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marcoceppijamespage mgz what would it take to get charm-tools in backports?13:39
jamespagemarcoceppi, just a bit of testing in older releases and a backport request13:39
jamespageits quite lightweight13:39
jamespagemarcoceppi, 'requestbackport' is the tool13:40
marcoceppijamespage: awesome, thanks13:40
jamespagemarcoceppi, best thing todo would be to get it in a good state in saucy and then request backport to 12.04->13.0413:41
jamespagemarcoceppi, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBackports13:41
jamespagedocuments the process13:41
jcastroscuttlemonkey: http://www.jorgecastro.org/2013/04/29/13-reasons-to-deploy-with-ubuntu-server/13:50
jcastroscuttlemonkey: does that earn me a RT since I mention ceph? :)13:50
jcastrohey gary_poster13:55
jcastroWe'd like to put the gui instructions on the getting started page so people can deploy it right away13:55
jcastroany gotchas or should I just add what we put in the charm's README there?13:56
gary_posterjcastro, on call but the README should work *except* for jitsu deploy-to.  juju core version does not support deploying to machine 0 ATM, but I think they will open that up13:58
scuttlemonkeyjcastro: haha, fosho :)13:59
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jcastrogary_poster: I'm not even going to mention the jitsu part.14:02
gary_posterjcastro, cool!  go for it.  thanks14:05
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andreas__jcastro: do you have a recording of last friday's charm school?14:25
jcastroit's not last friday14:28
jcastroit's this friday14:28
andreas__jcastro: ah, ok14:35
jcastroit will be recorded14:35
jcastroand I will announce that14:35
andreas__hm, juju-core question. Is juju set <service> key=value supposed to work on units that are in an error state?14:36
andreas__specifically, mine failed in the install hook, and juju set would fix it14:37
andreas__hm, maybe a set followed by retry14:37
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ahasenackyep, works14:37
sidneiahasenack: set + retry should work14:38
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rshade98anyone know why this would start happening17:20
rshade98ERROR state: TLS handshake failed: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority17:20
benjiI'm a bit surprised to get this error message:17:59
benji2013-04-29 12:58:45,726 ERROR Bad 'instance-type' constraint 'hs1.8xlarge': unknown instance type17:59
benjiis this a known issue?18:00
marcoceppibenji: what provider?18:09
benjimarcoceppi: ec218:09
rshade98ok two problems I ran into with an ec2 environment.18:21
rshade98I need a way to only bootstrap the certs, without getting the environment already setup error. And now that I have the certs my handshake fails. Any ideas?18:22
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jcastromarcoceppi: arosales just got a text from Mims19:11
jcastrohe's found a "good example stack on rack"19:11
jcastro(he's at railsconf)19:12
arosalesjcastro, good to hear :-)19:40
arosaleskeep rock'in it m_319:40
jcastroI envision him going like booth to booth or something. "excuse me sir, can you look at my charm?"19:43
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arosalesjcastro, its reverse people are stopping by where they they here they here the doctor is at asking to see his charm.21:54
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mwhudsoni have wordpress deployed22:53
mwhudsonbut i'm accessing it via ssh port forwarding22:53
mwhudsonand wordpress is generating links without the port so css etc doesn't work22:54
mwhudsonis there something simple i can do about this, or is wp just dumb?22:54
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sarnoldmwhudson: on a first guess, it sounds to me like you may have chosen a poor replacement for an http proxy :)23:11
mwhudsonheh well23:12
mwhudsongenerating urls with a hostname in when you don't have too is kinda daft too23:12
sarnoldmwhudson: okay, that bit makes sense.23:17
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marcoceppimwhudson: yeah, wordpress is being pretty dumb23:45
mwhudsonyou'd think such a high profile piece of softwa...23:46
mwhudsonoh never mind23:46
marcoceppiWe actually had this problem early on when re-working the WordPress charm. Instead of using the URL of the  "primary" peer, all the URLs were re-written to be nginx-backend:808023:46
marcoceppiwhich breaks quite a few things23:46
marcoceppiAs a stop-gap we wrote a plugin that basically utlized the pre-render hook to rewrite all URLs on the page23:47
marcoceppiThat's not needed anymore, thankfully, I can't actually remember how we fixed it23:47
marcoceppiSo, you could write a plugin that basically just rewrites all the URLs to be relative23:48
mwhudsongiven i only have wordpress installed because it's the "hello world" of juju23:48
mwhudsoni'll pass i think23:48
marcoceppimwhudson: sounds like a wise decision23:48
marcoceppibut! Sounds like your deployment worked out pretty well23:49
mwhudsonit was a fight on several levels but it seems to be working now23:49
mwhudson(with pyju, goju isn't quite there on arm it seems)23:50
mwhudsonthe last bit of fun was that cloud-init really really wants the fqdn to have a dot in23:50
mwhudsonso i had to make it so that $hostname.localdomain resolved in dnsmasq23:50

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