tjaaltonlooks like fullscreen flash is a killer07:10
tjaaltonseems to hang my ivb dri07:11
tjaaltonnot right away07:12
tjaaltonrestarting compiz gives just a white screen07:13
tjaaltonoh, that was due to flash07:13
mlankhorstI have no 1080p screen to test with :/07:15
tjaaltonnah it was the video resolution07:18
mlankhorst1080p youtube?07:21
mlankhorstwhat are you testing on btw, what release/kernel07:24
tjaaltonyeah youtube07:29
tjaaltonI'll try to repro07:29
mlankhorstdoing the same atm, no lockup yet07:30
tjaaltonso it's not the driver getting stuck, since killing flash & compiz worked07:37
tjaaltonprobably triggered by the fade out07:37
tjaaltoncan't reproduce, dunno what happened :)07:46
mlankhorstyeah same07:46
mlankhorstweird, x1.14 broke my laptop, I think I've seen the failure before though, in 1.1309:04
mlankhorsttjaalton: I uploaded a new xserver to canonical-x ppa, should fix the hybrid case again :)09:30
tjaaltonah, cool09:33
mlankhorstnot many bugs that look juicy currently, I think I'll try to play some with mir again10:03
zzippyAnyone knows why xserver-xorg-core 1.14.1 does not work with nvidia319.12/optimus while old version 1.14.0 does work?13:41
zzippytalking about X-staging PPA13:41
mlankhorsttry comparing the logs13:42
zzippymlankhorst: which exactly? Xorg.0.log?13:43
zzippyI already made a logverbose 6 nvidia bugreport. can't see no difference.  Well, it works, but it gives a blank screen13:44
zzippywhile 1.14.0 is fine13:44
zzippyok, will compare again, maybe I overlooked something.13:47
zzippymlankhorst:  maybe you see something, pasted both Xorg.0.log files http://paste.ubuntu.com/5616034/14:12
mlankhorstzzippy: both look fine to me14:43
mlankhorstoh nm14:43
mlankhorstwell I do see xvmc not being initialized on second one, but that was on purpose14:45
mlankhorstand the second one spams a lot of this14:46
mlankhorst[    37.759] (WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Unable to read EDID for display device CRT-014:46
zzippyI already fed edid as file, then it stops complaining.14:47
zzippy But now difference.14:47
mlankhorstseems to be the difference between .0 and .1 in applied patches14:49
mlankhorstmaybe you can isolate it from there14:49
mlankhorstmy guess is one of the 5 patches starting from xf86crtc-don-t-use-display-for-vx-vy-for-gpu-screens.patch14:50
zzippymlankhorst: erm, ok, so you may want to patch 1.14.1 accordingly some day? Wouldn't be too bad, since whole-desktop-on-nvidia seems to be 3-4x faster than that bumblebee/virtualgl workaround. 14:59
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mlankhorstzzippy: its the other way around, 1.4.1 has those applied, 1.14.0 doesnt16:23
zzippymlankhorst: whatever. Thats beyond my horizon.  Just wanted somebody to know this who might be in the position to change something, so ubuntu users also can use the new nvidia stuff.16:37
mlankhorstcan't you rebuild xserver with some of the new patches in debian/patches/series commented out then?16:38
zzippymlankhorst: guess I can, theoretically. But without knowing what I am really doing, it would take me a day ;) ...maybe I can ask our forums packaging "guru" to assist.16:51
mlankhorstbecause adding a # and rebuilding is hard?17:46
zzippyIf I should manage to rebuild a working version, randomly outcommenting patches, what then?18:20
mlankhorstwell knowing which patch is causing the breakage is enough information for me18:25
zzippyok. Just reading  "How to: Recompiling / Rebuild Debian / Ubuntu"18:31
bjsniderzzippy, install the build dependencies18:48
bjsniderapt-get source your source package18:48
bjsnidermake your changes to the patches or whatever18:48
zzippybjsnider: already have.18:49
bjsniderthen run dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc from the source dir18:50
bjsniderthat will make debs you can install18:50
bjsnideryou may need to install build-essential and whatnot too18:51
zzippyok, will try. thanks! Will report if I succeed.18:54
wolfgang8741I was able to confirm that the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/1170418 affects mesa 9.1.1 and not 9.0.3 via a downgrade. Also attached a backtrace of compiz, but unsure if the trace was successful or useful.19:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1170418 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Unity Launcher and window borders missing upon login when using 3 monitors" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:29
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zzippymlankhorst: rebuilt 1.14.1, disabled 7 patches.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5617521/ , works. Where should I start with re-enabling?22:08
brycezzippy, re-enable the first half of the patches and re-test.22:12
zzippywill do.22:16
bjsniderwow, that guy does whatever you tell him to!22:46

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