pepi_anyone here11:54
pepi_need some help pls11:54
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vernis anybody willing to give me some advice15:35
verni need help installingdriver for wireless card15:36
wilee-nileevern, run in the terminal lspci if it is a interior card to identify or lsusb if a usb.15:38
vernno its a usb15:38
wilee-nileevern, Identify it with lsusb or however you need to.15:39
vernBus 001 Device 004: ID 0bda:8187 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8187 Wireless Adapter15:40
wilee-nileevern, In general realtek are a difficult you need a wrapper and drivers, you might consider getting one that plugs and works.15:41
wilee-nileevern, What ubuntu release are you using15:42
wilee-nileeI can try to get you some links for what you have now, but am not real up on realtek15:42
vernIm runniong suse sled 11 but looks like their forum is dead15:43
vernI might just switch to ubuntu15:44
wilee-nileevern, Ah, you are going to want help from a suse user really or at least people who know the setups.15:45
vernthis one came with my laptop15:45
vernBut I think everyone has same problems with this chipset15:46
vernThe one that is in kernel cannot work together with the other one15:47
vernThnx anyway15:48
wilee-nileeno problem, if it were me I would just get one that works easily.15:49
verntoo late now haha15:51
vernI wanted this one cause this one suposed to be strongest15:52
vernnow  I have to make it work or sell it back15:54
rostamHi what is required disk space for the ubuntu desktop ? thanks21:38
geirhaaround 5G is the minimum, but you won't be able to install much software with that little space. I'd recommend at least 20G21:42
isiahrostam: whatcha planning?21:44
tannjiyep, I have 13.04 and a handful of programs installed, sitting at 5.4gb21:44
rostamisiah: for video game only thanks21:48
rostamgeirha: thanks21:49
isiahdid something really fascinating just occur on this channel?22:18
Unit193Talk of video games?  I wouldn't say that much.22:19
isiahI am seeing a lot of sets mode stuff22:20
Unit193Spring cleaning.22:20
isiahfair enough22:20
isiahI clean my cube and work bench every monday morning first thing. For fear of being drowned in postit notes and screwdrivers22:20

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