guest4i need some help14:11
guest6j'ai besoin d'aide svp22:29
guest6anyone can help me please?22:31
elacheche_anisHey guest622:32
elacheche_anisHow can I help22:33
guest6i talked to you this after noon on fb i'm the guy with the issues about logging in as administrator22:34
guest6when i'm trying to log in i only got a black screen22:35
elacheche_anisuse TTY and try to reinstall the DE!22:39
elacheche_anisOr try to install a new one → MATE or LXDE22:39
guest6ok gonna try it22:41
guest6so i logged in on LXDE now how could i fix the problem ??22:46
elacheche_anispurge unity &/or gnome and re-install them22:52
elacheche_anisthe problem is in Gnome and Unity22:52
elacheche_anisEmm hold on22:52
elacheche_anisI think that purging them will cause a crash :/ because there is a big number of packages that are related to those two DEs22:53
guest6actually i noticed that i had after installing ubuntu tweak and unity tweak so i'lluninstall them first22:54
elacheche_anisWhy you don't chose a new DE :p LXDE is a great one :p → Personally I <3 The MATE22:54
guest6may be but i need first to find out why igot these issues :)22:56
elacheche_anisguest6, Good luck founding that :p I can't help.. I just used the first version of Unity for 2 weeks, and the same for the first version of Gnome 3..23:16
guest6i really don't like unity, i'm using gnome i'll give MATE a try ... and thanks for help23:18

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