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LargePrimeHello.  12.0 server on a dedicated host.  what is the best way to add virtual hosts?  link or google?01:28
* Fieldy is confused01:38
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azazel91can somewho tell me why i am unable to connect to localhost02:45
patdk-lapexplain, connect to localhost02:46
azazel91the main index page its suppose to show a message on the screen02:47
patdk-lapthen, there is atleast one of the following 3 issues02:47
patdk-lapwebserver not running02:48
patdk-lapwebserver not listening on localhost02:48
patdk-lapfirewall blocking localhost02:48
azazel91well does restarting apache 2 count i tried it and i failed02:49
patdk-lapthat doesn't count for anything02:49
patdk-laphave you check the output of netstat -atnp02:49
azazel91no whats that for02:50
CalphoolDoes anybody know how to disable the Super key over XRDP?  It seems to be stuck on, and I don't even care about it, but it prevents me from typing the letter L when running over RDP.02:55
CalphoolIt also screws up the enter key02:56
patdk-laphappens for me using rdp sometimes, I normally just hit the superkey a few times to unstick it02:56
CalphoolUnfortunately I remote with a thinkpad, and it doesn't even have a super key... I'm looking for a way to disable the super keys altogether.02:57
patdk-lapI do also, and every thinkpad I have seen has it02:57
patdk-lapit's kind of required, expecially for win802:57
CalphoolThinkpad T42 has no super key02:58
CalphoolWhen I remote with a Mac, I have the same problem, and nothing seems to make the Super key go away there either.02:58
CalphoolI've disabled every super key combination that's in the ccsm app, but apparently Super+L is something special.03:00
CalphoolHow is it that I always end up with the bugs nobody has ever heard of?03:06
patdk-lapwell, super+l in windows is lock screen03:08
patdk-lapin ubuntu, I forget exactly what it is, it changed recently though03:09
CalphoolYeah, and apparently in 12.04 as well.03:09
patdk-lapwell, it changed before 12.0403:09
CalphoolIt locks, and then asks me to give a password03:09
Calphool...but all I'm tying is an L03:09
CalphoolThere are bug reports all over the place that are similar regarding the D key, but mine is the L key.03:10
CalphoolI've tried 3 different RDP clients on 3 different machines, and they all do it, so I'm pretty sure it's something wrong with xrdp.03:10
Calphool...but I've updated xrdp, and it doesn't fix it.03:10
CalphoolThe D key work around is simply to unmap super-D in the keyboard applet, but that doesn't work for Super+L, because it's not in there.03:11
patdk-lapit can be unmapped03:11
patdk-lapI have remapped it before03:11
CalphoolAny idea how?03:12
CalphoolI've tried several things.03:12
CalphoolThe only thing I haven't tried is a custom ~/.Xmodmap file, because I don't seem to have one, and I'm not sure how it gets created.03:12
CalphoolSooo... that's saying I need to accept a new gnome-settings-daemon03:25
izanagisanquick question: I selected PostgreSQL during the isntallation of UbuntuServer 12.04, and it installed Postgres 9.1. Should I not select it and manually install Postgres 9.2? I thought even if it was UbuntuServer 12.04, it would fetch the latest version of Postgres03:26
sarnoldizanagisan: not generally; within each release, we try to keep things stable so there are no surprises upon upgrades03:30
sarnoldizanagisan: firefox is the only exception I can think of off the top of my head, but that is a bit of a special case because it is too huge to select individual fixes for bugs _and_ upstream does not provide any support for older releases03:31
CalphoolHmmm... doesn't appear to be a gnome-settings-daemon in precise-proposed....03:32
sarnoldizanagisan: there's a slightly similar story with e.g. mysql, where we ship the latest point release -- upstream does not provide support for older point releases, but at least they do support e.g. mysql 5.1, 5.5, and 5.6 for a little while simultaneously..03:32
izanagisansarnold: thanks for the info!. But then, there should be no problem installing Postgres 9.2 manually on 12.04, right?03:35
sarnoldizanagisan: I would expect that to work, yes :)03:36
Calphoolhmmm... looks like maybe there was a proposed patch for this bug, but maybe it got stomped.03:52
LargePrimeI have a user i added to www-data.  They cannot seem to edit files in /var/www.  Sorry for the noobish.  what did i do wrong?03:56
sarnoldLargePrime: I feel that 'www-data' is misnamed. You should not have your web data actually writable by the webserver -- the webserver should really only have write access to its log files, database sockets if you need them, and a directory for users to upload things if they need to upload things03:57
sarnoldLargePrime: if it were me, I'd make a new 'www' group and give _that_ group write access to the data. That way you can leave the www-data default alone, even though it is confusing.03:57
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LargePrimesarnold: that is an interesting oint04:43
LargePrimealso point04:43
LargePrimecrap i just blew up all my web pages04:44
sarnoldLargePrime: eek04:57
LargePrimethe guys over in apache saved my but05:37
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Davieyadam_g: approved :)06:13
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Wiz_KeeDhello everyone08:13
Wiz_KeeDI've installed lamp on ubuntu 12.04 (virtual box) with sudo apt-get  install lamp-server^ phpmyadmin08:13
Wiz_KeeDnow i access the ip address an absolutely nothing happens, and the only thing in /var/log/apache2/error.log is [Mon Apr 29 09:57:51 2013] [notice] Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.3.10-1ubuntu3.6 with Suhosin-Patch configured -- resuming normal operations08:13
Wiz_KeeDdoes anyone have any idea what's wrong?08:14
greppyWiz_KeeD: define "nothing happens"08:42
swHi, trying to connect to a server running VNC Server via VNC Viewer but getting the error 'VNC Server has no security types configured. Please check VNC Server configuration and try again.'. What's this mean?08:48
Wiz_KeeDgreppy, the access log doesn't show anything and it simply says page not found08:50
alanm_hi al. I have a dell server with dual raid controllers and 10x4TB disks. I have configured two raid 5's with 5 disks each and am trying to use mdadm to raid them together in a raid1 mirror. both raid disks have gpt partition tables and a single maximum size partition (16TB) but no matter what I do, mdadm will only create a software raid of 690GB10:43
alanm_i read that dmraid supports petabyte size raidsets10:43
alanm_so why does this happen?10:43
alanm_sdb: Number  Start (sector)    End (sector)  Size       Code  Name 1              40     31251759070   14.6 TiB    FD00  Linux RAID10:44
alanm_sdc is the same10:44
alanm_software raid created with:10:44
alanm_mdadm --create /dev/md0 --level=1 --raid-devices=2 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc110:45
alanm_but results in 690gb raid :(10:45
alanm_mdadm --grow max makes no changes10:45
Jeeves_Hmm, that's odd10:45
alanm_Jeeves_: indeed10:46
alanm_it doesn't seem to be a software restriction.. according to google10:47
alanm_but i could be wrong of course10:47
patdk-lapalanm_, what ubuntu version?11:09
alanm_patdk-lap: 12.0411:19
alanm_i actually fixed it..11:19
alanm_instead of using linux_raid as the partition type, it only seems to work with normal linux partition11:19
alanm_which is odd11:19
alanm_but it's working now and using the full size of the disks11:20
patdk-lapit probably caused mdadm to use an older version11:20
alanm_could be11:21
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smoserroaksoax, around ?12:54
roaksoaxsmoser: here12:55
smoserroaksoax, i was trying to follow : http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smoser/maas/maas-pkg-test/view/head:/maas-ephemeral-test-quantal.txt for raring to test the daily ephemeral images for promotion of raring.12:55
smoserit seems the 'node-group-interfaces' sub-command of maas-cli is gone now12:56
smoserer..i i guess i'm more specifically interested in how i do the 'node-group-interface' on line 11312:56
roaksoaxsmoser: huh? that cant be possible12:57
roaksoaxthere hasnt been any major changes that prevent that12:57
smoserhm.. i have to run. i guess its possible that broke / changed in quantal and i just didn't realize it.12:58
smoserbut it seems that i can only 'register' a node-group interface via 'node-groups' subcommand12:58
smoserdont knwo how i'd upate.12:58
smoseri have to run now. i want to get through this today.12:59
smoserso i'll bug you later.12:59
SharetelHi, as listed on the http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/HowTo_Install_Redmine_in_Ubuntu , I tried the option of usingWEBrick and added the file in /etc/init/redmine.conf . However, when I do service redmine start, I get this error: start: Job failed to start.13:35
wilmaaaahhi all13:44
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jamespagerbasak, did you have another bit of arm goodness for mongodb 2.4.x?14:00
jamespageI'm sure you passed me another patch but I can't find it.14:00
jamespagexnox, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5616014/14:02
jamespagenot sure whether I'm looking at a boost 1.53 change or something gcc 4.8 ish - any ideas?14:02
wilmaaaahi have a machine with two cpus, a kvm host, 12.04 server edition. now, after a "virsh nodeinfo" only one socket is shown with six cores but all twelve cores show up in /proc/cpuinfo. any ideas on how to go at this?14:12
mardraumwilmaaaah: can you test with a newer release, ideally 13.04? libvirt is well known for fun bugs :D14:26
mardraumif that's not easy, you should probably raise a bug14:27
eagles0513875hey guys i am using amavis + spamassassin + clamav in my postfix + dovecot setup there are emails coming in on a daily basis which are blatent spam yet the server is failing according to the email header due to dkim, and its an amavis softfail.14:36
eagles0513875is there a mechanism in amavis that i can set if softfails occur automatically flag them as spam then hardfails flag as spam as well for example14:36
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wilmaaaahmardraum: you think it's a bug not a config problem? upgrading is impossible, it's a production server. thanks for your opinion14:47
mardraumwilmaaaah: I think you should probably raise a bug on launchpad14:50
wilmaaaahi'll do so if i can't find anything like that on the webs14:51
wilmaaaahfirst i thought it had something to do with the kernel merging both sockets into one but that doesn't seem to be true, it showed14:55
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hallynzul: any reason not to push the 1.0.4 libvirt we were trying to FFE into saucy now?15:16
hallyn(suppose we could instaed go straight to 1.0.5-rc1)15:16
zulhallyn:  well 1.0.5 is out soon so why dont we wait until then?15:16
hallynwe should jsut try not to lose the work we put into making 1.0.4 work is all :)15:17
hallynbut ok, don't feel any need for busywork15:17
zulhallyn:  shouldnt be busy work just take the stuff we had for 1.0.4 and then bump it15:18
hallynzul: no, pushing 1.0.4 might be busywork, is what i meant15:18
zulah yeah15:19
hallynDaviey: hey, http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/released/streams/ doesn't exist ?15:23
utlemminghallyn: http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/streams/15:24
hallynDaviey: that was cut-pasted from your blog, fyi15:25
hallynutlemming: thanks15:26
eodchopHey guys. I have a 12.10 server installation. When I go to install mailtutils, it is dragging in a new version of mysql-common that is from 13.04, forcing a system update to 13.04. Is this a bug, any way around it?15:28
Davieyhallyn: poop, thanks15:29
jamespageadam_g, any chance you can review https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/precise/quantum-gateway/cond-restart/+merge/15879115:32
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rbasakjamespage: I don't remember right now. I definitely want to get this upstream, so I'll look at it again soon. Did you have a 2.4 package in progress anywhere?15:50
jamespagerbasak, lp:~james-page/ubuntu/saucy/mongodb/merge-2.4.315:50
rbasakjamespage: thanks!15:51
oz0neOk, this question might be ubuntu general, but got the lastest lts server running at a hosting center, i have no physical access to it. It got hacked thru a joomla extension, they escalated it to root. And now i wonder if it exist any guide to recover it over ssh. as i still got access to root. Does it exist any good guides or is the only option to call provider tomorrow and ask them to16:00
oz0nefresh install it and i have to use two days of configuring? Is it possible to rebuild a kernelimage, force it to boot with only the most nessescary modules. Or can i just forget about it, as my skill is way to low when i have to ask? : )16:00
rbasakWipe it and reinstall. That's the only way you can be certain that root doesn't remain compromised.16:06
rbasakTwo days of configuring? Look into configuration management so that it isn't so painful for you next time.16:07
resnoheh, when it happens again16:08
SpamapSjoomla is pretty much guaranteed to get hacked16:10
SpamapSnever seen such a crap dev model, they open holes as fast as they close them16:10
oz0nerbasak, i guess i will have to do that yeah. :) and resno hopefully that will be the last time they beat my server : ) (dreaming : )16:13
resnoSpamapS: ya, ive one install get hacked twice now16:14
resnoim not the sys admin on it, but ya16:14
oz0neSpamapS, i am not sure if wordpress is anybetter? Duno if it should be said load, but i am done with 3rd party (welcome to my server) extension, and have started to harden it with extra layers of security.16:14
resnowhat are you using to secure it oz0ne ?16:15
resnoim just curious16:15
SpamapSoz0ne: get a professional joomla or wordpress admin16:15
resnoSpamapS: you think its that serious to secure joomla?16:16
SpamapSIf you're not locking it down like crazy w/ apparmor, selinux, etc. .. you're just at the mercy of the horrible code16:16
SpamapSresno: yes, there are quite affordable joomla and wordpress hosting places that will relieve one from having to waste time and resources securing/recovering16:17
resnoah, something like that16:17
SpamapSTHe whole point of having a CMS like joomla or wordpress is to *NOT* spend time on these kinds of issues, and just publish content16:17
oz0neSpamapS and that point have failed so extremly16:17
SpamapSoz0ne: I have some friends in that business. They can help, and there are others. If you're not going to run hundreds of joomla sites, just stop, and pay somebody who will do it right.16:18
oz0neyeah, i should maybeconsider it. but it kinda hurts some innerfeelings aswell. have 6 years of expirence with programming, but can't keep my joomla site safe :c16:20
oz0nei could ofc blame it on to little linux expirence, but i am far from a beginner there aswell : )16:21
resnoits your site oz0ne ?16:21
oz0ne2-3 company sites close related, and ofc email etc16:21
oz0neSpamapS ok, i guess i used the wrong tech last time, cause then was the server like a Swiss cheese, and it was mybe the reason for that i thought i couldn't do it much worse myself.16:23
oz0netech company16:23
SpamapSoz0ne: being a good programmer is not really related to being a good operator.16:24
SpamapSoften those two jobs sit at opposite ends of the "I want change/I want stability" spectrum16:24
SpamapSoz0ne: you probably picked one that was hands-off16:25
SpamapSyou want a *joomla* shop16:25
SpamapSpeople who know how to make it run and how to secure it.16:25
oz0nesure, pass me a link and i will have a look at it16:25
resnoSpamapS: is that to a good operator cant be a good programmer?16:27
SpamapSresno: no, they can both be great at both jobs. See: devops16:27
SpamapSThe idea is to get them talking and collaborating so that the tension caused by opposing desires doesn't cause backlash.16:28
oz0nei just feel sad, i "can" hack but i can't mange to recover from rootkits :s16:28
SpamapSoz0ne: nobody can recover from rootkits16:28
SpamapSoz0ne: this is why you have data backups and code repositories16:28
resnoyou never know how deep they go16:29
resnobeyond bacula are there other reliable backup systems?16:29
SpamapSbacula is really heavyweight16:30
SpamapSrsync requires a lot of thought to get right16:31
SpamapSI've had good luck w/ bacula, but again.. its really designed for high scale16:32
resnowhats high scale? thousands of servers?16:32
SpamapSmore about the amount and frequency of backup16:32
SpamapSLike, I used it to backup 5 servers, but they had *millions* of files and hundreds of thousands of changes a day.16:33
resnooh heh16:33
SpamapSbeing able to take a path name and get it back rapidly was key16:33
resnowe've got a number of servers but really limited change day to day16:33
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xnoxjamespage: thank's for the patch. Interesting if it's a boost change or gcc4.8ish strictness.17:01
bjrohanHow do I get the "last" command to print in reverse order? Currently when I do so, it prints the most recent logins first, which is then at the top of my terminal. I would like the mst recent logins displayed at the bottom so that they are clostest to the prompt17:16
sarnoldbjrohan: last | tac17:17
sarnold(note, 'tac' is 'cat' spelled backwards. get it? haha.)17:17
bjrohansarnold: thank you, that does make sense, I was implementing it wrong by merely entering tac last17:19
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ak5hey how do I change my apaches umask setting?17:35
ak5Im on 12.0417:35
RoyKapache umask?17:36
ak5RoyK: yeah, how do I do that?17:36
RoyKfor what use?17:37
RoyKapache itself doesn't create files, php scripts or some modules may, though17:37
ak5I need group write permissions on all files created by www-data user17:37
RoyKexplain what you're trying to achive17:37
RoyKhow are they created?17:38
ak5RoyK: I have various php webapps17:38
ak5they create files17:38
RoyKthen normally it's up to the php script to set umask17:38
ak5I need them to have g+w permissions17:38
ak5RoyK: can I set it in the php.ini or something then?17:39
RoyKno, but setting umask before starting the apache process (in the init script) should work17:39
oz0neSpamapS may i ask you a offtopic?17:40
ak5RoyK: that seems kinda hacky - if I update initscripts it will need to be put back?17:41
ak5I will do it this way, I just want to know ^_^17:41
RoyKak5: try to ask on #httpd17:42
ak5RoyK: they told me about mod_umask how do I find which package this is in if at all? I tried the obvious (apt-cache search and google)17:47
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SpamapSoz0ne: ?? perhaps ask, and I can tell you if its offtopic :) privmsg if you are uncomfortable sharing w/ the group17:47
RoyKak5: perhaps there's a ppa somewhere - otherwise, you'll need to compile it17:48
* resno lays down17:49
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ak5what is this whoopsie daemon? Can I get rid of it safely?18:14
sarnoldak5: it's error reporting, see errors.ubuntu.com for a quick overview of what it does.. yes you can safely remove it18:14
LargePrimeyou gave me advise about www-data and ownership and modificatin of thoes files18:31
sarnoldLargePrime: yes18:40
LargePrimeare the loggs public?  i did not logg it18:43
sarnoldLargePrime: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/04/18:45
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LargePrimesarnold, can more than one group have access to a file?  ima a noob, but it seems the permissions are owner, group, and everyone.  If www-data is the group, would have 'www'  be the owner?20:44
RoyKLargePrime: you can use posix ACLs20:46
RoyKgoogle it20:47
sarnoldLargePrime: there -are- complicated ways (ACLs) that you can have multiple groups with access to a file, but if I recall what you wanted to do, it shouldn't require anything that complicated20:47
LargePrimewhat i was doing was trying to give users access to edit www-data files.  i added them to the group "www-data", but it seems they could not edit many of them.20:50
LargePrimethen you said http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/04/29/%23ubuntu-server.html#t03:5620:50
sarnoldLargePrime: if it were me, I think I'd have all the files owned as root, group is 'www', mode 664. then users in group 'www' can edit without any hassle, and the webserver can still read the files20:51
LargePrimebut then all files can be publicly read?  is that not a problem?20:53
sarnoldLargePrime: it's a website, right? the whole point is to put them where they can publicly read, no?20:53
LargePrimeI am noticing it is a hapit of many web applications to put security information in web files that are not to be read by everyone20:54
sarnoldyour database connection credentials should indeed not be readable by all :)20:55
hallyntoo many secrets!20:58
sarnoldhallyn :)20:59
RoyKhallyn: :)21:07
adam_gzul, where should i be comitting packaging changes now? for saucy/havana21:07
zuladam_g:  i would just use the raring branches for now21:07
adam_gzul, yeah, i can base off that but im not going to push abck there for a saucy update21:08
zuladam_g: ack21:08
adam_gzul, if you have access to do it, can you plz nominate for raring? https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-glanceclient/+bug/115786421:31
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1157864 in python-glanceclient "Requests to https server can yield WantReadError" [Critical,Confirmed]21:31
tom_ilsinszkiI'm using Ubuntu 12.10 and trying to install apache2-mpm-worker. But when I do install it, the package libapache2-mod-php5 gets removed and httpd stops interpreting my PHP pages. How can I install apache2-mpm-worker with PHP support?21:53
sarnoldtom_ilsinszki: are you confident the worker mpm is supposed to work with in-apache PHP?21:57
tom_ilsinszkisarnold: Actually, not really. How can I find that out?21:58
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sarnoldtom_ilsinszki: I don't know if there is any reliable method, just a bit of googling seems like the best shot..22:05
sarnoldtom_ilsinszki: you might be able to use worker with fastcgi or something..22:05
tom_ilsinszkisarnold: thanks a lot!22:05
tom_ilsinszkiI'll search around for a bit...22:05
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BlindWolfwhat is a good gui for a beginner first install of ubuntu for server22:54
BlindWolflooking to learn as well as run a server using ubuntu22:55
BlindWolfanyone alive?22:56
GrueMasterGui for Server?22:56
markthomasBlindWolf: The server install is often done without an XFree GUI, if that's what you're asking.22:56
markthomasBlindWolf: what are you planning to do with it?22:57
BlindWolflooking for a gui to make running the server more noob friendly22:57
BlindWolfrunning games. mostly22:57
BlindWolfor storing for upload22:57
BlindWolfhave a lan that I am trying to get away from the windows server22:57
markthomasThe problem is, there isn't an overall GUI for everything.22:57
GrueMasterWebmin is a decent choice, but not recommended for internet visible (security issues).22:58
GrueMasterWon't help with game servers though.22:58
markthomasI personally find Webmin takes 3x as much expertise to get working reliably as doing certain tasks by hand.22:58
BlindWolfgenerally will be stand alone with brief internet connections for updating22:58
markthomas...unless it's improved some of late.22:58
BlindWolfsomeone suggested one but I forgot the name22:58
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.22:58
markthomasubottu: that makes sense.22:59
ubottumarkthomas: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:59
* rbasak only knows what ubottu has to say about webmin22:59
BlindWolfsomething that works with apps and ubuntu22:59
markthomasBlindWolf: "apps" is too vague a target.22:59
markthomasFor file sharing, study the samba config and use SWAT as a starting point, optionally22:59
GrueMasterBlindWolf: For game servers, you probably want to start with Ubuntu Desktop and just use it to host games.22:59
markthomasAlso, NFS.23:00
BlindWolfactually was warned to avoid the desktop ubuntu as a aerver23:00
GrueMasterYou'll find most of the server discussion here is around heavy duty servers (web, databases, etc).23:01
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rbasakIf existing charms support what you want to do, then using the juju gui connected to either a local LXC environment or an IaaS provider might be a way forward. I'm not sure if it's quite there for beginners yet though23:01
GrueMasterWhy avoid desktop?  Same core.23:01
BlindWolfjuju was what was suggested before ... just forgot the name23:01
ScottKBy definition, an Ubuntu server doesn't have a GUI.23:01
BlindWolfno idea.23:01
GrueMasterIt all really depends on what you define as a "server".23:01
BlindWolfreally the last time I was into linux ... unix was unix and linix was well new23:01
BlindWolfalright will look into it some more.23:02
BlindWolflol yeah redhat was the fancy site lol23:02
BlindWolfgot to go anyway wifes yelling to go get kid from school23:02
GrueMasterfyi, I just came back from LinuxFest NW, and they had PostGreSQL and Minecraft servers running on Raspberry PI.23:03
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GrueMaster(not ubuntu though, Fedora I believe).23:03
GrueMasterANd they were desktop based installs.23:04
ScottKRasberry Pi is armv6 and we're armv7, so no Pi for you Ubuntu.23:06
GrueMasterScottK: I am VERY well aware of what Ubuntu supports on Arm.  I used to test it daily.23:07
ScottKI know.23:07
ScottKI have fond memories.23:07
GrueMasterNot sure I would use "fond" to describe mine.23:08
ScottKI can understand, but I was thinking specifically about the help you gave with Kubuntu testing.23:08
SpamapSKind of surprised that there hasn't been a "Piv2" created wih an armv7 chip.23:09
GrueMasterOh, that was purely voluntary (and I had to patch my butt many times after teh chewing stopped).23:09
ScottKI know (it was voluntary) and it was much appreciated.23:10
GrueMasterSpamapS: The pi is using a Broadcomm chip that they built a stockpile of after the rest of the industry moved to Cortex A8/9.23:11
GrueMasterI'd be surprised if the Pi lasted longer than 4-5 million units.23:12
SpamapSGrueMaster: yeah that all makes sense, but still surprised nobody has found a stockpile of something else.23:12
GrueMasterActually, I am starting to hear about Cortex A9 based systems with a very low price point coming down the pike.  $45 range.23:16
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