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arxyhi all!05:31
whereamiHi, hopefully this is a dumb question: Can I convert my vanilla Ubuntu into Ubuntu GNOME?06:37
whereamiAlso, the link to Release Notes on http://ubuntugnome.org/download/ has an extra "h" in the protocol.06:38
darkxstwhereami, see these instructions https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/ReleaseNotes/12.10#Upgrade07:01
darkxstwhereami, thanks, link fixed07:04
whereamidarkxst: thanks.07:24
BuggsyI wanted to install ubuntu gnome 13.04 alongside by windows 7 , but in the wizard, when it comes to resize the partition table, system crashes08:35
Buggsyso many people are here and yet not even a single reply?08:38
tommie-lieprobably most are from the US and it's in the middle of the(ir) night, and I don't know the answer to your problem :-P08:39
darkxstBuggsy, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/116459208:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1164592 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity freezes in Install Alongside screen" [Medium,Confirmed]08:42
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darkxstricotz, hi10:43
ricotzdarkxst, hey10:43
darkxstricotz, so I got external panel loading working in g-c-c ;)10:44
darkxstbut not sure what to do about scanning for desktop files10:44
ricotzoh, so you patched the library back in?10:44
darkxstricotz, I wrote some patches to load external panels10:45
darkxstloads all the .so files from the panels directory10:45
ricotzdarkxst, i see, but you *need* to expose the library since that is what those panels needs to built against in the first place10:46
darkxstit then loads desktop file, based on module name10:46
darkxstricotz, oh yes, I had to rebase the drop library patch10:46
ricotzdarkxst, i see, so you disabled the static build10:46
darkxstricotz, native panels are still static10:46
ricotzsounds good10:47
darkxstnot sure what to do about scanning for desktop files though10:47
darkxsti.e. for the launchers that aren't actually panels10:47
ricotzi can't follow you right now10:48
darkxstsome of the ubuntu icons, just launch a program10:48
ricotzjust do it like the native panels10:48
darkxstlike language-selector, its not really a panel10:48
ricotzah ok10:49
ricotzi guess you can add a dummy panel which directly launches the desktop-file10:49
darkxstricotz, the problem is really just scanning for the desktop files, perhaps could add a conf file or something10:50
darkxstbut I really don't want to pull the gmenu code back in, its not very nice10:51
ricotzwhile it is pretty ubuntu specific, you can also hardcode in a patch10:53
ricotzchecking for the existance of the specific desktop file and show it10:53
darkxstok, that would be easy, just need a list of desktop files10:55
darkxstanyway there is a package on my logind ppa with the patches so far10:56
darkxstBrought OnlyShowIn support back too ;)10:57
darkxstI will try and upstream that bit, although they didnt seem to interested in supporting it10:59
ricotzthey have their reasons to remove those things before11:02
darkxstricotz, that was just because they removed gmenu code11:02
darkxstthey never explicitly checked it11:02
davidschererWhat's the difference between Ubuntu GNOME and GNOME3?11:06
darkxstdavidscherer, GNOME3 is a Desktop Environment11:11
darkxstUbuntu GNOME is Ubuntu with GNOME3!11:11
davidschererOh, so Ubuntu Gnome is the full ubuntu Disto with GNOME3 shipped instead of Unity?11:12
darkxstdavidscherer, yes!11:12
davidschererWhich means I should just install GNOME3 since Ubuntu is already installed.11:12
darkxstdavidscherer, see the instructions here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/ReleaseNotes/12.10#Upgrade11:13
davidschererIt says this will diables ubuntu-desktop? Is that Unity?11:18
darkxstthat is a meta package that pulls in all of the ubuntu stuff like unity11:18
darkxstremoving it won't actually remove anything though11:18
davidschererThanks. :)11:21
ronjHi, I just installed 13.04+gnome3-ppa and love it but I have a few quirks needing ironing, could you help me? 1. Even though a CLI search for something (e.g. 'track-search invoice'), the bottom part of my 3.8 Activities search (supposed to return tracker search results) returns nothing. What am I doing wrong? Note: I think I saw it working, it may be a regression of yesterday's tracker PPA updates. and 2. If search works and documents are returned, is th12:49
ronjere a way to have them opened (Return key) with their *associated application* instead of the 'Documents' application?12:49
ronjmaybe I should note that I'm using an encrypted home, using Ubuntu's install-time "encrypt my data" checkbox, is that a problem?12:50
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user2345anyone know how i can put ubuntugnome on usb?15:01
jbichauser2345: try the "How to create a bootable USB stick" links towards the bottom of http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop15:02
user2345thx but doesn't work15:04
bassogames seem to work quite nice with gnome-shell 3.8 and nvidia 31316:09
bassono vertical tearing or strange lags :)16:09
bassobut i cant see the appindicator for steam anywhere :O16:10
bassoyou can't close apps on the dash?16:30
camelinahatbasso, I don't understand what you mean you can't close apps on the dash? You should be able to close any of them with the X in the overview or the window itself. But no you can't use the icon on the dash itself to close the application.16:45
bassocamelinahat: more like having 6 terminal windows and want to close the all at the same time? :P16:46
camelinahatHeh, nope, unfortunately not.16:51
CzechHello, what is the default e-mail client in Ubuntu Gnome 13.04? Evolution or Thunderbird?18:06
CzechIs there anyone?18:09
camelinahatHi Czech. It's thunderbird18:12
camelinahatOh wait sorry.18:12
camelinahatI was thinking web. I believe it is Evolution.18:12
CzechI am thinking about two scenarios. 1) Install Ubuntu and + install Gnome 3.8 or install Gnome Ubuntu + install Gnome 3.8.18:15
camelinahatIs there any particular reason you want Unity etc?18:15
CzechNo. I want use Gnome 3.8.18:16
ronj<camelinahat> I was thinking web. I believe it is Evolution. >> I confirm it is.18:17
CzechI like to use Gnome and Firefox and Thunderbird.18:18
camelinahatThen personally I'd recommend just going with Ubuntu GNOME, and leave the main distro out. It keep updates to a minimum and no worries about conflicts. (Some parts of GNome 3.8 conflict with Unity for packages).18:18
CzechI do not like Evolution...18:18
camelinahatCzech, It's easy to just apt-get Thunderbird, no need to use evolution if you don't want. That's what I'm doing.18:18
ronj+1 to camelinahat, Czech you should install Ubuntu GNOME (+ the PPA to get most GNOME stuff upgraded to 3.8) and apt-get install thunderbird, you'll be better served18:19
CzechYes but completly uninstall of Evolution is sometime problem.18:19
ronjCzech, I don't know about that, I leave it installed and leave it untouched, it causes no harm18:20
camelinahatAgreed. Some components like Gnome contacts interact with Evolution and you start removing things can cause breakage. Eitherway it's 'recommended'. Just simply don't use it and you won't even see it.18:22
CzechI understand. But I like clear system.18:22
CzechOk, I have to go... Thanks for discusion.18:23
camelinahatNp. but just keep in mind you'll have a much more 'clear' system with Ubuntu GNOME + PPA (even if Evolution is installed) than standard Ubuntu + GNOME + PPA18:23
jbichaby "completely uninstal of Evolution", don't try to remove evolution-data-server18:23
jbichaEDS is a core part of a GNOME system and it's used by more things than just Evolution18:24
ronjjbicha, like the calendar stuff in the top bar?18:24
camelinahatThanks jbicha. I knew some components were, but didn't know specifically which18:26
arpui installed the gnome ppa on fresh "normal" ubuntu 13.04 install20:24
arpui have some problems to add online accounts for empathy if i open the accounts options all are empty20:24
arpuanyone an idea?20:24
cmathesonarpu: you have to use ubuntu-online-accounts for account setup20:26
arpucmatheson, hi i think i use ubuntu-online accounts20:27
arpugoogle chat works fine  but icq or jabber the options are empty20:27
cmathesonoh ok, sorry.  i don't know why that would be20:29
jbichaarpu: you need to install the appropriate plugins20:32
arpuhi jbicha20:35
arpuaccount-plugin-icq : Hängt ab von: empathy (= 3.6.4-0ubuntu4) aber 3.7.92-0ubuntu1~raring1 soll installiert werden20:35
arpusorry for the german20:35
jbichaoh you're using the Staging PPA20:36
jbichaif you need empathy to work you may want to ppa-purge the gnome3-staging ppa20:37
arpuok i will try20:37
arpujbicha,  same problem :/ after install the account-plugin-icq20:42
arpui can select icq but after this the options menu is empty20:43
jbichaarpu: I don't know then, there's more people available in #ubuntu that might be able to help you troubleshoot21:09
arpuok thx jbicha but i think this is a gnome shell problem i am on debugging21:09
arpudoes it for on you gnome shell ubuntu install?21:10
darkxstjbicha, we don't want the ubuntu privacy panel, right?21:10
shinobi_oneDoes Ubuntu 12.10 gnome-remix upgrade to 13.04?21:48
darkxstshinobi_one, yes, but make sure to remove any ppa'a first21:50
shinobi_onedarkxst: what exactly do you mean remove any ppas first?21:51
darkxstshinobi_one, like gnome3 PPA, but if your not using them, then don't worry about that!21:52
shinobi_onedarkxst: I've added quite a few PPAs over the course of my 12.10 gnome-remix installation lol21:52
shinobi_onedarkxst: I don't believe I added a separate Gnome 3 PPA though if that's the one that would cause an issue21:54
darkxstshinobi_one, anything that updates core libraries could cause issues21:54
darkxstthings like Xorg-edgers, gnome3 etc..21:55
shinobi_oneIndependent and Independent (Source Code)?21:56
darkxstshinobi_one, what is that?22:02
shinobi_oneHell if I know :P22:03
shinobi_oneI'm guessing it's the optional 3rd party sources to include upon installation, such as mpeg codec and what not?22:03
jbichadarkxst: why? did you figure out how to get external panels working?22:05
darkxstjbicha, yes22:05
shinobi_onedoes about 1,004M sound right for an upgrade from 12.10 gnome-remix to 13.10?22:23
atrusnot crazy far off.... that's a bit more than an installation CD22:26
darkxstjbicha, although language-selector crashes when I try to launch it ;(22:44
darkxstoh thats just jhbuild messing things up I guess22:45
shinobi_oneatrus: Well I would assume it's upgrading other packages beyond just core packages right? such as things I've installed?22:51
darkxstshinobi_one, yes its upgrades everything you have installed22:55
shinobi_oneThat would probably be where the size > install cd23:00
shinobi_onecomes from*23:04
shinobi_oneDid gnome-remix just become Ubuntu Gnome?23:10
arpuhttp://paste.railsbox.eu/show/717/someone an idea what the problem is here ?23:13
jbichaarpu: I think the basic problem is that we need to update gedit-plugins in the gnome3 ppa to the latest version23:15
jbichadarkxst: um yes I think it would be better to stick with GNOME's privacy panel and people can use the standalone Unity Privacy panel if they need it23:19
jbichait would be nice if zeitgeist would respect the GNOME privacy settings and it would be nice if Unity would adapt their panels to fit with the new GNOME 3.8 stuff but I don't see anyone that will work on that23:20
jbichaI see that activity-log-manager is segfaulting here with the staging ppa23:20
jbichaGLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_application_list_actions: assertion `application->priv->is_registered' failed23:21
arpujbicha you mean gedit-plugins-3.8.1 ?23:34

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