smartboyhw_Eee 13.04 isn't a big success http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/press-reaction-to-ubuntu-13-0409:14
nigelbWait, no more workspace switcher? @_@09:23
* nigelb uses workspaces extensively.09:23
smartboyhw_nigelb: :I09:26
czajkowskinigelb: you cna just turn it it, it's not on by default09:58
nigelbczajkowski: ah, thanks. nvm then. :)10:03
czajkowskipanic over :)10:07
popeymorning all12:33
smartboyhwHello popey, how's your hotel TV screen? :P12:36
smartboyhwpopey: Can't see the icon here?12:43
popeyget a better font ☻12:48
popeyunicode ftw12:48
smartboyhwpopey: Nope;P12:48
smartboyhwCan't see12:48
popeyer ㋛12:48
smartboyhwpopey: No12:49
popeydon't worry about it ☻12:50
* smartboyhw hates AndroIRC's incompability with Unicode.12:50
smartboyhwmarcoceppi: Hey!12:51
marcoceppio/ smartboyhw12:51
jcastrotest test13:17
smartboyhwjcastro: Welcome!13:18
smartboyhwjcastro: Which was the question?13:19
jcastroNot sure13:19
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Tm_Tjcastro: that is rather impressive15:00
chilicuilczajkowski: hello, good morning, can I send you a pm?15:14
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jcastropopey: that thing you and jono did with lunduke was pretty funny18:12
bkerensamhall119: are you approving sessions?18:20
mhall119bkerensa: I haven't yet, do you have app dev sessions?18:33
bkerensamhall119: uhh no this is for community docs18:33
mhall119bkerensa: then I wouldn't be approving it anyway, talk to jono or dholbach18:33
popeyjcastro: yeah, it was fun19:09

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