huwshimirick_h_: sure00:00
rick_h_huwshimi: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/21324660ffbef8901b7665922ca8fd083514e628?authuser=0&hl=en00:00
huwshimirick_h_: on way00:01
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rick_h_are you ready for some football! ... I mean landing!10:59
rick_h_luca_: morning11:07
luca_Hi rick_h_ how are you?11:09
rick_h_luca_: tired :)11:09
luca_rick_h_: hehe11:10
rick_h_luca_: sorry for the asking around for stuff that's still coming. We're basically hitting feature freeze today and trying to squeeze every last bit we can11:10
rick_h_luca_: do you guys have an asset for the reviewed charm graphic?11:10
luca_rick_h_: interesting!11:10
luca_rick_h_: you mean the star in the circle?11:10
rick_h_luca_: I asked huw about it and he didn't see one last night and didn't get a chance to look at it last night. 11:10
rick_h_luca_: correct11:11
rick_h_luca_: I'd like to try to see if I can get something that 'works' in this morning asap11:11
luca_rick_h_: do you need it as an svg?11:11
rick_h_luca_: svg or png would be perfect I think. 11:11
rick_h_actually, png would probably be best so we can sprite it with the rest11:11
luca_rick_h_: ok, no problem, Jovan is on the case11:12
rick_h_luca_: ty much!11:12
luca_rick_h_: If its feature freeze today then if I supply enhancements tomorrow is there still a possibility to get those implemented? or is today the cut-off?11:12
rick_h_luca_: so if they're bug fixes/tweaks there's a chance. but the goal will be to stop adding stuff and make what we have work smoothly11:13
luca_rick_h_: right, ok11:14
rick_h_luca_: so no promises. All depends on how much time we need to spend on polishing the stuff we do have. Why I wanted to get filters ready this morning so they get into the set of features to spend time polishing11:14
rick_h_same with the provider failing indicators, etc11:14
luca_rick_h_: I see11:15
luca_rick_h_: thank you :)11:15
luca_rick_h_: Has there been any conversation of when the next release is/could be?11:16
rick_h_luca_: the goal is to get everything running today11:16
rick_h_luca_: I've got 3 branches from the weekend that need to be reviewed and landed and we can't seem to keep charmworld (the backend) up and running atm so hopefully get all that in and by my EOD have things running11:17
rick_h_gui default, provider notification in place, and search filtering working11:17
rick_h_sorry, gui default == browser by default as some.ip.address/11:17
rick_h_we'll polish and have another update release wed and then thursday change over jujucharms.com to point to the production setup we get going today11:18
rick_h_is my understanding at least11:18
luca_rick_h_: ok, that sounds good but also sounds like your gonna be super busy11:20
rick_h_luca_: nothing different ;)11:20
rick_h_come on the weekend!11:20
luca_rick_h_: hehe, when are you flying to SF?11:30
rick_h_luca_: sunday sometime11:30
luca_rick_h_: ah, cool, looking forward to my 9 hour flight!11:31
rick_h_luca_: heh, yea as much as I enjoy some of the europe visits, nice to just have a few hours in the air11:31
luca_rick_h_: yea, its nice to be able to fly for a short time and get somewhere different.11:33
benjiyay, I got my internet working again <grumble>12:00
rick_h_working internet > *12:01
bacwhat was the problem benji with your internets?12:17
benjiI wish I knew.  Ever 24 to 48 hours my router and/or laptop decide that they are no longer on speaking terms.  Rebooting just one or the other doesn't help, both have to be rebooted.12:18
benjiall the other devices in the house stay connected just fine12:18
rick_h_jovan2: ping, can you help me with this badge? I'm trying to get things like up per the presentation but don't have exact numbers so winging it a bit.12:27
rick_h_jovan2: http://uploads.mitechie.com/lp/approved-badge.png is what I've got working but the badge looks too big. You gave me a 40x40 svg that I saved to a .png for spriting. What size is that supposed to be?12:28
rick_h_jovan2: and it looks like it's the same sized on the larger icon when viewing details? Is that correct?12:28
gary_posterrick_h_, hi.  any word from Tom on schedule?12:34
rick_h_gary_poster: no, I started to talk with him this morning but he ran to a meeting12:34
rick_h_not heard back yet12:34
gary_posterok rick_h_ , please let me know how that turns out.  Maybe include me if you like.  I want two pieces of info: the answer to your request and the answer to arosales Friday request (the Monday/Wed/(Thurs)/Fri schedule12:35
gary_posterIf I get that info without being involved, big +1 ;-)12:35
rick_h_gary_poster: k12:35
gary_posterbut happy to be involved as well12:36
rick_h_honestly, we've got our stand up in an hour and hoped to put sinzui on it since they've been working on this up to this point12:36
gary_posterok rick_h_.  makes sense (as long as it works out :-P )12:37
gary_posterrick_h_, do you have any time to talk about a strategy for today--specifcally about a branch I am trying to land that you reviewed, and about spinners, and about how you want to work reviewing/landing the other branches you have pending?12:43
rick_h_gary_poster: sure thing12:43
gary_posterthanks rick_h_ guichat12:43
luca_rick_h_: is there an ETA when the api will be up again?12:52
rick_h_luca_: working on it12:52
luca_rick_h_: ok12:53
rick_h_luca ping, can you help me with this badge? I'm trying to get things like up per the presentation but don't have  exact numbers so winging it a bit12:54
rick_h_luca_: http://uploads.mitechie.com/lp/approved-badge.png is what I've got working but the badge looks too big. You  gave me a 40x40 svg that I saved to a .png for spriting. What size is that supposed to be?12:54
luca_rick_h_: 40px should be correct12:57
luca_rick_h_: as far as I can tell from looking at the PSD's it is 40x40px12:58
rick_h_luca_: ok, looks big from the use12:59
luca_rick_h_: if you get it up today then we can take a look and tweak if need be13:00
rick_h_luca_: yea, see the screenshot13:00
luca_rick_h_: that screenshot seems to be zoomed in13:01
gary_posterluca_, my understanding from Friday13:14
gary_poster's call was that we agreed that search filters are a very nice to have for this deployment, not a requirement13:14
gary_posterwas that your understanding, or did I mishear?13:14
rick_h_luca_: it's not :)13:14
rick_h_luca_: it's on a window that's only 960px wide, but it's not zoomed in13:15
rick_h_luca_: putting it up for review and will try to have it for you guys to look at. That's an easy tweak we can do any time so if it's big now it's not killer13:16
luca_gary_poster: filters were a requirement, categories were a nice to have.13:16
gary_posterrick_h_, fwiw the whole image looks zoomed in to me too, just comparing service box sizes--you on a RMBP maybe?13:16
gary_posterluca_, ah :-(13:16
rick_h_gary_poster: no, just normal HD 21" display. Ok, I'll get it up and we'll go from there. 13:16
gary_posterluca_, still don't agree that it is a blocker, but hopefully we don't have to have that discussion further.  :-) I am going to suggest/request that we prioritize fixes/polish to other parts of the UX first, and be able to hide the search filters if necessary.  Happy to have a call about this with you/ale/jovan to clear up my misunderstanding if desired13:18
luca_gary_poster: the reason its classed as a blocker is that information has been streamlined in certain views which are prohibitive to use, and show less information than what jujucharms.com currently shows, the filters are used a validators for decisions and therefore are prioritised as a blocker. Categories are not seen in the same light. For example the Ubuntu series is not shown on the charm token and was instead highlighted by the 13:23
luca_filters. It doesn't stop the use of the product and therefore can be classed as a NTH but the UX is degraded.13:23
gary_posterrick_h_, I'm toying with idea of spinning up an EC2 GUI instance that we (1) turn sandbox on, (2) point to your ec2 charm thing, (3) use your "left hand default" branch with merges & conflict resolution from trunk13:24
gary_postermanaged in a shared separate branch, perhaps13:24
gary_posterluca_, full ack that it is a very degraded experience without the filters.  full ack that we want them, and if we can have them by rollout, we should..  Moreover, because rick_h_ worked all weekend, we might.  However, I have two basic opinions about it in regards to schedule:13:26
gary_poster(1) it is better to have this deployed this week without filters than to not have it deployed.13:26
gary_poster(therefore it is not a blocker, technically)13:26
gary_poster(2) As a corollary, polish on other elements should come first, and we should make sure we have an escape hatch if we decide that the search filters can't make the cut13:27
gary_posterluca_, FWIW, if we agreed on the above, I would still say the chances are better than 60% that the filters will make it in this week.13:28
gary_posterhey hatch, you start in half hour, right?13:29
rick_h_luca_: staging is back up http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/bws/sidebar /cc gary_poster 13:32
luca_gary_poster: I agree, there are higher priorities than filters but it has a huge knock on to the layout esp to the full screen charm browser. It's ok if you prioritise them below other stuff, we need to know as soon as possible if they don't make it in to figure out how to fix the layout in that case.13:33
luca_rick_h_: thank rick :)13:33
gary_posterluca_, understood and will do.  thank you.13:35
gary_posterrick_h_, one more quick strategy call when you have a chance.13:37
gary_posterI will be happy to put a timer on it for < 2 minutes :-)13:37
rick_h_gary_poster: on standup[13:38
gary_posterrick_h_, link?13:38
gary_posterstandup link13:38
gary_posterwuld like to join13:38
luca_rick_h_: API down again13:41
hatchgary_poster: yup I'm just finishing up breakfast and going through emails13:47
gary_postercool hatch.  let's talk/plan in 13 min or so ("so" being up to 30 minutes as you wish :-) )13:48
hatchsounds good - might take me a bit to go through 50 emails :)13:48
hatchapparently someone was working over the weekend :P13:48
hatchoh they ported a yaml parser from c to go and took a 37% hit in speed....ouch heh13:49
hatchit only takes 0.3 seconds to build gojuju? wow13:55
hatchthe past two days were +16-20C and lastnight it snowed....13:59
hatchgary_poster: ok guichat?14:02
gary_posterhatch, on it.14:05
_mup_Bug #1170099: Promulgated branches not owned by charmers are not considered "reviewed". <charmworld:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1170099>14:06
rick_h_thanks gary_poster 14:07
gary_posterwelcome rick_h_ (actually from sinzui on other channel :-) )14:07
gary_posterrick_h_, I am going to work on getting the staging instance up rather than the filter review.  Is that ok?14:21
rick_h_gary_poster: rgr14:21
gary_posteror should I do filter review first?14:21
gary_posterreally up to you14:21
rick_h_gary_poster: no, let's get it up. I'll try to create a new root branch from the first one that makse the browser default14:21
rick_h_gary_poster: and pull the other two bugs, provider failures, reviewed icons on top of that14:22
rick_h_if we can get 3/4 branches up and in front of UX that's a win imo14:22
gary_posterok cool rick_h_ .  Lemme know when you have that.  Maybe put that in a lp:~juju-gui branch so we can all manage if needed?14:22
rick_h_gary_poster: I will say thuogh the bug found in current staging is something that will blow up a staging instance fo r us14:22
rick_h_gary_poster: the test results threw out a new un-expected value and that caused some code to go boom14:23
rick_h_abentley: is lokoing at it right now14:23
rick_h_gary_poster: sure thing, I'll make sure to push them up there as a series of branches keyed off the browser default14:23
gary_posterrick_h_, should I change gui ec2 config to point to manage ec2 config?14:24
gary_posterI mean, point to your manage ec2 instance?14:24
gary_posterWe can switch it out easily enough14:24
rick_h_gary_poster: cool, sure we can http://ec2-54-224-248-114.compute-1.amazonaws.com/ is my instance running now14:24
gary_postercool rick_h_ will do14:25
bachey hatch14:26
gary_posterbac hey.  quick call?14:34
bacgary_poster: sure14:34
gary_posterbac cool guichat14:34
hatchfyi http://jsfiddle.net/ericf/FGu9G/ <- yahooapis.com on https ----- it's a secret ;)14:40
gary_postercool :-)14:43
gary_posterbenji, quick call?14:43
benjigary_poster: sure14:43
gary_posterthx guichat14:43
gary_posterhatch do you have experience debugging JS memory leaks?14:55
gary_posterhatch cool14:55
* hatch goes to newegg.com and buys more ram14:55
hatchthere fixed14:55
benjigary_poster: I lost you14:55
gary_posterhatch, heh ok thx14:56
hatchgary_poster: but seriously, I have done it quite a few times so I can take a look if you need14:56
gary_posterhatch cool.  may ask benji to talk with you14:57
rick_h_chrome heap snapshots ftw14:57
hatchyeah it kind of sucks with YUI because it hides a lot of the sources14:58
hatchbut such is life14:59
rick_h_gary_poster: ok, lp:~juju-gui/juju-gui/default-all-the-things is the merge of all three branches. Merged fine and qa'ing some. 15:02
hatch826 tests....wow I am sure we had less than half that when I started15:02
rick_h_hatch: yea, and still need a bunch more15:03
gary_posterthx hatch 15:03
hatchoh I didn't write them all15:03
hatchI was just using it as a time reference point15:03
hatchgary_poster: I'm not sure that it's ever ok to use `verisimilitude` .....just saying ;)15:07
rick_h_gary_poster: heads up that staging is up and enables QA of the branch you reviewed https://codereview.appspot.com/8651046/  []15:18
gary_posterhatch :-P15:20
gary_posterrick_h_, great.  on  call will look asap15:20
rick_h_gary_poster: np, cool15:20
rick_h_hatch: Makyo bcsaller any of you able to do a second review on https://codereview.appspot.com/8797047/ please?15:26
Makyorick_h_, sure15:29
rick_h_Makyo: ty much15:29
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Makyorick_h_, hmm, quick question.  The icon looks fine but doesn't hold too much meaning on its own.  Are there plans for adding title texts to some of these down the road?15:37
rick_h_Makyo: ah, probably should put a title on it. I missed it15:37
rick_h_just means "Reviewed charms"15:38
Makyorick_h_, yeah.  Easy enough to tell from the source, but that won't be handy.15:38
rick_h_Makyo: well on hover it'll come up15:38
Makyorick_h_, Sorry, I meant at the moment. I'm fine with hover.15:39
hatchcool there is a Not LGTM as well as LGTM with the reviews15:44
gary_posterjujugui call in 10; please update kanban15:50
* gary_poster sighs with relief15:51
gary_posterjujugui call in 115:59
hazmatwhat's the hangout link?16:02
hatchthere is  flash of 'add your new charms here' on trunk with rapi....is that expected or a bug with my code?16:15
hatchhttp://xkcd.com/303/ "tests are running"16:32
hatchhttp://xkcd.com/303/ "lbox is lboxing"16:34
hatchgary_poster: if you have a few minutes... https://codereview.appspot.com/8686047/16:39
hatchI am pretty sure this is what you had in mind16:39
hatchbac: how are things going with that conversion?16:41
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gary_posterhatch, cool looking16:52
benjihmm, I've been waiting for an ec2 instance in "agent-state: not-started" state for 25 minutes.  I think it's not happy.17:00
rick_h_doh, all the UX folks are gone. 17:33
hatchlook on the bright side....17:34
hatch...now you can do whatever you want!17:34
hatchbig purple dinosaur as the new juju gui background coming up!17:36
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hatchdoes anyone know how to get db.charms.add({id: charmId}).load() to respond properly in the tests? I can't seam to find that being tested anywhere17:50
hatch^ jujugui17:53
gary_posterhatch, I think there are tests of the load method itself, aren't there?18:03
hatchthat's a yui method18:04
gary_posterI know hatch18:04
hatchI was hoping some kind of a shim on the connection or something18:04
hatchI may be totally missing it too :)18:04
gary_posterhatch, test_model.js  it('must send request to juju environment for local charms') ?18:05
gary_poster(and following)18:05
hatchgary_poster: yep found that - I guess I could listen for that and then respond with the proper data18:06
hatchI think...18:06
hazmatgary_poster, diff for read-only mode server enforced.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5616764/18:16
gary_posterhazmat, short and sweet.  funny that filter can be .startswith('get') but looks right :-)18:19
gary_posterhatch, LGTM with trivials, finally18:22
hatchhaha np - I figured you were busy and started on the tests :)18:22
gary_poster:-) cool18:22
hazmatgary_poster, if we were using 'status' it would be the exception, but we're not.18:23
hatchso how would I go about responding from stocketstub?18:31
gary_posterhatch, there are lots of examples of that, I think18:31
hatchhmm I haven't found any yet...but still looking18:34
gary_posterhatch msg: conn.msg({op: 'login', result: true});18:34
hatchhmm lemme try that - the socketstub code makes it look like that does nothing18:34
hatchbecause onmessage is empty18:35
gary_posterhatch, onmessage is the websocket api18:35
gary_posterif you want to listen to a websocket message then you mockeypatch onmessage18:35
hatchsure but conn.msg calls this.onmessage() which is empty, so I need to return that to the .load() method somehow18:36
hatchmaybe I'm just not getting it...18:36
gary_posterhatch, look at app/env/base.js18:37
gary_posterconnect function18:37
gary_posterthis.ws.onmessage = Y.bind(this.on_message, this);18:37
gary_posterin many tests, this.ws == SocketStub instance18:38
hatchahh ok so it's firing a msg event with the data18:39
hatchok I'll setup a logger in there to find out the format of the response18:39
gary_posterbenji is charm broken for branches or something?18:54
benjigary_poster: not that I know of.  18:54
gary_posterbenji cool (you've been using it that way a lot I assume).  I got a start error that didn't look good18:55
benjinope, it works fine for me18:55
hatchyeah ok I don't get it....for me to be able to fire an event from the socketStub i need it to be augmented with the yui event code18:56
fwereade_gary_poster, who should I speak to about the impact of a change to ServiceDeploy.ConfigYAML handling?18:57
gary_posterbac, do you have brain state from the above ^^^ or should I take it?18:57
hatchI guess I could just overwrite the modelLists load method18:58
hatchthat would probably be the best18:58
gary_posterfwereade_, try me. :-) I can spread the word if needed18:59
* bac looks18:59
fwereade_gary_poster, bac: we're not compatible with python and the fix got lost in the noise, but we're doing it now -- in short it needs to be a map with the service name as a top-level key and the config map as a value18:59
fwereade_gary_poster, bac: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/116746518:59
_mup_Bug #1167465: service set (and deploy) uses wrong YAML config syntax <juju-core:Confirmed for fwereade> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1167465>18:59
gary_posterfwereade_, ah right.  so how is that interpreted if the yaml has one name and ServiceName is another?19:00
fwereade_gary_poster, bac: I think the use case is "single config file for your whole environment", but it was originally implemented before my time19:00
fwereade_gary_poster, so if the service name is not present as a key, I think we would barf19:01
gary_posterah ok19:01
gary_posterso ConfigYAML takes precedence over Config19:01
gary_posterand nonsensical ConfigYAML == barf19:01
fwereade_gary_poster, (given that use case, it's clearly crying out for a set-many-service-configs, butI derail)19:01
gary_posterfwereade_, happily atm that should not affect us: if we receive a yaml file we currently pass it to juju to handle19:02
bacgary_poster: i can take this one next if you make a card19:02
fwereade_gary_poster, honestly I will probably cause Config and ConfigYAML to be mutually exclusive if I'm not given a really good reason not to19:02
gary_posterfwereade_, works for us.  We treat them that way.19:02
fwereade_gary_poster, great, thanks19:02
gary_posterbac, do we actually need to make a change?19:02
bacfwereade_: the gui tests and throws an error if they are both presented19:02
fwereade_bac, <319:03
bacgary_poster: i'm not sure19:03
gary_posterbac, I don't think we do.  We transparently send the file over19:03
fwereade_bac, you shouldn't need to change anything unless you know of people depending on broken-style ConfigYAML usage19:03
bacgary_poster: ok.  there was an inconsistency that i just handled in the gui and i couldn't tell if this was it19:03
bacclearly i misread19:03
gary_posterah.  bac, I think this is all there is to it: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5616924/19:05
gary_posterwe pass through config_raw transparently19:05
gary_posterthank you for the heads up, fwereade_ !19:05
fwereade_gary_poster, np, take care :)19:05
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benjiI have two reviews up that are related to one-another.  Both are small: https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/charms/precise/juju-gui/use-npm-cache/+merge/161477 and https://codereview.appspot.com/868604819:09
gary_posterbenji, how much time do we save?19:12
benjigary_poster: 1 and a half minutes19:13
rick_h_benji: ooh, that's sweet to have it push new versions up. 19:13
benjipretty much dead-on what we expected from the testing19:14
rick_h_we just end up having to keep a secnod branch, add the file, commit, push, etc19:14
gary_posterbenji, cool.  so 4 minutes -> 2.5 minutes?19:14
hatchgary_poster: do you feel that this test is a good enough way to determine that it's successful? https://gist.github.com/hatched/1556b19e5929742a846b19:14
benjigary_poster: in my testing the baseline was 11.5 minutes (so 10 minutes after); this was using an m1.small 19:15
hatchwoah email flood19:16
benjiI tried testing with an hs1.8xlarge instance (which has an SSD) but juju doesn't understand that instance type.19:16
rick_h_sorry hatch 19:16
hatchlol it's ok it was just like 'ddddddddddddding'19:16
rick_h_fancy email clients kill ya every time 19:17
rick_h_notifications and such :P19:17
hatchyeah - honestly I don't think I can switch to linux fully until it gets a nice email client19:17
benjiturning off email notifications is one of the best things I have ever done19:17
rick_h_hatch: it's got a great one. mutt19:17
gary_posterbenji is that from deploy, or after juju-gui-source-stable -> juju-gui-source=lp:juju-gui and look at logs?  the former, I'm guessing/hoping?19:17
rick_h_runs in a tmux session just peachy, never bothers me. 19:17
hatchI use postbox19:18
benjigary_poster: yep, that is from the moment the deploy command returns until the moment agent-state is "started"19:18
gary_posterI suspect the second option would be closer to the 4->2.519:18
benjiI really wanted to know what it would do with that mega instance (over 3 bucks an hour!) but since juju didn't grok it I decided to move on19:19
rick_h_benji: does npm have the same issue as pip though? Serial installations of deps?19:19
hatchrick_h_: postbox is great - it does threading, hiding 'quoted' emails, and it looks great to boot :)19:19
hatchoh and it has google, linkedin, and evernote integration19:20
rick_h_benji: I found that the d/l cache didn't help at all really over local pip mirror because most of the time was in running one setup.py install after another19:20
rick_h_hatch: the only thing I wish I could do in mutt is mute a thread. One day I'll break down and write some script that'll add that thread to my imapfilters or something19:20
hatchahh yeah that is a great feature19:21
hatchespecially for things like google groups which send an email every time a thread is updated19:21
gary_posterhatch, that looks good.  (1) undo your .load monkeypatch when you clean up!19:21
gary_poster(2) assert that the charm doesn't exist before you wait on your promise19:22
hatchdefinitely :)19:22
hatchalright good idea19:22
gary_posterhatch, you *could* assert in the load callback that env strictEqual env19:23
gary_posterthat would test a bit more of your code19:24
gary_posterThat came from thinking of other approaches than the load monkeypatch19:24
gary_posterI can think of others, but that's the only real advantage I can see19:24
gary_posterrick_h_, lp:~juju-gui/juju-gui/default-all-the-things doesn't exist afaict! :-)19:25
gary_posterthat's why my charm was puking19:25
rick_h_gary_poster: oh, sorry I thought we weren't using it so cleaned up the branched 19:26
rick_h_branches that is19:26
gary_posterrick_h_, heh oh ok19:26
hatchgary_poster: good idea, added19:26
gary_postercool hatch19:26
rick_h_gary_poster: once I get qa on the provider UX that'll land and the only two left are browser by default (not happening) and the filters which needs review still19:26
rick_h_gary_poster: the reviewed icons landed on uistage 19:26
hatchalright taking lunch bbl19:27
gary_posterrick_h_, I thought you didn't need qa on provider UX?  I can look if you want19:27
rick_h_gary_poster: oh, your last note was you wanted to qa so figured I'd wait :)19:27
benjirick_h_: I'm not sure SSDs would help, but going from an m1.small to an m1.xlarge helped quite a bit (the m1.xlarge has "High" disk performance and the m1.small has "Moderate")19:27
rick_h_gary_poster: no, I think it's safe19:27
rick_h_gary_poster: so nvm, I'll land that as well so 2/4 for UX then19:27
* benji resumes reviewing Rick's branch.19:28
rick_h_gary_poster: if you want the browser default back I can put something up. Sorry, kind of thought with the re-schedule things were changing19:28
gary_poster2/4: cool rick_h_ .  Yeah, sorry about miscommunication on qa.  I said I wanted to do it this weekend, but you said today that you thought it was fine.  I meant to let you land without waiting for me.19:30
gary_posterrick_h_, sure let's put it up--or I can, assuming the merge is trivial19:30
rick_h_gary_poster: yep, so far the merge has gone clean 19:30
gary_posterrick_h_, remind me what the url is of your ec2 manage instance?19:31
rick_h_gary_poster: just shut it down as staging and manage. are fixed19:31
rick_h_paying for 5 running boxes :(19:31
gary_posterrick_h_, oh, for good!!!19:31
gary_posterrick_h_, I mean, curtis thinks staging and manage are reliable now?19:31
rick_h_so they're up and the bugs are in progress to prevent from happening again. 19:32
rick_h_gary_poster: so they should be stable in the next day/two. For now we're fragile on upstream changes to data we'll be protected against. So my ec2 won't be any more stable than them it appears19:32
rick_h_except I still swear canonistack if chaos-monkey'ing our staging instance19:33
rick_h_gary_poster: so why I suggest going with manage.19:33
gary_posterrick_h_, so manage works well enough for us?19:33
rick_h_gary_poster: yes19:33
rick_h_gary_poster: so I'll probably update config-prod to point to it at some point in the future here this week. 19:34
gary_postergreat.  I will change charm too19:34
* rick_h_ taps keyboard waiting for uistage to update...19:40
hatchgary_poster: you suggested moving endpoint.js handleServiceEvent into the modelController...but then we would need to pass along reference to the addServiceToEndpointsMap method as that should probably stay in endpoints.js so I'm not sure what we would gain by doing so....thoughts?19:55
gary_posterhatch, I personally would like that last bit to be handled with an event or something19:55
gary_posterto keep it separate19:55
hatchok so once the charm is available, fire an event, which the endpoints.js would listen to19:56
hatchand then add it's endpoints19:56
hatchI like it19:56
hatchthanks for clearing that up19:56
gary_postercool, thank you19:56
* hatch didn't end up leaving to take lunch heh19:57
gary_poster"RETRY THIS TEST RUN!"20:12
hatchhttp://xkcd.com/303/ "ITS TESTING"20:12
rick_h_thanks benji, appreciate you bearing through it20:19
benjimy pleasure20:19
gary_posterhatch, :-)20:31
gary_posterbenji, reviewed both of yours.  Did the tests pass?  Would you like me to qa it?20:31
gary_postersorry benji, my last two questions were re the charm20:32
benjigary_poster: the tests passed recently, but I was so excited to have it working I forgot to run them on the most recent incarnation; I'll do that now20:32
gary_postercool benji thx20:32
hatchgary_poster: so I wrote the stuff to do it via the event...but then I just noticed/realized that once the charm data is available we don't know what service that corresponds to20:38
hatchif just going off of the charm populated attribute20:39
benjigary_poster: I responded to your review comments.  I'll be happy to discuss synchonously or via the review.20:39
gary_posterhatch, I'd make a closure20:47
gary_posterbenji, looking20:47
* gary_poster looked at the wrong one first apparently ;-)20:48
* gary_poster is concerned that our chat room name is NSFW if you type too slowly in Google20:49
gary_posterbenji guichat briefly?20:49
hatchcould I get another review20:55
gary_posterhatch fine with pushing to another branch, but you agree closure would solve trivially?20:55
hatchgary_poster: well not really - I only have the service with a charm name - and from that comes a populated charm so the only way I can listen for it is with CharmList.on('*.populatedChange') at which point any state is gone20:57
gary_posterhatch, but you have the service, so if you do an on with a function defined inline then the service will be in the function's enclosing scope20:58
hatchoh I see where you're coming from - I'm not sure I like that as much21:00
hatchthen it's really avoiding everything that was setup with promises21:00
hatchand we could just go with callbacks21:00
gary_posterbut a .then is a callback...21:00
* gary_poster doesn't understand objection :-)21:01
hatchok I clearly don't understand the comment then - I dont' see how it's any different than the current setup21:01
hatchwana guichat?21:01
gary_postersure hatch, joining21:01
benjigary_poster: changes done but I really need to take the trash off before they close so I'll land it in the morning :)21:12
gary_posterheh ok thanks benji ttyl21:12
rick_h_gary_poster: pushing up a branch for browser-default: lp:~juju-gui/juju-gui/browser-default21:20
rick_h_gary_poster: the other three are landed and in trunk so included21:20
gary_posterrick_h_, awesome! thanks.  Will switch to that in a few21:20
rick_h_and with that, I run away and hide for the rest of the day21:20
hazmatgary_poster, charm diff http://paste.ubuntu.com/5617460/21:50
hazmatfor read only support21:50
gary_posterhazmat, great thanks!  are you landing rapi changes, or shall I?  I will prb do tomorrow--need to go21:51
rick_h_and filters landed http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/bws/fullscreen/search/?series=precise&text=apache woot21:51
hazmatgary_poster, rapi changes landed21:52
gary_posterhazmat, awesome21:52
gary_posterwill get the charm in tomorrow then.  :-) thanks!21:52
hazmatgary_poster, just wanted to get a review on the charm changes, its pretty innocous..21:52
hatchanyone available for a review? https://codereview.appspot.com/8686047/21:53
gary_posterhazmat, I'm fine with you landing if you wish.  looks fine to me.  I'm mildly concerned that the behavior will be different between go and python, but we'll document21:53
rick_h_hatch: not atm, but I can give it a look over tonight/tomorrow morning before you get going. 21:54
hazmatgary_poster, sounds good, i'm giving it an end2end test atm.21:54
hatchrick_h_: alrighty - check the kanban first just ot make sure someone else didn't already21:55
hatchI just want to get this thing landed heh21:55
hatchare these CI failures something we did? It looks to be happening a lot22:42
rick_h_hatch it looked like failed calls to juju? i meant to ask earlier about it.22:45
hatchyeah - I'm not really sure - will have to look tomorrow22:48
hatchwas thinking of getting started with https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trello&feature=nav_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDNd22:51
hatchwould like to just use evernote but they don't really have a good 'task list' sort of feature22:53
rick_h_yea i like trello22:56
hatchI'm really digging feedly so now I want something pretty for my notes haha22:58
hatchI'm a sucker for a pretty UI :)22:58

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