x5ivesI went to upgrade from 12 to 13 and looked in the new packages going to be installed, it looked like it had gnome packages and was going to install Ubuntu.00:59
fjodorhi, which file is started when lubuntu is logging into lxde/lubuntu?01:00
wxlx5ives: which ones?01:00
wxlfjodor: you're referring to the session definition?01:01
fjodorwxl: yes, i am currently using default settings but i used to replace openbox with i3wm and now i want to use only i3wm but with all the lubuntu comfort01:01
fjodori've forgotten what i did to achieve it01:02
wxlfjodor: well assumedly you're using lightdm still?01:02
x5iveswxl: let me check again.01:02
wxlx5ives: then edit /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/desktop.conf and yo ushould be good to go. prolly don't need to do more than change the window manager name.01:03
fjodorwxl: well i need to. for example i need to replace lxpanel01:03
fjodori3wm has its own panel01:03
x5iveswxl: You mean fjodor.01:03
Unit193That's in /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart01:03
wxlwell everything should be in /etc/xdg somewhere fjodor01:04
wxlx5ives: yeah sorry01:04
fjodoryeah thanks01:04
x5ivesAlso it says in release notes "Welcome to Ubuntu 13.04 'Raring Ringtail"01:04
wxlx5ives: no surprise there01:04
x5ivesShouldn't it says Lubuntu.01:04
wxlx5ives: no. it doesn't matter what you're on, you always seem to have/be getting ubuntu. check out lsb_release -a and see what it thinks, for example01:05
wxlx5ives: and you DO have ubuntu, really01:05
wxlx5ives: EVERY canonical distro has ubuntu-core01:05
x5ivesxwl: True, but Lubuntu shouldn't be getting gnome packages.01:08
wxlx5ives: yes, but i'm still waiting for your answer :)01:08
Unit193If you installed them, the upgrade will update them.01:08
x5iveswxl: gnome-control-center, gnome-control-center-data, gnome-menus, gnome-session-bin, gnome-user-guide01:09
fjodoris it possible to automate displaymanagement like ubuntu does by default?01:09
Unit193x5ives: Is that in the "Upgrades" or "Newly installed" sections?01:10
Unit193(Also, you can purge after.)01:10
x5iveswxl: "Install".01:10
Unit193I see.01:10
wxlx5ives: what's in the update section?01:11
x5ivesI've never installed gnome on this install or an gnome apps.01:11
x5iveswxl: Lemme check.01:11
wxlx5ives: just pastebin them if they're long01:11
x5iveswxl: Will do.01:11
x5ivesHow do I copy? Will I need to go to upgrade via terminal?01:12
wxlx5ives: oh forgot you're doing it in the gui, duh. not sure if you can copy or not :/01:12
wxlx5ives: i guess you could do a screenshot01:13
Unit193I'd copy them down, and purge after.01:13
x5ivesUnit193: Copy them down one-by-one?01:14
x5ivesUnit193: No way!01:14
Unit193Well, was thinking actually copying, but not sure if you can GUI style.01:14
x5ives'sudo do-release-upgrade'?01:15
x5ivesThen pastebin.01:15
Unit193Sure, if you just use do-release-upgrade it'll still switch up to root.01:19
x5ivesUnit193: What do you mean by that?01:22
x5iveswxl: ^^01:22
wxlcompiz-gnome no less01:22
Unit193You'll notice you have quite a few already.01:22
wxlgnome-icon-theme ???01:23
x5ivesLooks like I do...01:23
x5ivesDon't remember installing those...01:23
wxlyou've got a buncha stuff you apparently don't want bud :)01:23
wxlneed to check your reverse depends01:23
x5ivesCompiz I remember, but I swear I removed it.01:24
wxldon't swear to anything holy then01:24
wxlelse the lightning may come down and smite you01:24
x5ivesLemme do a apt-get autoremove.01:24
x5ivesLooks like many of them were from Compiz.01:27
wxlnot a surprise01:28
x5ivesIsn't apt-get autoremove supposed to remove ANY left over dependencies? 'Cause that's what I did after I removed Compiz.01:30
wxlshould if it's not needed for anything else and it wasn't expressly installed01:31
x5ivesI just accidentally outputted a log file without specifying a directory, where did that go? I checked /01:34
wxlprolly ~01:34
x5ivesI'll do another one but I don't like that there could be  a loggylol file sitting somewhere on my hard drive.01:36
wxlyou could use find to track it down01:36
wxlalso new pcmanfm has find function01:37
x5ivesWhat's the syntax? Just find filename?01:37
x5ivesNew in 13?01:37
wxluh sorry01:38
wxltry sudo find / -iname whateverthefileiscalled01:39
x5iveshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5614516/ Still some gnomes lurkin' derr.01:39
fjodorwxl: mmh what should i run to have some kind of comfortable session? i am not sure if i want to run everything that lubuntu does01:39
wxlwell gnome-mplayer makes sense for example. they're not all bad. you just need to check the depends01:39
wxlfjodor: that's kind of a personal question, right? :)01:39
fjodormmh :(01:40
x5iveswxl: Why does that make sense? Does it come with Lubuntu?01:40
fjodoris there a list where i can choose from?01:40
wxlx5ives: yep. packages with gnome in them don't necessarily ALL require gnome01:40
wxlfjodor: well autostart will tell you what is started01:40
x5iveswxl: Yeah but do they actually COME with Lubuntu?01:41
wxlx5ives: gnome-mplayer does (that's why i said yep when you asked the first time)01:41
x5ivesFound it in temp.01:41
* wxl pummels the side of x5ives' face with a trout01:41
x5iveswhat about the other gn- packages?01:42
fjodorwxl: which autostart??01:43
wxlx5ives: http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/lubuntu-desktop01:43
x5ivesIs there a command I can use to check what package(s) depend on them?01:43
wxlfjodor: the one under /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu01:43
fjodorthere are just 5 lines or something01:43
Unit193x5ives: apt-cache rdepends packagename01:44
wxlfjodor: well then only 5 things are loaded.01:44
fjodorwxl: mmh what about nm-applet etc?01:44
fjodorits not there01:45
wxlfjodor: /etc/init.d01:45
wxlfjodor: and while i mention this i'll say this plainly: be careful with that01:46
fjodorwxl: nm-applet is somewhere in init.d???????01:46
fjodoryou're joking?01:46
wxlfjodor: nm-applet is nothing more than a frontend to network-manager and network-manager is run in init.d01:47
fjodorwxl: yes but i was interested in nm-applet, i dont want to fuck with init.d01:47
wxlfjodor: but if you want to target nm-applet specifically, look in /etc/xdg/autostart01:48
wxlfjodor: and keep the language family friendly. we have a code of ethics here. consider this your one and only warning.01:48
x5ivesIsn't PCManFM the file manager for XFCE?01:48
wxlx5ives: don't think os?01:49
x5ivesWhat is it then?01:49
* wxl wonders when this turned into #xubuntu ;)01:49
x5ivesCause I installed XFCE and my file manager shortcut says 'PCManFM'.01:49
wxlyou installed xfce on lubuntu?01:50
x5ivesYes, I couldn't stand not having tiling windows.01:50
x5ivesAnd LXDE doesn't have that.01:50
x5ivesAnd XFCE is the next most light weight that I know.01:51
x5ivesSo what is PCManFM?01:51
wxlwel things WILL get funky when you do stuff like that01:51
wxlpcmanfm is lxde's file manager01:51
wxlclick it and see what opens01:51
fjodorwxl: what uses /etc/xdg/autostart?01:51
wxlfjodor: x01:52
x5iveswxl: I thought it was openbox?01:52
wxlx5ives: that's the window manager01:52
fjodorwxl: that wasnt an answer01:52
wxlx5ives: you should have just installed xfwm01:52
wxlfjodor: sure it is. x = x server01:52
x5ivesWait, no, I installed XFCE but I'm only using XFWM.01:53
x5ivesStill using LXDE.01:53
fjodorno i mean, if i start i3wm, those things dont start-up01:53
wxlx5ives: and frankly there are a LOT of tiling window managers that i'm sure are more lightweight than anything from xfce01:53
fjodorso why doesnt x start those things?01:53
x5ivesxwl: Like?01:53
wxlfjodor: dunno01:53
wxlx5ives: wm3 :)01:53
wxlx5ives: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiling_window_manager#List_of_tiling_window_managers_for_X01:54
wxlx5ives: also don't use wm. it's a little obtuse for most.01:54
fjodorx5ives: i3 has the most sane default configs. the others are all bunkers01:55
x5ivesAhh, how am I gonna choose.01:55
wxlx5ives: experiment01:56
x5ivesI'll just stick with XFWM 'till I have time.01:56
x5ivesIt's pretty close to LXDE's wm.01:56
Unit193fjodor: What's in /etc/xdg/ for you?01:56
x5ivesIn terms of light weightiness.01:56
fjodorUnit193: defaul lubuntu stuff. like everything01:58
Unit193http://i3wm.org/docs/userguide.html#_automatically_starting_applications_on_i3_startup Something like that?01:59
fjodorwell ok, but why doesnt /etc/xdg/autostart work?02:00
Unit193Different wm, may be expecting different format (for example, another computer that is a dir, and there are .desktop files in it.)02:03
fjodoryes there are .desktop files02:03
x5ivesOn entering openbox --replace & I get Openbox-Message: Unable to find a valid menu file "/var/lib/openbox/debian-menu.xml"02:09
x5ivesI checked, there indeed is no debian-menu.xml02:09
x5ivesIt has changed the window manager though.02:09
x5ivesJust gonna do a fresh install.02:23
x5ivesThanks anyway.02:23
fjodorwhich method does lubuntu use to switch users?03:24
holsteinfjodor: what are you looking for?03:24
fjodori am using another wm and trying to implement fast user switching somehow03:25
holsteintbh, i dont know what "fast" user switching is03:27
holsteini usually just use the little icon in the panel..03:27
holsteinwell, i usually personally just go to tty and "switch users" in the terminal03:27
holsteinfjodor: what are you using?03:27
fjodori3 but it does support applets/icons, but i think the session-manager icon in lxde is part of lxpanel03:28
holsteinyou can use tine03:28
holstein!info tint203:29
ubottutint2 (source: tint2): lightweight taskbar. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11+svn20121014-1 (raring), package size 142 kB, installed size 375 kB03:29
holstein!info indicator-session-gtk203:29
ubottuPackage indicator-session-gtk2 does not exist in raring03:29
fjodorholstein: i have a taskbar, i need an applet03:29
fjodorholstein: ah03:29
holsteinseems like that would have been an option...03:29
holsteinfjodor: are you in 13.04? i find that in the 12.04 repos..03:30
fjodorno its good thank03:30
fjodori dont need a taskbar, but indicator-session is helpful03:30
fjodorholstein: how do i start the session indicator?03:35
holsteinfjodor: i just start it, and it shows up in the panel.. thats what i suggest tint2 for. you dont have to use the "taskbar" feature.. or menu.. but if you want to see indicators, you'll need somewhere for them to show up03:37
fjodorah ok, i have 12.10 and dont have indicator-session-gtk2 only indicator-session03:39
fjodorits a panelfunction03:40
fjodornot an app03:40
holsteinfjodor: i think the *-*-gtk2 one is standalone.. but it seems to be pulled from the repos03:41
holsteinfjodor: what are you trying to do?03:42
holsteinim running openbox, with tint2.. and i have no user agent switcher03:42
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution03:42
fjodori am using i3 as wm and i REALLY need a way to switch users03:42
holstein^^ thats how i 'switch' to other users03:42
holsteinfjodor: i would just use tint2.. you dont have to autostart it03:42
fjodorholstein: i do have an integrated taskbar/dock in i3 dont need another one03:43
holsteinfjodor: you can kill that one, and use tint2.. or use tint2 "on demand".. or, just fire it up temporarily as a test to see if what we are talking about is what you want03:44
holsteintty's work from any DE03:44
pabs3is there a guide to how to build the Ubuntu alternate installer? I noticed that Ubuntu dropped it but Lubuntu is still offering it. for work, I want to do something similar, make an alternate installer CD with extra packages and some preseeding05:10
JohnDoe_71Ruspabs3: if you have internet, think minimal install is better https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems05:58
pabs3thats the main reason I want to do this, installs will happen without internet and need some extra packages installed05:59
JohnDoe_71Rusread about remastersys and like this packages06:01
pabs3looks like that is dead: http://www.remastersys.com/06:03
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csc`So since updating to 13.04, I seem to have broken b43 after finally seeing the driver in the Software Updater. First installation of this box was 12.04, and I had fixed the bug that caused it to stall at boot.10:16
csc`The device no longer appears in the Proprietary Drivers tab in the Software Manager, and manually probing for b43 results in a bunch of nothing. Literally just sits there and outputs nothing, does not terminate, just blank.10:17
csc`Actually I take that back, it just exited modprobe but still does not load the module nor give me an interface10:17
jonyI want to setup a VNC connection to view remote desktop on a lubuntu and I want in that the operations way to won't be visible on it's monitor10:27
jonyplease help10:29
geneganyone knows where are the files of desktop right click menu in lubuntu? (not the openbox one)10:58
genegAnyone knows where are the files of desktop right click menu (not the openbox one) in lubuntu?11:06
bennypr0fanehello, can I upgrade Lubuntu from 12.04 directly to 13.04? I started the upgrade GUI follwing these instructions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#Upgrading_from_last_release the update manager only offers 12.10 though. Here it is described for Ubuntu that and upgrade to 13.04 Raring should be offered. Is the same possible for Lubuntu?11:43
Myrttibennypr0fane: if 12.04 offers an update to 13.04 straight away, then there's something wrong.11:46
Myrttisupported upgrade routes are LTS to LTS, LTS to next release up, or next release up.11:47
bennypr0fanewell it doesn't11:47
Myrttiwell that's good then, if it doesn't.11:47
bennypr0faneat least not lubuntu11:47
bennypr0fanebut Ubuntu supposedly does11:47
MyrttiI've never heard that it would11:48
bennypr0fanesays so here: http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-upgrade-from-ubuntu-1004-1010-1104-to-ubuntu-1110-oneiric-ocelot-desktop-a-server/11:48
bennypr0fanenot this one11:48
bennypr0faneohcibi, wait, it IS this link. it was updated to 12.04 etc.11:49
Myrttifirst of all, that's not an official guide, secondly, it was written before 13.04 was released, and what else11:50
bennypr0faneI'm aware that it's not official, so maybe inaccurate.11:51
bennypr0fanebut IF it's accurate, why wouldn't it remain so now, after the official release?11:52
Myrttiwhich channel do you want me to reply to your question?11:52
bennypr0faneMyrtti I'd guess over there would be better, as there's hardly any traffic here11:57
csc`I like how my question regarding b43 got overlooked.12:09
bennypr0fanecsc' probably just no one knows the answer. you wanna repost it12:10
csc`So since updating to 13.04, I seem to have broken b43 after finally seeing the driver in the Software Updater. First installation of this box was 12.04, and I had fixed the bug that caused it to stall at boot.12:11
csc`The device no longer appears in the Proprietary Drivers tab in the Software Manager, and manually probing for b43 results in a bunch of nothing. Literally just sits there and outputs nothing, does not terminate, just blank.12:11
csc`Actually I take that back, it just exited modprobe but still does not load the module nor give me an interface12:11
bennypr0fanecsc' b43 is your broadcom wifi module, yes?12:12
bennypr0fanecsc`, your nick is awkward to type btw12:13
csc`If whatever client you're using does not have tab-complete, i'd highly suggest switching to a different client.12:14
bennypr0faneit has12:19
bennypr0faneso, yes or no to my question?12:20
n-iCehello, something went wrong with my 13.04 I rebooted and all on the screen seems to be like big14:26
csc`n-iCe, what graphics chipset do you use?14:27
n-iCe00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)14:27
csc`n-iCe, hmm, would've guessed nvidia or something like that.14:32
csc`n-iCe, only option I can offer is the swat ppa, which is typically used for steam support. It sounds like a configuration issue though14:33
n-iCeswat ppa?14:33
csc`sadly my configuring experiences have degraded over the years.14:33
n-iCeI'm back15:09
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash15:09
n-iCeI think flashplugin-installer does not work anymore15:10
lotushey, my background image is gone and I'd like to restore it.  Any idea what command to type on the terminal or what program to interface with?  It was an image, now it's just blue.  Right-click -> "desktop background" only results in a "System Settings" dialog appearing with only three options, none of which relate to the background -- I'm thinking a daemon crashed or somesuch?16:23
n-iCehi lotus16:38
lotushi n-iCe16:38
n-iCedid you reboot your machine?16:38
n-iCeor log out?16:38
lotusn-iCe: naw, I'm also doing work.  I don't want to do that -- trying to avoid it.  It will fix the issue, though :)16:38
lotusn-iCe: yessir16:39
n-iCepcmanfm --desktop-pref16:39
n-iCeAnd uncheck the box "Show menus provided by window managers when desktop is clicked" found under the "Advanced" tab. Then you should be able to right click on the desktop and get the menu to bring up the preferences window that allows you to change the wallpaper anytime.16:39
lotusIt's strange... that box was already unchecked. Normally I'm able to get to this dialog -- thank you for directing me to the command to cause it to open.  I've now tried setting the background image, and the colors are set to black; however, I still only have a "Windows 98 style" blue background16:41
lotusn-iCe: I appreciate your time and any insight you have :)16:41
n-iCeso still no background?16:43
lotusn-iCe: nope, no background yet16:43
n-iCesomething must be wrong with your desktop environment16:43
n-iCerestart lxde16:43
n-iCeor reboot16:44
lotusn-iCe: can I restart lxde without... closing... it?16:44
n-iCerestart desktop without logging out on LXDE16:44
n-iCeU can try Alt+F2 and run pcfanman again16:44
n-iCewhich is, pcmanfm --desktop16:44
lotusxD  nice copy paste!16:44
lotusI see the thread now16:45
lotusThank you for the google search16:45
lotusn-iCe: looks like "killall pcmanfm" followed by "pcmanfm --desktop --profile lubuntu"16:46
lotusn-iCe: tyty for your help16:46
n-iCe:) no problem16:46
n-iCelol, wrong terminal16:49
pmatulisam i the only one who notices that you need to refresh pcmanfm after removing a file/directory?22:57
pmatulisotherwise the change is not reflected22:58

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