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costalesHi czajkowski. I can't access to the #ubuntu-lococouncil channel yet. Could you review the user please? :) Thanks in advance!18:38
costalesMaybe I have to talk with itnet7 ? :)18:40
czajkowskicostales: invited, but the others can do it also18:45
costalesPerfect! I can access now! :D Thanks czajkowski18:47
costalesUhm, I can't access now18:49
costales20:48 -!- Cannot join to channel #ubuntu-lococouncil (You must be invited)18:50
costalesIs the invitation just for the current IRC session? :O18:50
czajkowskiitnet7: if you can help that wuld be great 18:51
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itnet7costales: sorry20:15
itnet7let me look into it20:15

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