mlankhorstRAOF: I was hitting a failure mode on a hybrid system, I don't know yet what exactly it was but it had something to do with being hybrid10:33
mlankhorstalso seems like mir lacks support for backlight and dpms off :P10:46
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robert_ancellthomi, can you disable all the quantal CI/autolanding for packages in the Mir staging PPA? We only support raring now22:16
robert_ancellthomi, also, any update on the lightdm autolanding?22:16
thomirobert_ancell: re: quantal, sure thing.22:17
thomirobert_ancell: re lightdm... you don't mean lightdm, do you?22:17
robert_ancellthomi, I mean autolanding from lp:~mir-team/lightdm/unity into the staging PPA22:18
robert_ancell(or is that just a side-effect of CI?)22:18
thomirobert_ancell: ahh, gotchya, let me check where that is at22:18
JoseeAntonioRhey guys, anyone around who can help me with a Mir problem?22:18
robert_ancellthomi, I'll do a manual upload if it's going to take time - but point me to the packaging branch22:19
thomisure, one sec22:19
robert_ancellJoseeAntonioR, depends on what the problem is!22:19
JoseeAntonioRso, basically, I manually start mir and its dependencies (by adding the package to the ppa and apt-get), I create the file, and then  go to the VT122:20
JoseeAntonioRexecute the command to run Mir natively, and I get a black screen, even after a minute or so22:20
robert_ancellJoseeAntonioR, yeah, it doesn't display anything by default. So black screen is correct22:20
robert_ancellRAOF_, ^ see, we do need mir --retro!22:21
thomirobert_ancell: just to confirm, the source branch should be lp:~mir-team/lightdm/unity, and not lp:~mir-team/lightdm/mir  (which is what is currently configured)22:21
robert_ancellthomi, yes, I renamed it22:21
thomirobert_ancell: ok, will be one very soon, just gotta re-deploy22:21
robert_ancellthomi, ta22:21
JoseeAntonioRwell, but there's something else, it uninstalled the ubuntu-desktop package when doing apt-get dist-upgrade22:22
robert_ancellJoseeAntonioR, you can run demo_client to see something22:22
JoseeAntonioRrobert_ancell: how should I?22:22
robert_ancellJoseeAntonioR, try reinstalling ubuntu-desktop and see what new packages it needs to pull in22:22
robert_ancellJoseeAntonioR, just run it from another VT22:22
robert_ancelland then switch back22:22
JoseeAntonioRalready reinstalled ubuntu-desktop as it didn't want to boot, and had to go into restore mode to reinstall22:23
JoseeAntonioRwant the package list?22:23
robert_ancellJoseeAntonioR, nah, sounds like something else went wrong - be sure to check what packages are being removed when running dist-upgrade!22:23
JoseeAntonioRyeah, will do next time, just give me a sec to test mir again22:24
thomirobert_ancell: FYI: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomir/cupstream2distro-config/lightdm-tweaks/+merge/16151922:25
thomiwe're reviewing & deploying now22:25
thomirobert_ancell: lightdm daily-builds go into a separate PPA (lightdm-team/daily) - do you still want precise & quantal support for that?22:31
robert_ancellthomi, yes22:31
robert_ancellthomi, still being reviewed?23:12
thomirobert_ancell: sorry - got distracted - just doing it now :-/23:14
thomirobert_ancell: being deployed as we speak23:28
robert_ancellthomi, huh, the MP still says needs review23:29
thomirobert_ancell: hit F523:29
thomiok, so we gotta wait for it to merge23:30
thomiFrancis says "5 minutes"23:30
robert_ancellthomi, will lightdm build or do I need to make a commit to prompt it?23:38
thomirobert_ancell: ok, the lightdm-mir config update has been deployed - the other changes will get deployed later (we need to wait for some existing jenkins jobs to complete)23:41
thomirobert_ancell: and it should pick up the MPs automatically23:41
thomirobert_ancell: if you have a specific MP that you care about, link me and I can monitor it23:42
robert_ancellthomi, no specific MP, I just want it to put a package into the PPA23:42

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