pabs3the Ubuntu alternate installer is no longer produced and I would like to build my own Ubuntu alternate installer with some preseeding and extra packages. do Lubuntu/etc document how they do this, or is there a guide for doing this?04:36
xnoxpabs3: there is wiki pages on how to remaster or build your own alternate cd.06:21
xnoxit's well standard d-i / server cds but with different set of packages.06:21
xnoxit's all build using cdimage which is a public bzr branch on launchpad.06:21
xnoxnote, that I only remaster cds and never build a full image from scratch by myself =)06:22
pabs3do you have a link to the wiki pages you mentioned?06:22
pabs3yeah, we currently only remaster, unfortunately after quantal remastering isn't an option06:23
pabs3after precise I mena06:23
xnoxpabs3: google for it? it's on wiki.ubuntu.com something like "customize cd"06:25
* xnox is on small connection at the moment and waiting for one webpage to load06:25
* pabs3 finds https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UGR/IsoBuilder06:34
* pabs3 bzr clone lp:ubuntu-cdimage06:38
pabs3xnox: seems like it requires a full mirror?07:02
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xnoxpabs3: preffered or at least a partial mirror.16:57
xnoxpabs3: e.g. you can install apt-proxy-ng and point the mirrror to be "localhost:3142/ubuntu"16:58
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