MarlincHow do I use the sync menu from Python?10:19
matzipananyone around?21:57
matzipananyone familiar with the SDKHelper qt component? I'm trying to run an app that depends on it. It cannot find it...21:57
matzipanI cannot track down anyone in the sdk team on at the moment22:00
stqnsorry, I’m only lurking in case someone talks about publishing on the ubuntu software center, or asks about compiling a game that works on all linux distros22:01
stqnwhich never happens22:02
stqneverybody talks about some Qt / tablet stuff, which I’m not at all interested in22:02
matzipanstqn: well, i will probably talk about publishing to the software center22:03
matzipansomewhere when22:03
matzipan14.04 becomes22:03
matzipana thing22:03
matzipanright now it's a really distant future22:03
cor3ntinmatzipan> even google seems not familiar with that.22:05
matzipancor3ntin: well, even canonical app developers seem to be a bit unfamiliar with it :D22:06
cor3ntinI'm trying to figure if it's supposed to be more related to qt or to ubuntu.22:07
matzipancor3ntin: apparently ubuntu since it's part of ubuntu-sdk22:08
matzipanfrom what i hear/know22:08
matzipancor3ntin: but no, i couldn't find it either22:08
cor3ntinmatzipan> then maybe you shouldn't use it22:19
matzipancor3ntin: i'm not... i'm trying to contribute to an app, and the maintainer recommended me to ask the sdk devs22:24
matzipanif i can't find any help22:24
matzipanhe'll probably end up looking it up with me22:25
MarlincHow do I use the Ubuntu sync menu from Python?22:29
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