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lderanhello Guest5782000:36
Guest57820is there a suggested resource website for xubuntu that you all like so i dont have to bother you with dumb questions?00:36
heoyeayea google00:37
lderanhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community might be a place to have a look around00:39
lderanif you can't find what you're after on there then feel free to ask on here :)00:41
Unit193http://docs.xubuntu.org/ too?00:45
Guest57820i lold00:45
Guest57820what programs do you guys like for html, css, and javascript?00:54
ruienvim? :/00:54
Guest57820yeah i downloaded that00:55
Guest57820i heard it was only for your /g/ick though00:55
ruien"/g/ick" ?00:56
Guest57820like e-peen01:01
ruienno, vim is probably the best raw text editor that exists. You can't rely on always having a GUI environment available, and you'll appreciate having one thing that works everywhere.01:02
ruienanother option under Xfce is to install Geany; it's a good editor too. Less functional but still good.01:03
anonymous_does anybody eklse have problems with skype?01:06
ruienJust as a data point, I'm still on 12.04, but skype is running flawlessly here.01:09
anonymous_im on 13.0401:10
anonymous_and i need to type this stuff in the terminal to make it ork01:11
anonymous_LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.1 skype01:11
anonymous_is there some work around for this you might know about?01:11
anonymous_i just installed gnu/linux today01:11
ruienhmm, "type this in the terminal" -- create a wrapper bash script01:14
ruienfor example http://dpaste.com/1076150/01:16
ruienand use that to launch skype when you run it01:16
ruienwell, it's just a text file, but in linux you can run a text file like a program01:20
ruienso set it to be executable (run `chmod 755` on it)01:20
anonymous_it gave me a linux programmers manual01:21
ruienthen you can just run it (for example, as "./my_skype_starter_script" or by double-clicking on it from inside Xfce)01:21
ruienerm, what is "it"?01:21
carreraGreetings All!  :)01:21
carrerahope everyone is having a good weekend so far01:22
anonymous_>no command run found01:22
ruiensorry man, but you're going to need to ask better questions to get help01:24
carreraI would like to install 13.04 from USB01:25
ruienokay, are you upgrading an existing system, or wiping the system and installing it fresh?01:25
carreraDo I have to use the UUI?01:25
carreracurrently I'm running ubuntu 12.0401:26
carreraI think it's better to wipe it out01:26
carrerabut I would like to keep my partitions01:26
ruienI'm not sure what you mean by "UUI", but if you're okay with wiping out your system, then that's the easiest way to do it01:26
ruienfirst, create your bootable USB disk. I like to use the "unetbootin" program for this, and you can "apt-get install unetbootin" if you don't have it.01:27
carreraseems like it only runs on windows01:27
carreragreat, thanks ruien !  :)01:27
carrerathat's what I was looking for01:27
carreraruien, would u just upgrade or wipe out the system?01:28
carreraI've never upgraded before01:28
ruienCertainly. That will create your USB startup disk, and then you boot from that, and you can choose "custom partition format" and manually edit your partitions01:28
ruieni'm on 12.04 too, and i'm currently wondering the same thing myself ;) I think it's best to wipe out the system personally, i just have a lot of production stuff.01:28
ruieni was going to wait for 14.04 but 13.04 is really compelling -- the ubuntu and xubuntu teams did a great job it seems. It feels smoother and faster, without being annoying01:29
carrerasame dilemma!01:29
carreraare u running ubuntu 12.04 or xubuntu?01:29
ruienxubuntu 12.0401:30
ruienone thing I did notice though -- when you boot from the USB, it does give you the option to upgrade to 13.04 right from the installer.01:30
carrerawould the dreaded unity stay around if I upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04 to Xubuntu 13.04?01:31
ruienno, xubuntu is just Xfce. But i'm not sure that the installer will let you upgrade directly in such a case01:31
ruienit might; i've never tried it.01:32
ruienanother thing, by the way01:32
ruienyou can always do partition management manually too. Just boot to the USB, but don't install xubuntu yet. Instead, open a terminal as root and run "gparted" to open the partition editor.01:32
carreraI know Xubuntu only comes with the Xfce DE. That's why I'm switching to it01:32
ruiencuriously though, my wife loves unity and didn't like Xfce :(. Go figure01:33
Dr^Fetsyou can install any de , it's all in the sources01:33
Dr^Fetsby default it installs xfce of course01:33
carreraI never liked Unity to begin with but, then, I found out zeitgeist records my every move in sqLite01:35
carreraI even tried to installed Ubuntu 12.04 Server + Gnome in order to do without Unity01:37
carreralittle did I know that I had install Unity to be able to boot into X01:38
carreraI really liked Gnome201:38
carreraand I thought Gnome Fallback was Gnome 201:38
ruienif you do like gnome, there's now an ubuntu gnome project, and gnome 3 now has a classic mode interface, though i haven't tried it personally. This is different than the old "fallback mode".01:38
carreraagain, little did I know it was Gnome 3 trying to look like Gnome 201:38
carreraruien, thank u sir, I didn't know that01:39
ruienit's relatively new01:39
carreraI did a bit of research and I thought the best way for me was to install Xubuntu and then install MATE01:39
carrerathat way I don't inherit the Gnome 3 bloat01:40
ruienthat should work. But you might end up liking Xfce - try it a bit.01:40
carreraI have pretty decent hardware, it just that I don't like bloat01:40
ruienthe first thing I do of course is to rearrange the DE how i like it, removing the pop-up-menu in the bottom, etc. And yes, i'm the same -- good hardware, on a desktop, but i despise bloat too.01:40
carreraruien, I agree with u sir. from 99 to 05, I worked on Sun Spark workstations running fvwm or xvwm01:41
ruienhaha, no kidding01:42
ruieni was on linux at intel but we also used fvwm there too01:42
carrerayup!  :)01:42
carreraruien, let's chat on offtopic before we p... people off01:43
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aienaI can send bluetooth data from my phone to xubuntu but I cant send data from xubuntu to my phone via bluetooth any solution for it ?04:31
swan1Hello.  I am running mythbuntu 12.04.2, w/mythtv .26 and have configured audio so that it is sent to my tv via HDMI. Unfortunately, if I leave the system idle for a while (>1h) audio no longer works.  If I reboot, it works again.  How do I fix the audio issue?  I have also disabled screen blanking, so I don't think that is involved.04:44
aienaaudioo no longer works but the system remains on ?04:52
swan1aplay fails to send sound via hdmi04:56
swan1aiena, sorry, should have used your name for formatting :)04:57
aienawhich version04:58
aienathe thing is mythbuntu is different from xubuntu !! Havent run it live myself04:58
aienabut will try to help04:58
aienaswan1: give me a little time to investigate05:00
swan1aiena, from what i can tell, mythbuntu is ubuntu + xfce + mythtv + a few other things ???05:00
* aiena nods05:01
aienait seems like it05:01
aienafrom the looks of it !! I'll just dig in a bit give me some time :)05:01
aienawhich mythtv version are you using05:01
aiena0.26 ?05:02
swan1so, this seemed like a fair place to ask :), any help is very welcome05:02
swan1though i'm not sure that mythtv is implicated05:02
aienahmm it seems like a bug in the interaction of mythtv with pulseaudio which is default in xubuntu05:03
aienamaybe try another sound manager05:04
swan1aiena, i'm using ati/amd  proprietary drivers.05:05
aienaone sec05:05
aienamaybe its the other bug05:05
aienanot mythtv related05:05
aienayou can try05:05
aienaif it works it works otherwise just remove it05:06
aienaswan1: I am guessing your ATI cards audio manager is managing the audio through your HDMI port05:11
aienaswan1: can you type aplay -l and pastebin the output05:14
swan1aiena: http://pastebin.com/va3q53C605:21
swan1fyi, audio is not working right now05:21
* aiena is looking05:23
aienaI think I may know your problem but I'll try ro tackle it from multiple angles05:23
aienamaybe GRUB needs to be altered too05:24
aienalets see05:24
aienawe can first try setting the ATI cards HD Audia device as default and see if that solves the problem05:26
aienabut in your case  I can know only after one hour05:26
aienaso thats a long time.05:26
aienaSO will prepare a text document and tell you what are the alternatives05:27
aienaand with a gulp of hope05:27
aienaeither or both together should work05:27
aienaswan1: do you have laefpad as your text editor05:29
aienawhat is your preferred text editor05:30
swan1no, i'm using gedit05:30
swan1vi? vim?05:31
aienaswan1: for the shorter solution05:31
swan1<- old scool05:31
swan1school even05:31
aienajust see of radeon.audio=1 (inside the quotes next to "quiet splash") is there in  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line in /etc/default/grub.05:32
aienaif it is not there then add it05:32
aienanext to "quiet splash"05:33
swan1i doubt it, just read a ref to that arg05:33
aienathen run sudo update-grub05:33
aienaanother good option05:33
swan1ok, sec, it's on the system in another room05:34
aienawould be to wait untill later when the more experienced linux nerds like GridCube pop in on xubuntu05:34
aienaswan1: I have a better idea05:39
aienajust join #ubuntu-mythtv those guys will be in a better position to help in your case :)05:40
aienai.e. if my fix does not work.05:40
swan1aiena that was not in grub, i've added it. as to #ubuntu-mythtv, #ubuntu and #xfce I've tried for days to get someone to respond.  all i get is "try a different group"05:44
aienathose guys are lol05:45
aienaIt happens on irc in certain channels05:45
aienacant do anything about it05:45
aienaIf this doesnt solve your problem you can hop back on in about 6 hours05:45
aienaand catch hold of Gridcube and the others05:46
swan1well, it's not an easy one to debug unless you;ve seen it05:46
aienathey will be in a much better position probably05:46
aienathe biggest issue05:46
aienais that i dont use any ati cards05:46
aienaonly nvidia cards05:46
aienabecause they are better for CG05:46
aienamy hobby05:46
swan1i prefer nvidea too, but this was in the mini-computer box05:47
swan1at least they didn't tell me to defrag my hard drive :(05:48
aienahave to reboot !!05:59
aienaGot to hate gparted sometimes hehe05:59
swan1aiena, that did not work.  some docs related this issue to the monitor being turned off.  After rebooting, I checked that audio worked, then turned the monitor off & on and audio was gone06:08
swan1mind you i only have the 1 hdmi monitor06:10
aienaah monitor off and on06:11
aienatry disconnecting and reconnecting the hdmi port06:11
aienaI think this may not be related to anything06:11
aienadoes your computer go to slepp too ?06:11
aienaor is it just swtiching off and on your monitor that causes it06:12
swan1that link doesn't help much as i don't have a sound settings dialog06:12
aienawell then remove it and again run06:12
aienasudo update-grub06:12
aienaaudio was working before that too06:12
aienaso that line is not needed06:12
swan1turning the monitor off & on breaks the audio06:13
aienathen mythtv and xubuntu may not be at fault at all06:13
aienait may just be H/W06:13
swan1hw and/or drivers06:13
aienabut does the video come back after you turn on your monitor06:14
aienaok great06:15
swan1audio works ....power cycle the monitor (TV) ...audio never works again until a reboot06:15
aienathe inof you gave is illuminating06:15
aienawait but video works ?06:15
aienaafter power cycling the monitor06:15
swan1yes, video works06:16
* aiena scratches chin06:16
aienaswan1: try disconnecting the hdmi cable from your pc06:16
aienathen turning on your monitor first06:16
aienaand reconnecting the cable and see06:16
swan1looks like this is intentional in 12.04 as per the above link06:17
aienayou could try 13.0.406:17
aienaits out and has lots of fixes06:17
aienai am using 12.0.4 because of LTS06:17
aienaprobably the same reason you are using it06:18
swan1but mythbuntu 13.04 isn't06:18
aienaI am testing 13.0.4 soon to see if my graphic tablets work on linux06:18
aienaswan1: it probably isnt06:18
aienahmm can you try a live distro of xubuntu06:18
aienaand run video playback switch off and on your monitor06:19
aienaand see if the same issue06:19
aienathen we can narrow down possible reasons for faillure06:19
swan1more of a pain as i'd have to add and configure all the mysql & myth stuff06:19
aienajust run a plain video file06:20
aiena.mp4 or anything06:20
aienawith vlc06:20
swan1oh, just to test06:20
aienaor something06:20
aienaand see if the monitor does not play sound on the live distro06:20
aienaafter a monitor power cycle06:20
aienaand use 112.0.4 LTS06:21
aienaas a control variable06:21
aienafor the test06:21
aiena*12.0.4 xubuntu06:21
swan1isn't 13.04 going to be lts too?06:21
aienaits a dev release06:21
aienastable but only 9 month support06:21
aienabefore intermediate releases had 18 month support06:22
aienabut recently they shifted over to shorter 9 month support cycles06:22
swan1oh, i though the .04's were LTS06:22
aienathe next LTS will be 14.0.406:22
aienanot necessarily06:22
aiena9 month release cycles are awful compared to the earlier 18 month cycle06:23
aiena*9 month support06:23
aienanot release cycles - bah06:23
aienaalso now the new ubuntu's wont fit on CD's anymore06:23
aienaso its either a DVD or a bootable USB06:24
aienathough bootable USB is the best for most cases06:24
aienabecause of the format option.06:24
swan1i use usb anyway, boots and installs much faster06:24
aienayes :)06:25
aienaI prefer the guale terminal over the standard terminal though06:25
aienaits so handy06:25
aienaanyways try with 12.0.4 and see06:26
aienaif not wait for 13.-.4 mythbuntu probably the bugs will be fixed then06:26
aienasee of there is a ppa or something with latest versions of software06:26
aiena12.0.4 comes with pretty outdated packages forcing me to update software seperately06:27
aienae.g. kvirc 4.2 was launched a year ago06:27
aienabut xubuntu still has 4.1.1 which is buggy06:27
* aiena lmao06:27
swan1well, you've given me a couple of options to try.  i'll work on those in the coming days06:30
swan1thanks muchly.  Night06:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1001842 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "No Audio from HDMI After Switching Monitor Off / On" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:31
xubuntu262anyone here?06:35
swan1aiena, updated the drivers to post release and the audio is working after tv power cycle, so that may have fixed it.06:53
aienaso my suggestion to update worked06:54
aienaGlad its solved06:54
aienasorry I couldnt be more resourceful :P06:54
swan1i'm going to leave the change to grub06:54
aienawell it wont hurt06:54
aienaremoving or keeping it06:54
aienaso might as well keep it :)06:55
swan1thnx again06:55
aienayour welcome06:55
carreraruien, unetbootin is stock at 50% on file 208 of 40808:10
ruienhmm, that's strange. what is your usb drive formatted as, and how big is it?08:10
carreragoing now08:11
carrerafast too08:11
ruienok, good08:11
baizonwell, i don't recommend netbootin. Had many problems with it, linuxliveusb did it for me08:11
carreradonno what it was formatted with but it's 3.7 GB08:11
carreramy sister gave it to me, it's a cheap promo for her Day Care Centre08:12
ruieni've never tried linuxliveusb - thanks baizon, if I ever have trouble in the future, i'll look into it. However, unetbootin has always worked for me.08:12
ruieni prefer USB drives <= 4GB for this, just to avoid possible hardware issues08:12
carrerasmaller or larget than 4 GB?08:13
ruienless than or equal to 4GB08:13
carreragreat, I've a 3.7 GB08:13
carreraUNetbootin is asking me to Reboot Now08:13
ruienright, just close it and use it to boot whichever machine you're workin on08:14
carrerabut before I do that, can I tell u a little about my hardware and what I think I might have problem with08:14
ruienwhat issue were you seeing again, specifically?08:15
carreraI've a Toshiba Qosmio X500, 18.4" display, nVidia M360, 2 x 480 GB SanDisk SSD08:16
carrera1. I've RAID 0 and in the past I had to use the alternate ed08:17
ruienhm, yeah, how's the RAID card support - do you need vendor-specific drivers for it08:18
carrera2. The Nouveau driver never works so I have to get the nVidia-current drivers from the cmd line08:19
ruiennot anymore, now you can "apt-get install nvidia-experimental-310"08:19
carrera3. I only have wireless access, so does the installer have to recognize my wireless card to complete the install08:20
ruien(waiting for you to say 'done')08:21
carreraI don't think so, Ubuntu 12.04 server just saw them and gave me an option to config RAID08:21
carrerasorry, done!08:21
carreraI might have one more concern but I'll ask if I remember08:22
ruienokay, unfortunately i can't help much with raid, you will need to ask someone else. I have only set up raid under CentOS before.08:22
carreraokay, thanks anyway08:22
ruienhowever, if you don't need a vendor-specific driver, that's a good start08:22
carreraas for q 2, I'm actually running nvidia-experimental-310 right now08:23
ruienfor 2.) I think the "nvidia-experimental-310" package should work for you.08:23
ruienyes, you didn't need to do anything special for that, right?08:23
ruienit's in the repos08:23
carreraI went for instead of nvidia-current-290 cause it was newer08:23
carrerano, I didn't08:23
ruienokay, and for 3.) you don't need internet access at all to install xubuntu. Actually, i normally purposely disconnect from the internet, so it doesn't try to do updates while installing.08:24
ruienThen, i update everything after it's installed.08:25
carreraI get a screen similar to this http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/_detail/ecran_pixelise.jpg?id=toshiba_qosmio_x50008:27
carrerathen I had to reboot into cmd line and install the nvidia driver08:28
ruienhm, i've never seen anything like that08:29
carreraGood idea for 3. Thanks ruien!08:29
carreraI get it every time08:29
carrerathere is a better pic on the net but I couldn't find it08:29
ruienmaybe different cards. I have a GeForce GTX 46008:29
ruienand never had an issue08:30
carreraI think mine is an M36008:34
carreraruien, please take a look at this page  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=172794408:38
ruiencarrera: wow, that's no fun. Okay, i've read the page, and you anticipate you'll get that same problem with xubuntu 13.04, yes? If so, you just cancel the installation?08:41
carrerathat's what I had to do every time since I got this laptop I think08:49
carreraactually, I don't I had a problem in the beginning08:50
carreraI think it started when they went with the Nouveau drivers08:51
carreragoing to give it a try now08:52
carrerawish me luck!08:52
ruiengood luck man.08:55
carreraall that planning for nothing09:07
ruien:( ?09:08
carrerathere was no option for USB in my BIOS but when I rebooted with the usb flash and hit F12 to enter the boot menu, there was a new option for USB at the bottom09:08
carreraso that's good news09:08
ruienhm, okay, so you were able to boot from the USB then09:09
carrerabut I got that stupid messed up screen twice on Try Xubuntu without install09:09
carreraand also when I just went for Install Xubuntu09:09
carreraI checked the integrity of the package and that was fine09:09
carrerabasically, I wouldn't even be able to install09:10
carrerathis is stupid09:10
carrerawhy did the get rid of the alternate edition09:10
carreraat least, previously I could use the alternate edition to install and then apt-get the nvidia-current package09:11
carreranow, there's nothing I can do, cause the only option is a full graphics installation09:11
ruienhm, you mean ubuntu itself doesn't have the alternate?09:12
ruienusually in this case you would install ubuntu, then "apt-get install xubuntu-desktop" or something09:12
carreraI thought they would have, but it looks like they got rid of it too09:12
ruienoh, i didn't know that, i thought ubuntu always had the alternate (and of course sideline distributions like xubuntu wouldn't). That's weird09:13
carreraa few days ago I asked about the xubuntu alternate edtions here and someone told me now the desktop detects RAID09:13
ruienhm, that's cool, i wonder why your video card has such issues09:14
carrerabut I'm not sure if I asked about the Nouveau driver problem09:14
ruienright, what you need is to use a real driver right from the start, because when it tries to use the opensource drivers, it blows up09:14
carreraand I figured xubuntu had decided to do without the alternate09:14
carreraat the time I thought it was a good idea to have less versions09:15
ruieni agree with it for everything but just the mainline ubuntu alternate, i did think that one was useful09:15
carreraplus, I thought Ubuntu would keep the alternate ed09:15
ruienyes, that.09:15
ruieni am not sure what to tell you now, because i'm not sure how to force the installer to use a proprietary driver or to install via the command-line/ncurses09:16
carrerabut when I checked on April 25th, there wasn't a 13.04 alternate in either repo09:16
knomexubuntu doesn't have alternate images after 12.0409:19
carreraknome, that's right09:19
carrerabut it looks like ubuntu doesn't either!  :(09:19
knomethere's always the minimal iso, and lubuntu has alternates09:19
knometrue, they dropped them as well09:19
carrerathere u go09:20
carreraI was about to check again09:20
carrerahow do u know lubuntu keeps the alternate?09:20
knomei talked with the lubuntu developers09:21
carreraare u a xubuntu dev?09:21
knomei'm the xubuntu project lead09:21
baizoncarrera: hes the boss!09:21
carreraHello sir!09:21
knomehello :)09:22
ruienI was not aware of that either. Great to meet you, long-time xubuntu user myself.09:22
carrerahope I haven't been a pain during the short time I've been coming here09:22
knomeruien, hello you too :)09:22
carreraMr. knome, thanks for all your hard work09:22
knomeno problem - it's not only me who's working it!09:23
carreraI especially liked the blue desktop09:23
carrerawell, until it crashes09:23
carreraMr. Knome, sorry, I meant you and the team!09:23
Noskcajknome, just agree and enjoy being a God for a while09:24
knomeNoskcaj, nah, that's not how you run foss projects :P09:24
Noskcajtrue, but wouldn't it be fun?09:24
knomenot for me, but maybe somebody could enjoy that09:24
carreraFree and Open Source S???09:24
carreraMr. Noskcaj, thanks!  :)09:25
Noskcajcarrera, you don't need to call us Mr.09:25
carreraI'm gonna treat everyone here with utmost respect now09:25
carrerau never know who u run into here!  ;)09:25
carreraeveryone is so humble09:26
Noskcajcarrera, if you want to help with the developement let us know09:26
carreraNoskcaj, thank u for your confidence sir but, trust me, u don't want me! :))09:26
Noskcajwe do, anything you can do is useful09:27
carreraNoskcaj, really? but I'm not very good09:27
carreraNoskcaj, I would love to help09:27
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Xubuntu see: http://xubuntu.org/devel and http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate09:28
knomethat's outdated!09:28
Noskcajknome, do you have a link to that magazine article for joining the team, that could work better09:28
carreraMr. Noskcaj, are u one of the devs too?09:28
ubottucontribute is "<reply> To see how you can help out with Xubuntu see http://xubuntu.org/contribute/09:29
Noskcajcarrera, a tester, i've only contributed code for testdrive09:29
knomeubottu, ding09:29
carrerais testdrive a test suite?09:29
ubottuTo see how you can help out with Xubuntu see http://xubuntu.org/contribute/09:29
Noskcajcarrera, testdrive is a program we made to make testing ubuntu easier09:29
knomeNoskcaj, it essentially has the same information except it doesn't dig to details09:30
carrerawho is updating ubottu?09:30
knomei did09:30
carreraMr. knome,  may I suggest "To see how you can help out with Xubuntu, please see "09:31
carreraa comma and please09:31
Noskcajcarrera, you are the most overly polite person i've ever met ;)09:32
carreraThank you Mr. Noskcaj09:32
Noskcajcarrera, :) the link you want is http://xubuntu.org/contribute/09:32
Noskcajoops, hadn't seen knome had it working09:33
knomecarrera, no need to keep up that level of formality, unless you really really insist ;)09:33
carrerayears ago a very nice man I went to college with said that I'm a gent and gents are hard to find09:33
Noskcajknome, can you update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Leaders09:33
Noskcajalso, still missing a documentation lead?09:34
Noskcajthere's not even a reference to elfy on it09:35
knomeyes and no. with the current situation, i don't know if we need one. if we do, i have ideas for that (people who have been much help)09:35
knomeNoskcaj, let's continue in #xubuntu-devel09:35
knomecarrera, ^ feel free to join if you want to help out09:35
carreraNoskcaj, great,   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Leaders answers my next question09:35
carreraI was gonna ask who else here is on the team09:36
knomecarrera, that's the whole team: https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-team09:36
aienaknome: how do you exit vi ?09:36
knomecarrera, it's lacking a few though at the moment09:36
knomecarrera, or this to be more exact: https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-team/+members#active09:36
carreraaiena, shift zz09:37
carreraaiena, shift + :, then q09:37
carrerasorry, I should have said shift zz saves changes but shift : q doesn't09:38
carreraaiena, shift : wq saves changes too09:38
aienawell vi is greek to me !!09:38
aienasometimes it pops up in terminal when I dont want it to :P09:39
aienae.g. if checkinstall fails because by mistake I left synaptics open09:39
carreraoh, ok09:39
carrerawell, please feel free to ask and I'll try to help as much as I can09:40
aienathanks !! carrera09:41
carreraMr. knome, what is ^ used for?09:42
knomecarrera, to simply point to the previous message :)09:42
carreraI didn't see it when I used to come to IRC about 6 years ago09:42
carreraat the very location or just in general09:43
TheSheepit's just an arrow up09:43
TheSheeptreat it as ↑09:43
carreraTheSheep, thank u sir!09:43
carreraTheSheep, have I seen u on ubuntu before?09:44
carreraerr, #ubuntu09:44
aienacarrera: using sir on irc is a bit odd. Its an unusual feeling.09:44
carreraaiena, IRC is odd!  ;)09:45
aienaWell in a "world of strangers in a strange world" evberyone is equal in general. So Its odd.09:46
carrerahonestly, I was the last person to join the my teams local IRC around 01 or 0209:46
carreraI thought we all sat next to each other and so why not just talk09:46
carrerabut then I fell in love with it09:46
carreraaiena, are u one of the devs too?09:47
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!09:47
aienano I am a new user having fun with xubuntu I dev on other projects but not in terms of code09:47
aienaI am a CG hobbyist. SO make game models and the like. But only for OS atm.09:48
carreraMr. knome, thanks for the reminder09:48
aienacarrera: mind moving to offtopic ?09:48
carreraaiena, I'm there already09:48
carreraoh, sorry, I forgot I rebooted09:49
aienanope you arent09:49
aienaok now you are ;)09:49
carreraaiena, I already said, "sorry, I forgot I rebooted"09:49
aienaoopsy - sorry carrera didnt read it (:09:51
carreraaiena, np09:52
Baconsup,why can't I chagne screen resolution to lower after I installed nvidia proprietary drivers?09:52
Baconis there any workaround?09:53
knomeBacon, use the nvidia-settings-manager to do tha09:56
Baconumm,where can I find that?09:59
knomeBacon, it should be installed with the drivers, if not, see the package nvidia-settings-YOURVERSION10:01
knomeBacon, then press alt+f2 and run 'nvidia-settings'10:01
BaconI only got nvidia x server settings,and it won't let me change resolution there either10:01
knomeBacon, in the "X Server Display Configuration" tab, there's an option to change the resolution10:02
Baconyeah,to auto and my max resolution10:02
knomewhat happens if you press "detect displays" ?10:03
Baconbut I need to enable to change to lower resoltutions because I have poor performance in some games on max resolution10:03
BaconI had the same problem in Mint10:03
knomedo you have /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?10:04
BaconI got it opened10:04
knomeif not else, you should be able to add modes/resolutions there10:05
ubottuThe X Window system is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart X, type 'sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm' on an ubuntu system. replace with kdm on Kubuntu. To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . Also see !xorgconf10:05
knomeBacon, the last link should give you ideas how to get started10:06
Baconyeah,thanks for the help10:06
BaconI guess I should have googled more,sorry for the inconvinience10:06
knomeno problem10:09
knomeonce you add the modelines, the resolutions should appear in nvidia-settings too, btw10:09
knome(so you don't need to use xrandr... unless you want to)10:09
TheSheepnvidia supports xrandr now?10:12
TheSheepthat's great10:12
knomeat least it works for me if the modes are correctly set10:12
knome(and yes, i've been using nvidia for ages)10:12
carrerais there a xubuntu server?10:28
carreraif there was, I could install it, then install the proprietary nvidia drivers and then install Xfce10:29
bazhangserver has no X by default10:30
lderanyou can setup xfce on it10:31
lderanif you're looking for a way to manage the server then webmin maybe worth looking at10:32
bazhangwell not webmin, zenytal10:32
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.10:32
bazhang /msg ubottu ebox for more info10:32
lderanah okay10:32
knomebazhang, weird that the webmin factoid doesn't have any pointers...10:33
bazhangknome, iirc it used to, that is odd indeed10:33
JennyBlueBirdHi guys, I got an issue with xlock failing with a "Bad Match" error message10:49
JennyBlueBirdand just as I ask for help I realise I need the xlockmore-gl package , nvm :)10:51
=== aiena is now known as aiena|AFK
nyuszika7hhi, is there any way I can tell xfce4-terminal to strip trailing spaces?11:05
=== aiena|AFK is now known as aiena
rusmanhow can i change my xfce4-terminal cursor from block size to underline?11:22
TheSheepI don't think you can11:25
rusmanTheSheep why?11:25
TheSheepno reason11:25
cfhowlettrusman, because there's no indication in preferences that you can .11:26
TheSheepnyuszika7h: I don't understand, strip white spaces from what?11:26
cfhowlettrusman, not that you can select 3 different terminal emulators in Settings>Preferred Applications11:27
rusmancfhowlett oh cool thanks11:27
elfyrusman: yes you can11:28
elfyor should be able to - http://ifacethoughts.net/2009/09/28/cursor-shape-in-xfce-terminal/11:28
rusmanelfy it does not work11:28
rusmanelfy it does not work until i selected xfce4 terminal in Settings>Preferred Applications11:29
elfyso it doesn't - might have been helpful to say you'd tried it :)11:29
rusmanlike cfhowlett say11:29
TheSheepworks for me11:30
TheSheepelfy: thank you, that's pretty cool!11:30
matt_symesadded !!. I'll just edit my conf  file11:30
elfyhi matt_symes11:30
elfymatt_symes: but #xubuntu-devel is where the dev talk is11:31
matt_symesadding that one as well :)11:31
nyuszika7hTheSheep: from the end of the copied text11:34
TheSheepnyuszika7h: you mean when selecting text?11:35
TheSheepno idea :(11:37
=== NePtUnO|Off is now known as NePtUnO
sirfrazhi everyone, has anyone managed to get xubuntu running on a macbook air?12:25
cfhowlettsirfraz, why not install ubuntu then add the xfce4 desktop environment?12:25
sirfrazthats what I was thinking because ubuntu has the amd64+mac iso, I was just hoping to avoid having unity+gnome bloat. Loks like that will be the way to go though, thanks :)12:27
baizonsirfraz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir12:28
cfhowlettsirfraz, also see lubuntu12:28
sirfrazthanks guys12:29
holstein!minimal | sirfraz12:39
ubottusirfraz: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:39
boolso where has my sound settings dialog gone after upgrading to 13.04 ?12:44
sirfrazholstein/ubottu: thanks guys, that looks perfect12:45
holsteinbool: i would just install/try pavucontrol12:46
holstein!info pavucontrol12:46
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1 (raring), package size 140 kB, installed size 953 kB12:46
boolnot working12:52
booltried to reinstall12:52
holsteinbool: pavucontrol is not working?12:52
holsteintried to reinstall what?12:53
booli'll try to reboot just in case12:55
pbl_Im having some problems with the flashplayer. It is impossible watching videos on youtube. I installed a fresh copy of xubuntu today, maby 30 minutes ago. Is there something wrong with the new plugin?13:11
MrHotsaucehave you tried a different browser pbl_ ?13:13
TheSheep!flash | pbl_13:13
ubottupbl_: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash13:13
pbl_MrHotsauce, I have not.. Wich one do you recomend? I am currently using firefox, and i would like to make it work there.13:14
MrHotsaucei do believe google chrome has a built in flash player i know mine works currently13:15
MrHotsaucenot chromuim mind you13:15
pbl_MrHotsauce, i will give it a try, but i am using an old computer. do you recon i would be better off buying a new one?13:17
pbl_MrHotsauce, im using this computer because the other one i had, broke down. i think it is maby 5 or 6 years old13:19
MrHotsaucemy computer is pretty old its handles chrome fine13:19
pbl_what is the name of xubuntus filemanager?13:31
pbl_for running it in terminal?13:31
cfhowlettpbl_, thunar is the default13:31
cfhowlettpbl_, but nautilus is the alternate13:31
nantouhow do I split cue files?13:56
cfhowlettnantou, cue?13:57
pbl_MrHotsauce, i have tried installing chromium now.. it does not work there either..14:01
pbl_MrHotsauce, is it possible that my computer is too old for the new ubuntu systems?14:01
pbl_MrHotsauce, i read somewhere that not all old hardware are supported by the new linux versions..14:02
nantouhow do I convert cue to mp3?14:13
drcnantou: maybe http://onubuntu.blogspot.com/2010/10/splitting-cueape-files.html will help ?14:18
drcIf that one isn't what you want, google gives 23 million hits on "cue to mp3"14:19
aienaknome: are you available ?14:56
aienao/ knome14:56
nicklasboHi All. I've been running Xubuntu 13.04 Thursday, but today xfce4-session keeps crashing and returning me to the login screen. I can see others with xfce4-session bugs. Is the only solution to downgrade?15:06
nicklasbo*since Thursday..15:07
ruiennot necessarily. I've seen that once under xfce 4.8 which was solved by reverting all of my xfce settings to default (after backing them up)15:08
ruienif you create a new user and log in as them, does it still crash?15:08
nicklasboGood question, I will try it out :). BRB15:09
dBLOODHi people!15:35
dBLOODAnyone familiar with weidu?15:35
xubuntu795i'm installing 13.04 right now15:55
nyuszika7hsorry for cross-post, but still haven't got an answer... could someone please help me? my colors work fine in uxterm but not in uxrvt. screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/hyBn25l.png - Xresources: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612728/16:20
nicklasboruien: Thanks for your tip earlier about resetting xfce settings. Xubuntu ran stable with another user. Is there a specific way to reset xfce settings, as the suggestions for Mint I have found on Google doesn't seem to be applicable.16:35
ruienwell, all of the settings are in ~/.config16:36
ruienyou sort of back that up and blow it away16:36
nicklasboAh ok, but jsut ~/.config/xfce4 right?16:37
nicklasboGreat, thanks again :)16:37
ruiengood luck, and good night!16:37
ballhello nicklas16:59
nicklasMy systems kept crashing even after deleting all xfce settings, but runs fine under another user..17:00
llldinoHey guys, anyone else having issues suspending to rram?17:24
xubuntu728Hey guys, anyone having issues suspending to ram?17:29
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:37
* ball shrugs17:52
well_laid_lawn!bot | ball17:57
ubottuball: Hi! I'm #xubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots17:57
alexandros_cI am running xubuntu on a dell inspiron 9400 and xorg is taking up more than 70% of cpu cycles, can anyone help me figure out what is wrong?18:28
beefsaladgreetings, just installed xubuntu and ssh'ed to my VPS where I irc from.  It seems the terminal is overriding my irssi settings somehow18:31
well_laid_lawnalexandros_c:  does X use that much when you first start up?18:31
alexandros_cyes, but it was always that way, the laptop is unsable now18:32
xubuntu535hello there , I just installed Xubuntu 12.10 from a CD,  1 boot  after installation it asked me do u want to upgrade to 13.10 , i said remind me later , because i wanted to upgrade before i go to sleep, now that I am ready to to upgrade .. i cant find option to upgrade... i went to settings -> software sources -> Update TAB and selected "Notify me about any version of Ubuntu (not just LTS)"18:33
well_laid_lawnalexandros_c:  have you made some changes the xorg setup i.e. made a xorg.conf?18:34
xubuntu728535 > Do sudo apt-get upgrade I believe18:34
alexandros_chave not touched it at all18:34
beefsaladxubuntu728: wouldin't it be dist-upgrade?18:35
xubuntu728Probably, what would be the point of upgrade then?18:36
well_laid_lawnalexandros_c:  have you installed the nvidia driver ?18:36
beefsaladto upgrade packages in the current release18:36
beefsaladdist-upgrade is for moving to the next release...18:36
xubuntu728That's update, isn't it?18:36
beefsaladthat updates the package list18:37
alexandros_cwell_laid_lawn: it is the ATI version18:37
xubuntu728Oh well, I guess you learn something new every day18:37
alexandros_cx1400 mobile18:37
xubuntu728While i've got a bucnch of you here, is anyone having issues suspending to ram or is it just me?18:37
beefsaladheh, my netbook didn't even try to suspend18:38
xubuntu728What do you mean?18:38
xubuntu728Dead command?18:38
xubuntu535So do i have to say following on terminal " sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" ?18:39
xubuntu728Sure, try that18:39
xubuntu728If it doesn't work, it'll tell you18:39
xubuntu728Maybe try "sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade" if it doesn't work18:40
beefsaladdist-upgrade isn't a command18:40
beefsaladit's a feature of apt-get, comes built in18:41
xubuntu535I ran " sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"  and it told me it will install linux kernal 3.5.0-28 and some other packages and then perhaprs it tried doing it failed by saying "Unable to lock directory /var/cache/apt/archives/"18:42
beefsaladkill update manager18:42
xubuntu728Better yet I would do it gui-less18:43
xubuntu728I had issues with xscreensaver and xlock running18:43
well_laid_lawnalexandros_c:  the only clue on the net I can find is to disable DRI in xorg.conf. What driver are you using for the vid card?18:44
xubuntu535killed update notifier18:44
alexandros_chow do you find that out, well_laid_lawn?18:44
beefsaladxubuntu728: lsof /var/cache/apt/archives should tell you whats locking18:45
xubuntu535@beefsalad : I Dont find the option in UI thats the problem :(18:45
well_laid_lawnalexandros_c:  I'd read the X log at /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:45
well_laid_lawnalexandros_c:  you can paste it18:45
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:45
xubuntu535i tried "lsof /var/cache/apt/archives" now after killing update notifier it showed nothing :)18:46
xubuntu535i guess i ma ready to go now ..18:46
beefsaladshould be, may need to be root to do the lsof18:47
xubuntu728beefsalad: the list is blank18:48
xubuntu535i ran "sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade" now18:48
xubuntu535n got error saying "E: Unable to locate package dist-upgrade"18:48
beefsaladdist-upgrade isn't a package18:48
beefsaladjust do a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:48
xubuntu728Yeah don't do install dist-upgrade18:48
xubuntu728Or was that for 535?18:48
beefsaladwas for 53518:49
xubuntu535but 13.10 is released so if commadn was correct it should have go it , ok i will "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade " now thanks18:49
bekksxubuntu535: There is no such package.18:49
bekksxubuntu535: "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"18:49
bekksxubuntu535: 13.10 is released yet.18:49
bekks13.04 is.18:49
beefsaladmay  have to update sources.list18:49
bekksbeefsalad: No need to do so manually.18:49
xubuntu535i updated the source list from UI and said show me all releases.18:50
xubuntu535sorry about 13.10 :)18:50
bekksxubuntu535: You dont have to touch the sources.list manually.18:50
xubuntu728You can give up and make a live cd if you want, the cd gives you the option to upgrade without losing shit18:50
bekksxubuntu728: Thats not true. A backup ensures you dont lose anything. A live cd doesnt do a backup automagically.18:51
xubuntu535i tried "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" but it again gave the same error "E: Unable to lock directory /var/cache/apt/archives/" then i tried "lsof /var/cache/apt/archives" but it dint show any result18:51
bekksxubuntu535: Then pastebin the output of the following command: sudo lsof | grep apt18:51
beefsaladxubuntu535: anything in /var/lock?18:52
xubuntu535728 " i think thats better option than wasting time here n there ... thank you guys for your time18:52
xubuntu728Do backup though!18:52
xubuntu728I'm just assuming everyone does that reflexivley18:52
bekksxubuntu728: In fact, most people dont :)18:53
xubuntu535@beef : whoopsie18:53
xubuntu728That's a shame18:53
alexandros_cwell_laid_lawn: is their a way to use paste.ubuntu.com from the commandline?18:53
xubuntu728First time a hard drive fails i'm sure they will start18:53
xubuntu535thx beef i will try from new DVD18:53
beefsaladthat works too18:54
bekksxubuntu535: Thats more complicated then running the command I told you.18:54
beefsalad:/ no advice for preventing the terminal from overriding remote terminal settings?18:54
beefsaladmy irssi screen session is all blue and depressing...I miss my reds and yellows18:55
elfyalexandros_c: use pastebinit,  sudo lsof | grep apt |pastebinit18:56
xubuntu535@bekks : thanks i tired that output was huge... letsdrop it u guys help some more needy people... my case ius not urgent ... i would do it from DVD18:56
well_laid_lawnalexandros_c:  try installing pastebinit18:56
llldinoHow long before I can repeat my problem without getting bitched at?18:56
well_laid_lawn!info pastebinit18:56
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3-4ubuntu1 (raring), package size 15 kB, installed size 172 kB18:56
llldinoI mean, no ones scrolling up through history18:56
bekkswell_laid_lawn: He cant install things at the moment, so he cant install pastebinit.18:57
bekks!pastebin | xubuntu53518:57
ubottuxubuntu535: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:57
elfyif it's xubuntu should be installed by default18:57
well_laid_lawnwhy not? in a tty sudo apt-get install pastebinit ?18:57
bekkswell_laid_lawn: Because he gets: E: Unable to lock directory /var/cache/apt/archives/18:57
well_laid_lawnbekks:  ^18:57
bekkswell_laid_lawn: ^18:58
well_laid_lawnbekks:  alexandros_c does?18:58
bekkswell_laid_lawn: xubuntu535 does.18:58
well_laid_lawnbekks:  I was talking to alexandros_c ...18:59
bekkswell_laid_lawn: Which wasnt clear without mentioning his name ;)18:59
well_laid_lawndunno what the other dude is doing wasn't following18:59
llldinoWell anyways..18:59
bekksxubuntu535: Did you create the pastebin yet?18:59
elfyalexandros_c: try using the command I gave you, pastebinit should be installed in xubuntu18:59
llldinoAnyone else having trouble suspending to ram? The suspention works and when I try to re enable the processors fire up but my screen stays blank19:00
xubuntu535@bekks : yes http://paste.ubuntu.com/5613411/19:00
bekksxubuntu535: Close the software-center.19:03
bekksxubuntu535: After that, you wont get that error.19:03
xubuntu535@bekks : so what command should i try then ?19:03
llldinoI think 535 is still going to run into issues with xscreensaver and or xlock19:03
bekksxubuntu535: Move your mouse and close the software center.19:04
alexandros_cwell_laid_lawn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5613427/19:04
xubuntu535yeah closed software cetner19:04
bekksxubuntu535: Then try again now.19:04
xubuntu535which one "sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade"   ???19:05
llldinosudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:05
bekksxubuntu535: sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade didnt work as you told us. sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade will work.19:06
xubuntu535tried sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   http://paste.ubuntu.com/5613436/19:07
bekksxubuntu535: Then run sudo lsof | grep apt again and pastebin it.19:07
llldinoMaybe kill firefox and all other programs and try again19:07
bekksllldino: Firefoyx is irrelevant for his problem.19:08
bekksxubuntu535: Dont kill any programs.19:08
xubuntu535i ran "sudo apt-get update" and it started downloading stuff... but all from quantal ....not what i want 13.04... ok i will do that19:08
bekksxubuntu535: Dont do it.19:08
bekksxubuntu535: sudo apt-get update will update to the latest packages for quantal.19:09
bekksxubuntu535: After successfully updating, and after creating your backup, you can use do-release-upgrade to upgrade to 13.0419:10
well_laid_lawnalexandros_c:  you're using the opensource radeon driver - might pay to try the proprietry one19:10
well_laid_lawn!ati | alexandros_c19:11
ubottualexandros_c: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto19:11
bekksxubuntu535: Your software-center is running again. Close it entirely.19:11
xubuntu535its a frashly formatted machine have not data .... i will try "do-release-upgrade"19:11
xubuntu535oops software sources was runnign now software center closed that also19:11
bekksxubuntu535: Now run sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade19:12
alexandros_cok thanks will try it19:12
xubuntu535tried ddo release upgrade dint work http://paste.ubuntu.com/5613460/19:12
xubuntu535will try " sudo apt-get update" again19:13
xubuntu535it worjed this time , but it still seems to be upgrading packages from quatal19:14
bekksxubuntu535: Yes. Thats what I told you.19:15
flyingeagleHello everyone! I just installed Xubuntu, and it went quite smoothly. The only problem is, my interent connection isn't working right. I am connecting via a wifi usb stick, and the connection itself is there. I just can't visit any webpages, or actually connect to the internet itself. Any thoughts? Thanks.19:16
xubuntu535i think i will restart my machien and come back later19:16
bekksxubuntu535: Thats not windows.19:17
bekksxubuntu535: run sudo lsof | grep apt again19:17
llldinoflyingeagle: do ifconfig and post output19:18
flyingeaglellldino: Ok, I just did that. But since that PC is not connected to the net, how would I paste all that?19:19
llldinoOh I see..shite19:19
llldinoJust post what connections you have19:20
beefsaladshit like that is what makes ubuntu suck for people that are used to the old school19:20
llldinoMe for example: eth0 eth1 and lo19:20
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:20
llldinoSorry mr robot man19:20
flyingeaglellldino: Oh ok, sure: etho0, lo, wlan019:21
llldinoOk on wlan do you have an assigned ip address19:21
llldinoShould be the second line19:21
xubuntu535thank you all who tried so hard...to help ... i really appriciate the enthusiasm ... I have to take leave now... as its 1 Am for me .. and I have to go to office tomorrow... i will come back tothis channel again if my problem is not solved... thansk a lot a guys...19:22
flyingeaglellldino: Yep, it says: inet addr: Bcast:
llldinoOk, I assume the system you're connected on now is on the same network19:23
flyingeagleI checked in my router's admin panel, and my pc is recognized as connected there too. I also restarted the modem and pc.19:23
llldinoTry restarting the system with ubuntu and leave the stick in19:23
flyingeagleOk, I will try again.19:23
flyingeagleThanks for your help. I had this same problem before xubuntu when I installed ubuntu (saw Unity, got scared and switched lol)19:24
llldinoSame here bro19:24
llldinoUnity sucks19:24
flyingeagleYa, I don't like it19:24
flyingeagleAlright, restarted but no luck19:25
llldinoHave you installed the nonfree package from linux?19:26
llldinoI think that's irrelevent though, since you have an assigned ip19:26
llldinoHave you tried connecting via Ethernet? Does it work?19:27
flyingeaglellldino: Hmm, ehthernet would be very hard to do because my computer is very far from the router and its a desktop so ill have to move wuite a bit of stuff ... is that my only choice19:32
llldinoSo when you installed from the live cd there was no internet connection?19:35
llldinoThis is probably your problem, your distro doesnt have any propietairy software on it19:38
llldinoI know that I installed last night without an internet connection and had the same problem19:39
llldinoYou can either download the packages and transfer by usb or reinstall with an active internet connection19:39
llldinoI honestly believe the latter solution is far easier19:39
alexandros_cwell_laid_lawn: I am stuck with the open source driver as it appears that ati/amd does not support the x1400 anymore :(19:40
flyingeaglellldino: Hmm, that makes sense. I will try to attempt the latter. Do you know how I would do it via USB?19:42
llldinoNope :)19:42
flyingeaglelol ok19:43
llldinoWell, download the package, transfer to usb, plug it in and run19:43
llldinoI forget what the package is called though19:43
llldinoIt's like linux-nonfree-something19:43
TheSheep!find nonfree19:43
ubottuFound: texinfo-doc-nonfree, sweethome3d-furniture-nonfree, tuxtype-data, bsdgames-nonfree, celestia-common-nonfree, context-doc-nonfree, context-nonfree, dahdi-firmware-nonfree, flashplugin-installer, flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound (and 8 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nonfree&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all19:43
llldinoIts just so much easier to run with an internet rx19:44
llldinoWow that bot is good19:44
xubuntu624Is there any java plug in for firefox ? I dont finde icedtea anymore.19:44
well_laid_lawnalexandros_c:  you can try adding   nomodeset   to the kernel line and see if that helps19:45
llldinosudo apt-get install openjdk-7-something19:46
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.19:46
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:46
llldinoThere ya go19:46
xubuntu624I need a plugin like icedtea. the sudo thing is to complicated.19:46
llldinosudo allows you to run a command as the root user, which is nessicairy to install packages19:47
holsteinxubuntu624: feel free and check that link i referenced.. should be several options..19:47
llldinoopenjdk7 is code names icedtea19:47
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto19:47
xubuntu624I dont finde it.. where is the icedtea ? is it gone ?19:49
holsteinxubuntu624: check the link i gave above19:49
llldinoOk..run this command: sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre-headless19:49
holsteinxubuntu624: specifically https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java19:50
llldinoThis installs Icedtea on your system19:50
holsteinxubuntu624: even more specifically https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java#Browser_plugin19:50
llldinoYeah ^ that too if you need java for a web application19:50
alexandros_cwell_laid_lawn: do you think it might be my gpu?19:51
llldinoholstein: Have you heard anyoe complaning about suspending to ram issues19:51
holsteinllldino: sure.. sometimes19:52
llldinoOther than me of course19:52
xubuntu624Ok thank you.. i found it in the softwarecenter.. not in firefox.19:52
holsteinthat seems to be mostly worked out these days..19:52
llldinoWhere would I go for info?19:52
holsteinllldino: i typically try live CD's.. different kernel versions19:52
llldinoholstein: Suspend worked fine in 12.10 now its messed up19:53
llldinoholstein: It suspends fine and when I re-enable the fan/processors fire up but I get no graphics19:53
xubuntu624What about cheese the newest version ? i dont finde it in softwarecenter.19:53
llldinoxubuntu624: What is cheese?19:54
xubuntu624It is a webcam program.19:54
llldinoIdk..look for a .deb package on their website19:54
xubuntu624the old version crashed. but it is a new out now.19:54
xubuntu624Is the new version of cheese in the softwarecenter or will it be added ? I finde an older version there.19:59
aienaHi knome19:59
llldinoxubuntu624: I told you, go to their website and look19:59
llldinoThe newest version will be avalible for download, download the .deb package and run it20:00
llldinoI had to do the same thing for openttd20:00
brainwashxubuntu624: which version does the software-center offer?20:00
aienaxubuntu624: many software which come by default will be old either use ppa's or download the zip or compile the sources or get the deb :)20:00
aienaI had to compile kvirc !! Because zxubuntu came with 4.1.x when the latest stable 4.2 is already a year old lol20:01
xubuntu624Brainwash: version 3.6.220:01
aienais that seriously n applicatin xubuntu62420:03
aienaif its not I aint brainwashing you :P20:03
* aiena is checking it out20:04
aienaawww cute.20:05
llldinoxubuntu624: http://download.gnome.org/sources/cheese/3.8/cheese-3.8.1.tar.xz20:05
xubuntu201hi... ahh, much better than the poor Ubuntu20:05
llldinoxubuntu624: Then unpack the tar20:05
aienaI am going to bring my labrat, keep it in front of the webcam and say cheese. :)20:05
xubuntu624i have not run any updates yet. maybe the newest will show up.20:05
brainwashxubuntu624: Raring does not ship with Gnome 3.8.. so you will have to add the Gnome 3.8 PPA, maybe it's possible to install the latest version cheese in the Gnome 3.6 enviroment, not sure20:05
llldinobrainwash: You can run gnome apps in xfce no problem, no?20:06
xubuntu201any tips here who might provide a living for an amateur researcher/developer? 8)20:06
brainwashllldino: yes, because the required dependencies are installed20:07
llldinoxubuntu201: Umm..what?20:07
brainwashllldino: but cheese 3.8 might require GTK+ 3.8 and other stuff20:07
llldinobrainwash: Tru say20:08
xubuntu201llldino: nothing... just so frustrated at studying in a uni... hate those 101 courses...20:08
nantouwhere do I find the microphone settings?20:08
aienaits not there in pulse audio ?20:08
brainwashnantou: pavucontrol and/or alsamixer20:08
llldinoSetting mgmt > Removable Drives/Media20:09
nantoubrainwash, terminal?20:09
aienanantou: you can press the sound icon20:09
llldinoOh wait, no nevermind20:09
aienaand select sound settings20:09
xubuntu624brainwash: Maybe i can not use it then. i think it is a good program to make movies with webcam.20:09
aienathen go to inpu devices20:09
aienanantou: the sound icon on the panel :)20:10
llldino^ Yeah20:10
brainwashxubuntu624: are you sure, the latest version of cheese will fix your problem?20:10
aienaotherwise in the terminal type alsamixer20:10
aienaboth are equally good ways of doing it :)20:10
nantoubrainwash, how do I use alsamixer from terminal?20:10
aienatype alsamixer20:10
brainwashnantou: simple type it20:11
aienait will open a gui inside the terminal20:11
aienathen use arrrow keys to adjust levels20:11
xubuntu624Not before i try it.. i hope the new version have fixed this.. i saw other have the same problem with this program. it crash when you try to make a movie.20:11
llldinoNo no, make a shell script with aslamixer as the only line then sudo chmod 777 it20:11
aienaok that can be confusing20:11
nantouaiena, but i cannot hear anything20:11
aienayou cannot hear your microphone20:12
llldinonantou: Do you have the nonfree packages installed20:12
aienaby anychance do you have audacity installed ?20:12
nantoullldino, yes20:12
brainwashxubuntu624: maybe you should create a bug report on launchpad, because adding the Gnome 3.8 PPA might cause new problems20:12
llldinoDoes your mic show up in lspci?20:12
llldinoNo, of course it doesn't20:13
llldinoIll shut up now20:13
llldinoTry lsusb instead20:14
llldinoIt should show up20:14
nantoulspci shows a list of devices, but I dont know how the microphone is referred to as20:14
llldinoDon't lspci, use lsusb instead20:14
llldinolspci should give you only the audio card20:14
xubuntu624brainwash: so gnome 3.8 is not included in xubuntu ? I understand.. i dont know what gnome is anyway.20:14
aienagnome is another desktop environment like xfce20:15
llldinoGnome is terrible, you don't want to know what it is20:15
bekksllldino: Tiny little creatures ;)20:15
aienaIts also a mem hog20:15
llldinoIt also looks like dog poup20:16
xubuntu201doesn't the normal Ubuntu use gnome?20:16
aienaxfce is so sweet, humble and light20:16
brainwashxubuntu624: cheese is part of the Gnome desktop enviroment, Xubuntu ships with some Gnome applications and can run them without problem20:16
llldinoaiena: And I love the look20:16
xubuntu201because watching youtube was so much better with xubuntu20:16
xubuntu201(i'm on an old eee pc)20:17
aienallldino:  Especially in xubuntu - xubuntu has the best implementation of xfce I think :)20:17
llldinoaiena: Agreed20:17
aienaI jsut wish I could get the blckbird theme in 12.0.4 LTS20:17
llldinoaiena: You're still in 12.04?20:17
xubuntu624brainwash: I will look for another webcam program.. but i am not sure i finde so many alternatives.20:17
llldinoxubuntu624: I'm certain you will20:18
aienaillldino: Yeah I am relatively new so prefer LTS till I have full control :)20:18
aienamakers sense no ?20:18
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!20:18
llldinoaiena: :/20:18
llldinoaiena: Who needs LTS when you have IRC20:18
xubuntu624brainwash: yes but not so many let you make videorecording. it is mostly for pictures.20:19
aienalrts hop onto offtopic20:19
llldinoaiena: The performance improvments in 13.04 are impressive I must say20:19
aienas'il vous plait !!!20:19
drcaiena: DL 13.04, burn to USB, Boot, grab /usr/share/themes/Greybird, rename the folder, drop in ~/themes on the computer you want.  Easy Peasy :)20:19
drcer... ~/.themes20:19
aienadrc thanks !!20:19
aienaI have the iso's already20:19
brainwashxubuntu624: you should even be able to use VLC or mplayer to capture from your webcam20:20
aienaI tested 13.0.4 live20:20
brainwashxubuntu624: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam20:20
aienabrainwash: but he wants cheese effects20:20
aienaI guess20:20
llldinoAnother reason to love and respect VLC20:20
* aiena nods20:20
Unit193aiena: You can get the theme at http://shimmerproject.org/ but it will not match the version of GTK3.20:20
drc^^ much easier :)20:21
aienathe 13.0.4 one will work well on the LTS version ?20:21
llldinoOnly one way to find out20:21
nantouconcerning the sound issue of mine: sound settings shows it every time I touch the embedde microphone, so it recognizes it, but there is no sound output20:21
drcnot perfect, as Unit193 says, the version of GTK3 is not the same.20:21
aienaUnit193: I checked there blackbird seems to be only in git20:21
aienanit on the main site yet20:22
aienamaybe I'll use drc 's option20:22
xubuntu624brainwash: it is true. if i can record video it is ok.20:22
aienavlc can be set up with little bit elbow grease to do lots of things20:23
xubuntu624aiena: i dont need cheese effects.. video and pictures is good enough for me.20:23
aienaieven audacity can do lots of stuff when it comes to audio I love that program its essential for me :)20:23
llldinonantou: You mean input sounds20:23
aienaxubuntu201: cool !!20:23
aienathen vlc is waay better in terms of stability and maturity.20:24
aienaxubuntu201: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=14373220:24
Unit193aiena: Indeed, I use it in quantal from git but you can get a snapshot at: https://github.com/shimmerproject/Blackbird/archive/master.zip20:24
nantoullldino, yes thanks20:24
llldinonantou: What program are you testing it with20:25
llldinonantou: Oh and is it usb or built in device?20:25
xubuntu201aiena i guess you meant the other xubuntu62420:26
nantoullldino, built in device, https://connect.fernuni-hagen.de20:26
=== xubuntu201 is now known as Xecha
nantoua friend of mine is using that atm20:26
llldinonantou: Hmm20:26
llldinonantou: And it shows in in lsusb?20:26
xubuntu624I like xubuntu it give my netbook a new life.20:26
nantoullldino, no20:26
llldinonantou: It doesn't??20:27
nantoullldino, the open tab in the browser I mean, the microphone must be one of the peripherals (jimcron tech)20:27
llldinonantou: Can you post output?20:27
nantouif the microphone is one of the peripherals20:27
nantouyes, moment please20:27
aiena:08] <aiena> Unit193: I am not really so sure how themes work20:28
aiena[00:27:15] <aiena> they arent exactly executables20:28
aiena[00:27:25] <aiena> so do I unzip the xfce  4 version20:28
llldinoIts probably just an xml file no?20:28
Unit193aiena: You can make a .themes dir in your home folder (so /home/unit193.themes/ for me) and unzip that zip file in there.20:29
ubottuTo change your theme in Xubuntu, go to Settings Manager » Appearance (GTK+ theme) or Settings Manager » Window Manager (xfwm4 theme) to change the theme - find more themes at http://xfce-look.org/ or http://gnome-look.org/ (for GTK+ themes)20:29
llldinonantou: Sorry didn't see until now20:30
llldinonantou: Are you sure you have the nonfree packages?20:31
aienaUnit193: Ok will do20:31
nantoullldino, multiverse? restricted?20:31
nantoui have both20:32
llldinonantou:  "firmware-linux-nonfree"?20:33
aienaUnit193: It worked like a charm !! THanks a lot :)20:33
Unit193aiena: No problem, enjoy!20:33
nantoullldino, where do I look for that?20:34
llldinosudo apt-get install firmware-linux-nonfree20:34
llldinoThere's probably a less nooby way to do that, but w/e20:34
llldinoIf you already have it you'll get a msg20:34
nantoullldino, E: Unable to locate package firmware-linux-nonfree20:35
llldinoWait a tic20:36
llldinonantou: Sorry, its linux-nonfree-firmware20:37
llldinoIt's linux-firmware-nonfree20:37
nantouUnable to locate package linux-nonfree-firmware20:37
aienayup not available20:37
llldinonantou: Did you get that? Sorry for the mass confusion20:37
llldinonantou: linux-firmware-nonfree20:38
aienalinux-firmware-nonfree does not work llldino:20:38
ner0xIs there really no way to use Alt+Shift+$LETTER for quick keys anymore in 12.10 or 13.04?20:38
llldinoIt should, it's a package20:38
aienaIts not there is the main repos20:39
aienallldino: ehy dont you lety him use synaptics20:39
aienaand search20:39
llldinoWell, I just updated it myself :/20:39
aienacommand line can be intimidating.20:39
aienallldino: did you add a PPA20:40
aienabecause I cant update/ add it20:40
llldinoaiena: What's a PPA?20:40
aienanantou: which version of xubuntu are you using20:40
aienaPersonal Package Archive (PPA)20:40
llldinoaiena: Probably not then20:40
llldinoI said linux-firmware-nonfree right?20:40
aienaPersonal Package Archive (PPA)'s are kindoff unique to ubuntu20:41
nantouaiena, 13.0420:41
aienanantou: ok then it might be in your repo20:41
aiena13.04 is bleeding edge20:41
llldinoIt's totally worth it though20:41
nantoullldino, downloading now20:41
llldinonantou: Ok, restart after and see if that does it20:42
aienallldino: Is there a way to safely cleanly upgrade the distro without loosing anything ?20:42
llldinoaiena: Yeah sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:42
Unit193llldino: That won't upgrade to raring at all.20:42
llldinoaiena: Back up just in case though20:42
aienaUnit193: what do you suggest ?20:43
llldinoIt's not my advice, someone was telling someone else that earlier20:43
aienaI am on LTS atm20:43
llldinoIf you plug in the live CD it will give you the option to keep all your personal files20:43
llldinoI would still backup though20:43
Unit193aiena: If you are on 12.04, you can't go directly to 13.04, you'd have to go to 12.10 first.20:43
llldinoAnd mind you I was on 12.1020:43
aienaso how would I go to 12.10 ?20:44
aienadist upgrade ?20:44
aienaor do you think it would be better to do a clean install20:44
llldinoI would clean install20:44
Unit193http://xubuntu.org/upgrading/ You may have to select non-LTS versions.20:45
Unit193Clean install works as well, of course.20:45
llldinoMaybe only for consistencys sake20:45
aienayeah clean install seems better20:45
aienamore risk free20:45
Unit193You also may want to give nantou https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b when he comes back...20:45
aienaI dont mind re downloading QT an gcc tc even if it takes ages lol20:46
llldinoHas anyone else had problems with suspending to ram in 13.04?20:48
Unit193You might try looking for bug reports about that on launchpad with your hardware.20:49
Unit193aiena: Also, shimmer-themes comes with Blackbird in 12.10+20:49
aienallldino: suspending to ram bugs meaning !!20:49
aienaUnit193: I some of them are there even in 12.0.420:49
aienaonly black bird isnt there20:50
llldinoGood, so it's not just me20:50
aienathe rest are there20:50
llldinoThat's all I wanted to know20:50
aienawhat exactly happens ?20:50
aienawhen you suspend it forgets ?20:50
nantouodd, a program like audacity can record my voice via the embedded microphone, but I can only hear the output once its been recorded20:50
nantouI can not hear it as it goes20:50
aienathat means your microphone is fine.20:51
llldinonantou: Yeah, you have to set that up afterwards20:51
aienaso thumbs up !!20:51
nantoutips please20:51
llldinoaiena: Suspention works, but when I fire it back up everything works but it's like it won't take it back from ram20:51
llldinonantou: What are you trying to do? Amplify your voice?20:51
llldinonantou: Set up like a monitor kind of thing20:52
nantoullldino, talk to 5 other people20:52
nantouvia internet20:52
llldinonantou: I don't really have experience with that kind of thing..normally you hear your own voice over the headset?20:52
aienanormally you should not hear your own voice through the speakers20:52
aienaits very bad because of feedback20:52
llldino^ True20:52
aienait will mess up everything20:53
nantouok, after all I dont need to hear my voice, the other 5 people need to20:54
nantouany tips on why skype doesnt work? I already have the latest packages installed20:54
aienayou should be able to hear your own voice which is produced naturally only20:54
aienafrom your mouth :)20:54
llldinoSkype has a build for linux? But microsoft owns it :/20:54
aienaaudacity is excellent for testing and everything else.20:55
nantouin a terminal after typing skype I get skype20:55
nantouSegmentation fault (core dumped)20:55
aienaI prefer it maybe I'll try Ardour though since finally I have linux.20:55
llldinoThere is no build for skype on linux20:56
llldinoYou would have to run it through wine, assuming that would even work20:56
bekksThere is.20:56
nantouits on the repos20:56
Noskcajllldino, yes20:56
Unit193nantou: http://askubuntu.com/questions/96367/how-can-i-get-line-in-microphone-working-with-skype-on-lubuntu-11-10 basically this.20:56
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga20:56
brainwashnantou: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/skype/+bug/115532720:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1155327 in skype (Ubuntu Raring) "skype crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc@plt()" [High,In progress]20:56
llldinoI must say, I am very suprised microsoft would do that20:56
Unit1931. It was even out before Microsoft owned it.  2. May want to check your facts.20:57
knomeaiena, yes?20:57
llldino2. ?20:57
nantoubrainwash, exactly!! 64bits and nvidia20:57
aienaknome: the probelm is solved !20:57
aienaSOrry to disturb you.20:58
knomeaiena, fine! (what problem? :P)20:58
brainwashnantou: maybe there is already a workaround somewhere in the comments20:58
aienawas about getting blackbird onto 12.0.420:58
aienathen I was wondering how safe it is to upgrade from lts to newer20:58
aienabut that one I am not sure20:58
aienanormal releases20:58
aienais it better to do a clean install knome20:59
brainwashit's better and faster to do a clean install20:59
knomeaiena, upgrades should work fine too, but take backups however you install.20:59
aienahow do I backup data only21:00
aienaI dont mind reinstalling build tools etc.21:00
brainwashbut keeping LTS and doing a dual boot would be the best option21:00
nantouworkaround did the thing21:00
aienaI have a dual boot with windows21:00
aienain effect I have 3 paritions21:00
knomebrainwash, well if it's a production machine and you're paranoid, then yes. :)21:00
aienaa xubuntu partition and 2 NTFS ones21:00
brainwashis there any need to actually upgrade to 13.04?21:01
aienaWell apart from getting new software there really isnt !!21:01
aienaI was hoping my tablet would work eith the new kermnel21:01
aienabut it didnt21:02
aienaso amybe compiling from source is better lol21:02
aienabut audacity is a pain to compile.21:02
brainwashor using PPAs21:02
aienaits istructions arent documented well21:02
knomebrainwash, if you are in 12.10, you have no other way to upgrade to any newer version than go through 13.0421:02
aienaand audacity has only dev PPA's === totally unstabler21:02
aiena13.0.4 has a nice compiled version ready21:03
aienaI'll wait for 14.04 I guess21:03
brainwashknome: that's another case, but we were talking about 12.04 -> 13.0421:03
knomebrainwash, there's no way to do that directly either, you'd have to upgrade via 12.1021:04
Unit193No way to safely do it directly, at least.21:04
knomeyeah, i won't describe how i upgraded to raring either :P21:04
brainwashyeye, but keeping the LTS version might still be the better option21:05
knomebrainwash, if you need a stable system, then most definitely21:05
aienaknome: WHen is 14.0.4 estimated roughly to be out ?21:06
aiena14.0.4 is the next LTS right21:06
Unit19314.04, 2014.21:06
knomeaiena, april 2014 (first number is year, second is month)21:06
Unit193(It works with the dates.)21:06
aienaOh !!21:06
aienaDidn't know21:06
aienaso that the next LTS right21:07
knomeevery other year (even) in april21:07
Arpad2i installed Steam fron Software Center , but the app does not launch21:08
knomei would ask the steam channels21:09
nantouskype works with the damned workaround, but sound is really awful, with lots of interferences, like static electricity on any analog device21:09
Arpad2is the laptop keyboard ilumination supported?21:12
knomei've no idea what that is21:12
brainwashnantou: probably pulseaudio causing some trouble21:13
aienaArpad2: yes prbably21:13
nantoubrainwash, pulseaudio output:21:13
nantouE: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.21:13
nantouE: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.21:13
aienathat is normally handled by the bios though.21:13
aienaand xubuntu after21:14
aienamy keyboard illumination works.21:14
Arpad2aiena: it works only with one colour21:14
Arpad2with win8 there 3-421:15
aienaI have only one color21:15
aienaso cant say.21:15
brainwashnantou: skype, pulseaudio,.. don't really like all these troublemakers :D21:16
=== xGrind is now known as xGrind-AFK
brainwashnantou: but you should be able to find a solution (askubuntu, ubuntuforums,..)21:17
aienanight all21:18
nantoufor the chatter that pasted the lubuntu link, I cannot locate "Start pavucontrol, and make sure that input/output is set to Audio Stereo Duplex"21:19
nantoui cannot findaudio stereo duplex21:19
nantou would any of you be so kind to paste a skyp adress to test me mic?21:20
xubuntu654hi allhttp://xubuntu.org/irc/21:30
xubuntu654hi all21:30
xubuntu654i just installed a fresh xubuntu , i make the install but i choose autologin in thre desktop , i want to go back not aulogin i can't find how to do it ?21:31
kblinevening folks21:33
Unit193xubuntu654: You can edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and remove the autologin option.21:33
kblinsay, is there a trick to getting all those function keys working on a thinkpad?21:34
carreraHello Everyone!  :)21:34
kblinlike suspend/hibernate/screen lock and such21:34
Noskcajkblin, http://www.upubuntu.com/2013/04/fix-brightness-keys-not-working-on.html might help21:35
Noskcajhello carrera21:35
carreraMy nvidia M360 card crashes with the Nouveau driver during install. So I used the alternate edition to install the nvidia drivers. Can anyone tell me how I can install 13.04 now that the alternate is not available?21:35
xubuntu654Unit193 : thanks i will try21:36
xubuntu654see ya all21:36
Noskcajcarrera, it's one of the options when you interupt the installer startup, i forget which though21:36
kblinNoskcaj: backlight and volume keys are working fine, the rest doesn't21:37
Noskcajkblin, unless theupubuntu thing can be "ported" i don't know21:37
carreraNoskcaj, really?!?!  That's great!  I hope you're right sir!21:38
Noskcajcarrera, that was a question you could ask on #ubuntu, there are many more people there21:39
Noskcajcarrera, if you still want alternate, try the netboot iso21:39
kblinNoskcaj: I doubt it, thanks in any case21:40
carreraI used UNetbootin to create a bootable USB stick and I don't remember seeing that option in the UNetbootin menu at boot time21:40
Noskcajcarrera, it's not, i'll find you a link21:41
carreraNoskcaj, actually I asked on TWICE on #ubuntu but no one answered!  :(21:41
Noskcajcarrera, http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/raring/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso21:41
carrerawhat is that?21:42
Noskcaja link to the netboot iso21:43
Arpad2I've got error message: This system does not support Open GL .21:43
Noskcajit's 30mb21:43
Noskcajcarrera, run it and it will work just like the alternate, except it downloads the files as it installs21:44
carreraNoskcaj, I hope it detects my wireless card21:46
Noskcajcarrera, it's worth a try21:46
carreraNoskcaj, definitely. Thanks!21:47
carreraNoskcaj, when I said I didn't see the option in the boot menu, I was talking about the option to interrupt the installer21:48
Noskcajcarrera, you press random buttons before the installer has appeared, it brings up a CLI21:48
carreraNoskcaj, thanks. It would be great if I can bring up the CLI21:54
carreraI even downloaded lubuntu 13.04 alternate last night but I don't want to install that21:54
carreraI want to go pure xubuntu21:54
Arpad2pls, could smb help me with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5614011/21:54
Noskcajcarrera, in the normal installer it's not an entire cli installer, just some options21:54
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »21:55
carreraNoskcaj, thanks!  I didn't konw there are other who like a pure system too21:56
brainwashArpad2: you should also upload /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:00
Arpad2ok, thx22:00
Arpad2brainwash: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5614065/22:03
brainwashArpad2: (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)22:07
brainwashArpad2: did you install the proprietary Nvidia driver?22:08
Arpad2i don't think so22:08
Arpad2i don't think soi tried to install Steam and it started to upgrade22:08
Arpad2my guess is that I stopped Steam while it was upgrading22:09
Arpad2now I don't have any driver for the v ideocard?22:10
brainwashdid steam try to install any drivers?22:11
Arpad2honestly I dont know, but I guess it did, because "nvidia" appeared in the terminal while upgrading22:12
brainwashnot sure about this issue, you might try searching on the web for a solution22:14
brainwashthere is also #ubuntu-steam22:15
Arpad2I'll try that, thx!22:16
xubuntu460i installed xubuntu alongside windows and im using a linksys adapter. does the iso not come with drivers for wireless adapter?23:14
xubuntu460i have my linksys cd23:14
xubuntu460wouldn't let me install drivers23:14
xubuntu460how do i connect to my network wireless? my router is across the house23:15
xubuntu460anyone even here?23:15
bekksYou need to know the chipset of your wifi device and install the appropriate linux/ubuntu drivers for your device23:15
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:15
xubuntu460wifi device is a cisco Linksys AE2500023:16
xubuntu460i don't guess ubuntu supports mine23:17
xubuntu460don't see in list23:17
xubuntu460can i ask what is a good distro for asus/i5 750/ATI/Linksys?23:18
bekksI do see it.23:18
bekksThere it is. :)23:18
bekksUSB, Point 11.23:19
xubuntu460ok i see it now23:19
xubuntu460manufactured by cisco right?23:19
xubuntu460my cd says CISCO23:20
xubuntu460and Linksys AE250023:20
xubuntu460so i don't know who bought who out23:20
xubuntu460or whatnot23:20
bekksCisco bought Linksys a couple of years ago.23:20
xubuntu460yeah i figured23:20
bekksAnd your device is a Linksys AE2500.23:20
xubuntu460has anyone else had problems?23:20
bekksRead the link please :)23:21
xubuntu460 On 64 bit system, native support with brcmfmac for this chipset did not work (a version currently in staging might work). This also requires separate firmware. (See23:21
xubuntu460i don't think mine works23:22
xubuntu460or it would've worked you know?23:22
bekksYeah, sounds like you're better of getting a working one :)23:22
xubuntu460yeah, a working OS23:22
xubuntu460now i remember why linux blows, it only works with ancient computers23:23
bekksA working wifi adapter. As you can see, your chipset is supported poorly.23:23
bekksLOL :D23:23
xubuntu460i know23:23
xubuntu460lol, i love linux23:23
xubuntu460miss it from back in the day23:23
xubuntu460just sux they are so far behind23:24
bekksUsing crappy hardware - no one wonders.23:24
Arpad2the audio doesn't seem working23:24
bekksUsing reasonably sane hardware, it works pretty fine.23:24
xubuntu460what is wrong with CISCO/Linksys?23:24
xubuntu460besides being top sellers23:25
bekksxubuntu460: Nothing. But your specific chipset in your specific device is just crap - thus is why it is supported poorly.23:25
bekksxubuntu460: So get one of the zillion well supported chipsets - and you're fine.23:25
xubuntu460which are?23:26
bekksxubuntu460: Read the link.23:26
xubuntu460omg so much help23:26
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection23:26
xubuntu460that is jibberish23:26
xubuntu460is there any distro that supports my crap chipset23:27
bekksSearch for one...23:27
bekksThats really not a support issue in here.23:27
xubuntu460gah, what do you want me to do man, go saulder my own chips23:27
xubuntu460lol who has time for that23:27
xubuntu460i forgot to steal einstein's brain23:28
bekksThe one who's paid by you - this is voluntary community support.23:28
brainwashso Raring includes a new Xubuntu wallpaper. why does xfdesktop still display the Quantal one by default?23:35
bekksbrainwash: Because it was set as your personal preference which is not changed by an update.23:37
Arpad2no audio at all , no mp3 or youtube23:39
brainwashbekks: according to xubuntu-default-settings, xfdesktop should use the Quantal one23:44
bekksbrainwash: I'd personally kill the developer who builds a package that changes my personal defaults or settings :P23:45
bekksbrainwash: The default settings arent applied to existing users/accounts.23:45
brainwashbekks: i didn't mentioned, that i did an upgrade :P23:46
bekksAnd you have an existing account then, to which those new defaults will not be applied.23:46
brainwashbekks: oh, here we go https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-default-settings/+bug/117311423:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1173114 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Xubuntu Raring desktop uses Quantal wallpaper by default" [High,Triaged]23:48
brainwashgame breaking bug... they better should have delayed the release of xubuntu 13.04 and fix this stupid misconfiguration :)23:51

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