ubottuPlymouth manages the Ubuntu boot process (before the root filesystem is mounted) and also provides a graphical boot animation.  To change your Plymouth theme use « sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u »00:05
Jordan_U!no plymouth is <reply> Plymouth is an application that runs very early in the boot process (even before the root filesystem is mounted!) that provides a graphical boot animation while the boot process happens in the background. To change your Plymouth theme use « sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u »00:05
ubottuI'll remember that Jordan_U00:05
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (BitcoinTicker)03:18
lotuspsychjeHi all, i have a sugestion for a new trigger for #ubuntu03:25
IdleOnelotuspsychje: just a moment please03:26
IdleOnedank101: what is so funny?03:26
dank101IdleOne, a chan of Ops03:26
IdleOnewas that all you wanted to do, waste time?03:26
dank101i'll shut up now03:26
IdleOnePlease part this channel unless you have business here.03:26
IdleOnelotuspsychje: How can I help you :)03:27
lotuspsychjei was thinking of a trigger the same way !info does for packages03:28
lotuspsychjebut more to help new users03:28
lotuspsychje!install packagename | username03:28
lotuspsychjeso the bot would username: sudo apt-get install packagename03:28
lotuspsychje(if this system not already exist)03:29
IdleOneI'm not sure if that would be a good idea or not. How would it be better than telling the user yourself?03:30
lotuspsychjemaybe speed and ease03:31
lotuspsychjeits just an idea03:31
IdleOnesomething to look into03:31
lotuspsychjeok tnx for listening03:31
IdleOneThanks for the suggestion.03:31
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MyrttiI clearly need to spend less time on IRC when I find it offensive that a person that I've given advice on #lubuntu comes to #ubuntu to confirm what I've told them11:52
MyrttiI clearly care way too much11:52
bazhangor care12:02
bazhangbumscum was telling people to reinstall, pull hw, and other grand advice12:03
k1lQuest: when will you take this channel out of autoconnect?12:43
Questk1l,  cant help. gone through every config. please ban me here14:03
Myrttiit's Xchat14:07
Tm_Tif you cannot stop autojoins with your client, I recommend switching the client14:55
MyrttiQuest: I'm 100% sure you can remove the channel from autojoin in xchat14:59
QuestMyrtti,  i never feeded it in any list15:02
bazhangedit server Ubuntu servers auto join list delete #ubuntu , save16:00
bazhang<betrayd> fede be careful, he was able to reset your user16:28
bazhangunless I'm missing it, he's talking about dr_willis16:30
bazhang@mark #ubuntu betrayd] (~jazz@pool-96-231-61-67.washdc.fios.verizon.net): jazz   giving out various false "warning" "beware" counter-advice16:32
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:32
ettestoNick Parhs is sending disturbing unwanted private messages in #ubuntu17:26
ettestoParhs from #ubuntu17:26
IdleOneettesto: Can you PM the message to me please17:29
bazhangbetrayd's nonsense "support" and c0mputer still found the answer17:36
bazhang<betrayd> c0mputer: isn't that like blood on a tshirt, where you're trying to get the stain off with the right detergent, when theres a more pressing problem at hand17:37
bazhangubottu random much17:37
bazhangubuntu one has a windows version?18:09
Tm_Tit did have windows mobile thingy for syncing contacts too18:10
LjLbazhang: for a while the ubuntu.com homepage was like GET UBUNTU ONE FOR WINDOWS NOW                                                                                                   ([tiny font] Download Ubuntu)18:10
Tm_Tdidn't work that well, but I haven't seen well-working solution for that anyway18:10
bazhangLjL, thanks for the nightmare image18:11
Myrttiwhy wouldn't it have a Windows version?18:11
bazhangit's "ubuntu" one?18:11
bazhangbug #118:12
ubottubug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118:12
bazhangthat changed quite a bit18:12
Myrttiwhat has that have to do with the fact that interoperability between operating systems is an excellent way of making sure customers are happy with a product?18:12
bazhangformerly there was a reference to a mental facility18:12
Myrttishock horror, even people who use Ubuntu might need to use Windows from time to time18:13
MyrttiI have the beta Mac client on the living room Mac Mini so I can get my CV latex files on that too easily18:13
DJonesThis was the email I received in November 2010 re Ubuntu One windows client http://privatepaste.com/694060b26718:14
bazhangthats sensible, but then killing wubi at the same time?18:14
Myrttithe issues aren't even on the same planet18:14
bazhangthe reports of wubi's demise are exaggerated18:15
bazhangstill found on 13.04 iso18:15
Tm_Tbazhang: U1 Windows client has been around since... 200something18:15
bazhangTm_T, thats good to know18:16
Tm_Tpretty much from the beginning18:16
Tm_Talso I love Android client18:16
MyrttiI can't even18:16
bazhangI use go-mtpfs for that18:17
Unit193It's not been pushed into Debian yet, sooo.18:17
bazhangnever mind me... I just got +v in #defocus18:18
Myrttibazhang: may I ask what's your opinion about Dropbox or Spideroak having a Linux client?18:34
bazhangMyrtti, not sure, why18:36
Myrttibecause there's more business sense in Ubuntu One having a Windows client than there is in Dropbox having a Linux client18:36
Myrttibusiness and customer care sense18:37
IdleOneUbuntu One was only named that to try and capitalise on the Ubuntu brand. From the start it was always intended to be a for profit product.18:37
bazhangMyrtti, yes, so I made a single comment about ubuntu one and windows version18:38
Tm_TI rather see Ubuntu brand used as a bridge than a barier (:18:38
Tm_Tbarrier even18:38
IdleOneThey could have called it Canonical One but then they would have had to rename the plane18:38
IdleOneor start doing cargo transport18:38
ubottuIn #ubuntu, JAF2801 said: !ohmy what is that19:04
Jordan_UDJones: Just a reminder that, unless you remove the ban floodbot added, JAF2801 won't be able to speak after rejoining via webchat (and won't be able to join from a normal client).19:07
DJonesCheers, didn't realise that19:07
DJonesON the other hand...19:10
DJones20:10 <  JAF2801> YOu know, I have ways of making you unban me19:10
DJones20:10 <  JAF2801> I have developed freenode19:10
DJonesvia pm19:10
Tm_Tlove is in the air19:11
IdleOneDJones: I sense 1337 hax0r19:11
MyrttiEvery sight and every sound...19:11
DJonesI smell something that belongs in a farmyard...19:12
IdleOneThe real question is19:12
IdleOneCan you smell what the ROCK is cooking!?19:12
Myrttiis he cooking it on his George Foreman?19:13
DJonesNope, but a Real American will smack his ass down :)19:13
DJonesAlthough, how many real americans wear yellow tank tops & have a tache19:13
* Tm_T huggles all19:14
Myrttiare you mistaking him for Hulk Hogan now?19:14
DJonesWell, Idleone/Hulk Hogan, its an easy mistake to make19:16
DJonesPersonally, I prefered the hart foundation or the ultimate warrior19:16
Jordan_UThat was fun.19:29
DJonesWon't take them long to come back, after all, they developed freenode19:31
Unit193Quest: <+bazhang> edit server Ubuntu servers auto join list delete #ubuntu , save    also you could try grep ubuntu-ops ~/.xchat2/* -R19:33
bazhangwhoops delete #ubuntu-ops in that instance19:34
Questhope not to see you here again19:34
bazhangyou will need to logout and back in for that to take effect19:35
Questshould i leave?19:35
bazhang<agliodbs> please ban Parhs.  He just PM'd me a pornographic spam image19:46
bazhangthats the second report on him19:46
DJonesAnd we have JAF2801 asking for a cloak #f19:49
Fuchswhat is wrong with him?19:49
Fuchsbe more verbose please19:50
IdleOnehe wants the cloak so he can try to evade a ban in #ubuntu19:50
DJonesFuchs: 20:10 <  JAF2801> YOu know, I have ways of making you unban me19:50
Fuchsthat is more verbose, thank you19:50
DJonesThat was via pm19:50
DJonesFuchs: You should know them anyway -> 20:10 <  JAF2801> I have developed freenode19:51
DJonesMaybe they want a freenode/staff cloak :)19:52
Fuchsk1l: also just as a minor sidenote: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.ch/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html   ;)19:52
LjLi allot a lot of time to read about alot19:53
Unit193Fuchs: \o/  I wanted to hit !alot but I (almost) never do!19:54
funkyHatalot ⡈)19:54
FuchsI wasn't aware that there is a factoid, and I hate bots ;)19:54
Fuchsanyway, the cloak was denied, as you probably have noticed.19:55
Unit193Fuchs: Understandable, the factoid also links to http://www.arixystix.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/alotmonster03.jpg but sadly not my favorite: http://i.imgur.com/7M4Xz.jpg19:58
bazhang<invariant> thenoob, you weren't expecting Ubuntu people to ever fix anything, were you?20:18
bazhanggot him in PM20:35
bazhanghe wants #ubuntu to be shut down, or at least have the topic changed20:35
bazhanginvariant> "We can barely make it boot ourselves, but perhaps we can help".20:35
bazhangI forgot to ask if he was using wubi20:36
bazhang<supertough> I don't use evolution uninstall that will also get rid of ubuntu unity20:59
bazhangI saw no sign of evolution in 13.04 fresh install20:59
bazhang<bambam1> Does it take a long time because USC has to ask Amazon and Canonical's other ad partners if it's okay?21:50
bazhang<troll detected>21:50
Myrttiplease take some time looking at your bans and quiets, I have a feeling there's quite a few that could be removed, for example some banforwards to this channel21:58
MyrttiI removed some of old banforwards to ##fyc21:59

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