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shadeslayerhrw: ping12:13
hrwshadeslayer: pong12:13
shadeslayerSo, I was wondering, I got my kernel to mount the ubuntu AC100 rootfs and start X12:14
shadeslayer( Nexus 10 )12:14
shadeslayerhowever the screen is completely black12:14
shadeslayerit loads the fbdev driver, but lightdm complains about not being able to use VT7, ogra_ suggested something might be missing in my kernel, I thought you might know12:15
shadeslayerI've twiddled with a few options, but none of them seem to work12:15
hrwwhich kernel you took?12:15
hrwI would suggest android one12:15
shadeslayerhrw: that's the one I'm using12:17
shadeslayeror well, the CM10.1 branch12:17
hrwenabled text consoles etc?12:17
shadeslayeruh, fbcon doesn't work12:17
shadeslayerif I enable fbcon, it doesn't even boot from what I can tell12:18
shadeslayerthe only way I know it boots is because the screen turns off and turns on when X tries to start and adb comes up from inside the ubuntu rootfs12:19
shadeslayerand ofcourse I can access X/dmesg logs12:19
hrwpastebinit both please12:19
shadeslayerack, give me 20 minutes12:20
shadeslayerI even tried out the phablet-10.1 kernel12:21
shadeslayerno go on that one as well12:21
shadeslayerhrw: Xorg log : http://paste.kde.org/73432412:35
shadeslayerhrw: dmesg http://paste.kde.org/73433012:36
hrweach time I see 'Manta' (which is nexus10 codename) I laugh.12:37
hrwManta is Polish vendor for cheap electronics12:38
shadeslayerThe Nexus 10 is anything but cheap12:38
hrw[    7.013493] s3c-fb exynos5-fb.1: failed to find bootloader framebuffer12:39
shadeslayerah yes12:39
shadeslayerI've disabled that12:39
hrwso you do not have framebuffer at all12:39
hrwthat's why no screen12:39
shadeslayererr ... /dev/fb0 does exist12:40
shadeslayerwhat I've disabled is s3c2410-wdt.fb=0x60000012:40
shadeslayeror something like that12:40
shadeslayerwhich basically points to a location where the boot image is stored12:40
hrwright. X11 finds framebuffer12:41
hrwshadeslayer: ubuntu touch image does not work?12:41
shadeslayerthat one does12:41
shadeslayerhowever I want to switch containers12:41
shadeslayerinfact, I don't want the android bits at the moment12:41
hrwso why not take ubuntu touch kernel and change config only with what you need?12:41
shadeslayerhrw: uh, tried that as well12:42
shadeslayerthe phablet 10.1 branch, didn't work12:42
hrwchanged too much?12:42
shadeslayercan give you logs with that as well12:43
shadeslayerdon't think so12:43
hrwshadeslayer: can you build and boot ubuntu touch kernel?12:43
shadeslayersure, give me a couple of seconds12:43
hrwI do not like vendor kernels...12:43
hrwchromebook one can for example boot without keyboard12:44
shadeslayerhrw: is the one from the phablet 10.1 branch fine with you?12:44
hrwshadeslayer: I do not have any nexus device free to experiment with ubuntu12:44
hrwshadeslayer: my nexus4 (mako) is my phone and nexus 7 (grouper) my main tablet12:45
shadeslayerI have to go out for a bit, be back in an hour12:46
shadeslayerah nvm12:47
shadeslayerhrw: http://paste.kde.org/734348 dmesg with phablet 10.1 kernel12:48
shadeslayerhrw: Xorg log http://paste.kde.org/73435412:48
hrwshadeslayer: and no screen still?12:49
hrwshadeslayer: discuss maybe with ubuntu touch kernel guys - they will know more12:50
shadeslayerI don't even know where to start because I don't really know what's going wrong :P12:50
shadeslayerXorg log seems fine to me12:50
shadeslayerhrw: who would that be?12:51
hrwno idea12:51
shadeslayerheh okay :)12:51
hrwshadeslayer: #ubuntu-touch or #ubuntu-phone I would go12:51
hrwshadeslayer: ask rsalveti as he is from Ubuntu Touch team12:51
shadeslayeralready talked to him, he suggested trying the modesetting driver12:52
shadeslayerthat didn't work as well, there were some setgid errors with that driver12:52
shadeslayerhrw: http://paste.kde.org/734366/12:53
shadeslayerlast couple of lines of that log12:53
hrwshow me kernel config12:53
shadeslayerI only changed CONFIG_VT and appended root=/dev/mmcpblk0p912:54
shadeslayeroh and ofcourse, disabled the watchdog timer12:55
shadeslayers3c2410-wdt.tmr_atboot=0 < that12:55
hrwcant help ;(12:55
shadeslayerrsalveti: ^^ Any other ideas? I'm completely stuck here12:56
shadeslayermaybe I should make my own tar with the armsoc driver and the mali opengles lib from the chromebook12:56
shadeslayerthough I doubt it'll solve these issues12:57
shadeslayerhrw: oh and /dev/console exists as well12:57
shadeslayerhrw: a bit of googling gave me http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/10/06/%23ubuntu-arm.html12:59
shadeslayerso enabling CONFIG_VT_HW_CONSOLE_BINDING to check if that makes it work12:59
shadeslayerhmm nope13:00
* shadeslayer looks at lightdm code13:05
shadeslayerhrw: btw #ubuntu-phone is invite only xD13:42
hrwwas open13:43
shadeslayerhrw: so, you didn't get this VT_ACTIVATE issue on the chromebook? and fbcon just worked?13:44
hrwshadeslayer: I have both text console and X1113:45
shadeslayermust be fun13:45
shadeslayerI can't get either to work :/13:45
hrwhm. but recent system restarts x11 when I switch to vt ;(13:45
shadeslayerdo you have a zImage that I can use from the chromebook?13:45
shadeslayerjust to check if that will work13:46
hrwshadeslayer: apt-get install linux-chromebook13:46
shadeslayerI'm on x86 :P13:46
hrwshadeslayer: apt-get install linux-chromebook:armhf13:47
hrwand -d13:47
shadeslayerwill download deb from http://pad.lv/u/linux-chromebook13:47
shadeslayerand try again13:47
shadeslayernope E: Unable to locate package linux-chromebook13:47
shadeslayerprobbaly because I don't have ports.ubuntu.com in /etc/apt/sources.list13:48
shadeslayernope, still nothing13:52
* satellit_TS Testing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on trimslice (arm)16:37
debdebam i right here for ubuntu on nexus7?17:59
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