)20:10
cristinayes i already use lubuntu20:11
Psycholiquid71yeah I am on a web client atm20:11
mzazacristina: Download winusb20:11
cristinaand i wanna make a usb boot with xp20:11
cristinawindows xp20:11
Psycholiquid71you can choose which apps to install on which clients with FOG20:11
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mzazacristina: http://en.congelli.eu/prog_info_winusb.html20:12
bennypr0fanePsycholiquid71, have you thoroughly gone through the fstab manual? don't get mad, I just have had a lot of experiences fumbling around for hours with fstab20:12
CrownWheelcristina, I tried this not long ago with ISOtoUSB and an image I made of an old XP CD.  That didn't work for me...so I'm listening in on this...20:12
Rahailhi every one how are you question.. we made ISO with teamviwer using unbtu desktop 12. lts however for some reason after ISO teamviwer using same ID and its creating problem20:12
Rahailany idea how can I reset Teamviwer ID on ubnutu20:12
elo19wilee-nilee: where are options (enable/disable) touchpad?20:12
bennypr0fane...until realizing I was just not using the right mount options20:12
Psycholiquid71bennypr0fane I did, took me a while to get a grasp on it but once I got it, thats when I hit this problem20:12
thvleHello, I need help. I want disable journaling in my / partition, but I need umount /, so I want to do from the live CD. Somebody tell me how I do it? Thank you.20:12
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charltonmzaza, that is a bit laggy...20:13
cristinahm...what to do? use startup not use...20:13
CrownWheelmzaza, wow.  I did not find that when I went looking...20:13
mzazawilee-nilee: Is that normal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUd0Hy5Acb820:13
bennypr0fanePsycholiquid71, maybe you wanna post your fstab so people can have a look at it20:13
Psycholiquid71Everythingis working jsut wont auto mount and the other part is just irritating me but it does work20:13
cristinause mzaza prog20:13
Psycholiquid71ok posting20:13
QuestPsycholiquid71,  i wont install an app on all windows clients.20:13
thvleanyone help me20:13
mzazaCrownWheel: I tried it with burning Windows 7 ISO to USB drive because Ubuntu startup disk creator didn't work. And it worked with me.20:13
QuestPsycholiquid71,  iT** wont install an app on all windows clients.20:13
elo19me too... help please20:13
CrownWheelmzaza, oh wait. does that let you RUN Windows from a USB stick, or just install it? (actually, either would have worked for me...)20:14
mzazacristina: When I tried burning Windows 7 startup disk creator didn't work, i don't know about windows xp. but winusb worked for me.20:14
bennypr0faneelo19 at the oment it is not possible to help you because no one in this channel is sitting at your pc20:14
cristinahm...ok i`ll tryit20:15
mzazaCrownWheel: it just makes windows live startup disk20:15
CrownWheelthat's what it looked like...  neat.20:15
elo19bennypr0fane: dont understand what you mean?20:15
bennypr0faneelo19 you need to give as more information, or better, all the information you have pertaining to your problem20:15
mzazaCrownWheel: Just to install, to do what you're talking about you'll have to backup a windows xp installation and convert it to iso then burn in it, as far as i knkow20:15
zykotick9Psycholiquid71: looks like fog was last updated 2011.  if you want a live imaging solution, i'd suggest you check out http://clonezilla.org/ for sure.20:15
bennypr0faneelo19 you could start by naming your distro version, your laptop model, which desktop environment you use, etc. etc.20:16
Psycholiquid71Yeah Clonezilla is nice but FOG is so much better I works for an unamed airline company and we use it across multiple states clonezilla just cant cut multiple locations20:17
elo19basically if i remove the mouse i cannot use laptop.... touchpad does not work anymore.....20:17
bennypr0faneelo19 otherwise it's not possible to help you20:17
* zykotick9 sees pastebin.com and goes ehhhh, http://paste.ubuntu.com/ has no ads!20:17
Rahailany one ? reseting teamviwer ID.. after ubnuto clone20:17
elo19zorin os gnome20:17
wilee-nileeelo19, Not supported here20:18
elo19zorin os lite20:18
bennypr0fanenothing wrong with pastebin20:18
b14d3Alright, I'm now deleting all the partitions on the drive, recreating them (just two, a primary and a swap), and trying to reinstall Ubuntu.20:18
Psycholiquid71well ads suck but I was just typing the first thing to come ot mind20:18
bennypr0faneelo19 then you should look for your distro's support channels. It sounds to me like a driver issue20:18
elo19zorin os is based on ubuntu20:19
bennypr0fanebut it's not ubuntu20:19
bennypr0fanelots of things can be different in derivatives20:19
wilee-nileeelo19, Still not supported. ;)20:19
elo19how to solve driver issue?20:19
cristinaconfigure: error: in `/home/cristina/Music/winusb-1.0.11':20:19
cristinaconfigure: error: C++ compiler cannot create executables20:19
tortibhi i'm trying to use git to checkout a repository yet I keep running into this error when I run git checkout fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git20:20
elo19wilee-nilee: how would you solve problem if it were ubuntu?20:20
theadmintortib: You shouldn't specify a path to the .git directory, but to it's parent20:20
theadmintortib: i.e. git checkout /path/to/something NOT git checkout /path/to/something/.git20:21
tortibthat doesn't seem to be working either?20:21
wushuhey! can someone help me figure out how to limit ssh logins to only one user? i added "AllowUsers myusername" to the end of sshd_config, but i can't figure out how to put it into effect20:21
tortibwushu: restart ssh20:22
xub69wushu: did you restart the ssh server?20:22
bennypr0fanePsycholiquid71, what behavior tells you autmount isn't working20:22
mzazacristina: you're running 32 bit or 64 bit?20:22
mzazacristina: and which ubuntu version?20:23
tortibtheadmin: any idea why i would be running into this problem?  This is the repo I'm trying to checkout https://github.com/prof7bit/goxtool20:23
Psycholiquid71when I log in after reboot and path to it, it is empty but if I run mount -a it mounts them immediatly20:23
wushutortib, xub69: i am doing this remotely so when i do service ssh restart i only get something about pid..20:23
cristinaUbuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l20:23
mzazacristina: download this https://launchpad.net/~colingille/+archive/freshlight/+files/winusb_1.0.11+precise1_i386.deb20:24
xub69mzaza: just curious, what is winusb?20:24
theadmintortib: ...Woah. Seems that repo is broken.20:24
tortibhmm so it's not just me then interesting20:24
theadmintortib: Can't checkout from it myself the way that normally works :/20:24
mzazaxub69: A tool that burns windows ISO on usb disk.20:24
wushuxub69, tortib: so i guess my question is how i can restart ssh remotely. silly question i guess, but still20:25
dividebyzer0hey wushu, after doing the config changes in sshd.... run "service sshd restart" for changes to take effect20:25
Psycholiquid71_There this is better20:25
theadminwushu: sudo restart ssh20:25
dividebyzer0you can do it remotely while still connected via ssh... youll drop the connection but can reconnect in a couple seconds20:25
jamesaeppLOOKING for help on how to mount smb and ftp locations in ubuntu 12.04 PROPERLY20:25
xub69mzaza: I've had decent luck with dd, why not dd?20:25
Psycholiquid71_bennypr0fane: it will not auto mount but if I type mount -a it will mount them immdeiatly20:26
cristinaxub69 what`s dd20:26
bennypr0fanePsycholiquid71, you could try removing the auto option20:26
theadminjamesaepp: mount.cifs //servername/sharename mountpoint -o username=YOUR_USERNAME,password=YOUR_PASSWORD20:26
dividebyzer0christina, google it. really good tool for sysadmin work!!20:26
theadminjamesaepp: No idea about FTP though.20:26
wushutheadmin: sudo restart ssh tells me "ssh start/running, process 7948"20:26
Psycholiquid71_bennypr0fane: but then will it mount them on startup20:26
mzazaxub69: This was easier, if you could give me a hint and assist cristina please write the command to burn the windows iso on a usb20:26
theadminwushu: Well, then it's restarted.20:26
theadminwushu: Tada.20:26
dividebyzer0wushu, thats correct20:26
wushuaha :)20:27
=== Psycholiquid71_ is now known as Psycholiquid71
jamesaepptheadmin: Does this automatically mount on boot or no?20:27
bennypr0fanebecause: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab#Options says: "auto - The filesystem can be mounted automatically (at bootup, or when mount is passed the -a option). This is really unnecessary as this is the default action of mount -a anyway. "20:27
theadminjamesaepp: No, you should put it in fstab then20:27
voyagewhy my friend has been banned for asking a simple question (no warnings given to him either). question was. 1. can I install applications on windows clients with a linux server (to all clients at once with a single instruction), just in a way that active directory and domain control system does by the aid of a windows server? if not (most probably) are there any work arounds? 2. how to do all that if the clients and server are both20:27
jamesaeppfstab is a PoS20:27
bennypr0fanePsycholiquid71, so maybe it'll just work without auto20:27
mzazaxub69: and if you could look at my problem :D please do http://askubuntu.com/questions/287491/ubuntu-13-04-after-upgrade-from-12-10-upgrade20:27
b14d3After completely deleting all partitions and reinstalling, still hanging at the "Loading Operating System..." screen.20:27
elo19wilee-nilee: i dont understand why you dont want to help me just because i have zorin..... is the primary goal of this channel to help people or is it to help just one distro? i mean solution for ubuntu will probably work for zorin as well....20:27
Psycholiquid71bennypr0fane: Ill give that a try and see what happens20:27
xub69cristina: it can do many things, afaik it's mainly for copying or reading data, I normally try something like dd if=/path/to/win.iso of=/dev/sdx conv=noerror,notrunc ; # where sdx is your usb.  there is a forum post going into more detail: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/learn-the-dd-command-362506/20:28
theadminjamesaepp: The line will look like this: //servername/sharename mountpoint username=YOUR_USERNAME,password=YOUR_PASSWORD,_netdev20:28
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jamesaeppfstab has never worked for me in any distro/combination/guide used. Is there a GUI that does these mounts for me? I'm sick and tired of taking hours getting nowhere where in Windows it is literally tools-map - DONE20:28
bennypr0faneelo19 well someone might give you a hint once if you provide some basic info (last time I'm mentioning this)20:28
wilee-nileeelo19, It is not that I don't want to help, but I do not have an answer, and yes this is canonical released ubuntu support only.20:28
Psycholiquid71bennypr0fane: no dice20:29
bennypr0fanePsycholiquid71, does that mean "not working"? if so, :-(20:29
Psycholiquid71jamesaepp: I would love to do the interface but I am trying to minimize the machine and use terminal only to do all this20:29
Psycholiquid71bennypr0fane: yeah doesnt work but the mount -a mounts it no problem as ussual20:30
elo19bennypr0fane: i gave you info you asked for i think.... you said driver problem.... but i dont know how to proceed.....20:30
jamesaeppoh, CLIs. Nice, but if you're running a server -- most likely you'll have the hardware to run a GUI anyways. That is my philosophy20:30
Psycholiquid71I was thinking of running a csript to run mount -a after it is up and running but I really dont know where or how to do this20:30
mzazaxub69: I'll have to go, if you had any clue about my problem please write down to me on askubuntu, thanks :)20:31
xub69mzaza: i like that you included a video20:31
Psycholiquid71jamesaepp: running on a VM I have the hardware just trying to minimize and not take anymore space on SNA if I dont need to20:31
mzazaxub69: Couldn't explain it really :D20:31
jamesaeppPsycholiquid71: sounds harder than it needs to be.20:31
mzazaxub69: That's not normal, right?20:32
bennypr0fanePsycholiquid71, I think rs.local is a good place to put a startup script20:32
Psycholiquid71bennypr0fane: I give it a try and find out Ill let you know20:32
xub69mzaza: yeah, that's weird, I've only really seen that when messing with an ntfs partition20:33
cristinathis will ...broke my sistem20:33
xub69cristina: it could, be careful.20:33
cristinahow do i stop it20:34
xub69ctrl -c20:35
Psycholiquid71bennypr0fane: paydirt that worked20:35
MiniDI found the file InstallGenieo.dmg (sha256: 44eae526f3ec2dd071cec4a1ff0d25bc8209a040739e62a0588dfabce476f1d6) in my downloads folder without any recollection of having told anything to download this. I inspected the downloads log on Chromium Web Browser and found it appears to have came from http://download.genieo.com/partner/genTugM/mac_release/live/InstallGenieo.dmg. However, as I stated, I do not believe I ever confirmed this download i20:35
cristinaSetup cannot find the Installation CD. Please insert the %s CD into the CD drive and click RetryVS CustoProdDescVisual Studio Baseline:The component currently being processed cannot be canceled&Are you sure you want to cancel Setup?,Error code %ld for this component means "%s"^C56517+0 records in20:35
cristina56516+0 records out20:35
cristina28936192 bytes (29 MB) copied, 121.754 s, 238 kB/s20:35
cristinano i will go with winusb20:35
cristinajust need a compiler..20:35
cristinai think20:35
MiniDdon't click that link btw, I have no idea what it is20:35
=== derWachert|BNC is now known as derWachert
bennypr0fanePsycholiquid71, where you from? I don't understand your expressions :-) does paydirt mean success?20:36
Psycholiquid71bennypr0fane: US, just some redneck speech I picked up over the years20:37
Psycholiquid71and yes that worked like a champ20:37
xub69Psycholiquid71: thought it means you hit gold.20:37
Psycholiquid71i wish20:37
bennypr0fanewell english is not my native language, so...20:37
rinselbergI have new Mac. Just tried to download Ubuntu Desktop 64-bit. Looks like the download starts but instantly aborts. ??20:39
elo19wilee-nilee: ok but so your primary goal is not "altruistic help to other human beings"..... my bad.... i didnt think "interests" were a big thing here..... i realize i understood things wrong.... i thought that because the word "ubuntu" is closely related to "altruism"...... but here you use the word not in the zulu sense i guess......20:39
benzrfhello! I'm in a bit of a pickle!20:40
talk2me12what is the difference between ubuntu and Xubuntu20:40
bennypr0faneelo19 you may be just about correct there20:40
benzrftalk2me12: the default desktop environment20:40
benzrfok, so I was upgrading my mother's windows laptop20:40
bennypr0fanetalk2me12, they use different desktop enviromemnts20:40
theadmintalk2me12: Xubuntu uses Xfce as the desktop. Xfce feels somewhat like the classic Ubuntu (pre-11.04), and is also more suitable for older hardware.20:40
benzrfIt was already partitioned into a C drive, mostly full, and a D drive, mostly empty.20:40
BlueEagle!enter | benzrf20:40
ubottubenzrf: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:40
wizard_Ais there no other way other than hostpad to make ad-hoc(with internet sharing) visible to android devices??20:40
BlueEagleand !ot for that matter.20:41
theadminwizard_A: Android doesn't support ad-hoc wi-fi networks :/ Blame Google for that.20:41
benzrfWhen installing Ubuntu, I partitioned the D drive (which was only a partition in one physical HD) into one small partition to hold the existing files there, and a new large one to hold Ubuntu.20:41
MiniDactually I'm not too worried considering its a file for a mac lol :/20:42
mzazaxub69: When I try fdisk /dev/sda1 -l I get this erro Disk /dev/sda5 doesn't contain a valid partition table20:42
benzrfThis worked fine and Ubuntu ran well. I then tried booting into Windows, installed on the 'C drive' partition. Windows did not boot properly and just returned to POST in a loop. I then tried booting into Ubuntu, only to discover that it didn't work either.20:42
mzazaxub69: Does that mean anything?20:42
benzrfThe ubuntu loading screen showed up, but after it vanished I only got a black screen while the fan whirred.20:43
theadminmzaza: /dev/sda1 isn't a disk, it's a partition. You want "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda"20:43
bennypr0faneelo19 however, it's unreasonable to expect the grocery store to sell you a couch, or wahtever. if you go ask for help at the wrong place, you're just less likely to get it, that#s how it works20:43
Psycholiquid71benzrf: sounds like you need grub20:43
mzazatheadmin: How can i view the whole partition layout?20:43
wizard_Athat means i've to use hostpad, but will that be that stable a connection for other laptops in my network??20:43
benzrfMy theory is that Windows failed to boot since I'd altered the partitions and it expected them to be a different size, but while trying to boot it messed with the FS enough to break Ubuntu.20:43
theadminmzaza: sudo fdisk -l, or sudo parted -l for saner information20:43
benzrfPsycholiquid71: I had grub, but after attempting to start the windows recovery tool, grub started complaining about an invalid fs, or something20:44
benzrfalthough I did not actually run the recovery20:44
Psycholiquid71windows recovery tool would try and fix the MBR which in turn would destroy grub I believe20:44
bennypr0fanebenzrf that sounds to me like something went wrong during the repartitioning20:45
mzazatheadmin: This is the URL of the problem "http://askubuntu.com/questions/287491/ubuntu-13-04-after-upgrade-from-12-10-upgrade" and this is the partition layout "http://pastebin.com/knrkYvnv" Why do this problem exist :D ?20:45
bennypr0fanebenzrf what Psycholiquid71 said20:45
benzrfwell, ubuntu booted fine before I attempted to boot windowas20:45
bennypr0fanewhat did you use fir repartiotioning20:45
benzrfthe ubuntu installer20:45
bennypr0faneso the ubuntu gparted app20:46
benzrfI guess20:46
bennypr0fanepost the output of fdisk -l20:46
theadminmzaza: Nope20:46
Psycholiquid71benzrf: I assume you used the graphical interface20:46
benzrfbennypr0fane: when booting from the install disk20:47
Psycholiquid71bennypr0fane: it probably auto partitioned on him20:47
mzazatheadmin: ok, thanks20:47
benzrfPsycholiquid71: no, I did it manually20:47
=== raul is now known as Guest16112
benzrfI started with a ~100GB c-drive partition and a ~350GB d-drive partition20:47
senseI upgraded my mother's laptop from 12.04 to 13.04. Previously I had to manually compile the rt539sta driver for her Asus K73S laptop, but on 12.10 and 13.04, although I can still get it to compile, it causes the laptop to have a regular kernel panics. Is there anyone who knows more about getting Ralink chips to work like this in Raring?20:47
mzazatheadmin: i will suicide20:47
elo19bennypr0fane: i tried going to the right place but still waiting for an answer.... there are very few people (community is much smaller than ubuntu)....20:47
benzrfc-drive was mostly full, I left it alone. d-drive was mostly empty, I resized it to about the size of the used space in it, then created a new partition from the resulting free space20:48
benzrfI then installed ubuntu in the new partition20:48
bennypr0faneelo19 classic distro hopper's problem...20:48
Psycholiquid71benzrf: is it two physical drives?20:48
bennypr0fanebenzrf run sudo fdsik -l20:49
Psycholiquid71benzrf: I can tell you fromt eh start you hosed the MBR for Windows20:49
bennypr0fane*fdisk -l20:49
Psycholiquid71Master Boot Record20:50
benzrfwell, windows booted from the C partition, and I didn't touch it20:50
bennypr0fanePsycholiquid71, but ubuntu installer should put  grub on the mbr, and grub should handle windows booting just fine, right?20:50
onewanmanHello Everyone  any one having Flash Player crash Firefox  21.0 Ubuntu 13.04 ??20:50
Psycholiquid71I think and I am not sure, but you have to install Ubuntu then Windows or the MBR gets all messed up20:51
bennypr0fanebenzrf you have just that one harddisc, right?20:51
benzrfbennypr0fane: yes20:51
elo19bennypr0fane: i dont understand what you said20:51
=== SHAMAN is now known as Guest39502
benzrfright now grub does not work right, one sec while I check the error20:52
chop1nFirst install windows, windows is known to overwrite the boot loader20:52
benzrfhold on20:52
benzrfgrub sez: 'error: unknown filesystem'20:53
chop1nif you need to reinstall grub there is a way20:53
benzrfthis began after booting into the windows restore utility but not using it20:53
benzrfI can currently only use the computer when booting from the install disk20:53
bennypr0faneelo19 the lacking support is very often a problem with the smaller distros. In fact, one good reason for me to leave some alone. Try a non distro specific forum like linuxquestions.org. Google for linux support, there's tons of them out there20:53
x2Hey guys, another touchpad problem incoming. Synaptic touchpad. WHen I press left button, touchpad ignores touches lower than 500-600. Which synclient option is that?20:53
benzrfI'm at the grub rescue prompt20:54
bennypr0fanebenzrf is that error msg when trying to boot Ubuntu or Win?20:54
benzrfat grub20:54
benzrfwhen I press the power button20:54
benzrfone moment, booting from the install disc20:55
bennypr0fanereinstall grub is my best bet20:55
benzrfeven before grub messed up, I couldn't use either ubuntu or windows20:55
benzrflet me recap:20:55
benzrf1. installed ubuntu, doing repartition20:55
benzrf2. could boot ubuntu fine20:55
benzrf3. attempted to boot into windows, returned to post in a loop20:55
benzrf4. attempted to boot into ubuntu, reached black screen after ubuntu loading screen disappeared20:56
benzrfblack screen did not subside, had to hard reset.20:56
benzrfretried several times20:56
benzrf5. booted into windows restore utility but did not use20:56
benzrf6. afterward, grub does not start, complains about unknown fs20:56
benzrfcan currently boot from install disk20:57
Psycholiquid71benzrf: I think this is your issue but read carefully because every case is different: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182202320:57
benzrfthis seems different :|20:57
bennypr0fanebenzrf I would boot the live disc and do grub-install https://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/html_node/Installing-GRUB-using-grub_002dinstall.html20:58
benzrfwhy would trying to boot windows break my ubuntu install?20:58
benzrfwindows was previously installed20:58
benzrfI did not touch its partition20:58
benzrfwindows refused to boot20:58
benzrfafterward, broken ubuntu20:58
bennypr0fanebenzrf it doesn't n make sense really20:58
bennypr0fanebut that's hwo computers are20:59
benzrfboo hiss20:59
Psycholiquid71I would do what bennypr0fane says and try reinstalling grub20:59
bennypr0fanehow bout that fdisk -l?20:59
Psycholiquid71it will at least get you up and running on Ubuntu to get your files off if needed20:59
benzrfbuntu install disk loadin20:59
zettazete__Hey everybody I just reinstalled 13.04 and this time around Unity is not showing up.20:59
neo_userhello i am new to linux21:00
chop1nWhat about tryinh to sudo update-grub2 ?21:00
neo_useri have a dowloaded software package how do i install it21:00
gotwigwhy are the masters of the universe ignoring me?21:00
bennypr0faneneo_user is it a .deb file?21:00
neo_userits tar.gz file21:01
bennypr0fanechop1n that only makes sense if you made changes to grub before that21:01
bekksneo_user: Then you have to unpack it, and follow the build instructions in the readme provided by the author of that software package.21:01
benzrfdamn slow software21:01
OryxHas anyone else noticed that the linux-headers packages for the 3.8/3.9 kernels for raring and saucy are not including a ton of header files?21:01
neo_useri ve extracted it but dunno how to use it in terminal21:02
bennypr0faneneo_user if you're actually new to linux the instructions from bekks may be a bit above your level21:02
benzrffdisk -l shows nothing21:02
x2Is it possible to treat touchpad as a mouse in ubuntu?21:02
elo19bennypr0fane: ok thanks bennypr0fane....will go now.....  ps i feel there is some awareness of (zulu) ubuntu in you, dont let it die, never let it die, that is the only hope for humanity.....21:02
bennypr0faneneo_user what exactly is in it? mabye you got .deb files in there21:02
neo_userits cisco vpn client21:03
neo_userfor tunelling univ internet21:03
Cyrishey does anybody have a good tutorial for "oracle Virtualbox"? i am going to run a new ubuntu on it so i can mess around with it21:03
bennypr0fanebenzrf you need to sudo it, like I said21:03
Cyristhe tutorial i have is an older version21:03
bennypr0faneelo19 good luck21:03
elo19wilee-nilee: thanks to you as well for paying attention to me....21:04
bekksCyris: The official vbox documentation ios the best tutorial you can get - and it is for the current version, 4.2.1221:04
benzrfoh derp21:04
Cyrisbekks: thanks dude21:04
benzrflet me paste this21:04
carreraGreetings!  :)21:05
neo_user@bennypr0fane can you help21:07
bennypr0faneneo_user I dunno what to do with that21:08
carreraThe Nouveau driver crashes during install. How can I install 13.04 now that there is no more alternate edition?21:08
benzrfthis is the fdisk -l:21:08
bennypr0faneI didn't even know you could send files over xchat! :-O21:08
benzrfcat: /home/benzrf/foo: No such file or directory21:08
benzrfDisk /dev/sda: 500.1 GB, 500107862016 bytes21:08
benzrf255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 60801 cylinders, total 976773168 sectors21:08
benzrfUnits = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes21:08
benzrfSector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes21:08
benzrfI/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes21:08
FloodBot1benzrf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:08
benzrfDisk identifier: 0x76692ca821:08
aliendude5300Is oracle java in the repositories?21:08
bekksaliendude5300: no.21:08
bekks!java > aliendude530021:08
ubottualiendude5300, please see my private message21:08
neo_userbenzrf can you look into the problem?21:09
benzrfneo_user: can you elaborate?21:09
nottaproWhat is the root password on the Live CD of ubuntu 12?21:09
gotwigplease take a look at bug #117407021:09
ubottubug 1174070 in touchegg (Ubuntu) "Touchegg 1.0 under 12.04, 12.10 causes segfault, is NOT working. missing backporting of 1.1 to 12.04/12.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117407021:09
bennypr0fanebenzrf better not paste it in the channel21:10
neo_useri ve this software to run21:10
neo_userits cisco vpn client21:10
neo_user@benzrf...how do i install it21:11
bennypr0faneneo_user look closely where you downloaded that package from. If a pakcage comes as a tarball, there are usually instructions available for what exactly to do with it21:11
benzrfI don't knowww21:11
bennypr0faneneo_user you might have to compile it from source21:11
benzrfhellp :C21:11
yeatsnottapro: there's no root password, just do 'sudo <command>'21:11
nottaproyeats: okay, thank you21:12
neo_userhow do i compile from source21:12
yeats!compile | neo_user21:12
ubottuneo_user: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall21:12
neo_useri remember it guy doing some stuff in terminal21:13
neo_userlike unzippimng and then intalling21:13
yeatsneo_user: what are you trying to install?21:13
bennypr0fane1. configure, then 2. make 3 make install21:13
b14d3Multiple issues with fresh install, can't seem to get past the "Loading Operating System..." screen. Trying to install Ubuntu 12.04. Any ideas?21:13
bennypr0faneneo_user maybe give the url where u downloaded it from21:14
Jordan_Uneo_user: Cisco VPN support is available in the default repositories, and configurable via network-manager.21:14
yeats!info network-manager-vpnc | neo_user21:15
ubottuneo_user: network-manager-vpnc (source: network-manager-vpnc): network management framework (VPNC plugin core). In component universe, is optional. Version (raring), package size 17 kB, installed size 95 kB21:15
Jordan_Uneo_user: So ignore that tar.gz file completely, you don't need or want it.21:15
neo_useryeats and ubottu21:15
bennypr0faneJordan_U good point. neo_user If you can find a package in your repositories, that's always recommended where to look first21:15
bennypr0faneneo_user ubottu is a bot21:16
bennypr0faneb14d3 more info please...21:16
neo_userhow do i find in repositories21:16
XHEART24this works?21:16
neo_useri tried searching in ubuntu software center21:17
b14d3bennypr0fane, What information would you like? It's a fresh install on a drive that has only ever had Ubuntu on it. Had some file system errors previously, and have since reformatted21:17
bennypr0faneb14d3 everyhting you've got21:17
neo_userand it doesnt show any options21:17
b14d3That's really about it. I've booted into a USB livecd of 12.04 and after install I can't get it to go past the Loading Operating System screen. Online I've read that it seems to be that grub isn't installed, but even after manually running the install I get the same errors.21:19
neo_useryeats and jordanu can u elaborate ur solution21:19
bennypr0faneneo_user u tried different search terms?21:20
bennypr0faneb14d3 how did you create the live usb?21:20
neo_useryes i tried cisco21:21
neo_usercisco vpn client21:21
bennypr0fanedid you try just vpn?21:21
felonjust installed 13.04 and my display is cutoff at 4:3 1024x768, monitor not detected. using nvidia 620021:21
=== LargePrime is now known as Guest20055
b14d3I've used the USB Installer from pendrivelinux.com, with an Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop iso21:22
bennypr0faneyou downloaded the iso yourself? checked the hash?21:23
b14d3Yes I downloaded the iso myself, but have not checked the hash21:23
benzrfok guys21:23
benzrfan update:21:23
jailbirdJust get21:23
jailbirdWindows just works21:23
benzrffdisk is listing my ubuntu parition as 'hidden w95 fat32 (lba)' instead of ext4 (which is what I set)21:23
benzrfcould windows have done that?21:24
benzrfwhen I tried to boot into it?21:24
loldogI upgraded to 13.0421:24
bekksbenzrf: ext4 is a filesystem, not a partition type.21:24
benzrfit's under the 'system' column21:24
loldogBlack unresponsive screen when I boot after 13.04. Can boot into a recovery terminal but startx yields same result21:24
XHEART24i have ubuntu 12.04 how can i upgrade to 13.0421:24
loldogWhat to do_21:24
bekksbenzrf: And thats the column listing the partition types.21:24
kijutsuDumb question of the moment --- I have 12.10 installed on a G5 webserver.. what can i do to prevent an upgrace to 13.04 when i apt-get update && apt-get upgrade21:24
Dr_willis!upgrade | XHEART2421:24
ubottuXHEART24: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade21:24
jailbirdStop the pain use windows21:24
neo_userbennrprofane i got ciso enabled vpn , i installed it but dunno where the application is to run21:25
neo_userits not in dash home21:25
benzrfwhat's that type then?21:25
Jordan_Ubenzrf: It doesn't matter what fdisk thinks it is.21:25
benzrfjailbird: which pain? the pain of something too good?21:25
benzrfJordan_U: well, why would it list it as hidden w95 fat32 if I set it to ext4?21:25
cristian_can other question:21:25
Jordan_Uneo_user: Right click on the network manager applet.21:25
cristian_cHow can I switch audio from mono to stereo?21:26
cristian_cAny ideas?21:26
neo_userwhere is that jordan u21:26
bennypr0faneb14d3 Once I had that issue, I had mounted the iso to  the flash drive with dd. that didn't work because that image was not bootable, so grub was missing. IIRC pendrivelinux.com has instructions fir separately adding grub, I think? mayber check that21:26
bekksbenzrf: The type is "Linux", the type ID is 83.21:26
jailbirdbenzrf: stop kidding. Windows works. Linux is slow21:27
benzrfjailbird: ahahaha21:27
Dr_willisjailbird,  please troll elsewhere21:27
bennypr0fanejailbird what the hell do you want?21:27
benzrfjailbird: I have to say you're a pretty poor troll21:27
benzrfyou're not believable at all, sorry :c21:27
benzrftry concern trolling, it's usually much more effective21:27
b14d3bennypr0fane, I've tried installing Grub manuallly, but it didn't work. Actually still had the exact some thing happen. I am, however, currently checking the hash to make sure that is correct.21:27
benzrfToAruShiroiNeko: hi21:27
ToAruShiroiNekoI am trying to follow http://www.hanselman.com/blog/InstallingUbuntu104LTSOnWindowsVirtualPCOnWindows7.aspx21:27
ToAruShiroiNekoI am failing to boot to ubuntu :(21:28
saviojailbird windows sucks ask any admin21:28
jailbirdbenzrf: so many problems with linux21:28
esingI wonder why xdotool type won't work for entering passwords in the shell. E.g. ssh test@IP;sleep 4; xdotool type mypassword; xdotool key Return21:28
Nothing_MuchHonestly, you should upgrade to 12.04 at the least ToAruShiroiNeko21:28
benzrfmy formerly ext4 partition is now listed as id 1c21:28
Nothing_MuchBut what issues are going on?21:28
benzrfcould windows have done that21:28
Psycholiquid71please dont feed the troll21:28
benzrfissue is that GRUB in it won'y work21:28
ToAruShiroiNekoI read "segmentation fault" on my virtual drive21:29
neo_userjordanu?   bennyproane?21:29
Nothing_MuchOn Windows Virtual PC?21:29
ToAruShiroiNekomy drive is fine21:29
jailbirdbenzrf: you use windows.21:29
saviojailbird windows need extensive patching to keep it secure21:29
benzrfjailbird: I try not to21:29
Nothing_MuchGoddammit guys, jailbird is an obvious troll, ignore him21:29
bennypr0faneb14d3 I thikn you'll have to reinstall the whole thing anyhow. try mounting the iso (if the hash is ok) with unetbootin, which automatically makes it bootable.21:30
Nothing_MuchAnyways, ToAruShiroiNeko, try out Virtualbox or VMWare player21:30
ToAruShiroiNekoI want to do it with windows virtual pc21:30
johnjohn101113.04 works great in vmware player21:30
kijutsuI dont want to update to 13.04 on my webserver..how can I prevent and still maintain regular package updates?21:30
Nothing_MuchI don't use Windows VPC so I'm not sure how to help you with that21:30
Questwhich client is used mostly for multi ssh ?21:30
neo_userjordan U stil stuck with it21:30
ToAruShiroiNekoI am trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32bit21:30
jailbirdbenzrf: i could load virus on linux. Your not checking. Best time to strick21:30
b14d3bennypr0fane, If you'll be online for a bit, I'll try that out and let you know what happens.21:30
Jordan_Uneo_user: Top right corner of your screen.21:30
ToAruShiroiNekoI have a 64bit OS though21:31
Questrephrase: which app is used mostly for multi ssh and has most userbase with support?21:31
bennypr0faneb14d3 I dunno21:31
sheroxhi guys i have a file with an unknown/hidden file type. is there a way the ls command can unhide this and make it viewable?21:31
Nothing_MuchIt's alright then, if you run 64, you can still have a 32 bit guest21:31
jatakkJust not the other way around21:31
benzrfjailbird: please do21:31
benzrfI could use some excitement21:31
jailbirdUbuntu is hodgepodge of garbadge21:31
ToAruShiroiNekothe documentation I linked talks about "Hit F6, then ESC. Then add vga=791 noreplace-paravirt at the end of the white command"21:31
ToAruShiroiNekowhat would this do?21:32
jatakkshere_khan_: ls -a21:32
benzrfjailbird: if you /whois  benzrf, you can find my ip21:32
Nothing_MuchHmm.. a Fixed disk, try dynamic instead, there might be a problem with something like that21:32
benzrfplease try to load a virus onto my system21:32
benzrfthanks :)21:32
saviojailbird http://www.pcworld.com/article/202452/why_linux_is_more_secure_than_windows.html21:32
jatakksherox: ls -a21:32
ToAruShiroiNekoI am trying to try ubuntu without installing rather than trying ot install21:32
ToAruShiroiNekoits being strange :(21:32
neo_userjordan u do u mean i should u native vpn connection method21:32
neo_userinstead of cisco21:32
sheroxjatakk: so like ls -a filename ?21:32
bennypr0fanebenzrf well your fstab is messed up. Ubuntu won't mount as fat3221:33
Nothing_MuchToAruShiroiNeko, switch it to a dynamic disk21:33
carreraMy nvidia M360 card crashes with the Nouveau driver during install. So I used the alternate edition to install the nvidia drivers. Can anyone tell me how I can install 13.04 ?21:33
shere_khan_jatakk, why?21:33
benzrfbennypr0fane: ok. how do I set it back to being ext4?21:33
jatakksherox: No just navigate to the directory and type "ls -a" and it'll give you all the files in that  directory21:33
bekksbenzrf: The partition type does not indicate onhow it is mounted.21:33
jatakkshere_khan_: Sorry I highlighted the wrong person :P21:33
bekksbennypr0fane: ^^21:33
Jordan_Uneo_user: Network manager supports Cisco VPNs, I'm not sure what you mean by "use native vpn connection method instead of cisco".21:33
bennypr0fanebekks what?21:34
sheroxjatakk: the file itself is not hidden. the file extention and I need to know what file type it is21:34
neo_useroh i mean no need to use cisco client software21:34
robsjoin #ubuntu-br21:34
bekksbennypr0fane: The partition type does not indicate on how the filesyste on that partition is mounted.21:34
jatakksherox: Oh, well files don't need extensions in Linuz21:34
bennypr0fanebekks correct21:35
MartynKeigher2hey all...i need a little hlep with sites-avail / sites-enbale21:35
jatakksherox: Not sure how to find out what file type something is without opening it though21:35
ToAruShiroiNekoNothing_Much dynaic disk?21:35
bekksjatakk: "file yourfile"21:35
sheroxjatakk: is there a way for me to open it without knowing what program to open it in?21:35
bekksjatakk: That will tell you whats in yourfile.21:35
ToAruShiroiNekoyou mean a dynamic virtual disk? why is the disk even relevant?21:35
ToAruShiroiNekowouldnt ubuntu work without a drive?21:36
thechefmy resolv.conf contains only That's wrong it should contain the routers address and it worked before and I didn't make any changes to the system. Why is is set to - how can I fix it?21:36
Nothing_MuchThere's a difference between the dynamic and fixed disk, mostly performance ones21:36
MartynKeigher2i ahve my main wordpress site installed in /var/www/ and i have installed ttrss (http://tt-rss.org/redmine/projects/tt-rss/wiki) in this location  /var/www/ttrss21:36
jatakksherox: Do what bekks said.21:36
kijutsuMartynKeigher2: I've found that using multiple sites on apache2 is easier when you put each site into it's own folder inside /var/www21:37
Nothing_MuchDynamic basically means that it's created quicker and will expand to a size if it becomes overfilled with data21:37
OS-10635guys, I run this command host -t mx google.com | cut -d" " -f7 and it returned sub.sub.domain.com. (I want to remote the . at the end of com, I can't use cut since . already exist in the same line ) how to remve the last char ?21:37
kijutsuMartynKeigher2: for exapmle... /var/www/wordpress && /var/www/ttrss21:37
Questrephrase: which app is used mostly for multi ssh and has most userbase with support?21:37
MartynKeigher2if i go to http://lab.martynkeigher.com/ttrss  it works fine. BUT if i go to it FROM http://lab.martynkeigher.com it doesnt work.21:37
ToAruShiroiNekoNothing_Much I know but I am only trying to "try ubuntu" rather than installing it, it should load itself only to memory, right?21:38
MartynKeigher2i did that INITIALLY...but it would just not work at all. therefore stuck with /var/www/ttrss21:38
kijutsuMartynKeigher2: then you will need to examine each of the files you have in sites-available to make sure the root directory lines are correct.21:38
bennypr0fanebenzrf paste your fdisk -l and your fstab to paste.ubuntu.com, give a link here, and someone will be able to look at it. Also, grub-install should fix whatever is broken there. that's all I can think of for now, gotta go21:38
MartynKeigher2so..if i did reinstall it in /var/www/ttrss, intsead if /var/www/wordpress/ttrss what do i need to do?21:39
MartynKeigher2to get it tot work?21:39
shashawhat's the terminal command to start a new thread?21:39
jailbitcxUbuntu mysql last year you could hijack your system less than a minute. Ubuntu is less secure than windows21:39
kijutsuMartynKeigher2: also -- make sure that the site url is in there under the ServerName line21:39
MartynKeigher2i think the main issue is IF i navigate to the URL from my home page...it wont work. its like i need the theme to NOT CONTROL that URL or something.21:40
sheroxbekks: ok sweet. now the file is a Linux rev 1.0 ext2 filesystem data. how do I open it?21:40
comodo_dragoni want dual boot win7 and ubuntu 12.10 via USB Stick.21:40
ErdMutterQuestion: How might it get conky loading my network information on ubuntu 13.04 on a macbook pro 9,2?21:40
MartynKeigher2can i copy the default in sites-avail for the ttrss and modify it?21:40
bekkssherox: You have to mount it.21:40
bekkssherox: So whats that file, actually? Is it a disk image?21:40
comodo_dragoni want dual boot win7 and ubuntu 12.10 via USB Stick.21:40
sheroxbekks: yeah21:41
MartynKeigher2k..i'll uninstall it and try this again. putting it in its own folder  /var/www/ttrss21:41
bekkssherox: So how was that image file created?21:41
saviocomodo_dragon !dualboot21:41
sheroxbekks: im not sure but it's a partial disk image dump21:41
kijutsuI'm looking to prevent a major version upgrade on my webserver.. how do I do this and still allow regular package updates?21:41
Jordan_Ubenzrf: Grub doesn't care about partition ids from the partition table, and nether does pretty much anything else in GNU/Linux.21:41
Jordan_Ukijutsu: What version of Ubuntu are you using?21:42
kijutsuJordan_U: 12.1021:42
comodo_dragoni want to install win7 from usb and ubuntu from SAME US.21:42
comodo_dragoni want to install win7 from usb and ubuntu from SAME USB.21:42
bekkssherox: mkdir /mnt/partial; sudo mount -o loop /path/to/yourfile /mnt/partial21:42
Jordan_Ukijutsu: That was a bad choice if you wanted to go a long time without a major upgrade. If you want that, next time choose an LTS release like 12.04.21:43
bekkssherox: That tries to mount it to /mnt/partial21:43
kijutsuJordan_U: PPC 12.04 is kinda wonky21:43
Jordan_Ukijutsu: When 12.10 goes EOL you'll need to upgrade, there's no way around that.21:43
kijutsuwhen is 12.10 EOL expected?21:43
saviocomodo_dragon u mean on same usb you want to dual boot windows and ubuntu21:44
comodo_dragonsame, yes21:44
Yonneyhi all, which are the main tools that can interconnect both linux, mac and windows machines with screen sharing etc.? (so that clients/servers can be installed on each side by anyone, open-source/free tools)21:44
comodo_dragonsavio, yes21:45
BlueProtomanI'm trying to install Python 3.2 on Ubuntu 13.04, but I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5613992/21:45
BlueProtomanI had it working just fine before I upgraded last night.  Any tips?21:45
sleyternecesito una ayuda por favor21:47
Dr_willis!es | sleyter21:47
ubottusleyter: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:47
sleyterhelp me21:47
Dr_willissleyter,  state the problem. see who can help21:48
comodo_dragonhelp me21:48
sleytermy problem is21:48
cristinahello i have a problem with space21:48
kijutsuAwesome... that crackhead jailbitcx is now PMing me.21:48
sleyterabout my printer21:48
comodo_dragoni want install ubuntu and win7 in same USB to make install on newPC21:48
zqfmgbque necesitas?21:48
sheroxbekks: you are amazing. I just navigated to the mount and its what I need. Now, there is folder that does not allow me to open it because "i don't have permission." Can I open through the shell or what should I do?21:49
Dr_williscomodo_dragon,  see if the pendrivelinux site has tools to make a bootable windows and linux usb.21:49
x2I need somebody!21:49
x2Not just anybody!21:49
comodo_dragonN SAME USB?21:49
FloodBot1x2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:49
Dr_williscomodo_dragon,  go look and see..21:49
sleytercan help me21:49
saviocomodo_dragon http://m.voices.yahoo.com/dual-boot-usb-stick-windows-7-ubuntu-910-6056142.html21:49
bekkssherox: Open a terminal, and see whether you have access permissions on that folder.21:50
Dr_williscomodo_dragon,  since making a bootable windows usb isent really a ubuntu support question..  if a tool exists id bet Pendrivelinux has it21:50
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."21:50
zqfmgbcomodo you can partition the drive into two, or dd a disk image21:50
BlueProtomankijutsu: It's not just me?21:50
kijutsuBlueProtoman: jailbitcx?21:51
BlueProtomankijutsu: Yes.21:51
sleytermy is printer21:51
kijutsuBlueProtoman: hate to say.. might need to get an IRCop involved to akill the user.21:51
BlueProtomankijutsu: I've already alerted #ubuntu-ops.21:51
kijutsuBlueProtoman: hah... 'nuff said :)21:51
cristinahello i have 2 pations 1- 25 gb ...where is my home directory and another one 130 gb /boot21:52
BlueProtomanJordan_U, thank you.21:52
loldogdpkg gets stuck at updating inframs, what to do?21:52
cristinamy 25 gb is full21:52
kijutsuJordan_U: what BlueProtoman said..I second :)21:52
cristinahow to use 130 gb ?21:52
BlueProtomanNow, Python 3.2 on a newly-upgraded Ubuntu 13.04?  I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5613992/21:53
Jordan_UBlueProtoman: kijutsu: You're welcome, but in the future it's best to let trolls go without comment or fanfare.21:53
Dr_williscristian_c,  130gb for /boot/ is a little extreme/ You normally dont need a boot partion these days21:53
sheroxbekks: i do not have access permissions to that. I tried sudo cd and sudo ls but neither worked21:54
BlueProtomanJordan_U: Right, yes, silly me.21:54
kijutsuJordan_U: he was PMing us both sadly.  I hit /ignore and whomever it was decided to jump nicks and go there and continuing PM bombing.21:54
sleyterhelp me please21:54
BlueProtomanI didn't even know webchat.freenode had /ignore.21:54
sleyteri have 1 problem with my printer21:55
bekkssherox: Did it even mount correctly?21:55
saviocristian_c use gpart for repartion21:55
saviocristian_c from live cd21:55
sheroxbekks: yeah I even looked at the contents of another folder that didn't have access permissions21:55
bekkssherox: Looking into a folder doesnt answer my previous question. :)21:55
knoppixmoin :)21:56
neo_userthanks you jordan_u21:56
neo_userits worked21:56
bekkssherox: Please pastebin the output of: "df -h" and "dmesg".21:56
Dr_willissleyter,  give the channel details of the printer type and the problem.21:56
neo_useralso thanks to bennyprofane and all others21:56
sheroxbekks: the file the mounted in /mnt/partial/ had 2 folders. one had pics and files, the other had access permissions so I could not view its contents. It did mount correctly I'm sure21:57
bekkssherox: So which permissions does that folder have?21:57
kyuubihello, i need help. im dual booting win 7 and ubuntu. win 7 boots up fine but when i try to boot up ubuntu it goes to grub4dos. any help or suggestions?21:58
sheroxbekks: well there are two folders total. one I can assume that I have full, and the other does not even let me open it21:58
bekkssherox: So which permissions does that folder have?21:59
zqfmgbkyuubi - try rescatux21:59
Dr_williskyuubi,  how did you install ubuntu? Grub4dos  is not part of ubuntu last i looked21:59
jmnozsomething seems to be setting my default font in Emacs to "Ubuntu Mono", Where can I change this?21:59
sheroxbekks: how can I check?21:59
bekkssherox: Just run ls -lha in the folder above the one you dont have access to.21:59
esuluciao a tutti22:00
sheroxbekks: ls: cannot open directory /mnt/partial/lost+found: Permission denied22:00
Dr_willissherox,  lost+found is a special folder owned by root. so thats normal22:00
kyuubidr_willis i made a bootable flash drive and installed it. then when i rebooted it went straight to windows. so i used EasyBCD to add ubuntu to add to the boot menu. when i select it, it goes to grub4. right now, i reformated it and installed linux mint, and the same thing is occuring22:01
bekkssherox: ls -l /mnt/partial/lost\+found22:01
Loshkijmnoz: does M-x set-default-font work for you?22:01
sheroxbekks: lost+found is the folder name that is totally unrelated to my pc22:01
Dr_willis!fixgrub | kyuubi22:01
ubottukyuubi: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub222:01
jmnozLoshki: nope, it's modified outside of customize22:01
sleyterinactiva-Filter failed22:01
bekkssherox: Thats normal. that folder contains lost file fragments after a filesystem crash and recovery.22:01
Dr_williskyuubi,  you should reinstall the grub bootloader.  reformating a filesystem will not erase the bootloader22:01
sleyterwhat is? inactiva-Filter failed22:02
sheroxbekks: I still get permission denied22:02
kyuubidr willis do i run that in grub4?22:02
Loshkijmnoz: something in your ~/.emacs ?22:02
jmnozLoshki: no22:02
bekkssherox: So do you expect to find files in there?22:02
sheroxbekks: yes22:02
Dr_williskyuubi,  the urls the bot gave above detail how to reinstall grub.  a live cd+ the boot-repair tool is the normal way22:03
Jordan_Ukyuubi: There is no such thing as grub4, there is only GRUB4DOS (which we don't support here).22:03
jmnozLoshki: and not in Xresources22:03
bekkssherox: Then get a root shell by using sudo -i and access that folder.22:03
Jordan_Ukyuubi: GRUB4DOS was added by EasyBCD, and you should use EasyBCD to remove it.22:03
kyuubiok. thank you both. im brand new to linux in general.22:03
sheroxbekks: so sudo -i cd /mnt/partial/lost+found ?22:04
bekkssherox: No. Just sudo -i22:04
bekkssherox: Then you will have a shell with root privileges and you can access that folder22:04
SrPxHey guys. Is there a good guide/reference for learning linux commands the right way? Something that explains (briefly!) important concepts such as piping |, this: >> (whatever it is), etc., and lists the most important commands?22:05
Loshkijmnoz: what about emacs -q ?22:05
sheroxbekks: perfect thank you22:05
Dr_willisSrPx,  look for the Bash books by Oreially (sp?)   'using bash' i think is the name. ;)22:06
jmnozLoshki: "Ubuntu Mono"22:06
SrPxDr_willis: thanks!22:06
savioSrPx try something on linux os book that might help22:07
=== homophobe is now known as h0mophobe
h0mophobeIts like scratching a grizzly bears azz in a phonebooth22:13
h0mophobeSo what22:14
Loshkijmnoz: can you run the debugger and see who is calling set-default-font? Also, can you put a call to set-default-font at the end of your .emacs as a workaround22:17
ToAruShiroiNekoNothing_Much I pmed you back :)22:21
Arpad2from Software Center I installed Steam, but it fail to launch22:21
b14d3Still having an issue where, after a fresh install, my machine gets stuck at the "Loading Operating System ..." screen.22:22
sleyterhola podrian ayudarme a solucionar un problema por favor22:23
Dr_willis!es | sleyter22:23
ubottusleyter: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:23
b14d3Unfortunately I've long since reached the end of my Ubuntu knowledge, I have recreated the liveusb, reformatted repeatedly, and every time I get this same error. I have tried installing grub manually and even that hasn't worked. I'm not sure what else to pursue in this case.22:23
Jordan_Ub14d3: Do you have more than one hard drive? Is this a BIOS based or UEFI based boot firware machine?22:24
b14d3Jordan_U, I do have more than one hard drive, and this is a bios based machine22:24
sleyter<Dr_willis> entre al foro en español y nadie sabe22:25
Dr_willisNo Hablo22:25
sleyterplease help me22:25
Dr_willissleyter,  state the issue. In english por favore.22:26
Jordan_Ub14d3: It's likely then that your BIOS is trying to boot from a different drive than you expect, one with a broken bootloader in its MBR.22:27
b14d3I haven't actually looked into that yet, somehow. Slipped my mind. Working on that now Jordan_U22:27
sleytermy problem is about my printer lexmark Interpret S40922:28
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu22:30
Dr_willissleyter,  chat in here.. and give details if you want help.. we dont like playing 20 questions to get to the real problem.22:31
=== Jpmh is now known as Analisa
ToAruShiroiNekowhat would vga=791 noreplace-paravirt do in boot options?22:32
Dr_willisvga= sets the res of the framebuffer i thought.. but i thoight that method was no longer used.22:34
sleyterthe printer is already installed what happens is that it has an error: Inactive Filter-failed22:34
kijutsuToAruShiroiNeko: VGA= sets the framebuffer in a console.. unsure on noreplace-paravirt..appears to be used on virtual machines to make the kernel realize its working on a virtual machine..beyond that i dont know22:35
jmnozLoshki: Thanks, will try those things.22:36
Loshkijmnoz: if that doesn't work, try #emacs next. Good luck!22:38
anonusernamegood evening22:41
b14d3Jordan_U, you're kind of my hero, and man do I feel stupid. Worked like a charm. It was pointed to the wrong hd and I didn't catch it. Thank you!22:44
Jordan_Ub14d3: You're welcome :)22:44
Loshkib14d3: Jordan_U: I find http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/ really useful for (some) boot problems....22:45
MacuserHow come when I rebooted to finish installing Ubuntu 13.04 from 12.04 I got the CLI?22:46
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
ubhplease, instruct me and explain (or give links to explanations and docs) the differences of this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5614173/22:47
zonk1024Macuser: Check grub to make sure it doesn't say text. http://askubuntu.com/questions/16371/how-do-i-disable-x-at-boot-time-so-that-the-system-boots-in-text-mode22:48
ubh"Desktop" and "Netbook" are pretty clear, the others?22:48
Dr_willisubh,  there is no longer a netbook ubuntu release22:48
Dr_willisDesktop is what most people want for a  non server machine22:48
ubhDr_willis:  In terminal, I get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5614173/22:49
Dr_willisubh,  you could tell us more details/ like what you are actually trying to acomplish..  Not just giving out pastebins22:49
Macuserzonk1024: to make it CLI would I change it to "quiet splash text" or "text" ?22:49
tgm4883Dr_willis, I think kubuntu does have a specific netbook package22:50
zonk1024Macuser: if text is there then X11 won't load... Leaving you on the CLI.22:50
ubhDr_willis: help me choose the version, 'cause I cannot understand what "Low Fat" and "Active" actually means22:50
Macuserwhat does X11 provide?22:50
Dr_willistgm4883,  theres a desktop/netbook mode for the gui   - Lubuntu has one also.22:50
tgm4883ubh, you can find the differences in those packages by doing 'apt-cache show <PACKAGENAME>'22:50
Macuserand would I not get a prompt without x11?22:50
jess10trying to install ubuntu. changed boot priority to odd is bios, but still goes straight to win8. help22:50
Dr_willisMacuser,  X11 is the foundation of the GUI desktop22:51
MacuserDr_willis: would I keep quiet splash?22:51
Macuserif I wanted the CLI22:51
MGMTCan someone steer me in the right direction?  I have uefi with windows 7 and I installed ubuntu 13.04.  Ubuntu is the only grub option that works.  Is there a grub repair package?  How do I make it so I can choose windows at startup without getting errors?22:52
ubhtgm4883: Yesss! You're tha boss! You understand what I was looking for!!! :D22:52
ubhtgm4883: c00l!22:52
zqfmgbreinstall grub22:52
tgm4883ubh, yw22:52
zonk1024Macuser: quiet splash is for what shows up during the boot process22:52
zqfmgbMGMT: boot into Ubuntu then reinstall grub22:53
hanasakijust upgraded to raring... the amd ati driver fglx says it supports the HD 3200 however when starting X it says it cannot find any drivers for the hardware22:53
=== bigdelta is now known as riqdiiz
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub222:53
MGMTzqfmgb:  its not really grub, its that uefi works different than the old bios menthods22:53
ubhtgm4883: there's a grammaticalkubuntu-settings-active error22:53
hanasakihow do I get support for VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RS780 [Radeon HD 3200]22:53
ubhtgm4883: *there's a grammatical error22:53
zqfmgbI believe it's sudo install-grub --reinstall22:53
tgm4883ubh, what does that mean?22:53
zqfmgbthen run sudo update-grub22:53
MGMTzqfmgb:  I'll try that and *cross fingers*  hope it works.22:54
tgm4883hanasaki, I'd be surprised if that wasn't supported by the open source drivers22:54
ubhtgm4883: nothing really bad! :D http://paste.ubuntu.com/5614193/22:54
hanasakitgm4883:  it is.. but perf is like 50 instead of about 600 as it was before in the ati drive22:54
darthanubis>> clnt_create: RPC: Unknown host22:55
tgm4883ubh, ah, you can file a bug against the package at launchpad22:55
darthanubistrying to use autofs22:55
ubhtgm4883: ?22:55
tgm4883ubh, I think you can just do 'ubuntu-bug <packagename>'22:55
darthanubisGoogle has plenty apage with this issue, but no answers for ubuntu22:55
malimbar13.04 upgrade woes - somehow the movie player no longer works22:55
ubhtgm4883: lemme try22:55
zqfmgbah that's right22:55
MGMTzqfmgb:  the update-grub command looks like it did something.  The reinstall command told me that wasn't the right command.  I'll try a restart and hope that worked22:56
hanasakitgm4883:  thoughts?22:57
tgm4883hanasaki, sec22:57
tgm4883hanasaki, did you take a look in the additional drivers tool?22:57
clarkmI have a disk giving me I/O errors. Should I try to back it up before running e2fsck / badblocks, or can I wait until after and hope some blocks get fixed?22:58
zqfmgbMGMT: gl22:58
hanasakitgm4883:  which?    http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/dh-modaliases    is not actually in the pacakge debhelper22:58
MGMTzqfmgb Thanks!22:58
hanasakitgm4883:  how to get to the additional drivers tool?22:58
tgm4883!drivers | hanasaki22:58
Sagitti've installed the xubuntu-desktop22:58
Sagittnow how i can change the startup splascreen?22:58
tgm4883hanasaki, it's in "software and updates"22:58
tgm4883hanasaki, there is a tab for additional drivers22:58
hanasakiubottu: Sorry, I don't know anything about drivers22:58
ubottuhanasaki: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:58
wilee-nileeSagitt, Have you rebooted to see if it is different?