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Kilosmorning all05:20
Kiloswb inetpro big job?05:20
inetproKilos: good morning05:20
Maazinetpro: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell inetpro Jou werk goed het gedooi boetie. lekker slaap" 10 hours, 17 minutes and 55 seconds ago05:20
inetproKilos: no, more like a unplanned power failure in the data centre05:21
inetproat least I'm alive again05:22
Kiloslooks like we gonna have a bad winter when it comes to power probs05:22
Trixar_zaOops, start of next month is Wednesday, not Thursday05:27
Trixar_zaI really suck at remembering which months end on 31 days :P05:27
Kiloshi Trixar_za me too05:32
Trixar_zaHey Kilos05:32
Trixar_zaWell, it does make it easier to last only two more days05:33
Trixar_zaOn 50MB :P05:33
Kilospeeps do that thing with their knuckles but i never know with which one to start05:33
Kilosai! i got 400m night surfer thats gonna expire05:34
Trixar_zaTime to download something then05:40
Kilosya but what05:40
Kilosand to stay up till then05:40
Trixar_zaI don't know. I'd probably download an adventure game that works with ScummVM05:41
Trixar_zalike broken sword or something05:41
Kilosmy pc battles with games05:41
Kilosmodern one anyway05:41
Trixar_zaIt was made in 1996 I think05:41
Trixar_zaI'm slowly collecting the games on that list05:42
Trixar_zaBut I've always been an Adventure game fan05:44
Trixar_zaStarted with Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis05:44
Kilosdo i nead a vm then05:44
Kilosor will it work in ubuntu05:45
Trixar_zaIt works with Ubuntu05:48
Trixar_zaScummVM is a cross-platform emulator05:48
Trixar_zaWell, not exactly an emulator, it reimplements the game engine so it works on multiple platforms05:48
Trixar_zaYou just really need the game's data files to play them using ScummVM05:49
Kilosoh so i dont need virtualbox or something05:49
Kilospc too slow for that05:50
Trixar_zaNope, just ScummVM, which should be in Ubuntu's repository05:57
Trixar_zaYou can also download the latest version from the website05:58
Kiloslekker ty. but none of them are over 90% what does that mean05:58
Trixar_zaJust means they are completeable, but may have minor bugs05:59
Trixar_zaLike visual or music issues05:59
Trixar_zaNothing game breaking though05:59
Kilosi always turn off music05:59
Kiloswill try one tonight if i can stay up06:00
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Kiloshi Squirm 06:42
SquirmI feel like I need a weekend06:45
Kiloslol another one06:46
Kilosyou need to work to get over your weekends06:46
Kiloshiya maiatoday HawkiesZA 06:52
maiatodayhi Kilos HawkiesZA 06:53
SquirmKilos: no, I need a weekend away. from work and certain people06:54
HawkiesZASomewhere where the nothing grows 10 feet high06:55
deegee_1hi all07:01
Kiloshi deegee_1 07:05
HawkiesZAhi deegee_1 07:05
Kilosdid you trip the power there last night?07:06
deegee_1anyone using gnome-boxes?07:20
inetproKilos: did you check your 8ta balance yet?07:30
Kilosnope will check now ty for the reminder inetpro 07:31
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:31
Vince-0hi Kilos 07:32
Kilosno change inetpro only lucky peeps get given free data07:37
Kilosand still 450m to expire month end07:38
Kilosnight surfer that is07:38
Kilosohi superfly 07:54
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inetproKilos: how did you check, using USSD on mobile phone?08:09
inetprohmm... interesting08:09
Kiloswhere you see ussd08:09
inetproguess I'll have to check mine like that as well08:09
inetproI checked on the web08:09
Kilosoh on the site08:10
Kilosai! then i gotta register there08:16
inetproKilos: see: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6p67ndx34nxib1a/8taDataReset_20130429.png08:16
Kilosis that how you get feedback if registered08:19
tonberryE352i just go to http://onnet.8ta.com/ and it spits out the remaining airtime/bundles08:21
tonberryE352without needing to register08:21
tonberryE352but it is not known for its great stability...08:21
Kilosty tonberryE352 08:23
Kiloslemme look that way08:23
inetproKilos: yes and more... 08:24
inetproyou can purchase bundles from there after having loaded airtime08:24
Kiloswhat a schlep, sim is registered to sister 08:25
inetproRedeem Airtime Voucher, Credit Card Airtime TopUp, Purchase Bundle, ...08:26
inetpro... Link another account , Manage Subscriptions08:26
Kilosso gotta register as sis08:27
tonberryE352strange, mine just worked without any registration08:27
inetprotonberryE352: surely you must have registered at some point?08:28
inetpromaybe it's the onnet option that works without registering08:29
tonberryE352prepaid vs contract maybe?08:31
Kilosonnet doesnt show me a data balance but shows airtime on sim08:33
inetprotonberryE352: you have a contract?08:38
* inetpro is on prepaid08:38
* tonberryE352 is as well08:38
ThatGraemeGuymorning all08:53
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 09:04
ThatGraemeGuy1.2GB to do-release-upgrade09:20
ThatGraemeGuythink i'll pass for now thanks :-/09:20
Kilosthe iso is 800 meg09:21
ThatGraemeGuyyeah, but i have a decent number of packages installed on top of the base install09:21
inetproThatGraemeGuy: that is quite a lot09:26
ThatGraemeGuyi think its time for a clean install09:27
ThatGraemeGuythis was an Ubuntu install and then i installed xubuntu-desktop on top of it, so its more bloated than it ought to be09:28
inetpromakes sense09:28
Kilosi like clean installs better than upgrades09:38
Kilosi find upgrades dont run as well as clean installs09:38
Kilosbut then i always have a se[erate /home09:38
Kiloshi kbmonkey 09:43
Kiloshi morgs 10:10
Kilosinetpro, did you get free data?10:32
inetproKilos: I wish10:33
Kiloslol see apartheaid lives10:33
inetproapartheaid lives?10:33
Kiloswonder why them others got10:33
inetpronee man, waarvan praat jy?10:34
Kilosselective customers10:34
Kiloswhy they got and we didnt10:34
inetprodid you not see my screenshot?10:34
Kilosoh ya10:34
Kilosthat dropbox thing10:35
Kilosnot fair what did we do wrong10:35
inetproKilos: according to that screenshot I got 12+610:37
Kilosaw that all10:38
Kiloswell i got niks10:38
inetproI'm sure it's just a system error10:39
inetpromy USSD will probably show the correct number10:40
Kilosdoesnt matter. they gotta spread the error to all customers10:40
Kilosnhot just the pretty ones10:43
Kiloswhew takes forever to register there at 8ta11:14
Kilosbefore they send you your username11:14
Kilosnee man something must be wrong there11:22
KilostonberryE352, do you see data balance at onnet?11:47
Kilosi see only airtime11:47
tonberryE352i usually do11:48
tonberryE352not at home now so cant check11:48
Kilosok ty11:49
Kiloslo nuvolari 12:10
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 12:10
nuvolariGaan dit goed?12:10
Kilosja dankie en jy?12:10
nuvolaridit gaan goed dankie oom12:34
nuvolarisien uit na die surprise vakansiedag12:34
Kiloswatse surprise12:34
Kilosgebeur daar iets grand by jou12:35
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magespawnafternoon all13:32
magespawnKilos: are you around?13:38
Kiloshi voyager42 13:38
Kilosjust foned 8ta13:39
voyager42I just heard about the Randburg release party13:39
voyager42any organisers here?13:39
Kiloslemme look13:39
magespawnKilos: what is the command to rsync an iso?13:39
Kilosi dont see any of them here at the moment13:40
voyager42I just downloaded the iso yesterday :-/13:40
Kilossec i find it mage13:40
Kiloszsync actually13:40
Kilosvoyager42, stay here this is our help channel13:40
voyager42I'm keen to setup a dual boot with Win8 and i'm a bit scared so I thought it might be a good chance to do ti.13:40
Kilosits easy13:41
Kiloswhen you boot from cd it will ask if you want to run alongside windows13:41
voyager42I've done it many times before, but first time with win8 UEFI etc. 13:41
Kilosjust boot from dvd and go with install then it will give the alongside option13:42
voyager42ok. will give it a try before the weekend and if I run into issues I might come knocking.13:42
Kilosyou welcome here anytime13:43
Kilosmagespawn, zsync -i ubuntu.iso http://ubuntu.mirror.ac.za/ubuntu-release/precise/ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso.zsync13:44
voyager42thanks... work network has irc issues but I always forget about webirc...  this is a pretty nice one.13:44
Kilosoh you wanna rsync to or from somewhere13:45
Kilossorry man13:45
Kilossudo rsync -av /var/cache/apt/archives/ /path to whereever13:46
Kilosmagespawn, tell me what you wanna do?13:46
Kilosvoyager have you tried xchat in windows and see if it then works on irc?13:47
Kilossome guys use mirc too i think13:48
voyager42I'm on a linux box at work and there are firewall issues.13:48
voyager42speaking of which... has anyone had issues doing a dist-upgrade?  I am on quetzal and tried to dist-upgrade (from cmd line and using Software Updater gui).13:50
voyager42Software Updater shows an upgrade available but it just fails silently after I click the button13:51
Kilossudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:51
Kilosin cli13:51
Kilosor do you want to upgrade to the next release13:52
Kilosit should offer that choice in update-manager13:53
inetproKilos: remind me later to tell you about me chicken thief13:54
Kilosok inetpro 13:54
voyager42Kilos: it gives me the choice but after that nothing happens13:57
Kilosoh my goodness13:57
Kilosinetpro, ideas^^13:57
voyager42Trying to get debug - I'm might drop off for a bit.13:58
Kilosthe sudo apt-get dist-upgrade only does the kernel stuff on your existing release i think13:59
inetproHow To Upgrade Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) To 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) (Desktop & Server)  http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-upgrade-ubuntu-12.10-quantal-quetzal-to-13.04-raring-ringtail-desktop-and-server14:01
superflydon't dist-upgrade14:04
superflythat's what the do-release-upgrade tool is for14:04
Kilosoh my14:04
Kilosplease give the command superfly so i can help him when he returns14:05
superflyvoyager42: you shouldn't be using dist-upgrade14:05
superflyvoyager42: use "sudo do-release-upgrade"14:05
voyager42Kilos: why not?14:05
voyager42I tried that too, but only after trying dist-upgrade14:06
Kilosthe fly is an expert voyager42 14:06
superflyvoyager42: it's me, not Kilos, and it's because do-release-upgrade does some "magic" behind the scenes to ensure you aren't left with a broken upgrade14:06
voyager42and update-manager?  doesn't that call do-release-upgrade anyway?14:07
superflyvoyager42: I've done a dist-upgrade before, but it is not recommended14:07
superflyvoyager42: yes, it does.14:07
voyager42I've done dist-upgrade since 10.04 :-/14:07
voyager42superfly: does do-release-upgrade have debug that I can enable?14:08
superflyvoyager42: I don't know14:09
superflyvoyager42: have you tried just the do-release-upgrade to see if it gives you any additional information?14:09
voyager42$ do-release-upgrade -c Checking for a new Ubuntu release No new release found 14:09
superflyvoyager42: have you already changed your sources.list file?14:10
voyager42lsb_release  -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 12.10 Release:12.10 Codename:quantal 14:10
voyager42superfly: no14:10
superflyyou can try do-release-upgrade -d14:10
superflyvoyager42: also check your update settings in your software sources14:11
voyager42saem result14:11
voyager42thanks for listening... I'll try in a different location.14:13
magespawnKilos i downloaded a partial iso, but managed to get 1.2gig of a 2.2gig file14:15
Kilosoh my14:15
Kilosyou didnt wget it hey?14:15
Kiloswget with -c adds whats missing14:16
superflyvoyager42: if you already started with a dist-upgrade, why not just continue on?14:16
Kilosbut if you have the iso one your desktop that zsync command should update it i think14:16
magespawnty Kilos14:27
magespawnwill try the wget and see14:28
Kilosyw magespawn hope it works14:28
Kilosi think you gotta do wget from the start. i like wget. net probs dont waste your data14:29
Kiloshi henkj 15:37
Kilosif im not here and voyager2 comes back get him ti join the mailing list please guys there is info on the jhb release party15:38
Kilosoh its 4215:39
Kiloshe just joined us on twitter15:40
Kilos20 mins ThatGraemeGuy 15:41
Kilosnearly home time15:41
ThatGraemeGuyi rebooted my htpc earlier and it didn't come back15:41
ThatGraemeGuywife just got home and kicked it in the pants15:42
ThatGraemeGuyso my bouncer was dead15:42
Kiloshandy wife you got15:43
ThatGraemeGuyshe rebooted it15:44
ThatGraemeGuyvery windowsy wife i've got :)15:44
Kilosnot many women go linux unless they are geeks15:44
ThatGraemeGuyor married to us, more likely15:45
inetproso Kilos, what is it that eats a mother hen with week old chicks right from the nest?16:22
Kilosoh my goodness16:23
Kiloswas she away from the hokke16:23
* inetpro has lost about 5 grownup chickens in the last few weeks16:23
inetproin the coup16:23
Kilosthey just gone or are there feathers and bits and pieces16:24
inetprovery very few feathers16:24
Kilosyou got dogs?16:24
inetpronot a lot of traces, but clearly some very few bones and feathers16:24
Kilosmerekat normally steals eggs16:25
inetprono its not dogs16:25
Kilosno man have you got dogs16:25
Kilosyes or no16:25
Cantideah, we had a dog that used to eat our chickens16:25
inetproyes I have dogs but it's not teh dogs for sure16:25
inetproI know exactly what it is now16:26
Kilosdo they bark on the nights hens disappear16:26
superflyinetpro: it's that massive snake :-P16:26
inetpronot much that I could figure it out16:26
Kilosmight be one of them bigger cats16:27
* inetpro moet seker die aap uit die mou laat16:27
Kilosyour garden boy16:27
inetprothere's a clue for you Kilos16:27
Kiloscome on man why ask if you know16:27
inetprobobbejaan se kind16:27
Kiloswhere is the clue16:27
inetpro'n very small monkey with a long tail16:28
Kilosnormally they dont steal where they work but they inform others where to go16:28
Kilosdid you see it16:28
inetprobeen seen eating my mealies by the gardener and now this weekend my son spotted him16:28
Kilosshoot it16:29
inetproa very skelm monkey this one16:29
Kilosbut surely when it grabs the hen the hen will scream16:29
Kilosand at night?16:30
Kilosthey normally sleep at night16:30
inetprowell I seriously have not heard any commotion16:30
Kiloshang some poisoned bananas up and see16:31
inetprohave now closed the coup some more but it's a big hassle to close and open every day16:31
inetprolike on Saturday I was late16:32
inetprolocked them up just after sunset and didn't realise that this thing got in and grabbed three chickens already16:32
Kilosya monkeys jol in the day time16:33
inetproonly noticed yesterday that some three chickens were gone again with a few feathers here and there16:33
Kilosnormally they steal fruit and veggies16:34
inetprovery windgat this one16:34
inetprowill now have to make some plan to catch it16:35
Kilospoison or shotgun16:35
Kilosnot easy to trap a monkey methinks16:35
inetproI think it was about three weeks now since I closed properly, so Saturday he must have been very hungry and took his chances16:36
Kilosor leave a smallish entrance and string 220v wires there so it cant get in without touching them both16:36
Cantideeither that or you'll have roast chicken in the morning :)16:37
inetprothe first one he grabbed (the hen with chicks on the nest) really had me thinking16:37
Kilosweird that16:38
Kilosonly one cure. kill it before it teaches the whole tribe16:38
inetprothere were very few traces of anything, so much so that I thought it had to be a human16:38
inetprobut humans won't catch a hen with chicks16:39
Kiloswell according to eveolutionist we come from them16:39
inetpronow you coming with stories16:39
Kilosbut evolutionists dont say why all the monkeys didnt evolve16:39
Kilosstring 220v wires man16:40
inetprothat sounds dangerous16:41
Kilosfor the monkey ya16:41
Kilos2 planks fastened either side of the gap with bare wires across and an extension cord to connect it to16:42
Kilosvery easy16:42
inetproCantide: my son says it looked more like a nagapie to him, not a vervet16:43
Kilosbare wires tween planks and from them insulated wire with a plug on to plug into extension16:43
inetpronot sure what you call a nagapie in the lingo16:43
Kiloswow so small stealing whole fowls16:43
Kilosor bantams16:43
Kilosstring wires16:44
Kilosif it dont kill it will at least teach it that you coop is a nono16:44
inetproahh, bush baby16:45
Kilossomeones pet that escaped16:45
inetprosaid it has a bushy tail16:46
Kiloseish and chickens cost bucks16:46
Kilosfarming is tough hey inetpro 16:49
inetproKilos: very16:50
Kilosthe larger monkeys without tails steal sheep16:50
inetproalways more challenges16:50
trenderhow does a monkey steal a sheep :)17:19
trendersounds like you have a king kong problem there17:20
Kiloscarefully and quickly17:20
Cantidewith a bakkie17:20
Kiloshi not_found 17:35
not_foundUncle Kilos , how are you?|!?!17:35
Kilosgood ty not_found and you?17:35
not_foundalive... kicking a bit also17:36
confluencyWe don't "come from" monkeys; we and monkeys evolved from a common ancestor.17:36
* not_found installing Debian on his Android phone so he can linux while he linux'sesews17:57
inetprohmm... 18:11
inetprolooks like 8ta is not so generous after all18:11
inetproseems there system is fixed again18:11
Tonberry_their coding skills just suck18:12
Kilosi foned and battled to get to the data peeps18:12
inetprono more free data18:12
Kiloskept going to wrong place18:12
Kiloscalled 183 and they kept telling me to call 18318:12
Kiloseventually they managed to get a transfer through that didnt disconnect18:13
Kilostook 8 phone calls18:13
Kilosnow wait for them to call back18:14
inetproSouth Africa’s biggest ADSL bandwidth hogs http://mybroadband.co.za/news/adsl/76188-south-africas-biggest-adsl-bandwidth-hogs.html?utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer:%2BjanvZA%2Bon%2Btwitter&buffer_share=fe4c318:14
inetprosad to see 11 people using more than 500GB a month18:15
inetproand 122 using between 100 and 500 GB18:15
Kiloswow i wonder what they do18:16
Kiloswatch and download movies 24/718:17
Kiloshi Vince-0 18:19
not_foundk-pop style - http://youtu.be/Ihi_kJJj_8A18:20
Cantide2NE1 :)18:21
not_foundftw :p18:21
CantideI like I am the best18:22
Cantideand ... umm..18:22
Cantideah, I love you18:22
not_foundmy three faves too :p18:22
not_foundscary >.>18:22
Cantideawesome music videos - props, costumes, everything '-'18:23
Cantidenot_found, do you like SISTAR?18:23
Cantidecheck out SISTAR19 - Gone not around any longer18:23
not_founddon't know18:23
Cantideand SISTAR19 - Ma Boy18:23
not_foundkk, will do thanks :)18:23
not_foundCantide, specific song?18:23
CantideGone not around any longer18:24
Cantideand Ma Boy!18:24
not_foundah busy buffering as I type :p18:24
Trixar_zaI propose the adaption of the UGT: http://www.total-knowledge.com/~ilya/mips/ugt.html18:24
Cantideyou might like 2NE1 a little less, for that I apologise18:24
not_foundnah - I am the best is awesome18:25
Cantide내가 잴잘나가 or something18:26
Cantidemy Korean still sucks :p18:27
Kilosi go rest some18:29
Kilosno i wanna try download some after 11pm but need to lie down now18:30
Kilosold age you know18:30
Cantidenot_found, what do you think of SISTAR19 ?18:33
not_foundsorry got distracted with http://youtu.be/3brcfttchzA18:33
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not_foundwill finish after18:33
not_foundfloor <318:35
not_foundshe must become a member of nightwish!!!18:35
* Cantide is more interested in 혀린 and 보라18:35
not_foundI enjoy my k-pop but I enjoy other things more :p18:36
CantideI was listening to a lot of Rammstein earlier18:36
* not_found is still a fan... but their older things I enjoy more than the latest stuff18:38
Cantidewell, some of the later stuff is really good18:39
Cantidebut just recently i stopped liking it18:39
Cantidelistening to "Hilf mir" now :)18:39
not_foundsistar is ok.. but I do believe this is slightly better - http://youtu.be/bw9CALKOvAI :18:39
Cantideno way :p18:39
Cantidebubble pop is more "fun", sure18:40
Cantidebut i find SISTAR to be a little more serious18:40
Cantideand more artistic18:40
not_foundk-pop != serious18:40
Cantidetry Aquibird :p18:40
Cantideof course Psy's image is mischief18:40
not_foundthat is as serious as I will go18:41
Cantidehe thrives on not being serious :p18:41
Cantidei like things that are less superficial18:41
* Cantide shrugs18:41
Cantideprobably why i like Rammstein a lot18:41
Cantideto each their own :p18:41
not_foundtrust me I spent $200 dollars on itunes this month and only two songs where k-pop :p18:42
Cantideyeah, I have like 10 kpop songs18:42
Cantideout of my 1500-odd18:42
Cantidebut they are slowly growing18:42
Cantideas i'm exposed to more kpop >.<18:42
not_foundmostly symphonic metal and a few hard rock bands I liked from the 80's18:42
Cantideoh, hence the Nightwish18:43
not_foundand i increased my iron maiden collection just because :p18:43
Cantidethat brings back memories18:43
not_foundI will be listening to the irons in 20 years... not sure about psy18:43
Cantideof course18:44
Cantideit all comes down to artistic value and depth, imho18:44
Cantideof which psy has zero18:44
Cantidebut he is fun18:44
Cantidelike HyunA :p18:44
not_foundbought the latest concert on itunes... mistake... stupid drm can't watch it on anything else than itunes >.<18:44
Cantidethanks for confirming why i don't use itunes or anything apple :p18:45
not_foundat least the music is transferrable 18:45
not_foundor copy-able18:45
not_foundI will find a way of killing the drm...18:45
not_foundthere is always a way18:45
Cantideyou could always play it and record internal audio18:45
Cantidemight lose quality though, not sure18:45
Cantidealso, recording video is less suitable18:46
not_foundI have all the songs.. I like to watch the concerts (why I got it :P)18:46
not_foundhttp://youtu.be/O-8mnVqhKNw >.<>18:47
Cantidew.. what is this.. i don't even..18:48
not_foundcheers all18:56
inetprohello not_found18:57
Cantidegood bye~18:57
Cantidei'm now watching waveya on youtube18:57
* Cantide blames not_found18:57
inetproand here's a new screenshot of my 8ta bundles https://www.dropbox.com/s/ajnda6o6nd55ed6/8taDataBundle_20130429.jpg18:57
inetpronow the sad part here is that it seems I will loose a 1GB of data tomorrow18:58
inetprolooks like a Once-off Telkom Mobile Night Surfer Data expiring in May has activated before the one expiring tomorrow18:59
Cantideone of my friends emailed them and complained about that19:02
Cantidewasting data that will expire later19:02
Cantidenot fair :p19:02
Cantidei'm not sure what their response was19:03
Cantidegood night 19:05
magespawnevening all19:19
inetprogood evening magespawn19:21
magespawnor good morning (in UGT - Trix[a]r_za)19:22
magespawninetpro: i thought i was using a lot when i got up to 26-28 gigs a month19:23
inetpromagespawn: yep, I don't know how anyone can use that much19:28
inetprono wonder our networks are slow 19:29
magespawnwell i can using that much now and then maybe, but where do you store that much data on anregular basis?19:57
magespawnis there much difference between centos and ubuntu?19:59
superflycentos is redhat-based and ubuntu is debian-based19:59
magespawnbut from a user point of view?19:59
superflyinetpro: the speed of our networks has nothing to do with how much bandwidth is consumed20:00
superflymagespawn: centos is chiefly a server distro, why would you use it as a desktop?20:00
inetprosuperfly: uh, why you saying that?20:00
magespawni am not, just watching a video on nagios and the install machine is running centos20:01
inetprosuperfly: well if it is over utilised surely it will effectively slow down20:01
inetproonly so much that can fit through the pipe at any one point20:01
superflyinetpro: the problem is it is NOT over utilised20:02
superflyinetpro: we have bandwidth coming out of our ears, compared to a few years ago20:02
inetprooh sure in certain areas, but not everywhere20:02
superflyinetpro: OK, true, it depends on your local exchange, but still, amount of data != throughput20:03
magespawnokay so the differences are mainly with things like package managers and default setups? but same basic principles apply20:09
magespawni think i am quite lucky on the adsl exchange front, not many users here in hluhluwe20:11
superflymagespawn: indeed, you're dealing with rpm instead of deb, not sure what the package management tool is, and like I said, centos is usually a server distro (hence why they're installing nagios on it)20:26
magespawnyum is the package manager20:27
magespawnwill dig up instructions for ubuntu server, do not want to change all of that now20:29
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magespawnlove the names people come up with for things20:29
trenderevening people20:41
trenderlooks like kilos fell asleep connected to mirc :)20:41
trenderoke is gonna burn his cellphone out :)20:42
Kilosi was just lying down man20:43
Kilosand i use xchat or konversation not mirc20:43
Kilosmagespawn, you here?20:44
trendersorry meant irc20:44
magespawnyup Kilos still here20:44
Kilosdid you get that iso updated20:45
magespawnnah but did not try yet, had to get home, had info on pc for fish one afrikaans speech20:47
Kilosok lets think on it tomorrow20:48
Kilosput the iso on your desktop then use the zsync first20:48
Kilosif its a buntu iso it should work i think20:49
magespawnno it is kali linux20:50
Kilosoh my20:50
magespawnbut it is debian based20:50
Kilosmaybe you can modify the command to suit. i had to get help from the crash kid20:51
Kiloswhat you gonna do with that20:51
magespawnwill try20:51
Kilosor maybe even the wget20:51
Kilosinetpro, ping20:52
inetproKilos: pomg20:52
Kiloscan wget complete a download it didnt start?20:52
Kilosdont tell me man wget20:52
magespawnit is the new version of backtrack, it has all sorts of network tools installed by default, for testing networks20:52
magespawnbusy reading that now lol20:52
magespawninetpro did you see my g+ post about man?20:53
Kilosi know the wget -c completes a broken download20:53
inetproKilos: you can only try20:54
Kilosbut dunno if it will do it on a download something else did20:54
Kilostell magespawn man20:54
magespawnmay have to try20:54
Kilosi just ping you to wake you up20:54
inetproI actually doubt that it will work20:56
inetprosorry, am busy learning a bit of iptables 20:56
inetprojuggling and refreshing me memory20:57
Kilosgood when i install server again you can help20:57
magespawnwget man says the -c option will complete a download started by something else20:58
inetproactually am trying to do some traffic accounting on my router20:58
inetprowith busybox20:58
Kilossounds ggod that magespawn 20:59
magespawnhave to use the same directory and file name20:59
Kiloswget is a lekker tool21:00
Kilosi use it everytime i download biggish stuff21:00
Kilosthe pro has to help me get the link right though most of the time21:01
KilosMezenir, what download manager you use in firefox21:07
Kilosinetpro, ^^21:08
Kilosmagespawn, i mean21:08
inetproKilos: the default21:09
Kiloscome on come on times awastinfg21:09
Kiloswhat is the default? is it already there or must i add on21:10
inetproKilos: nothing to add21:10
inetprojust start downloading21:10
Kilosyay thank you21:10
inetprobut then21:10
Kiloswat is pragtig21:10
inetproI got my traffic accounting to work21:10
magespawni use downthemall, a firefox add on21:11
Kilosty magespawn 21:11
inetprowhy do you want to use firefox for downloading when wget is better?21:11
Kilosdunno where to get the link here21:11
magespawnhabit from ms days, also some sites do not give you the link just a button to click, so add them to dta then use that link to wget, also saves link to be used later21:12
Kilosoh ty21:14
Kiloslol ok21:23
Kilosi dunno where to find them games now21:24
magespawngood night owls21:27
Kilosnight magespawn sleep tight21:28
Kilosnight all sleep tight21:59
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