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maddernickI do not understand why dates, login hints etc are in my keyboard setup language, and not in English as I chose05:56
maddernickSomeone should look into this05:57
maddernickIts probably not an uncommon scenario for people. Esp. people who travel a lot05:58
knomemaddernick, what does "locale" say?09:05
knomeNoskcaj, elfy asked me to remove reference when he went away in the beginning of the R cycle09:36
Noskcajalso, can i be added to either of the LP teams. i'm only in xubuntu-users09:36
knomeonce you've shown persistent contributions09:37
Noskcajsorry to be spamming you with stuff, when does https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap get put up to saucy?09:38
knomei'll do that in a moment09:39
knomebut let's still work on the blueprint before the XPL election09:39
Noskcajthere's a blueprint for that?09:42
* Noskcaj thinks he needs a different timezone09:42
knomeyes, that: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/xubuntu-desktop/+spec/client-xubuntu-130509:42
Noskcajjust to confirm, when is the election? i might have another reason not to go on a holiday09:45
knomemay 1-209:46
Noskcajsince i have to be online at roughly that time, i have stuff to do09:47
knomewe will allow a timespan of 24 hours to vote, so no problem09:47
Noskcaji should be online anks for the infoto vote, but not much more. th09:49
Noskcaji clicked something, that's weird09:49
Noskcaji should be online for the vote, but not much more09:50
carreraGreetings God!  :)09:52
carreraI finally managed to join09:53
carrerait only took me 3 tries!09:53
knomeheh :)09:53
carrera#xubuntu-dev, #xubuntu-devl and finally #xubuntu-devel09:53
knomeNoskcaj, that's fine09:53
carrerawhat's fine?09:54
Noskcajcarrera, stuff to do with the project lead election09:54
carrerahow do I read the logs?09:54
Noskcajirclogs.ubuntu.com but they take some time to update09:55
knomecarrera, http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/04/28/%23xubuntu-devel.html09:55
knomebut yes, they do take some time to update09:55
carrerathanks guys09:56
knomei was simply saying it's ok for Noskcaj to be around only to vote :)09:56
Noskcajknome, are you and i the only two people running?09:56
knomeNoskcaj, at the moment, yes09:56
knomeNoskcaj, let me re-check, but i think there is still one day to nominate...09:57
Noskcajif i get more than just my vote, i'll be shocked :)09:57
knomeif i get my own vote, i'll be shocked!09:57
Noskcajknome, there's only a 99.9999999999% chance you'll win09:58
carrerawhy do I always have to right-click on a link and then click on Open Link in Browser in XChat?09:58
carrerawhy can't we just left-click on a link to open it in a browser?09:58
knomeNoskcaj, nothing is certain :)09:59
Noskcajcarrera, who knows, Xchat's weird like that09:59
Noskcajknome, :) i can hope09:59
knomeNoskcaj, and yes, there's still one day for nominations (4 weeks are specified for nominations)09:59
carrerado must people still use XChat?09:59
Noskcajcarrera, i do, i think most do10:00
carreraerr, most10:00
carrerathanks Mr. Noskcaj 10:00
carreraMr. knome, I like " if i get my own vote, i'll be shocked!"10:01
carrerayou're very humble and funny10:02
elfylderan: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-settings/+bug/1173767 :p11:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1173767 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "Settings Manager description " [Undecided,New]11:06
lderanthanks :D elfy 11:06
lderanelfy, well i've found the place it pulls in the string from for the description -> http://lderan.co.uk/settings-manager.png11:44
elfyoh cool11:45
elfywhere was it - just for my curiosity - I looked but failed11:46
* elfy suspects he should have got the source for xfce4-settings instead of -manager11:46
lderanxfce4-settings/xfce4-settings-manager/xfce-settings-manager-dialog.c on line 368 also for the translations it in xfce4-settings/po/en_GB.po11:47
elfythanks - I'll get those and look 11:48
elfygot it :)11:50
elfyno idea what I'd do with it though lol 11:51
lderansomething to be agreed upon, also all those translations 11:53
elfyyep - maybe something like Customisation and System 11:54
elfydepending on how wide to cast the net in here at a meeting or via the dev mailing list11:55
elfybut thanks for looking at the bug 11:55
lderanah no problem at all11:57
knomemicahg, did you get to look at that wallpaper bug already?18:24
micahgno, soon, still not feeling well18:24
knomeoki, np :)18:24
knomei'm not stressing about most FOSS stuff at all18:24
micahgknome: but it will only help for new installs AIUI18:25
knomemicahg, yeah, sure, but it's still wanted :)18:25
knomein fact, i'm probably taking a week off after the election18:25
knomei should look at our magazine articles18:26
knomea few still need tweaking18:26
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