snailhttps://twitter.com/xwindowsystem heh00:56
ojwbdoesn't post very often - i guess wifi reception is patchy under bridges01:03
snailojwb: probably posts after every successful build01:10
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hadsI like the new Unity button icon22:00
hadsAlso, opening the dash hasn't used all my CPU for n seconds yet which is neat.23:08
* mwhudson is lusting after a new phone23:16
mwhudson2degrees seems to have a pretty good deal on a nexus 4...23:16
mwhudsonalthough it seems that they might be somewhat backlogged...23:18
hadsThe N4 is great. The only complaint I have about mine is the glass back is so slippery if you put it on a couch or something it *will* fall off, even if the surface looks flat.23:22
hadsNot really a complaint though so you can take from that that it's a great phone.23:22
mwhudsonhads: where did you get yours from?23:23
hadsAustralian Google Play23:24
hadsProxy through Au somehow and you can save quite a few $23:24
lifelessI picked mine up in the US23:24
hadsHappy with it?23:25
lifelesssame slidiness issue23:25
hadsIt's amazing what it can slide off isn't it?23:25
ollyLG = Low Grip23:25
hadsAmuses me that it can fall off something a minute or more after you put it there. Ultra slowly sliding down a tiny incline.23:26
* olly wonders if there's an app which uses the tilt sensor and sounds an alarm23:27
Golly: accelerometer + the compass for tilt, I guess23:28
ollywhy do you need the compass?23:28
ollygravity acts down whichever way north is23:29
Golly: isn't it the compass in the phones that show the magnetic field/elevation?23:29
Gerr not elevation, but rather tilt23:29
Gno wait, thats the gyro, brain isn't working today23:29
ollymy phone has no compass, but can show which way is down23:29
ollyit is possible to get down from the magnetic field, but it's fiddly and needs some sort of calibration23:30
ollyi believe it requries 3 coils23:30
Ghads: I actually did the math, technically you could buy it via the Australian store, fly over to pick it up, claim the Aussie GST back, fly back, and it's within $50-$100 of the 2Degrees price23:31
Gbut you get a holiday out of it too23:31
mwhudsonhow much is it in aussie?23:34
Gexcept, the math may be wrong now, because it looks like 2Degrees have knocked $100 off the price23:34
mwhudsonit's only $699 on 2degress now and you'd be doing well to get the flights for that i think?23:34
Gmwhudson: hold on, let me hunt my work IRC logs23:35
mwhudsonnot sure about 8 gb vs 16 gb i guess23:36
G16GB = A$399, when my Aussie colleague checked March 27, $349 for the 8GB23:36
Gbut yeah, this was when 2D were marketing the price as $800, and A$399 =~ NZ$50023:37
mwhudsonoh ok23:37
* G checks to see if Harvey Norman have dropped the price to match23:38
Gtypical I guess, and a pity too23:39
G(I have Harvey Norman vouchers to spend)23:40

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