PatrickDickeyHi there. I was just curious as to whether the branch for saucy has been created yet or not. There are a couple of things in the Troublehsooting section that I want to start on as soon as possible (GRUB2 for one), so I was hoping the branch is there.11:14
CarstenGHi Patrick12:27
CarstenGYes, the saucy branch is already open12:27
CarstenGRaring is moved from lp:ubuntu-manual to lp:ubuntu-manual/raring, and saucy is now lp:ubuntu-manual12:29
PatrickDickeyAhhh thanks CarstenG. I'll have to re-run the branch command then. Thanks. :)13:14
PatrickDickeyI'm downloading it now, and I'll add the 06-root-directories.png file in the screenshots, since that always gets removed when it shouldn't.13:16
PatrickDickeyI've got it added, but there's a lock on the branch on launchpad. So, I'll try when I wake up later, as I'm guessing Kevin or Hannie still has a lock in place.13:20
CarstenGThat was me.13:35
CarstenGOne moment, I will try to fix this.13:35
CarstenGok, I have done a »bzr break-lock«13:37
CarstenGIt should work now.13:37
CarstenGCan you try it again?13:38
teolemoni was wondering whether it was possible to automate screenshots16:57
teolemonby emulating keystrokes and taking keystrokes once everything is in place16:58
godbykteolemon: There are some tools to do that sort of thing, but I'm afraid we're not currently using them.17:48
CarstenGHi teolemon: I had a short conversation last week in the #ubuntu-doc channel about this topic. They have a script »collect-screenshots.sh« Maybe we can adapt this for our purpose?18:27
CarstenGSee http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/04/23/%23ubuntu-doc.html for details.18:27
teolemonsylvie indeed tells me there's an outdated scropt18:28
CarstenGI did not yet looked into it...18:28
teolemonif we want to scale to many languages we need to find a way to make it easily editable18:28
CarstenGDoes she mean the same?18:28
teolemonfor every release18:29
teolemoncqdf93 ?18:29
cqfd93yes, teolemen18:31
teolemonsame script as CarstenG ?18:31
cqfd93Quickshot, yes, but I've never tried it18:32
CarstenGThe mentioned script from the docs team is http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-docs/raring/view/head:/collect-screenshots.sh18:34
teolemonhow many screenshots to take ?18:52
teolemoni'll be back in an hour or so18:57
cqfd9386, and I've already done 11 of them19:04
cqfd93Starting from tomorrow, I'll be offline for a few days, but I'll be able to take more screenshots and I'll push them when I get back19:05
CarstenGok, see you all.20:17
CarstenGgood night.20:17

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