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AllentownHello all!07:58
JonathanDHey waltman11:42
JonathanDcoffee would be nice.11:42
waltmanI hardly ever make coffee in the morning during the week, but today seemed like a good day for it11:45
JonathanDI'll get some at work.11:49
waltmanI think it was the combination of post-wedding sleepiness, plus the weather11:52
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:09
waltmanThis is nice having coffee in the morning before I leave for work. :)12:21
JonathanDthe weather is not nice.12:22
JonathanDI was going to run, and it's really a cop-out, but I  stepped outside and just couldn't do it.12:22
JonathanDSo instead I cooked. The opposite of running :P12:23
waltmanYou need energy to run!12:24
JonathanDPerhaps tomorrow I'll have some.12:25
JonathanDThe coffee pot here is not functioning.12:25
JonathanDThis may be worthy of calling off work :P12:26
JonathanDExcept there will be coffee there, so maybe not.12:26
waltmanYou know who I bet will have coffee? Andy.12:30
jedijfdamn you waltman - i still am gonna try andy's13:16
JonathanDwaltman: too late, at work now.13:21
JonathanD13:19:50 < JonathanD> Just made a cup of coffee in the keurig here at work.13:21
JonathanD13:19:57 < JonathanD> Forgot to put the cup under it first.13:21
JonathanDMy coffee adventures so far.13:21
ChinnoDogYous were up early.13:45
* waltman sets up an intravenous quintuple espresso drip for JonathanD 13:58
andrewdrip? Might be too slow14:01
waltmanHmm, good point14:03
andrewpressurize that line14:16
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jedijfpleia2: great wedding and all, but how the heck can you go to jim's and get the small steak? or was that a lens/perception issue?20:41
jedijflucky i didn't see that until after the wedding20:42
waltmanI didn't even know Jim's HAD small steaks!20:55
jedijfwaltman: either did/do I; that's why i though lens perspective issue20:58
jedijfthe damn Maine'ys may have smooshed it too20:58
jedijfwaltman: check pleia2's twitter/facebook - i saw it on there - looked small20:59
jedijffamily in philly pre-wedding fun stuff20:59
jedijfi was tired; i saw it after the wedding20:59
waltmanhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/8686889206/in/contacts/ # I think that's a proper cheesesteak21:03
waltmanhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/8685786353/ # what's the red stuff here?21:05
jedijfthe first shot still looks small - but it must be the perspective and re: the red stuff; no clue21:06
jedijfpleia2: if that's the new camera, send it back - makes steaks look small21:08
JonathanDThat would be a great review.21:08
JonathanD"Camera defective, makes steaks look small"21:08
jedijfand petrifies condiments21:09
waltmanThat reminds me of a billboard I saw once -- "No one ever lost weight eating our hoagies"21:15
jedijfJonathanD: for the record, in the lyz shot, you can neither confirn nor deny the presence of cheese - nicely played lyz!21:19
jedijfthat's class 6 material21:21
SamuraialbaGood bacon to all and to all some good bacon!21:41

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