gmg85downloaded and compiled compact wireless drivers compat-drivers-2013-03-04-u12:05
gmg85on ubuntu 13.0412:05
BluesKajHIyas all12:45
leoloveRalink corp. RT5390 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe it works on boot for 15 minutes only and then disconnect.13:25
BluesKajleolove, best to ask in #ubuntu13:26
leoloveokay thanks13:27
Fudgeim looking forward to 1.40413:32
Fudgemisplaced decimal13:32
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lordievaderGood evening.18:23
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johnjohn101when 13.10 goes to the 1st alpha, will it be using the qt version of unity?20:56
BluesKajjohnjohn101, there's a rumour , yes , but i don't know for sure21:03
BluesKajnot much info being offered21:03
johnjohn101it's ok, still 6-7 weeks or so before 1st alpha.21:03
BluesKajthe chainloader should be available in a week or 221:04
johnjohn101meaning the daily should start rolling then?21:08
johnjohn101going to be interesting to see what can be delivered by mid october.21:11
bazhang!info linux21:20
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB21:20
BluesKajwell, I'm sticking with Kubuntu , dunno if they're going to follow the mir path as well , probly stick with X's present version(s)21:20
k1l_since its the target to get the new unity into 14.10 it would be good to be tested in 13.10, imho21:25
DarkEra14.10? i though 13.10 and for sure 14.04 would have Unity Next and Mir21:32
BluesKajk1l_, I saw an announcement on the 'net about it here21:34
k1l_DarkEra: sry, was a typo. i meant 14.0421:35
DarkErak1l_, no worries, that can happen to anyone :)21:37
DarkEraone thing i hope though and that is that Unity Next will work smoother in the upcoming releases.21:39
sarahttp://techcrunch.com/search/ubuntu lets change this21:42
saraoops there where results but noscript stopped me from viewing them21:44
SuperLagwhat's the point of Mir? What is so wrong with Xorg that Ubuntu doesn't just stick with what works?21:45
jtaylorxorg sucks at pretty much everything but working :)21:47
jtaylormost major issue for me with it that it provides zero security ._.21:48
jtaylorlook up why wayland exists for more reasons21:49
jtaylor(the question why mir and not wayland I can't answer :) )21:49
johnjohn101either way, should be an interesting journey to 14.04.21:59
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hachrexorg has everything wrong with it23:08

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